MD #216: Cross Examination
MD #216: Cross Examination
Summary: Niko talks with Lieutenant Cross and Dr. Stone regarding a recent brawl involving one of his pilots.
Date: 10/11/2017 (OOC Date)
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Ben Niko Samtara 
CAG's Office
It's official.
Mon May 28 2049 (MD #216)

After the report about Melissa's brawl reaches his desk, the CAG puts out word for the witnesses to report to his office ASAP. Niko is awaiting them behind his desk, dressed in his blues and reviewing the reports on his datapad. An unusually sober expression has settled over the CAG's face, and he looks up to wave the first arrive inside as soon as they arrive. "Cross. Come on in, take a seat. This won't take long."

Ben nods, "Thank you Sir." He steps in, looking for a chair and taking one. He sits up strait, almost as if about to run if it came down to it. Where would he run to, their on a ship in space. He pulls a deep breath and find relaxing difficult. He knows protacal and waits to be addressed before saying anything more.

Niko frowns a bit to see how stiff the raptor pilot looks. "At ease, Cross. You're not in trouble." He manages a strained grin. "That I know of." The CAG taps on his datapad to start it recording, then clears his throat. "Interview with Ben Cross, Lieutenant junior grade. Cross: I hear you were with Captain Wescott on Mother space station when she had a … disagreement with some people there? I need you to tell me, in your own words, what happened."

Ben nods and his shoulders go down a little bit. "Yes Sir, I was there. That took me right off guard, to say the least." He thinks about it a moment, "I did write a report for the Master of Arms. It was pretty clear cut. Inez and I where in the Mother ships forest path area, enjoying the peace and quiet and fresh air from the fauna. Captain Wescott wandered in and we struck up a pleasant conversation about it. She was followed by Rowan who joined us. That was when two guys came in. They looked like engineers with their dress and grease covered faces. As they passed by, they saw Wescott and started making comments about a recruit poster hanging over their bed, and then started saying things about her mother. I thought they where drunk because I could spell it on them, but they were very rude in their comments. Before I knew it, the Captain rushed the loudest guy, hitting them. I was in shock mostly, but felt it was my duty to stop the other guy from ganging up on her. So I stepped in between them to keep from joining. Before I knew it, the Captain was on the ground with this guy and yelling in anger. Rowan grabbed the Captain and pulled her off the guy and Inez stepped in, wrapping her arms around the Captain to pull her out of that room. Both guys started throwing up from all the excitement, and I backed them up on the way out. We returned to the Orion and the Captain went to the brig." His hands rises to wipe a brow, slightly shaking as he pulls a breath. The memory is so clear to him.

Niko listens, grim faced, to Ben's story. Then he gives a nod and asks, "You're sure you smelled alcohol on these two guys?" He follows this up with, "Did you see who threw the first punch?"

Ben nods to the first question, "I did Sir. I had just come from the Bazar next door and had a good twenty minutes in the forest room to clear my pallet. I know the smell and they were both covered. Yes Sir." He has to think a moment, "I honestly did not see the first punch. All I know is that the two guys where the first to be overly rude. Rude enough to call the Captains mother a lady of ill repute, and I may be out of line, but those are fighting works Lieutenant Colonel. I'm not condoning the fight, but I do understand it." He leans forward, this memory upsetting him a bit.

There's a slow nod from the CAG as he hears Ben's answers. "Yeah, I read you, Cross." It sounds like Niko himself may have done the same, based on his tone. "What sort of shape were these two guys in when the fight ended? Did they walk away?"

Ben says, "The guy I was holding back was throwing up. The guy the Captain was on was bloody and on the ground. As we retreated, he rolled over and started throwing up as well." Brief and to the point.

"So nobody died," Niko sounds relieved at that point. He gives a thoughtful frown, thinking over everything Ben has said thus far. Nothing seems to require further questioning. "Anything else you want to say about the incident, Lieutenant?"

Ben thinks about it a moment, "Nothing else Sir. It shook me up about, but I've seen worse, and I don't know the Captain that well, but no one needs to hear the frak those guys where spewing."

"Understood," Niko says. He reaches out and stops the recording, then exhales a long breath and sits back in his chair. "What a frakking mess." He looks back to the raptor pilot. "Off the record? I'm with you. If I'd been there and heard someone bad-mouthing Aegis /I/ might have thrown the first punch. But we have the authorities on Mother to deal with now, whoever the frak they are." The CAG shakes his head. "None of which is your problem. Expect to be called as a witness if this goes to Court Martial. That'll be all, Lieutenant."

Ben lowers his head, his body slumps forward, hands to his face with his elbows on his knees. "Oh no. That's terrible." He pulls another deep breath, slowly shaking his head, "I'll testify is I must. But those guys where jerks."

"Relax, Lieutenant." Niko offers a bracing comment. "I'm not going to lose one of my pilots because she beat up some mouthy fraks. Plus there's a war on, you know? We can't afford to sideline any pilot. Not if I can help it."

Ben nods in relief to hear that. He says, "Glad to hear it." He rises up, "I wont take up any more of your time then." He turns to leave, stopping briefly to ask, "Oh, when are we doing that dry run bombing thing the Commander was on about?"

"Soon as we can," Niko answers Ben's question with a small frown. "They need to go capture an asteroid and get everything set. You'll know when I know, Lieutenant. In the meantime, carry on."

Ben turns and salutes, turning back and walking out.

Samtara has arrived.

Ben is just leaving, "Doctor." He says in passing.

Ben leaves, heading toward the Air Wing Corridors [AW].

Niko has never sent an official request for a meeting with the CMO before, but today is one of those days. And to judge by the way he's at work behind his desk, tapping away at his datapad, he wasn't expecting the swift appearance of the Chief Medical Officer herself. At least his door is open and his office is otherwise empty.

Carrying her datapad tucked into the deep front pocket of her lab coat, Dr. Stone is just about to knock on the frame of the door hatch when Lieutenant Cross passes through it on his way out, to whom she shares a nod and a smile, and leans slightly in and through the hatch itself to spot the CAG hard at work. "Ahhh," the surgeon notes in a pleased tone, "excellent timing, perhaps. Did I catch you between crises or were you about to set some paperwork on fire and kick stuff? I feel like doing that any time my desk starts to look like yours."

The CAG looks up, frowning at first but then his expression eases when he sees it's Samtara. "Colonel. Good timing, yes." Niko slides his datapad aside and stands. "Was expecting to end up meeting on your turf, but if you're here and have a minute, come on in and pull up a chair, sir." He waves to invite the CMO inside. "You hear about Billboard? I mean, Captain Wescott?"

"Not as of yet, no, I was actually just stopping by to mention that the Lieutenant Cross and Ensign Quinn behaved admirably and were both very calm and collected in the face of a great many unknown factors and potentially rather hazardous conditions on the mission that we were most recently tasked to," Sam replies as she takes a seat. "I know that they're trained to be exactly as such under pressure, but it's worth mentioning when it's displayed so readily."

"They better be," Niko says with a small grin. "They're Fleet aviators." But then he nods and adds, "Thanks though. I'll note your commendation in their file." Then the CAG frowns and goes back to his original topic. "Melissa got into a fight with two guys over on the Mother station," Niko gives the short version of events, "And it's looking like a frakking diplomatic incident. So I need a favor. Can you send some people from Medical over to check up on these two jokers? See how badly they're hurt. Offer them free treatment?"

"Melissa? As in, Wescott, Melissa Wescott?" Sam asks, tone of voice incredulous. "Kelsey's daughter, Melissa?" just in case she has somehow crossed wires and has the wrong Melissa that the CAG is speaking of. "I find that.. hard to believe. Not that I'm doubting your words, but it's Melissa. She has a track record of exceptional cool and level headed approach. Poster child, literally, for recruiting for years. That's Melissa?"

"Yeah," Niko confirms. "That Wescott." He exhales a heavy sigh when Samtara professes disbelief and nods his head. "She was provoked. She lost her cool. Three of my people were there with her and had to pull her off these guys." He shakes his head. "Right now I'm doing damage control on my end and head off complications with the Mother people. Which is why I'm asking for some free medical. Plus I want to document how bad these guys are hurt, in case they try any bullshit."

"Oh absolutely, medical care is a right of all citizens, in my opinion, military or not," Sam replies with a small gesture with one hand. "I'll see to it myself and copy you on my reports, so you have the scope to work with. Provoked though?" she puffs out a slow breath and leans back, a contemplative if not downright pensive expression on her face. "Considering. What could they possibly have said or done to light her fuse?"

"Thanks," Niko gives a grateful nod. "Much appreciated, Colonel. And if there's any way to tell if these guys were drunk or high at the time? That'd help too." Then he grimaces before explaining the provocation. "They said something about Aegis. Kelsey. Her Mom. Between you and me? If I'd been there I probably would have thrown the first punch."

"Hmm," Sam makes the sound, more of that almost painfully off-key hum of sound than anything else. "Could be a symptom of a larger issue, then. Not just for Melissa, I mean. The addition of the less.." she tips her head subtly from side to side, "clearly military surroundings of Mother will be and is a welcome addition. But. There's a reason there's pressure valves for contained systems and vents to moderate the high pressure of the contents contained therein. Perhaps a larger remedy might need to be found sooner rather than later."

Niko gives a rueful chuckle. "If you're saying my pilots live in a pressure cooker and need to let off steam on leave, I'm way ahead of you doctor. They just need to be more careful who they punch." He sighs again. "I'll talk to them about that. In the meantime, I appreciate your help on this. That's really all I wanted to talk with you about."

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