AWD #080: Dealt With Like Any Other
Dealt With Like Any Other
Summary: PO2 St. James and Rec Shackleton have a disagreement about the correct way to treat a skinjob
Date: 27/03/2013
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Afton Toby Siska 
Mess Hall, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as neede
AWD #80

After the shooting the mess has been rather vacant, food to go, people eating fast and getting out. Who can blame them with a few bullet holes still riddling the wall, one less table and some blood that has yet to be cleaned out of the impressions in the floor. But some are lingering and one of those remaining is PO Saint James. Pushing her food around on her plate, she manages to get through the great hill that is piled there, slowly unlike usual. She's alone, more or less. Maybe being avoided for all intents and purposes.

Taking a break from venting large amounts of frustration at perfectly innocent gym equipment, Toby still has basic wrappings round his wrists, hands and knuckles and a towel rolled up and draped over his shoulders. Helping himself to a bottle of cold water and a sandwich he gives the mess the briefest of looks before heading for what seems to be the emptiest table without pausing to question why that might be. He ends up on the opposite side to Arfon and offers a brief nod as he sits then turns back to his spoils. It's probably a slow three count before the fresh looking scars actually register in his head, but it's obvious when they do for he pauses with his drink part way up and tilts his head ever so slightly. He doesn't recognise the lass, but then thats not terribly uncommon, and asks, "been in the wars?"

The arrival of another body at her table is what first draws her attention. Not recognizing him, she blinks and studies him a moment before nodding her head. She sits up a bit more straight and there are a few whispers from a group of marines as they look over at the two now seated together. Pushing a piece of food matter that is supposedly a vegetable aside. "Hmmm? Oh well, yes of course." She hesitates. "PO Afton Saint James…SpecOps…Pararescue." She offers, not offering her hand but nods her head to him again as if to bridge that gap between. "Some other things too before everything, but what you are looking at…was a wolf on Piraeus." Another glance is offered up to him and the eyes that now watch before she pushes her food around and asks, "Sure you want to be sitting here?"

Toby has, in his past, a few run in with marines, so as far as he is concerned, they can go frack themselves. Or each other, he really doesn't care. Their mutterings might draw a faint frown and a slight tensioning in his posture but other than that he ignores them entirely, taking a drink before settle the water down on the table once more. The scar gets another look as the explanation is given then there's a brief nod in understanding. "Toby Shackleton, Deck Technician," he replies before asking more cautiously, "why? I know what one of them looks like, it bleed all over me over there," he motions with his head briefly towards the blood and bullet holes, "announcement said the other one's masquerading as a man. Some Sergeant or other."

"Pleasure to meet you, Shackleton," Afton says with a smile but the rest however causes it to fade some. She turns her attention to the blood and then down to her tray of food which she seems to be playing with more than eating at the moment. "Sergeant Cooper Knox, JTAC." That was a quick and rather specific reply. "Not masquerading, Shackleton. He is." Her green eyes lift to look at him and she nods her head faintly. "Good man, really. If you care to debate that point we can. But I would first point out he's the one that warned the colonies and our Fleet what was coming. Its why we even have survivors."

"Aye, thats the one," Toby replies with a nod before taking a bite out of his sandwich. Possibly good timing really for otherwise he might have started to interrupt her words, but as it is he finishes his mouthful and just watches her silently for a moment. "Okay," he states eventually, tone flat and devoid of cheer "It might have had a hand in saving a few lives, so it gets to go out of the airlock before getting handed to the medics to see how it ticks. How's that?"

The pushing around of her food stills and Afton watches Toby for a long while, studying him after that last comment. She seems to be weighing her response and draws a breath. "How about I shove you out an airlock, Shackleton? That it gave us what we needed to get people off the ground, brought people out alive. He's done more of the people of the colonies than you have. How many times you been shot by the enemy? How many times you pulled someone's ass off the ground or killed one of the skinjobs? None, I am guessing, right? Might want to talk to him before you talk about spacing him…he's likely one of the best shots we got."

"Shot?" Toby replies, forgetting about both food and drink for now, "none, I'll grant you that. Shot at? Plenty." Tone hardening as he progresses he adds for sharply "two and a half months in the dirt on Picon will do that. Just ask Colonel Spree. I've pulled my fair share of the wounded and the dying out of firefights so stop trying to deflect attention away from the fact that it's a frakking toaster and needs to be dealt with like any other."

"It's him that gave us that chance to come get you, that saved some of the others and prepared what we could in what time we had," Afton points out, now standing as she looks across at Toby. Lines are drawn. She sighs, "Look, Shackleton, I don't doubt you did good work down there. But we did good work up here and that man you want to space? He was the one thats been giving us the information to keep these fights alive. So if you are thinking its a great idea to space him and that he means nothing. Think again." She has really little else to say. "It was nice to meet you, Shackleton." She takes her tray, half eaten and moves for the dump station.

Siska steps into the mess to try and see if he can grab a bite. With things as crazy as they are, he barely had time to eat. He greets Afton with a soft 'PO' before picking himself a tray of meat and mashed potatoes.

Toby does not stand when Afton does as he figures the chances of this descending to fists is slim, instead he just leans back in his seat a little so he can watch her without putting a crick in his neck. "Means nothing?" he replies as she starts to leave, increasing his volume as he continues to ensure she'll be able to still hear, "their spirits can not rest until they are avenged. I watched my planet burn. Thats a lot of spirits. It means a lot."

"I am sorry for your loss…for all of our losses. But Knox is helping us. He's one of us." Afton says after dumping her tray. A few more looks are sent between them from the others in the chow hall. The PO hesitates and then nods to Siska. "Sir." A soft sigh leaves her and she turns, heading out of the Mess as her hand lifts, running over her forehead and down the back of her head.

Siska watches Aft depart and lofts a brow. Tempted to say something, but opting to let her go on her way. "Spirits?" He asks as he takes a seat near Toby.

"Of the dead," Toby explains with a brief nod in greeting to the new arrival. The wrappings on his hands suggest he's been punching things in the fitness centre for a while and infront of his is a bottle of water and a part eaten sandwich. Looks like's he's lost his appetite for now though as it's the drink he goes for. "They can never fully die until they are avenged, just end up trapped between life and death, crying out to be allowed their rest." His tone hardens as he speaks, although he does manage to resist the urge to turn and look to where Afton had departed though. "I reckon it's a blessing for us that sound doesn't travel in space. There's a frak-ton of souls screaming at us right now."

Siska takes a dab at his potatoes and listens. "I do not think much about the dead anymore." He chews. "Too painful." He looks to Toby and says, "You with Afton's team?"

Toby shakes his head in answer then takes a gulp or two of water. "Deck," he replies before adding an actually introduction to, "Toby Shackleton, survival equipment specialist." He barely notices that the marines seem to have settle back to their own conversations once more as he finishes with, "never forget them, never forget what happened. If we forget, it'll just happen again."

Siska nods and takes a few more bites. He is really hungry. "Ron Siska. S4." He swallows and seems to dismiss his last words. "Keeping those birds flying?"

Toby finishes his water and glances down to the sandwich that now, he really doesn't want anymore. S4 means precious little to him and he takes it for a rank, some form of sergeant he figures, but then currently he has it fairly easy figuring out where he fits as everyone else aboard outranks him. "Doing our best," he replies, leaning back a little in his seat, "ain't gonna beat the Toaster with 'em sat idle on deck."

Siska doesn’t seem to mind Toby has no clue what his work is on the battlestar. The Captain just nods and gets some more food in him.

With the conversation seemingly dried up, Toby pushes himself to his feet. Keeping the water bottle so he can refill it later he then takes the remains of the sandwich and starts towards the bin to dump it, giving Siska a simple nod as he leaves the table.

Siska is left alone when Toby stands. He gives the recruit a nod. "Stay safe."

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