AWD #424: Differences
Summary: Two marines, one deckie, many differences of opinion.
Date: 24/08/2016
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Toby Dreyer Randy 
Rec Room - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recreation location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into equal thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
AWD #424

It's getting late ships time, and the rec room is slowly emptying. There had been a film, some Caprican RomCom that someone from Engineering had picked. Everyone's seen it before, but it passes a couple of hours before people drift of to their racks, or duty. One of those who's stayed though is Toby. He's pulled the short straw and has the middle watch meaning no sleep for him for hours yet. As such, coffee is the order of the day, coffee and a rather large tome from the library on fire retardant chemicals. Everyone has to have a hobby right? It's open about a third of the way through, and he's reading it while sat on a settee at the far end of the room from the projector.

Someone else stuck about to start their shift is Anton Dreyer. He caught the tail end of the movie while having been looking for an opportunity to play that Pyramid game he likes. Sure, he's beaten the campaign multiple times now, but it's good for some downtime. Mixing up a mug of his own coffee, the MP is talking absently with another marine. "…it's just weird to see that Five on one of the cards after Saturnalia." The Sergeant just gives a sort of droll look in the other man's direction. "Right. So, ghosts appear, people start going off the deep-end. Becoming utterly unsuitable for duty in some cases… And you're surprised their leader turns out to be the enemy?"

Finally, the rec room is open again to those who couldn't sit through one moment of the RomCom drivel. Almost empty. Randy sighs as she hears Dreyer going on about the ghost captain being a cylon. It's like being the person who got hurt at school. You hear crap about it everywhere, sooner or later it starts to get old. She grabs the pool cue and adjusts to hit the 3 ball.

<FS3> Randy rolls Body+Mind: Success.

Toby is not, it seems paying the marines all that much attention, they're marines after all, frak them. In fact, if it hadn't been for a timely end of chapter he might not have caught any of Dreyer's remarks at all, but as it is, he catches enough of the drift of his remark to make him glance up and scowl at the MP. He considers explaining just how many different ways Dreyer is wrong, but in the end just mutters "cretin," to himself and turns the page.

<FS3> Dreyer rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Good Success.

It may come up time and again, but the man has seen some of his best squadmates become something he can't trust. The Sergeant looks down to his scarred hand, flexes it briefly. "Yeah, well. Pretty sure all they did at Saturnalia was infect as many people as they could. For all we know, this is how they've brainwashed people left in the Colonies." Lifting his mug for a drink of coffee, Dreyer barely catches what Toby has said. There's an arch of brow as the MP leans back on his heels. The mug is lowered to the beverage cart to rest upon it. "I'm sorry?" The words may be politely put, but there's an annoyance evident in the way the man's shoulders tighten a measure.

The 3 ball slips into a corner pocket with utilitarian ease and straight on. The woman closes her eyes as Dreyer continues to spout his theories. Then Randy opens her eyes and smiles, "He called you, a cretin," she enunciates very clearly.

Toby looks back up from the book once more, having only managed a sentence or so on the latest topic he simply closes the book and sets it carefully to one side. He looks Dreyer up and down, an air of annoyance evident in him as well as he asks, "deaf as well as stupid is it?" He shakes his head slowly, as if in disappointment, then enunciates very clearly in that manner that one does to a young child. "We created the cylons less than a century ago, the ruins here are thousands of years old, ergo, Captain Lilah and her troops can not be cylons. Tell me," he checks Dreyer's pins, "Sergeant. What part of that simple logic is it that you're having particular trouble with? I'm not sure I can dumb it down any further, but I'm willing to try." Needless to say his tone is dripping with sarcasm, as he works on humiliating the younger man. Randy, for now, is ignored, what's another damn marine.

"I'm surprised you could hear him. I didn't think you knew how to listen to anyone else." This, for Randy's benefit. Oh, Dreyer heard. He was just giving Toby a chance to back down from it. But no, the deckie moves over to stand before the MP. The man Anton was talking to? Makes an exit. Stage left. Initially, there's no humiliation to be had. "Never said the ruins had anything to do with it. But we're talking ghosts. Frakkin' ghosts. You ever seen one before all this? 'Cause I can't say anyone else I've spoken to has. So just magically, there's suddenly ghosts on this planet… when there weren't for the two years that people were posted here before the war? And it's just frakkin' coincidence that one looks precisely like one of the model lines?" Leaning back on his heels, Dreyer grabs his coffee for a long drink. "Let me guess. The Captain showed you pretty shiny things and now you're utterly obsessed with yourself and your newfound religion, too?"

"Well, while that's true. I did see a skinjob on Libran that looked exactly like Captain Lilah," Randy pipes up as she straightens up, leaning on the pool cue. "I've met the ghost and I met her dopple, both face to face, in the flesh. Though the dopple got picked off by a resistance sniper," she explains calmly, though with an expression of frustrated confusion. As Dreyer continues to take his jabs at her, Randy grits her teeth and keeps her mouth shut.

It does not appear that Toby is particularly inclined to back down, quite the opposite in fact. As Dreyer finishes speaking he hauls himself to his feet and steps over towards the MP, shoulders squaring noticeably. "Can't say I have seen ghosts before no," he admits, "but I have now. Call them echo's if you like, only they can't be just that, they can reason, hold a conversation, they're open to ideas, speak of things which they could not have known had they been programmed a thousand years ago, or a hundred years ago. They're ghosts, or something else we have no word for, and she showed me nothing beyond the vision we all got when we found the ruins, found because of a search for a fugitive thatI had to push to make happen, not the MPs or JAGs I hasten to add." Okay, so Dreyer's too new to have been involved in that, but frak it, he's an MP. Randy gets a glance, her words having filtered through, and he gestures towards her, "so you're blind, and he's deaf? Well, I never did expect much from the marine corp, but you two really are taking the piss." Then, back to Dreyer, and lower, both more menacing and more personal, "my religion is the same as it always was, and my devotion has not wavered. Her's is interesting but I am not some sheep to be so easily swayed by mere words, or a fool to be taken in by trinkets. Perhaps," he concludes as his eyes narrow, "you should come back when you are felling capable of opening your mind to the possibilities of things beyond your most basic understanding of the universe. No, I don't know exactly what they are, but they're not cylons, and anyone who says they are can go suck vacuum."

Nope. Much too new for that. Unless the MP contingent on Piraeus was involved. Dreyer takes another drink of his coffee before setting it aside again. His jaw tightens, but he doesn't immediately lash out. Really, for all he bitches about the dull work of an MP… Anton's good for it. Maybe it's the overall laidback demeanor he has. There's a slow breath taken as he hooks thumbs against his pockets. "Well, maybe the folks who have seen this Captain on Piraeus are all liars about how she looks, then. I've never seen her. Nor any of her soldiers. Despite living on Piraeus a full year before this war broke out. Lived. Worked. Pissed on. Not a single damn ghost reported even by the most insane frakkers. Then what, suddenly there are? My mind's open enough, but when the enemy trying to kill me turns up looking exactly like this hallucination that's got everyone in a tizzy? I'm not gonna go skipping along into the sunset."

"Oi! I'm not frakkin' blind man. Don't lump me in with this chump." Randy raises her thumb to indicate Dreyer. More vitriol seems to be aimed at Dreyer than Toby. "He's just an arse spoilin' for a fight because he feels left out that he didn't get touched in his special places. Did you ever think that maybe she just didn't want to hang out with you? Frak." She doesn't advertise that she's pretty sure Dreyer's comment about found religion was about her. "We aren't frakkin' lying," Randy growls as she steps out from behind the pool table, the cue still in hand.

"You're both marines, that means you're lumped in with him whether you like it or not," Toby growls to Randy, "now back the frak off, this is between me and him. You can have him once I'm done, although I doubt he'll be in a state to do much." Then, narrowing his focus to Dreyer, and only Dreyer, he steps up close, really close, so his nose is only an inch or so from Dreyer's. "She's no hallucination," he spits, nor an enemy. Perhaps you're as blind as your mate there. Lets see shall we?" And then he rocks back slightly and slams his forehead right at the bridge of Dreyer's nose.

<FS3> Dreyer rolls Alertness: Failure.

"Look, Randy. I just got tired of being used by you. One less person to lord over isn't going to destroy your fragile ego." Dreyer is briefly distracted. Initially, Randy is the one he's concerned about. The way she circles around with that cue in hand. For just long enough, she's considered the 'dangerous entity' in the room and his hands fall from his pockets in preparation to have to deal with it. What this does, however, is make him a beat too late to see what Toby's about to do. Anton's nose? Most likely broken from the sounds of it. And the blood that starts to flow. But the Sergeant doesn't go down. "DA FRAK?!"
And oh, you'd better believe he's moving in to attempt to subdue Toby. Initially by just trying to get the deckie's arm behind him. A more classic, base-line technique. He's not going for the 'big guns' as it were yet.

"OI! OI!" Randy shouts when Toby headbutts Dreyer. She rushes forward to try and kick the shit out of Toby's shin to get him to back off. Hurray for combat boots! Hopefully? It's just the most immediate painful damage she can hope for without being a really /big/ jerk and going out of bounds.
Toby is not, it must be said, keen on the idea of being subdued. His head hurts from the initial blow, but the blood of the MP makes it entirely worth it. Stepping back into a more standard punch range, so he can get some momentum behind his swings, he launches a quick flurry at Dreyer's head, yelling angrily as he does so, "where's your frakking Ares now?!" If there was a table in front of him, he'd have flipped it, but for now he just has his fists, his anger over, and his adrenalin. The plan? Put Dreyer down, then deal with Randy, but for now the only effort he expends on the engineer is to try and shove her away, the MP is the prize here.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Randy=Melee Vs Toby=Melee
< Randy: Good Success Toby: Great Success
< Net Result: Toby wins - Solid Victory

Ares? Dreyer's expression only goes briefly confused before he's dealing with someone punching at his head. Usually, when he's in this state, it's in Charlie's and the other individual is drunk. Making them easier to take out. Anton ignores Randy's approach. He can't divide his attention anymore. Not with the blinding pain of a broken nose and Toby flailing in his direction. No, at the moment, he just takes up more of a boxer's stance. Focused, many of the blows are deflected. And he simply waits for openings to return his own. If he's angry, it only comes out in the strength of each counter he aims towards the Crewman. His hits are less to cause pain and more to cause an end.

Randy's attack comes on strong and is rejected by an equal and greater force. That is Toby's hand, simply shoving her off like a table tennis ball. She decides to let herself fall as she sees her eventual trajectory being the refreshment table. She's going to have a sore hip after this. She pushes back up quickly and waits for Dreyer to make his move, not wanting to throw him off.

With Randy no longer interfering Toby is free to vent everything at Dreyer. Fists and feet fly, although he can't get close enough to use his forehead again, potent a weapon as it might be. Managing to avoid, on average, about every other blow from the marine he keeps his own attacks up at a relentless pace, only pausing briefly when a hit to the temple staggers him for a moment. It seems his skull is even thicker than it looks though for after a quick shake of his head to clear it he's back on the attack.

At some point, the Crewman may find himself with blood on his face. Because Dreyer's nose? Not stopping anytime soon. Newp. And when some of the blood gets in his mouth, he just spits it out. Doesn't think, just does it. He ends up hit or even kicked a few times. He's still up. Still standing. He has stamina. He's got a solid build. Model marine, in some ways. The brief second that Toby drops back seems like a reprieve, but Anton doesn't let down his guard. Instead, he seeks an opening to try to subdue Toby again. This time? It's more of a rush. But it lowers his own 'defense' a bit.

As Dreyer lands a blow on Toby's temple, Randy stares on and a look of concern and spiking panic flash across her face. She runs forward to try and shove herself in between the two fighters during an opening, after the flurry of punches. She shouts, "STOP IT! WE'RE ALL HUMAN HERE! STOP!!!" She seems prepared to adjust if they try to get past her.

With several of Dreyer's blows landing, Toby likely has both their blood on his face, but while he's no marine, this is not his first fight either. It's possibly the longest of his most recent ones though, and part of his brain becomes aware then he's going to start getting tired soon. Fortunately, Randy provides a distraction, too far out to stop Dreyer's lunge, but close enough to interfere in part. Sensing an opening the Tauran reaches to grab the MP's jacket then spins to thrust his opponent against the bulkhead, from where he can pummel him into submission far easier. He's not quiet while doing this mind, even though his head is throbbing he still yells, "she's not a frakking cylon!" Just in case Dreyer was confused about which part of their verbal fight it was that kicked this whole thing off.

And then Randy is in the way and it stalls Dreyer's approach just enough that Toby is able to grab him. The MP grunts as he's shoved up against the bulkhead. Something cracks. It's not pretty. At all. But he also doesn't stop. Or go down. Instead, he brings up his arm — elbow, specifically — in a sharp, upward blow towards Toby's head even as he's twisting around to try to change positions and get his shoulder into the crewman's back. That's the thing about being an MP. Specifically a marine MP. You're taught to keep going as long as possible. Even if it's just a second longer than the other guy. And to keep at least some tactics in mind until it's done. But he's winded and in pain and does not shout back. Doesn't even acknowledge he heard Shackleton's words.

Being so easily dismissed for a second time by both Toby and Dreyer, and wincing as she hears Dreyer slam against the bulkhead, Randy dashes towards the intercom next to the hatch and grabs the mouth unit to make a call into the security hub. Bringing in the cavalry. They should be there soon and she should not interfere. That seems to be said with some edge.

And that's the difference between Toby's fighting and Dreyer's. He's had a few in his time, can fight dirty, or box straight, but he's all about the brawling, and if a fight runs on long enough, training will always win out. From the colour of the air in his general vicinity it's clear that the Tauran is both surprised, and deeply unhappy to find himself pinned, and while elbows fly, he can't get a decent angle, or much momentum at all.

And Toby gets Dreyer's breath against the back of his neck. Maybe some more blood. Actually, probably a fair bit more. He manages to keep his shoulder wedged and avoids some of the attempts to hit him still. Not all, but enough to not cause him to let up. At least not until the other MPs appear. They take over swiftly. Two on Toby and one to talk to Dreyer. Well… more escort Dreyer (who protests, weakly) to medical and collect his statement. Anton is in enough pain and exhausted enough that after the brief complaint of having to go to his least favorite place on the ship… he just sort of goes along. Not even a look back at the other two, but the way he leans on the other MP? He's probably too worn out for it.

Randy sticks around in case anyone wants to speak to her. Yep, this time, she stayed well enough away and followed any orders by the MPs when they arrived. One of them asks if she was hurt and she shakes her head no as she watches the aftermath unfold. "Frak, that guy's frakking nuts," she mumbles before she departs from the bloody scene.

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