Ensign Adura Diaz
Diaz.01.jpg Diaz, Adura Fiora
Ensign Airwing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Viper pilot
Age Sex
25 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


Originally part of the group that was tasked with research into and then, ultimately, defense of the site located on Libran, Diaz was not one of the Lines that had been inserted into the Colonial population or tasked with anything outside of the rest of the working group.

Recent Events

  • Demoted to recruit/advanced nugged on Thu 29/Mar/2049, callsign revoked (MD #156)
  • Callsign court assigns the moniker "Wrecker" to Diaz as of Tue 13/Feb/2029 (MD #112)
  • Promoted to Lt JG Mon 12/Feb/2029 (MD #111)
  • Assigned to the <fleet position here> located <inset location here>
  • Graduates from flight school <insert date here>

Service Record & Medals

Recent Logs


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