AWD #380: Department Head Meeting
AWD #380: Department Head Meeting
Summary: The Orion's Department Heads or their representatives meet to discuss current and upcoming operations.
Date: 06/07/2016 (OOC Date)
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The Ward Room
The Ward Room's centerpiece is a finely crafted oak table built into a rectangle with sweeping curves towards each corner, matching chairs lining it like a ring. The far end of the room are the flags of each of the Twelve Colonies, the Colonial flag at the left end and the fleet's flag at the right to flank. At the other end is a countertop built into the wall that has fresh coffee brewed in a pot, and another for ice water, when Command Staff is present.
21 JAN 2006 (AWD #380)

While he didn't call the department head meeting, Elias finds himself unexpectedly heading it when Colonel Petra is called to the CIC. So the tired-looking young Major in his rumpled blues picks up his clipboard and hoists himself up from his chair. He makes his way to the far end of the table before turning to the gathering and clearing his throat. "It seems the TACCO may be late. In the interest of getting things done, shall we begin? I'll catch him up later."

Halena Tremaine, Captain of the Stokers, makes it to the Ward room in a timely fashion a few minutes early. She'll rap her knocks on the bulkhead frame, nodding to Elias and any other present as she walks — or rather, limps — her way in. She has a clipboard and some manilla files under one arm. Limp limp limp, into the room, looking for a chair where she can quietly settle.

Elias isn't the only one having to fill in, for Amos is taking the seat which technically belongs to Major Fairfax. He's still not sure if it's because his CO is actually busy, or he's just drawn the short straw because the dressing stuck to the side of his head means he's on light duties. Either way, as the meeting is called to order he swivels his chair a little so he can watch the intel officer, and listen to what it is he has to say.

A rather dusty scientist trudges in to the meeting, though it's just on her boots—her face is washed and hair neatly braided, and there's a fresh change of clothes on her at least. She holds a little leather bound journal-sized notebook, a pen tucked absentmindedly behind one ear some time before. Though as she walks through the door, she frowns and starts patting herself down a little, as if searching for the pen, giving up and taking a seat with a barely audible sigh and offering a smile around, though she stays silent thus far.

Armed with not just a couple of folders but actually a binder that has several folders tucked within, Dr. Nadir is already nursing a cup of coffee while waiting for the meeting to begin. She aims nods at those who are just arriving, sharing a wry smile with Halena as she limps her way toward a chair to settle in. Amos is studied in that brief assessing manner that she tends to aim at anyone who's recently been through sickbay, the studied look ending with a cordial nod as well before she shifts a glance back toward Elias. Sam's eyes narrow subtly as she searches for his ever present cigarettes. Her attention shifts away from Elias as Dr. Thanos arrives and, recognizing the pat down for what it is, Sam unhooks one of the pens from the inside pocket of her uniform jacket and slides it toward Thanos with a wry smile.

Alejandro arrives, slightly later than he would have liked ideally but he has brought an electronic clipboard as well as paper and pen to take notes. He is dressed in his duty blues with his wings pinned on the front and probably combed his hair within the hour. Which is tidier than his usual. Salazar probably even shaved recently instead of entirely living up to his namesake of 'Hobo'. He steps in through the hatch and gives the others nods, "Sorry I was detained." Ale comes to settle next to Halena, preferring to stand rather than to take a seat, unless the others are all seated. Doctor Nadir can probably smell the cigarettes in his pocket.

Still standing at the head of the table, Elias mentally checks off the people in attendance. There is enough that the Intel officer is ready to try and get started. Less than pleased at having to take over the meeting, he offers only a few curt nods as people get seated and settle in, with no special attention for the acting CAG hustling in at the tail end. "Let's go around the room once — Air, Engineering, Marines, Medical, Science, and Tactical — and have everyone can give a brief summary of their status and mention any larger agenda items they'd like to discuss once the first pass is done." Settling down into his chair, Elias takes up his pen and looks towards Alejandro. "Air Wing? Would you mind leading off, Captain?"

His first /ever/ official meeting with officers outside of Air Wing and he's asked to speak first. Figures. Alejandro gives a nod, "Certainly, Major." Is he supposed to stand or stay seated? Having no power point presentation to show he decides to go ahead and stand so he can be better heard. "Our status is a little rough. Two pilots are recovering from our rescue mission at Lake City, on Caprica. We lost an ECO, Lieutenant JG, Damon Evans. While he wasn't with us long, he was … immensely well liked in the wing. People are taking his loss a bit hard." As you might expect. But, they have had a lot of losses so Salazar goes on, "We'll have a good showing for his final rites." Ale glances at his clipboard, "I am informed that repairs by Deck have been proceeding quickly, despite four badly damaged air craft. One of which I thought would have to be scrapped, but Deck has been amazingly impressive to salvage the viper. It should be back in service shortly."

Hobo skims a finger down his clipboard, and glances to Amos before he continues, "We still have an unfinished op that we are jointly working on with the Marines, and with Commander Spree, to liberate a cylon labour camp at Crossroads, on Aerlion. That mission was pushed back for several reasons, one of which was Lake City. We'll coordinate and get that back on track." And a look to Elias, "I'm also aware that we have at least one other mission pending but I haven't details on it's requirements yet. Overall, wing is in good order and ready to fly with those exceptions I have outlined. Other than the constant need for more pilots and ECO's, we are in fairly good order."

The acting CAG looks back to Elias to see if that's the sort of summary that was wanted, and if the Major or anyone else has questions for him.

Halena gives a small smile and a nod to Samtara, and another nod to Alejandro as he settles beside her. Amos gets a glance of recognition, but nothing else for now. Then Elias starts the meeting, and she turns her face gracefully toward the first speaker. Despite her limp, she sits like a lady who has been taught to sit properly, with a straight back and her shoulders back, the look contrasting with her plain Engineering jumpsuit. Then? It's her turn. She speaks easily and comfortably. "Little to report from below, though we remain somewhat understaffed," she admits, green eyes flashing up and around the room. "We have no outstanding requests or requirements for any other cross-department projects at this time." Halena doesn't need to look at her files for her simple report, nodding once to indicate she's concluded her portion.

Alejandro has retaken his seat. Thankfully /somebody/ put a fresh pot of coffee on the table. If he leans over and stretches he can reach it and pour himself a cup. Yus. Meetings are always better with coffee.

Amos lets his eyes slide to the acting CAG as he mentions the loss of crew at Lake City. The lack of mention for the other two people in Evan's raptor is noted, but only silently, he has his own opinions ont hat matter, as anyone who's read his AAR can likely tell. But now is not the time. Letting his eyes drift to Halena for her report he then straightens in his chair a little to give his. "The 3/8th is operating at a satisfactory staffing level, but as other has said, we can not afford to be lax on recruitment opportunities. We have ongoing operations on Aerlion that will take their toll, as well as at least one other high risk operation int he early stages of planning." Elias gets a faint nod at that then he continues, "we continue to receive requests for armed escprt from other departments which we're happy to fullfil, but it should be noted that the more notice you give us as to your requirements, the more likely we'll be able to meet those requirements."

Opening the binder that she's carrying, Sam extracts only one sheet of paper, possibly to the relief of everyone else around the table, and skims the bullet point list before speaking. "Medical, as well, has only a handful of items that remain constantly on the agenda. As all departments heads have been made aware, in the past, and equally aware as we go forward, there is a test that we have developed that allows blood samples from the crew of the entire task force to be tested to determine if they are of cylon or human origin. The details of the test remain classified. The results are logged accordingly. There is a plan in place to handle a positive test, the details of which i am only aware of in a peripheral sense as I have made some recommendations. It does take an average of six weeks for any single test to be completed, command staff was drawn first of course and all samples afterward are entered into a complex equation that allows for only the strictest adherence to blind sampling to avoid tampering, preferential sampling or destruction of data. That said," and she taps one fingertip against the page, "testing continues, at pace."

She glances down at the page, "We have marked out the initial and secondary sites that we wish to use on Pireaus to construct the facility to house the MRI unit, that has not yet begun construction, details are being negotiated. We are working out the details on how best to secure a handful of the collaborators that are in custody so that my colleague, Dr. Forrester, can conduct some tests to ascertain the actual depth of the conditioning before we begin the attempts at treatment of same. The query into the 'Jacked' individuals has been, temporarily, adjusted to a secondary list of priorities, in light of the action on Caprica and the sheer number of collaborators that the Captain reported encountering on planet."

She tips her head in a nod toward Amos followed by a look that is, rather finely pointed, at Elias. "As the Major may be aware, a child was evacuated from Caprica during that engagement and, as yet, has not been sorted to a family that meets the set guidelines that we are setting in place to ensure that she is not further damaged, be that emotional, mentally, physically, socially or through religious persuasion. It should be noted that the child is to young to actually be able to communicate her name. My staff have settled the name 'Hope' upon her, for the time being, as it is less of a detriment to morale to have a genuine name to address her by than to continue to refer to her as 'The child'.

Now that it's Thanos' turn, she smiles somewhat apologetically. "Excavation continues as planned, at a single site," she says. "And thus far the sensors that Captain Tremaine's team have placed there indicate no change in radioactivity. We have excavated all sections of the above ground ruins that are immediately obvious save one that we are proceeding very carefully on—that one seems to have been somewhat sheltered first in damage and then in overgrowth, so it's possible we may find artifacts there. We've also found a somewhat promising 'hollow' under the ruins using detection equipment. It may be that we're on to finding other rooms below it now, and we're currently searcing for a way that won't cause catastrophic damage or instability. In other words, we're searching for the door." Thanos rubs at her chin a little. "Mostly we've found evidence of hurried abandonment. It's a bit difficult because of the scope of time and climatic breakdown, but I don't believe that this structure was a military facility per say nor totally a habitual one. The structure seems to indicate perhaps a place of worship or other such gathering. But we won't be able to truly confirm that until we get more complete scraps. We're getting close though, to finding some of those now that we've removed most of the detrius."

Elias makes a tight-lipped frown for the recent casualties and pens a few notes as each of the representatives check in. Alejandro, Halena, and Amos all mentions staffing, which he'll need to pass along to Petra. The pointed look from Samtara earns her a quizzical look, and then the Major simply moves on, as if he assumes the CMO has said her piece about the refugee child. And once Doctor Thanos has updated them on the excavation, it is his turn. "On the Intel front, some new information on the humanoid Cylons has been distributed over the last few weeks — most of it seems solid but our sources are limited to the humanoid models themselves. So keep that in mind. Our visiting Twelve has been returned to his line, with the necessary precautions … time will tell what comes of that." The Intel officer considers a moment, mentally switching gears. "Covering for the Colonel, a head's up to all departments: We have a major operation in the works. I've already spoken to the Air Wing and Marines about certain Intel-related aspects of this, as Captain Salazar and Ommanney have noted. A formal Op Order will come down ASAP, but In broad strokes, this is going to be an offensive involving the majority of the fleet."

Moving on, Elias takes a breath and glances down at some scrawled notes on his clipboard, frowning to himself. "We have some information about how and why the humanoid Cylons have been turning against their leadership, and some … speculation as to how this may be related to Piraeus." Steeling himself, the young Major pushes on. "Visiting Piraeus does seem to be the key to 'unlocking' the individuality of the humanoid model Cylons. We've seen this with Sergeant Knox, Captain Delacroix, Doctor Tamsin, our visiting Twelve, and a comatose Nine. The sunlight from 313 Bensen may be involved — the Twelve specifically requested to 'stand in the light of the star' — but we can't confirm this due to security concerns. Can't have the Cylons getting a good look at the stars around Piraeus." He pauses to glance at each of the others around the table. "From a practical point of view, it gives us a chance to drive a wedge in the Cylon war effort — if we can bring more of the models to Piraeus, and then have them download to influence the rest of their line. While this isn't guaranteed to make them our allies, it definitely does seem to put them at odds with the model Ones, who are in command and may be … abusing their authority."

"Possibly related to this, Sergeant Ynry of the CMC reported a symbol that was on the uniforms of the ghost soldiers some have seen on Piraeus. A circle with a dot in the center. His own research found a match in the Colonial Fleet historical database, for the followers of Mithras. The Mithrans are a monotheistic faith that was once fairly common in the Fleet, but has since become more a fringe cult, found mostly on Tauron and Libran. According to this faith, Mithras resides in the suns of the universe, from where he can watch over and protect mankind. He is said to represent specific virtues: Courage, comradeship, strength, honor, protection, and rebirth. And here is where we get into increasing speculative territory. I am definitely not drawing conclusions at this point — but given the similarities, it's possible the Cylons follow the Mithran faith. It /may/ even be that the original Cylon war resulted from the mechanical models of that day visiting Piraeus. Again: I am not making this claim, merely advising everyone to treat these ghostly encounters with all due skepticism and caution."

The redheaded Engineering Captain listens quietly, tilting her head slightly to the side as Elias goes through his particular points. She doesn't interject, just now, and seems interested, but not overly or inappropriately so. Her hazel eyes flit around the room for other reactions, but generally are focused on Elias.

Alejandro gives a faint nod about the op and will wait patiently for more to be revealed upon it. He doesn't know much about skinjobs or any of Elias's work with them too well. He reads his memos, avoids dealing with the skinjobs. Having been a POW in a cylon camp down on Picon, you probably can't blame him there. So at best his expression is a slightly scrunched up furrowed brow at all that religious mumbo-jumbo and clear skepticism with not a huge amount of interest. He sips his coffee. Helpfully or otherwise, Salazar makes no comment.

Amos takes rough notes of the other reports, especially Elias', for while talk of epiphany's and faded religions is not overly concerning to him, Fairfax and the other staff officers might have something to make of it. Lleufer's name is noted alongside that for any potential follow up.

"In the light of the sun or . . within reach of the electromagnetic waves radiating from the sun itself," Samtara muses from where she sits, diligently taking notes as each department head gives updates, only speaking once she's completed enough notes to fill in the details later. "The Nine in question seemed to simply 'wake up' once we had her in place on planet. No extra intervention was required, no life support, no fantastical measures, she simply 'woke up' knew who she was, etcetera. Displayed a unique persona tied to her individual personality and given name, not just her model number and identifier." Again, the mild tap of the pen against the paper, "Be it the actual wavelength of light, or the radiation spectrum, perhaps we could mock up a hand held light or radiation emitting device that would mimic the same conditions and deploy it against the potential encounter of other cylon skinned models. Though it equally begs the question as to whether or not it will affect ALL Cylon models, skinned or other wise."

"Sooo… skinjobs really aren't my area of expertise. Aside from being expected to know what the faces look like of the known models, I'm leaving that to those who are better qualified than I am to do whatever. I do have a question though?" And for lack of anyone else here to ask, Alejandro looks first to Samtara and then to Halena, "May we have an update on the Raider study? Do we think it's possible that we could get one or more Airwing into one of those and actually fly it? Have we been able to find anything to help us target and destroy them or better interfer with their performance?"

Talk of electromagnetism really is no where near her perview, so Amos lets those interested talk. He zones back in at the mention of the raider though, and after Alejandro's comment about putting people inside it he turns his glance to Elias. He'll take his cue from the major on what, if anything to say on that matter.

Having laid all that out, the Intel officer looks around the table and gives a slow nod. Well, no one can accuse him of withholding that bit of information. Sam's observation draws his attention her way, and Elias makes his usual non-commital sound. "Mmmm." He was there for the revival of the Nine, and mentions one other point. "She also said that it was like a … re-awakening. More personal, as opposed to the memory she had from Captain Delacroix. But as you point out Doctor, there's a great many unknowns." That said, Elias falls silent again. Alejandro's question turns his attention towards Halena. "Captain?"

Halena shakes her head. "I can't say at this stage," the redhead admits honestly. "The organic matter within the Raider has continued to deteriorate. When Deck is ready for Meidical," Halena nods to Samtara, "and Engingeering to do a full deconstruction, both organic and mechanical, we might have more inforamtion for you." She shakes her head. "Depending on the nature of the organic material, which I'm sure you all have realized is dead, it may or may not be possible for one of our pilots to fly it again." She looks back to Alejandro. "I have managed to find some ways to potentially create bigger explosions when trying to destory one," she says, calmly. "But beyond that, until we've done a full deconstruction … the short answer is no."

"Medical is ready to assist as soon as the work is cleared to begin," Sam notes with a nod shared with Halena. "Several of my people have expressed not just a genuine but decidedly excited opinion with regard to the possibility of climbing within that thing to begin extracting the biological material within. I would hazard a guess that there will be more hands than necessary ready to assist when the dissection can begin."

Alejandro gives Halena a nod, "Thanks, Captain. I'll check back with you, Deck, and Medical later then." He glances to Amos, then frowns slightly at Petra not being himself presant, "Major, would you let the Colonel know that I wish to speak with him when he has a little time to spare? It isn't urgent but, I need information on how to proceed on a matter."

Elias listens to the discussion about the Raider dissection, then turns to give Alejandro a quick nod. "I will pass the word, Captain." And it is duly noted on his clipboard, along with the other items for Colonel Petra. Glancing up around the table again, the Major quirks a brow. "Anything else?" A moment of silence and a few headshakes is all the Intel officer needs to justify wrapping things up. "Very well. Dismissed."

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