Cylon Chemical Weapons

Chemical Weapons

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Initial Testing Results:

It appears to be a stereoisomer (a three-dimensional variation on molecular structure) of a synthetic chemical used about sixty years ago as an aerosol to mist over cigarettes to get high: QNB. It was not popular because the highs were so erratic and long and the chemical quickly fell out of use. These samples would appear to have been specifically engineered in a way not previously seen to be used as a highly effective incapacitating agent (read: chemical weapon) similar to BZ (a weaponized derivative of QNB, but without any known scents) but with about twelve times the potency in activation when in contact with human tissue.

Early signs of its deployment include the smell of sweet fruits such as apples, pears, strawberries, and others. It presents as a liquid but is dispersed as an aerosol, apparently leaving a thin chemical film over everything. It is a heavy gas and would appear to hang at low points upon dispersion, making ideal for performance on even surfaces like ship decks or airfields.

Results of Analysis:

Classification: Chemical Weapon
Subclass: Incapacitating Agent (Type 2)
Name Assigned: EA-4489
Initial Analytical Conclusions: Appearances were tested to be correct in identification of this compound being a stereoisomer of BZ, however it has an additional synthetic structure we have not yet identified which is attached at the molecular level. This bonding agent seems to enhance the effects as a competitive inhibitor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine neurons at postjunctional muscarinic receptors in cardiac and smooth muscle and in exocrine (ducted) glands and at postsynaptic receptors in neurons. In other words, it prevents synaptic activity and neuron transfers between organs, causing extreme lethargy in physical and cognitive function.

The synthetic bonding agent is what makes the compound so effective. Assuming high exposure levels, as reported by the film on all surfaces on the Reese, the aerosol would have started taking effect within 30 seconds of exposure and inhalation. Epidermic exposure would produce effects, likely, within five minutes at flooding of life support systems. At approximately sixty to ninety seconds ninety-nine percent of the crew would be rendered incapable of motor function or carrying out cognitive responses beyond basic needs like responding to hunger or autonomic responses such as breathing, adrenaline introduction, and responding to fears. At three minutes of saturation the chemical is one hundred percent effective in inducing a comatose state that may last for as long as 24 hours, possibly longer.

The agent is moderately persistent and water soluble, making deployment very easy, though in water larger dosages are harder to achieve most likely. Half-life within the body, at observed rates, appears to be around 72 hours, making this agent effective for roughly 108 hours at high exposures. At current, the only effective antidote is Physostigmine (Calabar Bean) but is effectiveness only lasts for approximately one hour (estimated).

  • Likely Symptoms:

Stupor or coma, full (and sometime shared with other victims) hallucinations, mumbling, cramps, confusion, drymouth (water-borne exposure will see the victim continually dosing unwittingly to quench thirst), Tachycardia at rest, hyperthermia, disrobing, inappropriate emotional reactions, irrational fear and paranoia (sometimes extreme), reasonless crying, inability to follow orders.

  • Medical Management:

Removal of clothing and of exposed victim from contaminated environment. Decontamination will be required, but once the chemical is in the system they are not capable of passing the effects of contaminant. Remove patient's access to weapons. They are a larger threat to themselves than other people except during periods of extreme paranoia and hallucination. As stated, the only way to temporarily snub the effects are with Physostigmine for an hour at a time, and will generally take one to two hours to become effective. As stated, it also does not shorten the clinical course of the chemical, only temporarily allows the body and mind to function as normal. Otherwise there is absolutely no treatment that we are aware of. Sealed flight suits and helmets would probably provide the best defense against an attack of EA-4489.

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