AWD #416: Deck Meeting
Deck Meeting
Summary: The new deck chief starts making changes, Lleufer cameos.
Date: 11/08/2016
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #416

In the last few weeks, Alex has gotten into the swing of things. She's adjusted the rotations to try and put people together who complement each other or create friction for the sake of growth, but there haven't been too many options open to her given the limited amount of staff they have on Deck. She's also continued that annoyingly scary habit of making notes in that memopad she keeps on her at all times and comes out in nearly any situation. It's difficult to tell what she does with it, but today, she's re-wiped the whiteboard. Currently she's writing a few things up there. At the top of the board it says 'Our Best Running AveragesRecorded by rotationCurrent Category: The Basics,' obscurely up at the top. However, oddly, there are no specific attributions to rotations. No one can lord over anyone else. As she writes each segment down, it's clear that they are all activities that refer back to basic maintenance. There's even an overarching one that is for turnaround time post-CAP. If any Deckhands think she's missing a spot…well she might be if she gathered all these stats…or she might just be on top of everything. She's dressed in her duty jumpsuit. It's rare to see her out of it, even outside of the hangar. Somehow, she found or appropriated another black whiteboard pen. After she caps it, she reaches to the very top of the board, courtesy of her height, and balances it there. This must be why it's written on the board in the corner, "Don't move this."

Striding through the hatch on the way to start his shift is Toby. He's helmetless for now, given he's not sure if he's going to be needing one yet, but is decked in out in those oh so flattering orange coveralls. Heading to find out his duty list he notes the work being done on the whiteboard and pauses to inspect the Chief's work. A flick of his eyes towards the corner would indicate to anyone who's particularly observant that he's noticed the prohibition, but he makes no other sign of it, just stands there and reads the list silently.

Only a little bit behind Toby is the clumsy Niamh. She's clearly had an altercation with something, judging by a fresh bruise blooming on her cheek and a scrape above her right eye that's a few days old. And that's just what is visible. Apparently these things don't do much to slow the hyperactive Crewman down at all as she bounces off the hatch and continues forward. Her notepad in hand and clearly the reason why she's not paying attention to where she's going, narrowly missing Toby as she well, sort of hurtles past, pencil scribbling furiously, muttering under her breath in Tauran, something about schematics and wrong sized nuts, and oranges?

Alex is also not wearing a helmet as of yet. As she swivels back away from the board, she narrowly misses brushing shoulders with Toby. "Oh," and then she steps back to give him space, her eyes flicking towards Niamh as she picks up on her presence. She glances at the bruise, but does her best to suppress a concerned look. "So, it's a right shit start, but it's good for us to at least have a thumb on this stuff. Speed is obviously, not always the best thing, so I'm open to any ideas on changing it up, and think we should. It's just to give us visibility on ourselves." Plus it starts to create more 'reasons' for them to celebrate their hard work. "We're a team, and there are a lot more roles and skills on deck that help it run smoothly and create excellence than this. Anyways, if you have ideas on how to better meet the goal behind this or ways to celebrate our achievements, or help us improve, do speak up. If you don't, who else is going to have that idea and help us improve? I don't care if it seems dumb. I'm not here to judge someone for trying to improve things. That said, we're a team here, so it's best to share before you implement. Get feedback. Use your resources around you, the best one being your crewmates," she offers to the gathering crowd of the next shift in an impromptu briefing on it all. "For this, I'll try it out a week or two so we can let it sink in before iterating."

«Oi!» Toby calls out, turning to reach a hand out to try and grab Niamh's shoulder as she hurries past, «eyes up. This is a dangerous workplace remember? There's live ordinance going back and forth all the time and I haven't the time to scrape you up into a bag if you collide with any of it.» Not to mention the trip hazards about the place, but one thing at a time. Lecture over he turns back to Alex as she starts to speak, folding his arms over his chest as she goes on. When there's a gap he asks quietly, not intending his voice to carry too far, "do you know how many times you just said 'we're a team'? Trying to improve is good, knowing that you can't just place all the emphasis on speed is good, but spewing forth frakking management speak isn't any good either. Say what you feel Chief. If we're not working hard enough, tell us, but tell us straight."

Catching the hand coming at her in her peripheral vision, Niamh automatically flinches away, turning her head and giving Toby a look of sheer terror, before she realizes it's him and she blinks, then grins. Then stops grinning because he's lecturing her, and then she's blushing, nodding her head, mumbling an apology and putting her notebook away and pulling to a stop so she can focus on what the Chief's saying. Not that the redheaded Tauran can actually stand still. Her gloved fingers run over the fastenings of her pockets and belt, triple checking everything as she shifts slightly from one foot to the other. Green eyes roam, landing on things, and people, at random. She is actually paying attention to what's being said though, and when Toby's done speaking, she nods her head in agreement, but otherwise remains quiet.

Alex turns to listen to Toby, her eyebrows knitting thoughtfully. "Okay. Well, I'll tell you straight. This isn't about anyone not working hard enough, or not meeting numbers, or anything like that. What would you do differently?" She gives him her whole attention, no defensiveness in her tone or anything. She does, however, step back a little to allow the forming conversational circle to include Niamh as some of the other mumble and retreat off with various opinions.

Toby gives Niamh a quick look to let her know that she's not in trouble (with him at least) but that he is serious. Then, back to the matter in hand, he turns back to Alex. "I take it not allowing Air Wing to sign out any craft as they only break them would count?" his tone is light, obviously in jest, but he is thinking. "Allow the heads of sheds as much autonomy as possible in determining their priorities. Yeah, sometimes it needs to be dictated from on high, but they know how to best direct their own resources and micromanaging fraks everyone off." Not that that's a direct criticism of her mind, just things in general.

"That, or make the Pilots learn some basic repairs so maybe they don't break the craft so much when they know how much work goes into fixing them again." Niamh mostly mumbles this to herself, the mental image of a pilot actually being forced to do repairs bringing an amused grin to her face. She doesn't speak up beyond that though, her eyes still wandering, watching her fellow shift-mates going off to do whatever it is they're going to be doing. She sticks by Toby though, listening to the conversation. Occasionally her hand strays to the pocket where her notebook is, fingers twitching, before falling away again and occupying themselves with pocket edges and rough seams.

Alex shifts her weight to the side and then there's an aha spark in her eyes as Toby offers his jest. "Yeah, I think I had a dream about that once. If only," she chuckles as she reaches back to grab her memopad from her belt and a pencil. She quickly flips to an empty page and makes a few notes as Toby speaks, glancing up at him. Then she slides it into a front pocket to keep it handy and stows the pencil up behind her ear. "Yeah. I agree. I think that's a good idea. I don't like micromanaging either. So we've got more autonomy for heads of sheds…and making some pilots eat their own shit, to put it lovingly. The first idea, I think we should pursue aggressively. It's a huge inefficiency and pain in the ass for everyone. Plus, it forces me to have to know every detail of every single thing as intimately as you guys. It's not that I shouldn't do that already, but, that you guys are better positioned and equipped. I think it would be better not to transition everyone at once," she phrases it in a way so that it's still open for input. Perhaps she really /does/ believe their positioned better and all that mumbo jumbo. "So the heads can be properly supported in transition and we can minimize any major bumps in the road and help anyone who may need to grow to meet the new demands that would place on them. But I wouldn't want to tiptoe." She doesn't go into the fact that it would create more of a quasi-responsibility than simply logistics. The people side of all that junk, the non-technical skills. For all the management approach she has, /at least/ she doesn't seem to be the type to hide her intentions. "The second idea. I like the idea of having pilots feeling and understanding the effects of the 'broken windows'. It creates a simple pressure that shouldn't interfere with important decisions in the cockpit, but might cause a raptor pilot pause before they take the easy way that kisses their hull. That's something we'll need to think through a lot though. We should explore the angles to try and figure out a good first approach to it." Alex leaves the floor open for more discussion. "I think everyone here can agree that a pilot who makes their own repairs and /doesn't/ tell us or work with us, can sometimes be more of a pain than a boon. Let's think about ways to minimize or eliminate some of that. It might not be a big deal. I don't know," she readily admits. "But perhaps something to keep in mind. What are your thoughts on that? It's an age-old stigma," Alex shrugs.

Toby glances sideways to Niamh and grins faintly, "what, and then have to both find and fix everything they broke while trying to repair things? Now raking thanks. Now, make them do the coffee runs, and tool inventories, -thats- an idea. Give 'em the scutt work, but don't let them anywhere near the frakking birds unless you can convince the brass to put them through the proper certs otherwise we're wasting our time, and endangering their lives." Pilot's don't have assigned ships after all, so if one pilot bodges a repair, it's likely another pilot that's going to end up breathing vacuum. "Chief," he then starts again, "I think I got most of what you were saying there, but you're sliding into management talk again. Say it straight, we're not going to pursue anything aggressively other than the cylons, we're just going to frakking do stuff. We don't need to 'grow to meet new demands', most of us stopped growing years ago when we were teenagers, and the only 'bumps in the road' are the ones we level out with sledges after some flyboy fraks up a landing. All due respect and that, but while they might talk airy-fairy on .. whatever ship you were on last, we keep it straight here." A pause, "well, unless you're brass, they talk airy-fairy all the frakking time."

Niamh snorts and grins cheerfully, nodding her agreement with Toby's words. "Yup… what Toby said. And well.. the pilots could be made to do certs. I never see them doing anything when they're not getting ready to fly. I mean, except for when they had to do all that extra PT, that was fun to watch, even though I didn't get as much mat time as I wanted. But I don't see any reason why they can't do the certs. Or the inventory. I like inventory though, making sure everything's perfect…" She gets a kind of faraway look on her face as she stares at one of the Vipers. Something like inventory probably appeals to her OCD nature. "It's all just like a big machine. Every part knows its job and does it. There's no switching around, or changing things. I mean, except for when you gotta jury-rig something, but that's more for an emergency than regular time." Apparently realizing that she's babbling, Niamh stumbles into silence and gives a worried look around the group, flinching slightly out of habit and tucking her hands into her pockets, then quickly snatching them out and folding them behind her back.

"Well, here's the sticking point with that. It's absolutely true, I believe we should have a strict as nails policy about needing to have certs to directly work on a bird. And I don't believe we can currently afford to train people to that level, at least not anyone who isn't going to stick around and return a ton of value for the effort." Alex bobs her head to the side, her hand extending to one side with her palm up. "I also think that giving anyone scutt work outright and alone would create more friction than value and not fully accomplish our goals. But, you have a good point, and that doesn't mean we can't mix in scutt work." She squints as if what might come next could be thin, "What if we frame it differently? What if it isn't a way to get trained, but simply what it is. We can mix in scutt work with shadow and assist. As long as we get our goals finished in a reasonable time, it's up to that 'hand to judge best how much and what their shadow wants to learn that day. Certs still stand as the policy, and if ever any pilot gets close enough to think they can try it, we facilitate it, but they should know all of the responsibilities that come with acting on or maintaining that certification. This way, they understand the scutt work, and they can also start to get a feeling for the proportion of repairs to their actions. We could figure out a frequency that maximizes the value vs effort. Nothing so formal, but I think it'll be pretty obvious as long as we're trying to improve it over time. So it keeps the effort cost low." She looks to Toby and Niamh. "Toby, you've been here the longest out of us three right here. Do you think that's something that we could at least pilot at a small scale with a pilot or two? I know we can handle it on our end." All that keeping ducks in a row has its advantages when it comes to affording flexibility oddly.

Lleufer arrives, running through the corridors. The Jarhead in tanks and tags drops out of his jog around the ship now shift change is starting to make the corridors more crowded. Breathing hard, Ynyr sets his hands to his hips and starts to walk through the big hangar bay. There will probably be vipers heading in and out any time now for their CAP rotation and even a Marine might like to watch them. Sweaty, Lleufer walks along leisurely cooling down. Gone are his bruises and the bandages around his wrists with new, pink flesh healing where the scabs are peeling over the tops of his hands. Grey eyes take in the various details as he walks.

"Chief," Toby replies with a faint nod as she sort-of defers to him given time-served. "My personal opinion? Keep them the frak away. We'd waste time watching them, time that could be better spent training recruits that'll stick with us. They've also go their own work to do, and I'm sure if they find themselves bored then the CAG can keep them busy with extra sim time or such. It's your call though, so if you want to, then go talk to the Major, see what she has to say." There's a faint pause as another thought arrives in his head, then he adds, "possible exception of Wescott, she was one of us before she retrained. She's no longer certed, but does have a clue or two." He leaves it there, having said his piece, then holds a finger up to Alex and Niamh to indicate he's going to take a moment to do something else. Stepping a few paces away from them, so he should end up in Lleu's peripheral vision but not be too close as to provoke a reaction he yells, "Oi!" Then, once he's sure he has the marine's attention, "they're her fraking rank tabs you chucklefuck."

"Ah…." Niamh looks like she's about to say something further, but her roaming eyes have spotted the Marine too. They dart to Toby as he steps out, and widen when he calls out. The younger crewman shifts, looking to the Chief, then her fellow Deckie, and then the approaching Marine and then back again. «Um… Toby? That's probably not a good idea…?» She shifts from one foot to the other, uncertain, then decides to ignore the finger, knowing Toby's incompatibility with Marines in general, she steps up beside him. Ready to either back him up or push him out the way, whichever seems the most suitable course of action.

"I agree…That's why I don't think it should be anything that gives the impression that we're seriously training them to /work on craft/. Okay, let's back off a little bit and give ourselves some time to think of other ways we might be able to get the benefits we want. We've got all the time in the world theoretically," Alex teases as deck can easily become super 'fire-fighting'esque, especially these days, depending on if they're floating over Piraeus or not. "Might be able to come up with some alternatives. In the end, we can always trial with a lower risk option like Kelsey," she nods to Toby in deference to his intel, "The fact that her certs aren't fresh actually would put us at an advantage to get a mock-perspective on some of our concerns and if it's possible to taper approach or if we should toss it. Let's focus down on transitioning shed heads first. Toby, if you're inclined, and Niamh, you are welcome to join as well, we should talk more about getting that going. If you think anyone else should be there and will be productive, bring them along. I don't want to top down a ridiculous plan for something with a myopic perspective." She turns to glance in the direction of the Marine and carefully watches the interaction between three others without intervening.

The shout does get his attention. Sergeant Ynyr looks their way and sees Toby - there /is/ eye contact. A glance around confirms the Knuckledragger isn't yelling at anybody else other than him. "What in Hades you talking about, Shacklefrak?" Lleu is wary and decidedly not looking much like he wants to have a conversation with that particular Deckie. He doesn't change his course or take his hands off of his hips as he walks, cooling down from his exercise.

«Just giving him the information he couldn't be bothered finding out for himself,» Toby mutters to Niamh, «it's better than letting him continue to spread malicious speculation.» He himself, doesn't move, just folds his arms across his chest, even at that final provocation. "That the best you can manage?" He retorts, sounding unimpressed, "don't tell me it took you all that long just to think of it." Then, after shaking his head he clarifies, "the symbol you were talking about, it's the Ghost Captain's rank tab. Simple as that." Then, with nothing else to say, he turns his back and walks over to Alex again, "sorry Chief, you were saying?"

Seeing as how Toby's not about to cause a major scene in the 'Bay, Niamh releases a held breath and relaxes. Her gaze follows Toby as he makes his way back to the Chief, and then she throws a cheerful, even friendly, grin at the Marine before turning to follow her fellow Tauran. Even once she's back in Alex's proximity, the redhaired Crewman positions herself to keep a careful eye on the older Deckie and his apparent Nemesis.

As has become an usual fete, Alex politely disconnects from the conversation when the Tauran comes out. She's used to it, and so far can be 'trusted' to ask what they are saying when she thinks it really matters, like when she's pretty sure someone's giving her lip, or she suspects it. "Oh nothing so important as your little love-fest," she teases lightheartedly, clearly not offended. "Let's regroup later to put together an action plan for the heads of sheds. We'll reassess the other idea later." Wow, all that could have been summarized that much? Alex frowns slightly in response to herself. "Now, how is the other project coming along?" She is, of course, referring to the one that she made Toby and Niamh seek out EOD marines for. "Hey," she suddenly cranes her head to the side to spot the newcomer. "You might want to move towards those crates over there. You're on the edge of a staging area right now," for what, she doesn't go into details, since likely everyone who /needs/ to know, already does. "Or you can come join us over here. Board's not going anywhere." It's probably good she picked a spot that is underutilized.

Lleufer doesn't mind to give Niamh and Alex both an upnod for hello as they aren't displaying obvious disdain towards him. For Toby, Ynyr flips him the bird, "Whatever, Asshole. Go frak yourself." He really doesn't look interested at all. Ynyr keeps on walking and pays them no further attention. He soon as his back to them as he makes his way slowly through the hangar and towards the other corridor.

Toby raises a faintly unimpressed eyebrow at Alex's description of his conversation with Lleu, but lets it slide. "We need a plan? How about just giving them the job list at the start of shift briefimg letting them get on with it. No need to over complicate Chief." Meetings? No thank you. With his back still to Lleu he misses the gesture, although he does glance sideways to Niamh and shrug faintly, "you do 'em a favour to help 'em out and look at the thanks you get." Then, putting that thread of conversation to bed he continues to Alex, "I'm happy with the contents. Got to down to something that won't be harmful to breathe either, so they could be deployed without respirators, or even mounted on bulkheads by strategic junction boxes and such. Not heard back from the marines regarding their end of it though."

Positioned as she is, Niamh does see the gesture, but doesn't respond beyond giving the Marine another cheerful smile. Once he's well out the Bay, she relaxes further, even going so far as to give Toby a light pat on his shoulder, maybe trying to settle him down a little. Who knows. Her hand quickly drops away, fingers playing with the edge of a pocket as she looks around. "Well, I'm still waiting on that list from you so I can go find the Marine I was talking with. She needs the list before she can work on the casing." Green eyes give Toby a pointed look. Then blink, "I mean, unless you've been speaking with them when I've been on shift or something?"

"Well, that might work to start with, and I'm fine with that, as long as we don't just do it and let it go without following up. But let's live in hypothetical world for a second." Alex doesn't give the whole Lleufer-Toby thing any more nods. She's right back into their discussion as if it didn't happen or she doesn't care, which could be the case. "Let's say tomorrow, we flip the switch on this plan for every head. What if make believe Bob gets overwhelmed? Has troubles prioritizing under pressure? It opens us to a lot of risk when we need to be top notch. That's not to say I don't have faith that Bob can do it…but the last thing I want to do is spread the help too thin and he doesn't have enough support when he needs it. In an ideal transition, Bob already has supreme prioritization skills…but what if his techs he's prioritizing don't. Worse, what if we think he has it, but in reality they're right? I'm pushing it to the extreme in an isolated example, it probably would never be that bad. But a bunch of little things that are really hard to correct can add up…damage someone's standing with those around him or her, because I didn't create an atmosphere where it was /safe/ to fail, for the fleet and for them. You're probably right in that we don't need a plan, but I would appreciate a heads up on anything in those areas that anyone might foresee. In these situations, there's no way for me or anyone else to head everything off. I don't intend to, but, with transition in organization, these sorts of things pop up. I just want to make sure that those types of issues don't have a chance to linger unattended." If anything, she is dead serious about her job. "And since I won't be micro-managing, people will need to know those are issues they should bring up if they see them, instead of trying to shoulder it…so I don't have to micro manage." She grins and shrugs. As Niamh points out she's blocked, Alex mentions, "I thought it might be of some interest in the EOD attachment. Given they have a regular need for rapid containment." There are other disciplines in general that use things to achieve similar results, but they probably all wouldn't be alive if those people didn't have largely adequate tools already. "Sounds good. Toby, Niamh, if it's easier on you, I can get some names from their leadership to get that going faster. How long until you think you'll have a full working prototype?" The question gives him a chance to clarify at her possible expense of looking dumb, but Alex asks it without hesitation.

"List?" Toby "oh, of the chemicals? Just mono ammonium phosphate, it's some kind of fertiliser when wet, but does everything we need it to when dry and heated. With the added benefit, as I mentioned, of being safe to breath." As Alex starts his eyes start to gloss over faintly but he fights to stay focused. "Um, Chief, 'Bob' is at least a Petty Officer, if not a Senior Petty Officer, they know how to handle themselves, you just need to make it clear that anyone can come check things over with you if they want or need to." Then, at the mention of the EoD detachment he shakes his head Calligan already found one, and a working prototype will depend on the shell and trigger mechanism, so no idea yet, but I'll keep you updated."

Niamh gives Toby a brief scowl. "Well, am I just supposed to thumbsuck that out of thin air?" She asks, finally showing some semblance of actually being Tauran aside from her thick accent. "Told you I'm not good with these chemical things." She grunts and pulls out her notepad and quickly scribbles that down. "I'll get this to my Marine and she'll hopefully know what to do with it." The whole 'Bob' thing kind of goes over her head since she's just a Crewman with absolutely know climbing aspirations, so she sort of defers to Toby on the matter and keeps quiet while she puts the notepad away and triple-checks all her pockets.

"Fine by me then, just wanted to make sure we were generally clear for acting on it. Next time, I'll try to be more direct." It's clear that Alex doesn't just take someone's rank as an indicator of ability in actuality, but it's also clear that Toby provided her with what she needed. As for Toby's reaction, that's something she /pointedly/ ignores with a calm deep breath. It's not obvious, but the gap of words is since she does it when it's clearly her queue to speak. "I'll have it ready for tomorrow. I'll just give them the short and skinny when handing them out. Ah-I see, misunderstood," she acknowledges about the list. "Alright, I have to run to a quick meeting before I'm back down here….As for the prototype…thanks. That's more what I was wondering. That sounds good. I'll get out of your hair now," she says to the two deckhands. "Keep up the good work!" Yep, the punk Caprican is seriously genuine in that, even if it sounds like something off of a first grade teacher would say.

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