Staff Sergeant Arkadios Cruz
Ark.jpg Cruz, Arkadios
SSGT Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Military Police
Age Sex
35 M
Hair Eyes
Bald, Black Brown


He was born April 29th. A sweltering day on Yparana thirty five years ago. His mother was poor and his father poorer. Being of Apyaba blood, meant he was not meant for nicer things. Though his father supposedly Hesperian- made him seem odd about his own people, as even in his youth-he would be tall and bulky. As an outcast in society-and poor. Most of his youth was spent stealing, drinking, and getting into as many fights as he could.

When Arkadios was seventeen, he was inked, with his tattoo-a tradition symbolizing that he was a man. Promptly after such a ceremony-he was arrested for assaulting a tourist in Ituana City. He was given a choice. Either clean up and ship out. Or go to prison. The rather hotheaded youth turned to the Marine corps. And for the good.

The marines gave Cruz direction and purpose. And much to his own chagrin- Cruz proved to be a good candidate for the Military Police. Enough, that his DI encouraged him to take school, and make his career there, instead as a standard rifleman. If his initial posting was hard-hell it was harder still. But, he prevailed. As it was he was attached to Tau Garrison, on Tauron-and worked served at Fort MacArthur early on in his career. However, it was For MacArthur that would be over run in the first shots of the event that would be known as the Pacification of Tauron. Fort MacArthur would be the only CMC forward base ever overrun. Cruz was wounded and made to surrender. He spent the early months in a Rebel prison, before being liberated by elements of the Fourth Marines. For the rest of the occupation, Cruz served at a Colonial Prison-until handing things over to the Feds once the planet was subdued.

Afterwards, he was stationed at Gup's Point on Caprica, serving with the 2nd Marines, before being shuttled off to the Naval Yards on Picon. In between that great spanse of time. Cruz managed to get himself married. Have a couple of kids and work his way up to Staff Sergeant. A long cry from someone who stole to eat.

When his number came up in the Lotto for the first tour-he took it and was moved into Able Company aboard the Orion. Now on his second tour-He likely either here, because of family trouble-or he needs the money.

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1987-1989 PVT CMC: Tau Garrison, Fort MacArthur Participated in the Pacification of Tauron
1990 - 1995 CPL CPS Scylla, Tauron Occupying Garrison
1996-1998 SGT Gup's Point, Caprica Charlie Company, 2nd Marines, Military Police Detachment
1999-2001 SGT CGS President Conlan Baker Company, 13th Marines, Military Police Detachment
2001-2003 SSGT Fort McCandry, Picon HQ Baker Company, 13th Marines, Military Police Detachment
2004- Current SSGT BS-114 Orion Able Company, 4th Marines, Military Police Detachment

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