AWD #078: Cylon, Not a Cylon, Cylon, Not a Cylon
Cylon, Not a Cylon, Cylon, Not a Cylon
Summary: A couple of pilots venture into the Recovery Ward and bumps into Ceres.
Date: 25/03/2013
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Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
AWD #78

Guards outside the recovery ward are meant for the gunman more than anything else. Ceres is amongst the wounded which are few now and the morgue not far away is often looked at by the Captain. Adjusting how she lays, there is an obvious restlessness to the woman. There are of course whispers and the nurses that come by to tend to her do nothing in way of talking to her. Check vitals and move on. With her main attendant being Augustus at times, she has little else to talk to and even when the opportunity arises, she has little to say to anyone.

When the nurse comes over her direction and begins to go through vitals, she clears her throat and speaks up. "I would like to see those in the morgue. Is there a chance that would be possible?" The nurse looks uncertain.

Passing through the door into the Recovery Ward, Agrippa had assumed that the guards were just for extra security with that gunman still on the loose, wanting to make sure that their wounded are well protected as they are also the most vulnerable. However, upon stepping in, Punchdrunk's gaze immediately locks on Ceres, apparently not knowing that she was here recovering and not in the brigs. His steps slow to a stop, body tensing slightly as does his gun hand, but for now it does not move to the holstered sidearm. The Viper jock's purpose of being here is forgotten, as he remains frozen in place for now.

When the nurse does not answer her, Ceres' brows furrow and she glares up at him. "Excuse me…did you hear me?" He gives her a look and nods. "You are to stay in bed." Frowning, she eyes the direction of the morgue. "Frakking people, I want to see Dropout before they space him. Get me up out of this bed so I can do just that." There is a tension in her jaw and her hands tighten on the sides of he bed before her eyes settle on Agrippa and note his hand on his gun. Punchdrunk receives a long look and she eases back, letting out a long breath as she curls her hand around the coin of Zeus and wedding ring on her lap. "Punch."

In an abrupt change of mind, probably after being kicked out of sickbay by the doc, Maia had followed Agrippa. About to say something, she's surprised when he stops and runs into the back of him. "Oomph." Taking a step back and looking up at him. "What's…" Looking directly where his gaze is, hers also rests on Ceres. "Umm.." Biting her lip, she doesn't even know what to… Again her thought process is stilled and her whole world tilts again. Dropout. All that blood, the lifeless eyes. She stiffens. "Ceres.." her voice is slightly strangled sounding.

Oh man, the thing said his name, it knows him! Is the first thought that flashes through the Viper pilot's thoughts, but then he mentally hits himself with the dumbstick, remembering that this was Redux, one who flew with them though not actively due to her injuries. He also just realized that his hand had moved to his sidearm when the Cylon patient was beginning to make a fuss at the male nurse, having to will himself to remove his hand from the piece. There is a long pause of silence when he is greeted before a somewhat cold and guarded tone is used, "Redux." Even saying that feels wierd, knowing what he knows now. Only when he is bumped into from behind does his gaze move from Ceres as he turns around, "You okay?" (Agrippa)

Augustus stirs awake as he hears the commotion, and the large DCO suddenly sits up right as he notices Ceres as he looks towards her. "Ceres?" he asks his wife worriedly, before he notices the others. "Maia. Alexander." he offers with a glance at the two.

The reactions from them both is enough but Ceres manages to offer a wan smile. Dark eyes slide over both Maia and Agrippa for a second or two and then she is reaching over to take Augie's hand lightly. She does look back to the other two though and offers another smile that lingers, though wanes at their expressions. "How is everyone? I heard…we lost Dropout. But the others? You were hit too, right Centerfold?" The question is there, left in the air as she looks the woman over and then to Agrippa and his side arm. "I think you have mistaken me..I am not the shooter."

A whole host of different emotions crosses her features as the Raptor pilot looks at Ceres. Sympathy is only one of them, she had after all lost her friend and Maia had been present to witness the death up close and personal, had been drenched in the blood of the man. When Augustus stirs, her blue eyes rest gratefully on the larger man. Familiar, not a Cylon.. right? "Dropout.. yes. I.. I tried to stop the blood but.." Bracing herself, she looks back at Ceres and can't avoid it, it's hanging there between them. "Is it true? Are you.. one of..?" Unable to even say the word out loud. "No, I wasn't hit. All the blood, all that.. it was Dropouts. And yours." Cylons didn't bleed right? She takes a few steps forward, approaching the two, her gaze more curious than scared at the moment. "I know you're not the shooter."

Agrippa turns his gaze to the bear that has woken up, the DCO that is at Ceres's side and the same guarded nature is directed at that man as well, "Lieutenant." Then his attention shifts back to Ceres as she asks a question, souding like a rather normal question, "We lost more than Dropout, one of the Groundpounders died too." Punchdrunk then looks over to Maia as she asks the million cubit question, though when she moves to approach, he reaches out and pulls her back slightly, or at least to keep her in place, as if not wanting her to get too close.

"One of what? She's my frakkin wife, Maia." Augustus snaps. "Why do you think she's one of anything? She's a human. Bleeds, loves, loves, like anyone else." the DCO comments as he looks between the two. "How many firefights has Ygraine been in? Ya think she's ever seen blood before? What happens to a person when he or she is shot? Frak that. I have been shot, four times." he points to the scar on his neck. "And noone accussed me of shit. If that little bitch is spreadin rumors, I'll wrong her frakkin neck."

Frowning as Punch pulls Center back, Ceres lets out a sigh. "Am I what?" But Augustus' quick reply as her eyes lifting to him. "It's okay." Her hand squeezes his lightly and then glances them over to them both. "I think it matters more whether or not you want me here still, not so much or who I am. A matter of whether the losses, the pain, the blood and the sweat that I have put into Orion, into Piraeus…is enough. I want them dead as much as you. They harmed those I care about, they took Talkshow, Dropout, they have taken too many I want to end this as much as you." The words are genuine, they are firm and she keeps eye contact. "I am not going to hurt you. This is my home. Orion is my family."

At the angry outburst, Maia stumbles a few steps back looking almost stricken, eyes wide, on Augustus. "I was at your wedding, I know she's your wife. But there are some things you can't deny. The shooter called her Nine. I was there, I heard it." She may be scared, she may be intimidated but by Gods, she isn't backing down without answers. "I threw myself over her when Ygraine was aiming at her for Gods sake, Augustus, I chose sides when I didn't even know there were sides to choose. I'm not going to frakking judge her, I just.. I need to know." Looking back towards Ceres now, hearing her out, her own voice much calmer. Of course calmer, did Cylons have emotions? How could they? The doubt is there in her expression, she can't help it, but so is.. hope. "Are you a Cylon, Ceres? If so, why are you here? What was your original reason for infiltrating Orion and the air wing?" Reserving judgment.

The immediate and strong defense by the DCO has Agrippa narrowing his eyes slightly, apparently not surprised, "Scuttlebutt is that you knew, Lieuteuant, you knew what she was and you still married her. You kept it from everyone." He does draw Maia further back, closer to him, his hand slipping around her arm as if to let her know that he is here at her side. At Ceres's words though, Punchdrunk definitely looks troubled before shaking his head, "It matters quite a bit if you are one of them, Redux, one of those skin jobs… it matters a frakking lot. Who knows what may happen down the line, if they are able to flip a switch inside you, and you end up killing all of us." What troubles the young pilot the most is that Redux appears to be truly genuine with her words.

"Y'want to listen to the scuttlebutt? Then yer as frakkin stupid as that little blonde slut." Augustus snaps out, but he falls silent as Ceres speaks. He looks towards her, and then waits for her to speak as the DCO just glances at the two. As they speak and the words become more pointed, the two MPs assigned to the Garridos start to tense, ready to intercede if it gets too heated.

"Stop, all of you. Please. Rumors, assumptions, they are what is going to undo Orion if we let this continue." Ceres looks up at Augustus and he face softens, she lets out a long sigh and looks back to the rest of them. Her lips are wet and she lifts her hand, offering it to them both. The one that is webbed with scars from the earlier battles. "I was wounded over Caprica on warday. I was wounded again later…I wish I hadn't been. I wanted to go back out there." Augie and Ceres are near her bed and then there are Maia and Agrippa standing a ways off but asking their questions. "I am Captain Ceres Jocasta Garrido. That is who I am and who I only ever will be. I would die for any of you. I would much rather be in that cooler than Dropout. I tried.." She grits her teeth, jaw tensing as she stares at them. "NO, I am not a cylon." Utter truth.

Phin slips into the recovery ward. He's unarmed, plainly. He looks fresh from the showers. And his arms are crossed along his chest tight, as if he doesn't terribly intend to move them. He looks very tired, more than anything else. He's just in time to hear Ceres, though it doesn't change his expression. He just stops to stare at her. There's a coldness in his blue eyes that she likely hasn't seen from him before.

Maia doesn't protest when Agrippa draws her back closer to him, she does wait for the response from Augustus. When nothing worthwhile is forthcoming, she shakes her head. "Stop talking about her when she isn't here to defend herself. You have something to say, say it to her face." The words are said without any inflection of tone, but her eyes are showing an anger and not even towards the assumed Cylon! "Funny how she can show more positive emotion than you. You once told me she changed your life, Aug. She was what you needed at a time in your life when.." She stops abruptly again, looking uncertain. Her words ring true and the fight just seems to leave her. "Not one of those skinjob things?" Just sayin.

Agrippa is armed though his sidearm is holsted at his hip, and that is most likely going to continue for the foreseeable future. At Augie's harsh words, the Viper jock narrows his eyes again though words are held in check when Ceres speaks up to try to calm the situation. Her words does cause confusion to reign supreme on Punchdrunk's face, as he just doesn't know what to believe anymore. Redux could easily be saying that to try to throw them off-guard because she's a Cylon, or she could be telling the truth and this was just a huge misunderstanding. For now though, Agrippa just remains silent, as he tries to sort the various throughts through his mind.

"I didn't have people callin her a Cylon. When she ain't." Augustus responds in utter honesty. His hand holds onto Ceres' loosely, his wedding ring clearly showing as he watches the group and tries to relax a little. "Ya know, my wife got shot by a killer that ain't been caught, accussed of bein a Cylon, and has people she thinks of as friends and would lay her life down for staring at her accussingly. Forgive me if I ain't exactly Mister Sunshine and Rainbows."

"I am not a machine. I am not a cylon." Ceres repeats it again and lets out a long breath. But its Phin's appearance that draws her attention and his expression is enough to cause something to waver in her. Dark eyes meet his a long moment, lingering til she finally nods to him. "I bleed, I breathe, I sleep, I am weak…I dream. I want things and want a life just like the rest of you. I am still who I was. I am still Ceres Garrido. Why does this change anything? All that has happened? Tell me then, if you feel that I am not to be trusted, that I am not the woman I was and still am. Tell me now. Tell me like Blackbird that I am nothing and I have no right to carry Talkshow's memory. That I have not right to my life." She stares at Phin then. "I think one of you should know what that's like. To feel the hate when someone wants to make you the enemy."

"I know what I am, Redux, and that's not a toaster," Phin replies coolly. "Though they've got kinds of them that bleed and breathe, too. So, there's that." About her, he says nothing, and he takes that in without any particular change in his expression. "I just came by to see if you were alive or not. Guess you are."

"Why did the shooter call her Nine?" Maia still wants answers even if Agrippa had fallen silent again, she moves from his side to take a few steps forward, but stops short again, wincing with each word given by Ceres. Such hate filled words given to Ceres. Studying her a long moment, she takes a few steps closer, looking between her and Augustus now as she approaches the area where they both are. Obviously she isn't quite afraid of either one now, just seeking reassurance. "Why were you the intended target?" Glancing back now at Phin, she studies him too, the coldness so unexpected from him. "This is Redux, Phin. Agrippa?" Looking at him now, apparently believing Ceres. "How could Aug fall so completely for her if she wasn't.. real?"

"This is so frakked up…" Agrippa finally says, the best that he can do at the moment apparently as his mind is not able to make a solid decision on what he thinks. After listening and talking to the others, he was so sure that Ceres is a tinnie, a messed up tinnie that may have had its programming busted, but a tinnie nonetheless. Now after hearing her speak and the words she chose, it is really messing with his thoughts. When Maia pulls away again, Punchdrunk lets her go though he doesn't follow, frowning at the blonde Raptorette's question now.

"And of course, you believe everything Ygraine says, Phin. Who's to say she's not the damn skinjob and is using this attack to divide us?" Augustus says in mild irriation as he stares down the others. He's clearly on his wife's side as he waits to see what's coming up next.

"/They/ have ones that bleed and breathe…" She shakes her head. "No. I am not a toaster." Ceres repeats that for all their sakes. But her eyes settle on Centerfold and she tilts her head. "Because I am a traitor. I made a decision to be who I am. To retrain an identity, to live, like the rest of you. I wanted to live." There is a heaviness to her words, ones she allows to leave her lips. "I wanted to stand with you…and in doing so, I turned my back. I am one of you. Good or bad. I will fly with all of you again and I will trade shots with REAL Cylons. With Toasters. There is more to this than you know…but I am not a Cylon."

Phin says nothing about Maia's proof through love of non-Cylonship. Though he does roll his eyes pretty expansively at her. So his opinion is pretty clear on that. Whether he's moved by Ceres words or not is unclear. He doesn't look moved. Not that he yells at her, or makes any accusations. He just regards her steady. Augie's words do get a slightly more visceral reaction out of him. He's a quick kid, and he jets forward to try and deck the DCO. Which isn't terribly bright, with the Marines right there. But he's had a day. And that offended his sensibilities.

Before Agrippa could respond to what Augie says, when the DCO tries to redirect suspicion on the Raptor ECO, he hears what Ceres says and does a doubletake, she just admitted to being a traitor. "So you are skinjob! Traitor or not, you're not human!" Now Punchdrunk is more dug in, as he releases a long breath, shaking his head, "Frak. Maybe you're just programmed wrong, who knows, maybe on a mission when we get close to one of their Basestars, they'll beam some sort of message to you and fix you." Then Phin is suddenly moving and through the haze of confusion, Agrippa is too slow to react. He does follow up, Phin is a wingman and he'll back the other pilot up in case it gets too crazy.

"Shut-up, Augustus, you're not doing your wife any good as much as you think you are. Stop dogging Ygraine it'll get you nowhere. She'll always have the wing behind her too, because she's one of us. Fact remains /your/ wife was targeted by the shooter, not Ygraine, so you have nothing to stand on there." Brave words from a little blonde woman. Looking back at Ceres then, her eyes widen. "What are you then if not human? I know you're one of us, Air wing, Redux, Pilot.. what are you though.. inside? Just.. tell me the truth. Tell us the truth, at least give us the option?"

"I am just like you, Centerfold. I need air and water…I need all the things you do." Ceres promises but it is Phin's reaction that causes her to move. Feet leave the bed and hit the floor with a slap as the IC cords strain and pull. She's faster than the MP's who are starting to move as Agrippa does and the dark haired woman steps in between Phin and Augustus, whatever is meant for the DCO is likely going to end square against the Captain.

Augustus doesn't even have time to react. He's fast - but honestly, Ceres is faster. And She intercepts the blow that was meant for him. "Frakker!" he starts to roar - but then the MPs are probably in to break up the fight before it explodes out any further, while nurses are on the response to handle the freshly decked Captain.

Phin is running on pure adrenaline for this little venture. So, while he's a quick dude and was certainly trying to aim away from hitting Ceres, he probably will end up punching her in the jaw if she's in time to block Augie. He realizes way too late she might be in the way. And when it's done, the MPs can probably grab him pretty easy.

Instead of wading in to fight as well as the scuffle looks to be ending as soon as it starts with Ceres jumping in front of Augie, Agrippa would be there to pull Maia aside and out of harms way of any unintended blows that may miss its intended target. "Dolly! Back off!" He tries to call out to his wingman, though just words are probably enough since the other Viper jock was ticked by what the DCO had said.

Petra shuts the hatch behind him and straightens up in enough time to see the altercation break out. Seeing no weapons being drawn, he elects to place a finger and thumb to his lips and blow one of those incredibly annoying, high-pitched whistles that fans at Pyramid games blow, and then promptly get glares from all the fans around them, "What the frak is going on here!"

About to struggle to try and pull Phin back as soon as she realized what happened, Maia stops when she sees the situation ending almost as soon as it started and stands there deflated. "And this, Augustus, is what happens. Gods." Wincing at the whistle, her attention goes to Petra now and she runs a hand over her face. "Everyone is just high strung, Galactica," unaware she's using that name for him, it's becoming a habit. "No harm no foul right? It's okay you know, she's going to be alright." Course she was right?

As much as she stepped in the way of that punch, its not like she really wants to be punched so she leans back some, grunting as it glances off her shoulder and has enough power to continue through to her jaw. "Blazes!" She says and lifts her hand to her jaw, half leaning back into Augustus as the MP's finally try to get a grip. "Let him go, let him go." Ceres repeats again. "Come on, McBride, hit me …" But that sharp whistle shuts her up. She straightens up as best she can, rubbing her hands to jaw. "Just a misunderstanding, sir. Centerfold is right." She gives a nod and eases back a little, so that the IV lines don't just pop out, the machine creaking back into place.

"Just a misunderstanding." Augusutus echoes in time with the others as he tries to get Ceres back in bed, words quiet for her as he gives her a sharp look and frowns towards the other pilots.

"You want to talk away from your woman and your Marine babysitters, man, we can take this outside!" Phin snaps at Augie. "Any frakking time." Not helping his case, that, probably. The MPs probably have no immediate reason to let him go. Not that he does a lot of struggling. Oh, whistle. And there's the TACCO. He deflates, very much not looking at Petra, or offering any sort of explanation. Or Agrippa and Maia. His gaze does fall back to Ceres. Just looking at her again for a beat. "Still need work on my aim, I guess." It's something of an in-joke, though it lacks any warmth.

Oooouch! The piercing sound of Petra's whistle has Agrippa wincing as his free hand goes up to his ear though his other remains on Maia to keep her clear of the mess. With everyone echoing that what is happening is just a misunderstanding, Punchdrunk has nothing further to add, just shaking his head slightly to clear that ringing sound.

Petra sets his jaw, a look of not-insignificant irritation visible on his face as he approaches the group. Hey, he's been taking lessons from Grumpy Augie, "It for damned sure better be a 'little' misunderstanding, because I have no problems with busting everyone in this room back down to Ensign if you can't handle not fighting in Sick-frakking-bay, of all places! Am I absolutely clear on that point, OFFICERS?"

Despite being in her off duties, Maia quickly snaps to attention, "Sir, yes, sir." Her voice is terse, eyes looking directly at Petra despite her arm being held by Agrippa unless he let go when she changed her position. In fact, she inputs nothing further. No way does she want to be an Ensign again.

"Need to log more sim time…" Ceres counters faintly, but there is just a wan smile before she allows Augustus help her sit down on the edge of the bed. She winces some, touching her chest. "Frak…" She mutters and there the cloth sticks to the seeping from her wound. "Augustus, going to need that nurse back here again." She keeps her voice low and whatever he said to her she smiles and nods, "I know you can." But Petra's dressing down gets a nod that sends her dark frayed braid into movement.

"Walk it off, McBride." Augustus says simply towards Phin, as he is already summoning a nurse over to tend to Ceres. "Yer a stubborn one, dammit. No wonder I married ya." he says with a frown as he helps her back into the bed.

"I'll work on that," Phin mutters to Ceres. He shrugs off the Marines when it's plain he's done trying to hit things, taking a deep breath and turning to face Petra. "Absolutely clear, sir. I was out of line. My apologies to Redux." A look over his shoulder at Augie, to exclude him from said apology, before his attention is back on the TACCO.

As Petra lays down the law in the Recovery Ward, Agrippa does release his hand on Maia's arm and stands more to attention with everything becoming a bit more formal. "Understood, sir. Permission to depart from the Recovery Word, sir?" The only Ensign here, though still afraid to be busted down to Ensign, perhaps Lower Ensign or something. For now though, Punchdrunk no longer feels like being here, too much confusion to sort out and the tension too thick.

Iphigenia slips in, the backs of her wrists and hands now bandaged to about midway up her forearm. "So many people." she murmurs, and then more loudly but still not enough to make a disturbance, "I'd like to see Captain Garrido, if I may."

Petra takes in a deep breath and lets it go, his jaw still set as he regards Ceres and Augie for a moment, then addresses the room, "Now since I hate paperwork, and we're all a little on edge right now, I'm going to pretend what I just saw happen, didn't happen. Im tired, and my eyes are making me see things. As you were." With a nod at Agrippa, he adds, "But if any of you feel you can't contain yourself, I don't believe the hatch is locked. Someone get a corpsman to fix the Captain's IV. I'm going to assume this has to do with the accusations concerning Captain Garrido's status?"

Ceres is quite composed and quiet as she waits at the edge of her bed, nursing a sore jaw. Rubbing her hand to it, she looks towards Phin for a moment. "When you want to talk." The Captain offers and then lifts her head, glancing towards the sound of the Chaplain's request. "Sister." She greets her vaguely, allowing Petra's questions to be answered by the others.

Mostly the only words penetrating the fear of being demoted were 'As you were' and 'hatch isn't locked' she relaxes the her attention. "By your leave, sir." This wasn't really her fight or she would stay and back it. Instead, she steps aside, then out, deciding to try the mess hall after all. (Maia)

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir," Phin says to Petra, doing his best respectable young officer impression again. Even if it is decidedly terser than usual. "I think I'm done here." And he is out, on that note.

It won't be Augustus answering the question as he waits for the corpsman to come deal with Ceres' IV as he moves to retake his seat next to Redux's bed, though his guarding of her is suspect since she seems to like she wants to jump in front of punches. A frown is given again, and he doesn't leave.

Iphigenia makes her way over to Ceres bedside after a brief look about, and very carefully offers one of her bandage covered hands for Ceres to hold. "Are you bearing up?" she asks gently, her eyes briefly flitting to Phin.

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