AWD #052: Date Night Interrupted
Date Night Interrupted
Summary: Augie and Ceres sit down for a date in the recreation room. They should have expected company.
Date: 27/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Rec Room - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
It's a room. A romper room.
AWD #52: 27 February 2005

Leaned back on one of the couches, feet up on a table, Augie seems to be catnapping in the rec room, hat pulled down over his eyes as the large DCO is dressed in his off-duty togs, just not pushing himself too terribly hard at the moment.

Dressed in her sweats and tanks, Ceres enters and winces some as she notes the DCO. Her eyes fixate on him for a brief second before she is crossing towards him and without a moment's hesitation, she slips into his side and leans over him, pressing her lips to his and curling against his side. She smiles all the more and sighs, resting against him. "My hand needs to be massaged." She offers it to him, pressing the left appendage against his chest.

There's a grunt as Ceres pushes in against him, and Augie stirs awake. "Ya know, the moritorium on punching pilots don't extend to pushy hot pilots I'm marrying in a couple of weeks that wake up their husband from a very pleaseant dream about her." he smirks, however, as he takes her hand, his large digits starting to press lightly into her damaged hand to work on it. "I think you're just abusing Doctor Sammie's orders at this point."
Ceres and Augie are sitting together on a couch, all bundled up or getting that way as they settle in to watch a movie on one of the screens in the recreation center. The movie starts, with a successful woman that every day that she goes to work, forgets where she parks her car and the male parking attendant tasked with finding her car everyday. Damn. Rom-com.

Moving into the rec room fresh from a work out and the showers, Tasha has both arms up binding her hair back in a poney tail while keeping her head low for a moment. Cool blue eyes take in the flavor of the recroom as the recent squadron transfer gets a feel for this area of the ship. Hands falling to her side and lifting her head once more catching the beginning of the movie coming up. Curious intrest more than anything brings her closer before pausing to stand next to the far wall watching for just a moment as if trying to detemine if she has seen this one or not…

"People actually watch these movies," Ceres chirps up from her place at Augustus' side, her arm draped over his. The massacred and ruined hand still together somehow. Her cheek rests back on his chest and she stares at the screen til movement catches her eyes. "Oh…hey." She says to Tasha, offering a faint smile before she shifts, sitting up some from Augie to be more inviting.

"Remind me to take ya planetside when the Marines hold their monthly 'Old Porn Night'." Augustus offers. Is he serious? Ceres may be the only one really that can tell between serious Augustus and Augie just messing with someone's head. As she moves to sit up, Augie glances over towards the newcomer, and tilts his head up. "Sup." he offers to the pilot. "Grab a chair, get some popcorn, join us. I don't bite. She might."

Glancing over as Ceres says 'hey', Tasha widens her eyes fractionally as parted lips ghost into a soft smile a moment before an errant strand of hair spills across her brow to brush to her lips, "Hey… Don't let me intrude… Just killing some time." Speaking softly so as not to disturb anyone else really, the svelt platinum blond folds her arms casually under her breast and leans into the wall a little more as if still unsure weather to stay and watch the movie or find another form of distraction that won't intrude on the couples alone time.

A slight chuckle escapes parted lips as Tasha brushes the hair from her face upon hearing Augie's comment and invitation. Rolling her shoulders in a slight shrug and dropping her arms, she moves towards an unoccupied chair and turns it about to swing one leg over and take a seat… arms folding atop the back of the chair a moment before she rests her chin there, " Nadda…. And thanks."

"Not at all, its the rec room. Like the big man said, sit down." The Captain motions for Tasha to take a seat. "You are one of the new transfers, yes? Welcome to the squad." She states. Her smile crooks further and then shifts into that warm side next to her. "I am not really a movie person, so I am trying to sit through one. As patient as I am, I do not think this is the thing for me." There is a light smirk upon her lips and she shakes her head. "But its worth sitting through."

Augie and Ceres are sitting together on a couch. They're cozy, but polietly so. Tasha is sitting in a chair nearby, chatting with the two. As it stands, there's a movie in the player, but noone seems to be really /watching/ it. "As I said. Ya come down to old porn night. Maybe we can get some pointers fer Colonial Day." he says to Ceres. They are night and day. She's regal and prim looking. He's rough and shoddy. She has the aristocratic accent, he's very much dirt poor redneck. And yet.. yeah, love is weird on a Battlestar. "And since she ain't bein herself and makin with the introductions, I'm Lieutenant Augustus Garrido. Folks call me Augie fer short. I make sure this ship don't blow the frak up. This beauty here is Captain Ceres Garrido. She flies in the Strikes, and makes sure I don't blow the frak up. Delicate circle of life or something."

Cassie has been spending her off-time from duty wandering the corridors, caught up by restlessness that has been lingering ever since the night previous to this one that she just can not shake off. She almost exits as soon as she enters, preparing to make another circuit of the hallways on this deck but stops herself from leaving when she hears a familiar voice. Sighing to herself, Cassie smiles lopsidedly while she wanders closer. "Hey, kids."

Sitting reverse cowgirl astride one of the recc room chairs, Tasha keeps her arms folded across the back of the chair while her chin rests atop both forearms. With a tilt of her head, a few wisps of hair spill back across her pale features as parted lips press into an amused smile while she blinks tiredly, " Natasha Stryker or just Tasha… I think I've seen your name on the kill board." Looking to Ceres at the last comment, the recent viper pilot transfer lifts her head and glances back over her shoulder as movement catches her eye…

Poeple coming… poeple going… Unsure if Cassie is staying to watch the movie or play a game and just chill, Tasha still lifts her chin fractionally in a greeeting while splaing the fingers of her right hand lightly before looking back to the other two. " So you seem pretty set on this Porn Night planet side… One of the Marines tried to take me to that a month back. Needless to say I didn't make it. "

With Ceres going quiet for a moment to actually try to watch the movie and the woman with her lost car and the parking attendant that is in love with her, but can never admit it because he's just a lowly parking attendant and she's engaged to some stuck up guy that has his own talkshow but takes the time to move her car every day to make her think she's crazy so he can have her company, Augie grins. "Good t'meet ya, Tasha." he offers as he hears a new voice. "As I live and breath, is that Shoes I hear? Where the Hades ya been, lass?" he asks her with a grin.

"Frak… think it was some random storage closet on the second deck. Must've been one no one knows about, though. Deck plating wasn't sticky." Snort. Cassie lifts a shoulder and grins sheepishly. "What's up with you guys," she asks then, that being in regards to Ceres and Augie but whatever else she might say to follow that up with is paused when she notices someone new. "Oh hey! Someone brought us a virgin to sacrifice?" Translation: Is this a new person I see?

A smirk of amusment crosses her lips at the terminology used by Cassie as Tashe arches her back sliding forward againt the back of the chair and gripping it's back with both hands, " Depends on the definition I suppose… But yeah… Blackbird's my call sighn but you can call me Tasha." Looking over at Augie and just grinning from ear to ear like a cat with a mouse, the svelt blonde lifts her shoulders in a shrug, " You may have spoken to soon. After all you don't know me yet."

"Those are rarer that Aphrodite gettin off a man with a little lip dip and swish." Augustus is still vulgar as ever. He tries so hard sometime for Ceres, but when she doesn't pay attention, it slips out. "This here is a Cassie Pietra. She's another one of them Viper sticks. Heard she can rock out a cocktail dress, too."

Shaking her head at Augie, Cassie waggles a finger at him as if chiding him for the commentary about the dress. Sadly the smile ruins any attempt to come across as sincere is utterly ruined by the gleam in her eyes. "Now, now. You're not supposed to listen to such rumors, you dog. You're a spoken-for man." Tasha is nodded to once the joke's mad. "It's nice to meet you. Sorry for the virgin crack. Been hanging aroundthe DCO too much."

The setting is currently casual and warm with the happy couple occupying a couch, Tasha having claimed a chair of her own and Cassie currently still on her feet, not yet having found a place to sit.

And speaking of presumed virgins, in walks Iphigenia! She's in her offduties, in a midway cross between troubled and pleased, like she can't decide which exactly she's supposed to feel. She's permitted her usual bun to be freed into a thick braid that goes down her back, and when she looks around the room, her eyes alight on Ceres.

Rising to her feet by swinging one leg over the chair, Tasha smirks easily at Cassie before twisting her head to crack a few vertebrea within her neck, " Don't sweat it… Who knows I may even be after all. Artemis hates sex and wants us all to be celebit." The cool blue of her almond eyes seem to hold an inner amusment at this thought from one of the tenants of the old gods. "It's nice to meet you though but I think I'm going to go back to my bunk. I've got an idea for this sketch I want to work on some ensign asked me to tattoo on him later and I need to finish it up."

Its something of a rarity to see the PO3 wandering the halls down here anymore. Since she transferred up to Deck Two, she's mostly kept to there except for meals. She follows Iphigenia into the room with her flightsuit unrolled and tied around her hips. She doesn't really make eye contact so much as just sort of walk straight towards the back for a mug of coffee.

RomComs. Oh Gods save Ceres, "Did I really ask to watch this? It can't be this bad…ugh." SHe mutters and glances over at the others, watching Tasha a moment and then Cassie, "Shoes." She intones and then pushes herself forward. "Need some coffee…next time we try action. RomCom…" She rubs at her face and then nods to Tasha before she slips around the couch. "You sketch? I would love to take a look..sort of another artist's perspective." She admits and then notes the Sister. "Geni." She greets warmly and her eyes catch on Wescott. Coffee is forgotten and the Captain starts towards her.

Augustus leans back on the couch as everyone sets the chattering and snorts towards Ceres. "Next time, you pick the movie and I won't torture you." he says in amusement as he snatches the remote to turn off the Telly. "And just because I'm spoken for doesn't mean I'm dead, I don't believe, Sheoes." he says as he glances towards Tasha. "Seeya around, Blackbird."

"What's that?" Iphigenia's aristocratic Virgon accent gives evidence to her surprise as she catches Tasha's declaration. "I'm sorry, lieutenant, but you're mistaken. Artemis is chaste, but she doesn't hate sex. She herself has experienced desire; and while her handmaidens are celebate, plenty of those who worship her are not. Come to chapel sometime, and I'll be happy to refer you to the chapter on Endymion in the Sacred Scrolls." She smiles. "Good evening." With that, she looks to where Ceres is headed, perhaps her attempt to see out the other woman routed for the present. "Hello, Cassie. Augie. Evening, Kelsey."

"The hell? Is everyone an artist on this ship?" Cassie looks from Ceres to Tasha and then back to the first, her expression amused. Not that she'll say why she is, if anyone were to ask, but she has her reasons. "Hey Ceres," she murmurs, leaning over to do so. "If you'd like something drawn for your big day let me know. I'm real good at protraits." Would be an honor for her to be able to do it for her and Augie. Kelsy and Gen are noticed and given a smile. "Hey, looks like the whole gang's here." And Augie merely gets a smile and another shake of Cassie's head.

Half turned to head out, Tasha comes up short and gives Ceres an easy smile bfore lifting a hand to brush some errant strand of hair from her face, " More outline and copy than original but yeah I can be original when I need to be. " Dropping her hand, she turns back slightly with a hand upon one hip as the other hangs at her side and motions back out of the recc room. " Just stop by my bunk if you want and we can chat it up anytime. ."

Giving Augustus a glance, Tasha's lips curl into a wry smile as she gives the man a wink, " Sure thing. It's small ship so I'm sure I'll run into you sooner rather than later." Wetting her lips and about to head out, she is brought up short as Iphigenia injects causing her smile to widen yet further. " I'm joking… But thanks anyway. I'm not really a devote I just dable with a few of the gods so to speak." Wetting her lips and seeming to consider the inventation, the platinum blond shrugs and nods her head. " Can't hurt… Gods know I need to go to temple at least ever so often."

With that finally, Tasha waves a hand to Cassie and begins to head out, " Take care and see you around." Her form receding out the doorway with a typical grace before she is on her own and moving off to tend to her day to day needs….

Kelsey just keeps walking towards the back and the counter of coffee and munchies. She pockets a bag of chips and goes about pouring a cup of coffee. Full speed caff. She glances over her shoulder to people talking to her and gives something of an unladylike grunt. Then she spots Ceres downbound and hides her face behind a sip of the mug and she turns back to dump sugar into the cup. Nothing to see here.

I will definitely pick next time," she teases Augie. "Sure thing, Blackbird." Ceres says over her shoulder. She's focused on the Wescott now in full conceal mode. Cassie causes her to slow and she grins a bit, "Seems a lot of us are artists, we should just gather or something. Maybe paint the Battlestar." That was a joke, but then she's never been good at jokes. "Have some bohemian revolution." But then there is Westcott and she leaning to the counter not far away, using the moment to pour some coffee. "So, I hear you did well out there, Squire."

"Squire?" Augie cocks his brow, and chuckles. "I'll be damned." he says in amusement, but keeps it to himself as he calls over. "Ceres, can ya heat me a glass up?" he asks her and grins at Geni. "Howdy, sis. How goes the blessings this evening?"

"Well enough." Gen watches Tasha's retreat with raised brows. It isn't often that she hears someone say they dabble with the Lords of Kobol. Shaking her head, she goes to sit down. "Now that Captain Cole has been released to light duty, I'm back on my own full schedule, and I'm outbound for Picon in a few days, I think."

"Lotta lies floatin around the wing, sir," Kelsey says, glancing to Ceres and back. She uses her finger to stir in the sugar. She'll have Type Two in about three, two, one.. Kels sips the mug and nods. "I wouldn't put much stock in anything you hear about me. Petra did it all, sir. He's a hero. They should give him a medal, Captain." Her eyes travel to Augie and she sort-of lifts her mug to him before moving back the way she came. "I've got a long night of studying ahead. I missed five days instead of three. I'm behind the curve. If you'll excuse me," she says quietly, heading back for the hatch. "If you want someone Pican to go, Sister, let me know," she offers on the pass. "Glad to hear about the Cap'n."

"You survived down there, got people out. Don't think that's a lie as you are here," Ceres points out to Kelsey who is quickly steering herself away and she furrows her brows. Watching the young woman starting to slip away. "PO…if you need help with that studying, you let me know. Good to have you back." She asys, leaving it at that as she watches the young woman go. She reaches for another mug and pours Augie some coffee and calls over, "Sugar?" She taps the mug to the counter.

Cassie went quiet for a moment and is finding herself having to play a little catch up with what conversation there was to be had while she zoned out. "Hmm? Oh. Janitor's back? That's great news, Sister!" A chair is finally sat upon and she doe so bonelessly, a comfortable slouch that has her almost falling out of the very seat she just fell into. "Ceres, I would so love to paint this frakking ship. But only the inside. EVA makes me ralph like a drunken sorority girl."

"Shit, lass, stay around a while." Augie says, glancing towards Kelsey. "Two days didn't mean shit in the building of Kobol, won't make you a pilot that much faster either. Just yer sugar, Ceres! Come, grab a seat and gossip for a bit." he gives Ceres a glance and subtle shake of his head as she talks about Picon. "Speaking of Picon, Ceres, I'm going to Hibernia to check on those ships that the DCAG found, wanna come with to see about navigating them back here if all they need is a gas and go?"

Cassie is then subjected to Gen's visibly worried smile. "I hope it is." she says of the aforementioned news. Then, "A mission to Hibernia?" She idly wonders what Virgon looks like now.

"There's the lies, Cap. I didn't do anything except crash the bird," Kelsey says. "I'll let you know if I need help." To Augie, she just shakes her head. "I need to work, sir. Downtime lets my brain run to uncomfortable places. I'll be in the library late. Thanks though, el-tee." She pushes through the hatch and is already making the turn for the library when it swings shut.

Looking back to watch Kelsey worm her way out, Ceres exhales and then grabs at the two mugs before she heads back to the couch. Leaning over the back, she hands Augie one and then takes up a perch for herself. She sips at it but despite the way she tries to ease herself, there is that gaze lingering on the hatch that was just exited. "You know…I think I might head to the library." She admits faintly, looking down to Augie and running a hand over his head. "Do you mind? I am sorry to cut our date short."

Cassie catches part of that from Kelsey, the exact same thing she was told in the other night in the ready room, and it immediately sets her on edge. She was here to relax and not think about that conversation but is now having to revisit everything up to, and including, how angry it made her to hear the PO say it the first time. "Crap." Ceres and the others are watched by her passively, her annoyance internalized.

"I hope ya have better research that I had. She's wound up tighter than an Alescipan priest trying to convince a whore that frakkin him is the way to the promised land." Augie says, taking his coffee, and uses his free hand to tug Ceres down by the ring, coin, and dogtags to give her a quick, but loving kiss. "Ya want my advice? Don't go alone. Take some friends. And don't let her escape. She needs an intervention before that shit eats her up." he says, speaking from his own experiences.

Iphigenia looks faintly confused as to who Augie is talking to, but otherwise seems content to take up a seat. She too watches the departure of the nugget, and her lips seem to press together thinly.

"I get it. Not in a personal way, but I frakking get it." Cassie rises to her feet and makes her way to the coffee maker, deciding to get herself a cup for herself. What does she get? She's probably referring to how Kelsey's acting, not that she elaborates on it. Nope, she's getting herself some coffee made and the first sip taken before she goes on. "She's seen bad shit, she is frightened she let the CAG down just because she believes she is the reason the Raptor went down like a whore…" The anger leaves as suddenly as it was brought into being and she sighs. "Frakking kid. She broke on us."

"She's broke. How do ya suggest ya fix her?" Augie asks, looking around. "I ain't allowed to punch the pilots." he shrugs at that idea, anyway. "Did she get kicked out of the air wing or something, cause I don't understand that, either.'"

Iphigenia rises to her feet. "Excuse me. Good evening, everyone." Now it seems, the prietstess is wound up tight, without having expected to be.

"I don't know, Augie. You're the DCO. Use some fraking duct tape and safety wire. And put one of those big old repair tags on her that reads 'BROKEN - DO NOT USE' like the deckies use on broken gear." Cassie takes her cup and starts to head out only to then pause and look at the others. "See you guys later."

Cassie's comment draws a sigh and a shake of his head. "Look.." he says, to both women. "She's gotta want to fix herself first. If she don't wanna do that, we can't do shit for her." comes the quiet comment. "When I nearly lost myself to the bottle after the shit with Bennett, that's what I was told. I gotta save myself, cause not a damn person can do it fer me."

Angry as Cassie is she'd really love to degrade the nugget, to say every angry thing that is running through her head at the moment. The only that keeps her from doing so is the fact that she knows Kelsey's going through her own personal hell. "She better get her big girl pants on and figure that shit out for herself, then." Okay. Maybe she isn't going to be able to be nice entirely. Sipping her coffee, her free hand is lifted in a wave.

"Seeya Cassie." Augie offers to the Lieuteant and then pulls Ceres down. She doesn't get to escape for now. She can go to the library later as he sighs and hugs her close. "Don't think I'm ready to give you up for the evening yet."

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