Department Heads


On this MUSH, Staff accords Department Heads (DH) more responsibility than regular player bits. They are legitimately different from the other billets in that they possess additional OOC duties, and players with DH positions deserve fair warning before they apply.

Current Department Heads

Staff has made the decision to make Battlestar Orion's CO a non-player character. The XO slot is currently occupied by an NPC also, though both of these characters have actual bits on the game. They will be seen on grid.

Important Note: Those wishing to take leadership positions within the Combatant Commands (Air Wing, Marines, Tactical), staff instituted a policy at game outset whereby the applicants to these positions will be selected on a variety of factors that ultimately come down to activity and OOC capability. All of these positions are listed below. After these initial staff selections to positions like platoon or squadron leaders are made, it will be up to the department heads to promote within. DH slots are promotions made at the discretion of the CO, as played by staff.

  • Colonial Marine Corps
    • CO, Charlie Company, 3/8: Open
    • XO, Charlie Company, 3/8: Open
    • Able Platoon Leader, MP: TBC
    • Dog Platoon Leader, Rifle/Support: Open
    • Master-at-Arms, MP: GYSGT Lleufer Ynyr

Expectations for DHs

1. DHs should be regularly available to the players in their department and be out scening with them. This doesn't mean that they must be on for some insane number of hours each week, but they must be able to log in on a regular basis, read and answer +mails, and keep up with IC plots. We totally understand that DH players will have to take time off for various RL reasons (both expected and unexpected), and we are more than fine with DHs taking time off from the game when the game becomes too much of a chore with RL. In those circumstances, however, DHs should delegate their authority to a designated second-in-command so plots that depend on them can continue unaffected.

2. DHs should be able to take charge OOCly during department-related events. They are expected to help Staff get their department's players organized, particularly during large scenes, and to help new folks get acclimated to our combat system.

3. DHs should act as conduits of RP for their players, delegating plot-related jobs to their PCs in order to keep them engaged with the overall story of the MUSH. They should also take information they receive from Staff (or other departments) and pass it on to their PCs, whether through +bbposts, IC scenes, or some other means. Our Staffers are more than happy to work with DHs to help them disseminate information, but ultimate responsibility for this lies with the DH in question.

4. DHs are highly encouraged to run scenes for players on the MUSH — particularly scenes that allow for some degree of cross-department cooperation. To that end, DHs are expected to have some ability to GM, especially because Staff will occasionally ask them to run scenes for their PCs in response to +requests or in the course of the IC plot.

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