ALT #314: Deck Projects
Deck Projects
Summary: Engineering and Deck get together to discuss certain projects of mutual interest, then another issue is raised and it all goes downhill from there.
Date: 16/Nov/2013
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #314

Alexandra is slid under a viper, with various access panels open and pieces and tools scattered on a grey workmat around her. There is a clanging and sizzling coming from underneath the frame, and a flickering actinic glare from time to time.

Non-aviation types might not be in the hangar deck all that much, but except for the Captain's insignia, West blends in wearing greens that look like they've seen occasion to brush against machinery. He stays out of the way of anything moving or dangerous and pauses for a minute to glance around, looking for the man or woman in charge.

A deck rating sees an officer looking around, and immediately runs over and taps the Chief twice on the soul of her boot. This seems to be a signal of some sort, as she slides out, and there's a quick discussion. She stands up, and tries to straighten her rumpled greens, to no avail, really, and strides over to the Officer. She braces to attention, and snaps a salute. "What can Deck Division do for you?" she asks, curiously

West returns the salute, casually enough, "As you were, Senior Chief. Actually, I stopped by the talk about a few projects that were brought to my attention, though I think your people might already be working on them." He pulls a battered briar pipe out of a pocket of his fatigues and sticks it, unlit, into his teeth.

Alexandra nods, and glares at the Stogie. She doesn't like things burning on her deck, and that includes stogies. "Well, Sir, give me the list, and I'll check against my deck action plans. It always is good when the Officers take an interest in the easy flow of work on the Deck."

"Stand easy, Senior Chief. I'm not trying to horn in on your work. This isn't anything about how efficiently you deal with the Vipers and Raptors." West arches a brow as he's glared at, and shrugs, using the pipe as a pointer, "Has Captain Gray spoken to you yet? I understand that Chief Rutlii is working on a few things that are of mutual interest."

It's the end of Toby's first shift back on deck ad he's just moving to stow his PPE away in his locker for the day when he spots the SCPO and Captain conversing. Now normally, he wouldn't bother disturbing them, but then he spots the pipe and calls over, "Chief. You mind telling the brass that he wants to put that away before he blows half the bay up with it?" Yeah, fire safety might be one of his things and with this amount of tylium vapors around he'll set of an extinguisher himself if he sees the Captain move to light it, even if they are definitely over his ten pound lift limit.

Alexandra says, "No, My deck plan is mostly getting the foxes out of the innards of this Viper. It's been acting up since it had an close argument with a division of Toasters over Picon. The Chief and I don't have our normal get together over Pyramid and well-aged fuel pods until tomorrow or the next day" She turns to Toby. "Stand Down, Toby. He's got nothing burning in the damn thing, or it wouldn't be on my deck plates. I tell you straight up, though, he lights that lung polluter, my politeness is at an end" She turns back to the Engineer. "So, tell me what I might be hearing when we lose our pay vouchers to each other?""

West looks between the two members of the deck crew. His lips draw into a thin line, and he raps the - quite empty - pipe against the palm of his opposite hand. His expression makes it quite clear that he's not pleased with the frosty reception of the deck crew. "Some projects that the Orion has taken over since the attack. Mainly concerning ordinance, which is your bailiwick."

Toby gives Alexandra a brief nod as she calls back, but he still eyes the engineer suspiciously for a moment or two, just to make sure he can't see any hint of smoke or such coming from the bowl. Apparently satisfied that it's unlit for now he takes a few steps closer, so he can speak to the Captain without needing to project his voice. "No offense Sir," he starts, slipping his hands behind his back, "but you might not want to go waving that thing around here,lit or not. It's too dangerous a risk to take that it's not given what we do here." At the mention of projects though he falls quiet again, expression curious as he listens in to see if he can get any specifics.

Alexandra takes out her clipboard, and pages through it. "Don't see anything special priority on this, So I guess I haven't gotten the update on that yet Sir. Do you have the details? I've got enough experience on that sort of thing, i can be of help. Though it's more on the firing circuitry and the like, rather than mixing the materials, and casings. I do see that there's a note here about new projects in the pipe." She looks expectantly at the Captain.

"You know, Crewman, I've found during my time in the fleet that anything prefaced with 'no offense' is generally intended to be offensive." West says, dourly, "For example, implying that an engineering officer doesn't know any more about fire protection and the flash point of tylium than some nugget fresh off the transport from basic." He turns back to the Senior Chief, and says, "Armor piercing ammunition, AAM guidance packages, big gun shell laser guidance."

"Then you'll understand why Sir," Toby starts, apparently intent to hold his ground on this one, "that as one of those tasked with maintaining the fire safety precautions in this hanger, that I'm going to have to ask you to put that pipe away and not bring it out down here again. It may not be lit but it could breed complacency and thus one that is might get missed." He keeps his tone light, and neutral, it's nothing personal and he honestly doesn't mean offense, he's just spotted an unsafe practice and is attempting to deal with it. As the Engineer moves on though he listens, thinks, then asks, "I'm not sure about the AAM and the laser guidance Sir, but would you perhaps be referring to Chief Rutlii's work on the centurion armour?"

Alexandra says, "AP ammunition for what particular system is it, Sir? That's a delicate balance between materials and delivery, and has to be very specific. The guidance package I have a note here on, it seems we're not as accurate as we might be. I can't be sure if it's the package itself, or the guidance updates from the sensors. I may have to put a package on one of the birds and see what details I get from live fire. Can't be sure right now. Big shell terminal emitter guidance is a tricky issue. The major problem is keeping the guide indicator centered on the target. I can do the seeker packages, and fin guidance can be managed. The problems with surviving the stresses of launching might be somewhat difficult, but we still need to solve boots on the ground to guide the systems in, which isn't always possible." She turns to Toby. "Be respectful to Officers. They DESERVE it, right?" she says to the recalcitrant deckman. "Is that the sorts of things you were looking for input on?""

"They're the kind of projects that your department would be taking lead on, but that Engineering might be helpful with. The general analysis of the centurions as well. One of the recent missions brought back an almost complete one for study - safely deactivated, I hasten to add - for further study, and I think that's along the lines of what Chief Rutlii is already working on, so it doesn't make any sense for us to replicate effort." Getting away from arguing and more towards his area of expertise, West looks less dour and is more demonstrative, though he doesn't put his pipe away, using it like a pointer as he makes certain points. He nods at appropriate intervals to the challenges involved in some of the ordinance situations. "The ammunition is pretty much a closed issue, unless we can find the original factory, if it survives, or find or build the manufacturing equipment ourselves, which would be a very long term plan. Otherwise, we only have enough for a few missions, which doesn't do much for us in the long term. As for laser targeting, yes, we do still need someone nearby enough to paint the target. I don't think there's really any way around it, unless we developed some sort of marker that we could drop on them, and if that were the case, why wouldn't we just deliver the ordinance in the first place?" He looks at Toby again, "It's not a fire hazard, Crewman, and I don't believe you have the authority to give me orders, so let's drop the subject, hrm?"

"Chief," Toby acknowledges with a faint inclination of his head. He doesn't look particularly happy that she hasn't backed him up, but that's not his main worry right now. That honour still falls to the pipe itself. He keeps track of it's movements back and forth as the engineer talks, and even as he makes his own reply. "Aye Sir, that's the sort of thing she's been working on. Hit a bit of a brick wall though on the control part though, haven't been able to find people well enough versed in computers to take a look at the.. well, brain if you want to use that term. Bounced a few ideas for getting past their armour upstairs though." He gets that out of the way first, to ensure it's said and the captain is informed of the progress, but then he returns to that sticking point again. "I'd be happy to drop it Sir," he states, still doing his best to keep his tone clear and level, "just as soon as it's put away. It is not a question of authority to give orders, but of the shared duty of all of us to ensure that hazardous work areas are kept as safe as possible for all concerned. Where you the Admiral himself I would be saying the same thing. I'll happy discuss my concerns with you Sir, in detail, just out side the hatch should you prefer to continue to hold it, but I really must insist once more that you put it away while in this area."

Alexandra says, "I was actually thinking of a stealth modified Raptor using the markers. That would allow the follow up missions pinpoint accuracy. But put the raptor in deep trouble which is why I'm thinking of trying other beams less likely to be apparent than lasers. Which requires some work. As to the Toaster Brain, I need to fix up an isolab before I can even run a diagnostic on the damn thing. Can't have it influencing any of my equipment. I certainly don't want a self aware welder or anything. But I will get some insights into those damn things." She turns to Toby. "It's been dealt with Toby. Drop it NOW Sailor!" she hardens into order giving mode, and it's not pretty. "Though I'd have to get volunteers to run the bird into enemy airspace broadcasting straight line beams. Even if I trick the sensors some, it's gonna be hella dangerous""

"As I said, though, if we could deliver something like that via stealthed raptor, what would stop us from simply delivering the explosives themselves the same way. And if the upmost precision is required, we probably wouldn't be using the ship's guns, which are an area denial weapon when directed groundside." West rubs his chin, crossing his arms and tapping his fingers as he considers, "As for the cylon, tell the Chief to come down and speak to me, maybe I can help her out with that. Though I'm a mechanical engineer, so we might need sciences involved as well." He looks at Toby, looks ready to jump down his throat, but then stops and lets the Senior Chief deal with it.

Toby notes the change in Alexandra, it's not hard after all, and snaps himself to attention. It's not quite textbook given his still healing injuries, but it's not a bad effort either. Staring straight ahead, rather than at the officer or the offending pipe he states in that voice reserved for answering superiors while stood at attention. "Chief! I'm sorry Chief but I can not in all good conscience ignore a situation on deck that I believe to be hazardous to both ship and crew Chief!" He would comment back to West that he'll pass that onto Sera when he sees her, but figures that breaking attention to do so is probably an even worse idea than remaining as he is and riding out the storm he can sense coming with the aid of only a clear conscience.

Alexandra says, "Crewman Toby, you are officially on report for conduct unbecoming and lack of deck discipline. I will not send for the Master at arms to escort you to the bridge, but seeing as you are still injured,and your injuries are affecting your judgment, you are suspended from deck duty for your next shift without pay, and shall restrict yourself to resting in your quarters. IS THAT CLEAR?" she asks, snapping the last few words quite clearly. "Was there anything you wish to add to that, sir?" she asks, looking like she doesn't think that he will add anything in."

"No, Senior. It's your department. You deal with it, so I don't have to." West says, with a nod to Alexandra, "However, for the Crewman's general edification, this…" he taps the pipe against his hand, "Is a piece of wood, and not a danger. I've had it since my first engineering assignment, and it's never set anything on fire. Dismissed, crewman."

Toby remains staring straight ahead, not even shifting his eyes slightly to look at either Alexandra or West as they speak. "Chief!" he replies, still in that 'at attention' tone of voice, "I wish it entered into the record that I respectfully disagree with your assessment that my injuries are affecting my judgment and am willing to submit to medical assessment to prove it Chief." He stays exactly where he is as the engineer talks, noting the dismissal with the slightest of upnods, although he doesn't move yet, not until the Chief makes her call too.

Alexandra says, "Either you accept my judgment without recourse to any other department, or you accept a Brigging for insubordination on duty with no extenuating circumstances. I believe that's a 72 hour hold and an official reprimand. That's they only options I have, an agreement you were affected by your injury, or were consciously and intentionally disrespectful to a superior officer after being corrected by the Senior Chief on duty.""

West pinches the bridge of his nose, shakes his head, and doesn't interject again. He can see where this is possibly headed.

Well frak. That really isn't the answer Toby had been hoping for, but sometimes life just kicks you in the balls. With the ultimatum given there's only really one option he feels he can take and he replies crisply. "Chief. I'm sorry Chief but I believe the situation is a hazard due to the complacency it breeds and do not believe that I have come to this decision as a result of an impairment of judgment through injury. As such I can not accept your judgment Chief." Yeah. That's done it he knows, but better that than the alternative, in his mind at least. His piece said though he remains firmly at attention and just waits.

Alexandra sighs, and walks over to the Wall com. "MPs to the Flight Deck. MP's the the Flight Deck."

The Chief has called for a MP to brig Crewman Toby for Insubordination. Engineering Captain West is in attendance, and the chief is near a disassembled viper with an orders deck with the pair. She looks like her glare could cut hull plating.

West was just pinching the bridge of his nose in consternation, his other hand holding the offending - and very unlit and empty - pipe that has caused Toby such consternation. "Crewman, this is not a good career move. Two people with a lot more experience than you are telling you you're wrong. Why don't you hold fire before you wind up doing some serious damage to yourself. You really don't want to wind up in hack over this."

Toby remains at silent attention, staring straight forward and waiting. He jaw is set firm, although it seems to get even tighter as West uses the words 'a lot more experience' and he obviously has to work hard to not give some form of reply to that. Right now he still feels very much like he has the high ground here and snapping back is a sure fire way to lose it. And so, he says nothing, does nothing, just waits.

It takes a few minutes for the MP's to come once the call is put in, since they have a little distance to travel over a very large ship. But once they arrive, they are Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr and a woman who's a Corporal. As it didn't sound like a violent issue, only the pair enter but everyone knows a patrol is four Marines so the other two must be waiting outside the hangar bay hatch these two come through.
Lleu sees Toby's bright orange crewman suit and some other people standing around so he heads over that way, "Hey, I'm Sergeant Ynyr. What's going on here?" Ooh, he knows one of these is a Captain, so as it's all official like, Lleu stops and both MP's snap off salutes, "Captain." Ynyr's eyes travel over Toby, then back to West and the other gal he doesn't know.

Alexandra says, "Sergeant, Crewman Shackleton here is under arrest. The charges are insubordination to a superior officer, the ship being in status of High alert. I noted extenuating circumstances in that Crewman Shackleton is on light duty status, but he insists that his medical condition does not affect him. You are to escort the prisoner to the Medical Bay, and have the Doctors run a complete workup of the Prisoner. If he is deemed to have been unaffected by his condition, escort him to the brig. If he is deemed to be medically unfit, follow the instructions of the Medical Bay staff on duty, but he is not to be allowed out of his quarters for at least one full day. Is that clear Sgt?"

West returns Llefer's salute, "Good day, Sergeant Ynyr. Sorry to see you in your official capacity." He tilts his head towards the two deck crew, "This isn't my department, but as the Senior Chief said, the crewman has been insubordinate towards the senior NCO and myself, so the Deck Chief has ordered his arrest." He puts his pipe between his teeth and just sighs.

It's quite clear from the set of his jaw that there's a fair amount that Toby could say to all that, wants to say in fact, but has the sense to bite back. For now at least. It's hard though, so very hard, and he even starts to move just a fraction as he sees West bite down on the pipe. He catches it though, just.

Lleufer stands at attention as he listens, his gaze to flick to West as the highest ranking officer present. The Marine Sergeant looks back to the Deck Chief, "No, Chief, can't do. I can detain him in the brig pending his charges are properly filed. Captain Nadir can sign him out with MP escort when she's ready to perform her tests." All those details don't concern Ynyr in the least until the paperwork has been properly put in which is up to West or the Chief. So much for Alexandra's long instructions.
To West, Ynyr smiles, "Not a problem, sir." The Marine reaches around for his cuffs and steps up to Toby but doesn't yet touch him. He looks the Tauran who's also kind of a friend in the eye, "Until it's sorted out, you consenting to come along peacefully, Shackleton?" His baritone is lowered.

Alexandra waits the response from Toby. She's clearly furious, but concerned as well. "Toby, you've been asked a question"

"I'm sure that the Senior Chief will draft the appropriate papers in support of her complaint, Sergeant. If you need my testimony, you know where to find me - the ship isn't that big." West removes the pipe, exhales softly, says, "Senior Chief, if you would be so kind as to let Chief Rutlii know that I'm looking for her regarding the cylon project, I would be grateful."

Toby flicks his eyes momentarily across from their straight ahead position to look at Lleufer, and gives the man a very short, very sharp nod in response before his gaze returns full forward. He'd leave it at that but isn't sure if the Chief saw it or not so adds a "Yes Sergeant." His tone is still formal, but it's lower, no longer the parade ground at attention voice it was before.

All right then. Sergeant Ynyr ignores the Deck Chief's fuming and he quietly goes about his business of cuffing Toby's hands behind his back. "Let's get you to the brig then and fill out a bit of paperwork. Then you can chill out, or pace, or whatever." Lleu glances to the Corporal with him and tilts his head over to indicate she should go ahead of them to get the hatch. He looks to West and the Chief and nods, "JAG office will send down their orders." If they've no need to detain him, Ynyr will escort Shackleton to the brig then.

Toby tenses as the cuffs are applied, there's no disguising that fact, but he doesn't actually resist. Nor does he say anything, knowing that anything he might say would just be rehashing old ground. Instead he simply allows himself to be lead by the MPs.

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