AAR: Dig Site 994A-C - 09 Jan 2005


09 January 2005

FR: Lt. Augustus Garrido
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, CMDR Gillian K. Faulkner
CC: MAJ Marcus Petra, MAJ Bennett St. Clair, CIDSR - Orion, Commander, A CO, 5/322 ENG BAT
RE: Dig Site 994A-3 Exploration


On 08 January 2005, I returned to Dig Site 994A-3 with PO2 Afton St. James and Alpha Company of the 5/322 Engineers. Our task was to don MOPP4 Protocols and continue to dig and discover what had caused the previous incidents at the dig site.

At 1814 Hours on 09 January 2005, we struck the bottom of the hole and were joined by Doctors Ekho Lin and Khrysos Pindar. We started to uncover the item at the bottom of the hole and found it to be a large concrete slab and what appears to be an I-shaped beam sticking out of the berm of the concrete. The Doctors recovered pieces of the slab for further testing.

Noting the heightening levels of radiation in the site, I have ordered a pull back of the area. MOPP4 is to remain in full effect during the dig on the surface. For anyone returning to the hole itself, I strongly recommend EVA gear protocols. I also request that the engineers work in 48 hour shifts on site and rotate out so that their exposure to radiation from the site is limited.

Photos to be attached as soon as Doctor Lin is done processing them.



Please see attached.

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