AWD #308: Crew Intergration
Crew Intergration
Summary: New pilots and old deck crew mix. It's not the greatest of starts.
Date: 25/04/2016
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #308

Usually there's a reason for someone to be in the hangar bay, sometimes though there's no reason other than to be there. Although Zoe is present, she doesn't seem to be on duty, or doing anything important. Neither is she in the way, though. She's set herself up out of the way, watching as people come and go on their duty and assignments.

Contrary to that, Toby has a very good reason to be in the bay: he's on shift. There doesn't appear to be much going on in the way of takeoffs and landings, but the area is still busy with techs conducting maintenance work. He himself is armed with a clipboard and heading round the periphery of the bay checking the frefighting equipment. It's not the ship's most exciting jobs, but it's still an important one. As he approaches where Zoe has stationed herself he pauses, asking neutrally, "anything you need help with sir?"

Zoe glances over at the sound of the voice, shaking her head just a bit, "Not really…just watching." She offers a quick smile to him, her eyes flicking towards the area immediately around them. "I figured what better way to get familiar with things."

"Just make sure you look busy if the Master Chief spots you then," Toby warns, "She's not keen on anyone loitering on her deck." Then, given what was said and the fact that she isn't familiar he asks, "Picon?" There's been a few transfers of late after all. Then, the other important question, "stickjock or bus driver?"

"It's complicated." Zoe replies, grinning just a little more at her own answer, "But yeah, I was there for a while." She other question, though, makes her grin widen a little more, "Former, and if I see the Master Chief I'll be sure to make myself look really busy, or make a fast exit like I've got somewhere to be."

"It's all complicated," Toby replies as he starts to check the pressures on the array of extinguishers a few feet away, "but most of our new faces seem to be from Picon or Blackjack." Blackjack being a taskforce of ships also in orbit here. "You know the new Captain then? Arlington or somesuch? Heard she was Picon too."

"Arrington." says the new voice from behind Zoe, as Rourke was preparing to go out on CAP, carrying his flight helmet under his arm. "Goes by Goose. She's a good leader, was a flight instructor back on Picon. She lost a lot of her nuggets in the invasion, but after Crandall was taken back, she'd been working the fast track program before the Old Man pulled her a few others of us up here to fill in some holes."

"I met her, but I'm not from Picon." Zoe corrects before she shakes her head faintly, "I was on Valkyrie before it was destroyed, got picked up after…" Which might explain how she ended up on Picon. She glances over at Rourke, shifting out of the way so that if he's wanting to go past she's not blocking his path, and it also serves to include him in the conversation as well.

Toby jots down a few more readings on his clipboard then nods to Rourke. It's part greeting, part acknowledgement of the answer given. "We've had a few from Picon over the last few months," he notes casually, "but this is the biggest influx in terms of numbers yet. They splitting you between the squadrons, or keeping you together?" Not that it makes much difference to him mind, but he's mildly curious.

One of the ECOs comes in from somewhere else on the ship, that being Ruby who is dressed in her flightsuit and with her hair pinned into a bun. The only thing she has missing is her flight helmet to complete the look. The group of others is noticed an she walks their way, doing so slowly so she can veer off and head somewhere else if it winds up seeming like she'll be interrupting.

"Keeping us altogether, it seems. Spree's madder than a hornet about having her number of veteran pilots depleted, but the Admiral thinks that they have enough to hold if things start turning south again." Rourke says as he places a hand on Zoe's shoulder for a moment. He knows some of the woman's story, having run rescue ops when he wasn't fighting to keep Picon in the fight from Warday forward. After the brief touch, it's a quick release as he notices Ruby and chuckles. "There's my ECO. You're just in time for some introductions before we start our pre-flight checks, Jazz."

"Yeah, I've noticed that everyone seems to be new around here, it makes me hope that…" Zoe trails off after a moment, glancing towards the newest arrival before she finishes her thought, or a thought, "Goose mentioned there was fresh food being shipped up, and Hobo said the coffee's better now than it was. There's hope."

"If I remember correctly Spree was never generally one to be calm and cool at any point since War Day," Toby notes as he finishes with the extinguishers and turns back to the wing members. "It's not as if we can't jump back sharpish if they need us though." Glancing to Ruby he gives her a vague nod to acknowledge her arrival before he's turning back to Zoe. "We have some fresh stuff growing down on P, but it's still mostly fleet rations I'm afraid. Maybe once the Minoans are settled production will increase," he shrugs faintly, it not being his area of expertise.

Ruby gives Rourke a smile and everyone as a whole a wave, her path eventually leading to 'her' pilot where she stands off to one side and slightly behind him. "Hey. How's it going?" Not sure what's being discussed, she falls silent, attentively listening as she awaits getting to work.

"Been hearing a lot about Planetside. Will have to go give it a gander at somepoint. Maybe try to catch a shuttle down this week." Rourke says and then chuckles at Toby. "You pretty much distilled Spree perfectly." he admits with an easy-going smile, before he notices Ruby's questioning look. "Raven here was a Viper stick down on Picon, she's finally getting back in the fight. Don't know the Deckie's name, but never hurts to be friendly to those that keep your birds flyin'." he comments before he considers for a moment.
"Minoans, a fully working city.. how long's this place been around?" he asks in more than a little confusion. "When my ECO gave me the coordinates to jump here, I thought they were out of their mind. This star's supposed be nothing special, and now there's a fleet and a planet.. and.. frak." he shakes his head. They've had it like this since War Day, while he and his have been scraping and fighting. He knows he can't blame them, but that look speaks volumes for a moment of the hint or resentment he feels.

"I've heard a few rumblings, something about some bombing tests or something. I wasn't paying attention, much." Zoe replies, lifting a shoulder, "Could ask Captain Fairfax, though. He was there when the conversation popped up about some of the plans for the planet, in relation to the Fleet at least. And Goose mentioned there might be somewhere down there for swimming. Maybe." She then gives Ruby a quick smile in greeting as she's introduced.

"We just rescued the Minoans," Toby notes, eyeing Rourke a little, "and I certainly wouldn't call it a city. Small town perhaps,but don't get it in your head it's some sort of metropolis. The roads are dirt, the wildlife is deadly, and the accommodations pretty basic." He flicks his eyes briefly to Zoe to note, "there's a pool in the fitness centre forward, but I'd not recommend swimming at the lake outside Sheridan if you don't have someone armed on the bank to deal with any wildlife issues that might arise." Then, looking back to Rourke he notes, perhaps just a fraction coldly, "It's not as if we've been reclining in luxury here. We've been hitting the toasters all throughout the colonies, rescuing stranded populations, putting boots down on Caprica, liberating Picon, to name a few. You think you're hard done by in all this? Get over it, we've all been fighting, and while different, you're battles were no more special or difficult than ours."

"Nice to meet you both," Ruby intones quietly, still lothed to be anything like an interruption. The JiG does move a little, however, stepping in slightly closer to Rourke until she is almost brushing shoulders with him. "Let me know whenever you're ready," she semi-whispers without urgency. No need to rush, after all.

"Yes. So many missions. And always able to jump away. Not having to worry about the Cylons coming to your doorstoop to come sell you their special brand of affection and attention." Rourke says just as cooly to Toby. "You look like you've had just a terrible time of it." he says with a droll tone as the pilot turns his attention to the ECO that's accompanying him on the CAP. "What about you, Jazz? Think things have been so terrible up here with a fully stocked ship, pool, supplies, provisions, the ability to jump into a fight and jump away when it was over, never having to worry about the canners showin' up in the middle of the dark to give greetings." he glances towards Toby and snorts. "Yes. Terrible."
"We all had it hard, but you had the ability to pick the time and place for your fights. That's a luxury many of us would have given our eye teeth for these last year. Get over yourself, hardass, and stop trying to measure your Shaft to mine. Because in the end.. you're going to lose." With that, he turns to Ruby. "We better run over pre-flight checks to get ready to get out on CAP." he rumbles. He's not usually one to be vocal, but Toby's hit a sore spot.

"Both you put your shit away, we've all busted ass in fancy ships, or down on the ground. We've all watched people we liked, hated, and cared about hurt and die in this war. So stop…we're all in this together, and we all do our parts." Zoe points out with a shake of her head, glaring at all three of them, even though Ruby hasn't done anything. "I'm going to go swimming since I've got more time to kill."

Toby gave his word, long ago, that he would never start trouble on the deck, so while he expression darkens and he squares up noticeably he doesn't actually go for Rourke. Instead he turns to Ruby and notes as calmly as he can (which is not very), "you might want to explain to him the advantages of keeping his fraking mouth shut and getting over himself on your patrol Lieutenant. That, or help him with the big words on a transfer request form, I don't think they do them with pictures." As Zoe speaks he gives her a faint nod of acknowledgement, then taps his clipboard. "I should probably get on, wouldn't want to offend your colleague here by lounging about too much after all."

Ruby finds herself suddenly caught in the middle of… something. She's not exactly sure what it is but she is suddenly feeling very discomforted. Glancing to Rourke first, the ECO opens her mouth to reply to him only to then dart a glance to Zoe when she snaps at the guys. "Uh…" Wait. Now Toby's getting on her? Blinking rapidly, she shakes her head, frowning. Nope. She's not saying a gods damned thing, here. She's just shutting up.

"Anybody needs to get over their gods damned self, it's you, you hypocritical holier than thou knuckledragger. At least the Decks back on Picon knew we were in the fight together and didn't look down their greased covered noses." Rourke snaps, before he notices Toby squaring up, and then he smirks. "Truth hurts." he rumbles, before he's turning as well, apparently the two of them mutually agreeing to seperate corners as he storms towards the Raptor he was assigned to for the flight.

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