AWD #269: Dime Tour
Dime Tour
Summary: New Corpsman arrives in medical, irritating the doctor in charge. Jena shows him around Deck 3.
Date: 02/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Jena Leightner 
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue
AWD #269

Leightner is at attention. He has the look of a Navy man ready to be made several pounds lighter by having most of his ass chewed off. The NPC Doctor on general admitting is standing in front of him, with a clipboard, "Petty Officer. Would you please explain this to me, clearly? I only have one question." She turns the clipboard, a splatter of red across the paperwork, "Exactly, whose blood is this on your transfer orders?"

Jena is on duty and has been most of the morning. At the moment, she's returning from delivering some paperwork somewhere else on the ship. When she steps in and notices what's going on.. well it raises more questions than answers.. so she sorta just hangs back a little, eyes resting mostly on the splatter of red, then the Corpsman. Yeah, questions.. Whose blood is it?

Leightner nods his head, "Ensign Kostas, Sir," Whoa, virgonese. The accent takes a moment the first time its heard, but it's certainly clear enough. The Doctors eyes widen, "Why is- Why?" She demands. In return, Leightner says, "I had a difficult time getting here sir. Minor graze to her left forearm, sir." The Doctor blinks, looks at Jena, then back to Leightner, then in disgust, points between Jena and Leightner. "Help our NEW Corpsman get settled. I'm going to process this, and find out the frak is going on." She turns and stalks off, Leightner looking around, noticing Jena, and, in a glance, returns to attentio0n, "PO." He says with respect.

So there is a name Jena recognizes. "Kostas?" Eyes round marginally. "She's okay, right?" A salute is given to the Doctor before Jena takes a few steps further into the room. A wry smile twists her lips as she looks at the Corpsman and offers a salute in return. "Kostas? Really?" In a brief aside, she adds, "How'd you get close enough to draw blood?"

Leightner closes his eyes briefly as the NPC Doc stalks off, just knowing that's going to come back on him. Lowering salute to Jena, "Aye, she's fine, PO. Grazing shot from an unknown and I patched her up." His attention stiffens, "PO3 Leightner, new Corpsman."
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Relief is most prominent in her eyes as Jena offers a quiet nod in return. "She's a damn good Marine. I hope it didn't put her out of action for too long." Leaning against the desk, her own posture is relaxed. Nothing stiff about her! "Petty Officer Second Class, Jena Cruz, Pararescue. It's a pleasure meeting you, Corpsman." Her lips twist in a crooked smile. "How do you like the Orion so far?"

Leightner slides his stance to at ease, seeming willing to take the initiative there, and pops a brow at the 'Pararescue' nodding. "Aye, the Ensign was out for only a few seconds. Unfortunately that's how we met, so I haven't gotten to know her well, yet. As for the Orion.." He looks about, "First Battlestar posting. I'm so new, I haven't seen her yet, honestly. Kinda had to clean up then run to Sickbay to get signed in."

Oh yeah, at ease.. Jena isn't used to people saluting her, she's kinda used to doing the saluting! "That's good news, she's tough, I've worked with her a time or two, but I'm new on Orion too, just a few weeks beneath my belt. I imagine you'll spend more time down on Picon than Orion though, where the bulk of the Marines are. Crandall, actually. It's just a guess." Her expression is wistful. "I'd much rather be down there with the action than waiting in sickbay for a call. Do you need a tour?"

Leightner seems to be kinda getting the casual attitude at the moment, as he nods, "Need everything, honestly. From a tour to Firearms Quals, to my Transfer Physical. Everything between me and being cleared for duty." He shrugs, looking about, apparently cataloging the emergency supplies, typical Corpsman, making sure he knows what bag to grab and run if a call comes in.

Noticing him looking around, Jena follows his gaze for a few moments. "I've got a pack made up for myself, I take it everywhere I go.." Sorta guessing maybe? Or taking a stab at it. "We could make something up for you too, everything you'd need." The offer made, Jena looks towards the Recovery Ward, but it's brief. "Ah, I can only help you with the tour, unless you want me to get permission from the doctor to handle the physical."

Leightner shakes his head, as he looks about. "My pack is in the Marine lockup with my things, till I get a bunk." He looks back to her, "Oh, please, don't bother the Doc about my Physical, I think…" He looks to where the Doc stalked off. "I pushed my luck as far as I want to today. A tour would be fantastic though, thanks."

"Okay," Jena offers, straightening from the desk she'd been leaning against. Beside the door is her pack indeed and she tugs it on, letting it rest on her back. Lips twitch in amusement she's trying to contain. "The doctor isn't so bad when you get to know her. She's germaphobic is all. Blood on paperwork just doesn't do at all." Stepping towards the hatch, she finally full out grins. "The bunks are the easy part."

Leightner nods, moving to join Jena, "Can't blame the Doctor. I've made a habit of making frakked up first impressions since I got here." He grins broadly suddenly, "Aye, bunks are easy, the Marines surrounding the bunk, that's tricky."

"Hey, don't look at me, so far you seem pretty normal.. but I've seen a lot. Maybe my normal is skewed," Jena teases lightly. Once they step out of the door, she glances towards the left then the right. "So, everything even remotely fun is on this level. Deck three. The Mess Hall, the Medbay, Rec room, Library. The Observation Deck is nice usually, when we're parked over Piraeus."

Leightner follows, nodding as he walks, looking about "I gave up on Normal almost a year ago." He comments, looking about. "Ah, alright. Makes sense Centralized Crew Lifestyle location on this deck." He smirks slightly. "Parajumper. First I've met, though I bet that goes with a Battlestar deployment."

"War Day," Jena nods solemnly. "I think everyone gave up normal when the Cylons attacked." Though the solemnity doesn't last long, she doesn't allow it to. Looking back at him, she smiles. "There are three on this ship. PO2 Afton St. James and PO2 James Kalum. I'm the newest to arrive here. I've been on Picon since the war began. Before that Caprica." Leading him down the corridor, she ponders aloud. "Do I detect a Virgon accent there?"

Leightner smiles, and lightly, "Oh, really? An 'ere I though I lost me accent." He says smirking, "Aye, Virgon." And, well, these days, being from Virgon carries a bit given the state of the planet these days. "Been fightin since the start of the war, till lately." He keeps rubbernecking as they move, just taking it all in as he walks.

Jena laughs when he speaks deliberately in the accent. Her own is not so prominent, since she'd traveled all over, over the years. The state of the planet.. with it… broken, gets no immediate mention. The ongoing war was enough of a reminder. When they pass the Observation Deck, she motions towards it. "There it is, a large window you can look down and out at space, in the Obs deck. Over there is the Mess Hall. Hot food.." A knowing look is given to him. In their line of work, hot meals were few and far between. "The Chapel is right here.." Though she doesn't linger there, turning down the main corridor instead.

Leightner grins at the mention of hot food, nodding, "Nice one." He follows, looking tinto the Obs deck, nodding, then looking with curiousity into the Chapel, before joining at Jenas side. "So what's been happening in this part of space lately? It's bound to be mostly catch up for me till I get up to speed."

"There's a new planet, not sure if you heard about it. Piraeus.. it's where the Orion is usually parked. They've already built a Marine encampment on there, but I've not had a chance to see it yet. Mostly, we're doing air strikes and ground strikes every day, so I stay on call twenty-four seven." Course he probably does too. "You should probably meet Captain Nadir and Lieutenant Mahasti Nasreen. Usually one or both are in Sickbay. How long before you go back to Picon?"

Leightner shakes his head, "Not the foggiest. I've been checking in and getting squared away. Haven't gotten marching orders yet. Just told to get here, you know, general briefing about the Orion, and handed my clipboard, told to get myself settled and I'm likely back to Picon with the Marines, but that's my guess. I'm sure I'll have to meet the CMO." Kinda a given, really. "I hope when I get back to Sickbay, That whole bloody order paper had blown over."

"Once you've gotten everything squared away, I'm sure you'll be going back down. If there are any SARs, I'll probably run into you, we have a bit of crossover there." Leading into the Main corridor, she motions towards the rec room. "I've been in there a few times, it's nice.. but right now I can show you where the bunks are so you can claim one." While they walk though, Jena offers an encouraging smile. "I think that it'll blow over, especially when they discover you were taking care of a Marine."

Leightner grins as he walks, nodding, "Well, you know how it is, when the bullets fly, and someone gets tagged. Never noticed me papers got bloody." He nods as he moves, "That'll be good. Bunking down with the Marines once more. Going to be the most comforting part of this." He sighs, "Lords, what's that say about me?"

"Yeah, too bad it's not always the Cylons." When they arrive outside the Enlisted Barracks, Jena pushes the hatch opened and steps inside. "There's a ton of bunks, any of the empties are available for you." Her own is in there, though in the Navy side, but she doesn't approach it or anything. "I imagine it will be. Have to make new friends all over again."

Leightner nods as he follows her in, apparently used to bunking with the Marines as well. "Aye. I heard some rumor that the rest of the Navy have their own Bunkings." He smiles, shaking his head, "Never believed it, meself." And on he goes.

"Indeed they do," Jena offers, though now there's a choice, "So you can choose anything you want in there." She doesn't enter the Marine berthings, but waits at the open door. "The air wing have their own area too. And there's officer berthings also."

Leightner nods, "I'll pop in and throw down a spike." He smiles, "Thanks for the help. I'll be back in Sickbay to try to get meself squared. Thanks PO." He offers a hand to shake. "I won't keep ya chained to the F-N-G."

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