AWD #260: Crandall Assault Marine Planning Session
Crandall Assault Marine Planning Session
Summary: Marines and Elias gather to plan ways not to die horribly in the upcoming assault.
Date: 23/Sep/2013
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Map Room - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
AWD #260

At first glance the map room looks much like it does any other day of the week, but it quickly becomes clea that the CMC appears to have completed a bloodless coup, if only temporary, and taken over the room. The map table in the middle is covered in various maps of CFAB Crandall, Marlin City and the surrounding terraine. There are even little models resting on the edge that can be moved around to simulate friendly and hostile units, and little sticks with blocks on the end to push them round with. One of the LED displays shows a single ariel recon shot of the entire area for perspective and the other a list of available units and expected hositles, each of which has a code that ties it to one of the models, although there are also spares, just in case. At present, the only person present is Amos, who is sat at one ond of one of the risers, reading through a folder of intelligence and notes while awaiting the arrival of the other invited parties.

Surprise! The Marines' pet skinjob shows up in his greens with a small notepad tucked into the crook of his arm. "Cap'n," he greets easily, heading for the table. The guy has kept his head shaved since his girlfriend took a bunch of headwounds thanks to the local wolves. Solidarity. It looks like it could use another laser leveling. He puts down the pad of paper and takes a pen from his pocket and clicks it open, taking several notes.

Brina scoots in, closing the hatch behind her, the Marine all spiffied up and looking almost like she just came off of work. The Captain is given a salute which is held for as long as she's made to before stepping further in and to the side. Knox is given a smile from where she is keeping herself for now.

Lleufer arrives, still in his MP uniform and with his electronic tablet tucked under his left arm. A good sign he's carrying with that arm, the fingers of that hand going untaped most of the time now. Sergeant Ynyr glances around the map room before he gives Amos a curt nod, "Captain, good evening. I hope you got my clearance from Doctor Nadir this morning?" The Aerlion Marine takes up a position at conversational distance to await the arrival of the others. "Couldn't do all my pull ups but knocked out all my pushups and all the rest just fine." She better have cleared him or Lleufer's liable to go down to sickbay and pick that woman up over his head until she does! His own hair recently re-buzzed, Ynyr gives Coop a nod, "Hey, Knox."

Making his way in as well, looking like he's just taken a shower, Fischer looks around for a few moments, offering a nod to the others present. "Hey…" he says, a bit quietly, as he looks to Amos now. Waiting to see what's happening, he gets out a small notebook as well now.

The hatch Brina closed swings open again, and Elias enters with his usual clipboard in hand. His duty 'blues' standing out in the sea of CMC green, the Intel Officer spends a second scanning the room before he moves away from the hatch. He recognizes Fischer and Lleufer, though not with great familiarty, and Brina not at all. And then there's Knox — the skinjob's new look gets a moment of careful study before Elias' eyes move on. Finally Amos, the presumed officer in charge, gets a polite nod before Elias makes his way to seat on the risers.

Amos glances up as the first marines start to arrive, then stands and crosses the short distance to the table. Returning the various greetings with nods he sets his folder down on a corner and eyes the assembled personel for a moment. "I haven't seen it Sergeant, but that doesn't mean it isn't there. I've been somewhat busy with other matters as I am sure you can understand. If I haven't seen it by end of play tomorrow I will chase it up for you." Then, to the entirity before he he states simply, "we all know why we're here and we all know what we have to do. So lets not waste time with small talk and pleasantries. I hope you've all had a look at the intelligence that has been made available and are up to speed with it as I do not intend to waste time going over it again." shifting slightly to adjust the placement of the map of the CFAB Crandall and jabs his right index finger down on it. "This ladies and gentlemen is our target. We know there are Centurians and I'm willing to lay odds that there are human-forms as well. Sixes most likely, maybe others. We've taken out the Saber site that was helping guard it, so we should have some degree of air support at least, but there are valuable assets, ships and crews, being held here so a blanket bombing is out of the question, as is the use of more, unconvential weapons. In short, it's boots on the ground time." Elias arrival gets his fellow Captain a short nod before he asks, "is there any fresh news from Picon on this Captain? Or is what we have now likely to be it."

Coop looks up to smile to Brina briefly and go back to taking notes. Hearing Ynyr and the greeting, he chuckles. "Gods, they let you out? WHY?" he asks with a grin, sketching the runway and parking ramps. There's a glance up to Elias and he returns the look before going back to his work and notes. He writes a bit more before Amos takes to the purpose and he tosses the pen back to the paper and listens.

Brina darts a look to Lleufer who is given a smile before she pulls out a small notebook and a pen. Notes are taken as she listens with important points of information given by Amos either written in a bolder script or underlined. Sometimes even both.

"Yes, sir." Lleufer says to Amos, then steps over closer to the table to watch and listen with the others. He offers Brina and Elias each a nod before he grins at Knox. Ynyr doesn't have any problem with Cooper being here as he listens to Amos. His own electronic tablet is powered up, files opened that have photos, notes and various intel on the upcoming strike that he's been studying, "Very important we don't damage the assets we hope to capture. Do we know anything of numbers at all, Captain? Roughly speaking of Cylons, and slave labour humans?" Lleu glances at his own notes, "Crews of the 308th Armament Systems Group and 379th Air Expeditionary Wing we should have on file and we might get some aid from them, though we'll not know how many of them may be jacked."

Fischer nods a little as he hears what's being said now, expression a bit thoughtful. Looking between the others for a few moments now. "That might be a problem, them possibly being jacked," he offers a bit quietly after hearing Lleufer's words. Looking to the maps again, rather carefully at the moment now.

Elias clears his throat quietly before answering Amos. "Nothing relevant to this operation, Captain." It almost sounds as if he may have something else to discuss, but if so he's not going to sidetrack the meeting with it. The questions about enemy numbers at Crandall causes the Intel Officer mouth to tighten in an unpleasant line. "No, we don't have solid intel about their numbers. My understanding is that the recon mission was scrubbed." He adds a quick clarification. "But CMC was running that."

Amos ignores the banter between the marines, so long as it's over and done with before the real conversations start. As Lleufer speaks up he frowns slightly, although not at the question, or the questioner, more the answer he then gives. "If we include civilian contractors believed to have been on base then we are looking at a figure of around 5000 personnel. We suspect casualties from teh inital fighting, and also a purging of those not thought to be useful but numbers are very hard to judge. Best estimates put the likely figure to be around 3000, although I can not stress enough that these are only rough estimates." He takes a quick glance round the table to make sure everyone understands that point before making his next. "It is my own personal suspision, that there is a strong likelyhood of them being Jacks. We know they have been forced to work for the canners, and it stands to reason that they'd want to remove any chance of discent amongst the ranks or potentail sabotures. Again though, we have no evidence either way on that score." Elias is given a nod, and he frowns a little more at the mention of the scrubbed mission, acknowledgeing the point with a nod, "yes, I believe that to be the case as well." It was before his time but that doesn't mean he's any less happy about it.

The intel had been read by O'Connell but there is a lot to remember, making her very happy to be able to go over it all while talking with the others. She's still wriging but the scribbling down stuff is paused when Sergeant Yrnr mentions slaves and jacked humans, it getting her to press her lips tightly in a thin line of displeasure.

Knox hears the mention of the recon and looks down to his notes. He makes a few more lines towards numbers and just what units were there. He taps his pen a few times and looks back up, waiting for more.

There's Jax. Singular. He's listening with that sort of default grim expression. Taking notes, too, in his own little notepad, that pale greenish all-weather paper.

Lleufer thins his mouth, not pleased. "Do we know if jacks can access a man's own skill sets? I'd think if not, the majority of them probably aren't jacked. But overseen by those who are." He adds low, "Ideally be good if we knew where they were housed. Are we looking at a probable night strike, sir?" Agfter a pause Ynyr points out, "There's the armaments bunker." /Several/ of the Marines in the room already know how much fun it is to be close to one of those when it goes up. "Question is, does command what that intact or …?"

Fischer nods a little as he listens, going silent again now. Glancing between the others as they speak, most of his attention going to the maps again.

Brina frowns. "I wish we could save them all and then repay those bastards and nuke them…" The rest of what she says is cut off while an apologetic look is given to Knox. This is a subject she feels very strongly about but she doesn't need to be like that. Not while he's present and probably not even when he isn't.

Jax says, sotto voce, "So say we all," before clamping his jaw shut, lest more comments escape.

Cooper glances to Brina and shakes his head as he looks back to his notes. "They killed people I love too, Corporal. Frak 'em. If they can't find a way to make amends with humanity, burn 'em alive and I'll even help spray the napalm."

Amos goes for the easy question first, "The aim is to keep as much intact as possible, anything we blow up is something we can not then ourselvs use. It is understood however that we are unlikely to be able to preserve 100% of the assets. We're just expected to save what is reasonable." Meaning, pitch me a plan and I'll consider it. "Probably dawn or duck at the moment, remove some of the advantage they'd have with floodlights like they did at that saber site, that's not yet confirmed though an done of the things up for discussion this evening." As for the Jacks, well, thats the hard question, hence saving it until last, "to be honest with you Sergeant, we don't know. I;ve heard arguements both ways, and it's true that there is evidence to support both points of view. From what I have seen personally on Caprica though I'll tell you that I think they can, although I don't know to what degree. The missing who turned up Jacks knew too much of their old selves for me to beleive they had just learnt it by rote from pre-jacking interrogations."

Elias chimes in on the subject of Jacked humans. "Jacked humans are, as far as we know, completely under the control of the Centurion AI that has been downloaded into them. The AI seems to be able to access at least some of the human's thoughts and memories. But: Every jacked human is one less Centurion they can field." Of course that also means you'll have to be kill a human instead, but that part he leaves unsaid.

Coop looks up at something Elias says and it strikes him oddly. He blinks a few times before looking away with the thought and making notes. "Sirs, what are the chances of getting close air or naval gunfire support?" he asks, finally looking up from his notes.

Ynyr gives a nod Amos, "Then … unfortunately we'll have to assume them a loss unless we learn otherwise." Too much risk to do anything else. His gaze flicks to the other Captain in the room, Captain Gray, and looks thoughtful. Lleu doens't really know any details about jacked humans.

Back to the maps. Lleufer points out the cluster of structures on the northwest corner of the base, "It looks like most of our initial efforts will be focused here? Logistics, administration, and some enlisted housing. My idea I wanted to throw out was to send in perimeter snipers to take out spot lighters and whatever might interfer with landing men in a LALO drop. Get in as close and as fast as we can to this area in the northwest and deal with it. Whatever support Spree's people can give us on the ground can then be admitted through the gates and do a sweep for the rest of the base." Lleu glances to Amos, "Do we /know/ if we are getting much, if any ground support from Colonel Spree, sir?" Or it is all on them, start to finish? "She /is/ moving in her people to hold the base once it's taken, or do we have to stay put?" He looks to Knox's question, "That too. She said we'd have air support but .. we'll have our own as well, yes?" A look to Amos about not leaving that to chance this time.

Glancing between Knox and Elias as he sees the reaction to the words, Fischer doesn't say anything at the moment. Listening carefully, he looks a bit curious to the part about the ground support, and such things.

Amos glances to Elias and gives the man another nod. "That is true, but if the sheer number of Jacks they are creating on Caprica is anything to go by then they do not appear to be lacking in AIs to install." What a happy thought. Glancing then to Knox he acknowledges the question with a nod, "I have been talking with Captain Saint Clair and we both agree on the importance of air support in this campaign. The details have not been hammered out for this particular mission as of yet and I had been hoping that she might attend herself. I can tell you however that there are pilots preparing to fly in support although I'll have to refer you to Captain Gray for anything beyond air support." Switching his attention back to Lleufer he nods a couple of times. "Taking out spot lights is a priority and yes, that is indeed where we will be initially focusing our efforts." He points tothe corner that has alreayd been indicated, just in case anyon emissed it before. "As for Spree's forces and what we can expect from them. We are the first wave on this. Colonel Spree has crews that can get the birds flying once we hold the base but taking it is our responsibility."

About the time Amos begins question and answer time, Jena Cruz quietly slips into the map room as unobtrusively as possible. She's wearing fatigues and an apologetic smile as she makes her way over to an empty seat and slips gracefully into it. At first, she remains silent, preferring to listen and maybe catch up with the meeting by hearing the questions and answers. When each question is asked, her gaze follows from the asker to the Amos. For the moment, she continues to just listen and learn. Jacked humans is something newer to her, so she pays particular attention to the information delivered there.

Brina chews her lower lip. This is the first time she's been the part of planning a mission and she looks scared. "If I may, I think we should also take supplies into consideration. If they have anything of use to us we will need to arrange for supply transportation. Also, I feel that we should offer half of whatever we might find to Commander Spree in support of her efforts and those who work with her."

Now there's a question from Varis. Jax doesn't know much about the jacked humans, either. So he'll risk asking the obvious/stupid questions, just to have the answers out there. "So. We don't have anyway of….undoing this process? Or, if it's an AI grafted in, can we disable that without killing? If there's any way to avoid just having to destroy them." Odd for a sniper to be squeamish about such things, but….

"Supply wise we can use the Raptors that Colonel's Spree's teams will be reactiving," Amos replies to Brina, "or our own, if needs be. Supplies gained will be split between Colonial forces based on need." Then to Jax, "I was discussing this with Captain Nadir yesterday. Medical are currnetly working on a way to scan a Jack and trace the connections between human and machine. If you want details then I suggest asking her, but she seems confident that they will be able to find a way to remove the implants eventually. The degree of lasting damage done to the host is pure speculation at this stage though."

Lleufer taps his lip with a finger, "We really needed that recon. Be nice if we could send a few in to do some looking for us but could also compromise everything." And very little time left. A nod, "I'll speak with Captain Saint Clair if she doesn't arrive before this meeting ends, sir. I'm certain there will be gun emplacements we'll need to deal with and it would be very handy if we can get air support to help with those." That is when he looks to Knox and smiles at the wirelo, "Right up your alley, calling in the shit, isn't it?"

Almost as an aside, Elias tosses off another bit about the Jacked humans too. "And they are as vulnerable as any of us. So they can be knocked out and such, if you have the means." Then he flips back through the papers on his clipboard, reviewing something as he listens. He looks up again to ask a question. "I believe Commander Spree proposed that Charlie Company secure a landing site and then we send in one of the Assault ships to land a large force and secure the entire area? To be honest I haven't followed the CMC planning on this so perhaps that's changed?"

A nod is given to the Captain but then Brina goes quiet, not adding anything else or asking any questions. A quick look is given to the others to guage their reactions before she returns to taking notes.

Satisfied, Jax is silent, again. Still grim, but there's thoughtfulness behind the gray stare, now. "I can lead in a recon element," he states, quietly, "Get us info recent enough to be current." He makes a little warding gesture with one hand as he speaks, as if to avoid offending the Fates by speaking with such certainty - an odd, unthinking bit of piety.

For her part, Jena continues to listen, looking as if she's watching a match of some sort of ball game with her head turning towards each speaker in turn. As soon as they begin talking about people being in on the ground doing a little recon, she glances at each of the gathered Marines before she settles on Knox. He looked familiar to her for some reason. Tipping her head to the side, she tries to place him. A moment later, her attention is drawn back off him when Jax volunteers to lead a recon.

Amos turns to Elias as he speaks, merely nodding to teh comments about Jacks but then speaking to clarify the other point. "By 'our responsiblity' I am including all of the marines currently with this fleet, not just the 3rd 8ths. That includes the landing ship that can put two batallions worth of boots on the ground in one swoop." Back to the issue of air support he nods once to Lleufer, "I was planning to speak with her myself, but you are welcome to sit in on that if you wish Sergeant," then to Jax, "write up your plan for such and have it on my desk by 0600. I'll review it against the risks of detection and get you an answer by lunch time."

"Some recent info would be nice," Fischer agrees a bit quietly, before he shakes his head a little bit. "But like Sergeant Ynyr said, it might also compromise this." Stating the obvious, isn't he?

"Sir," says Jax, inclining his head to Amos. "Roger wilco." To Fischer he says, slowly, "There's a risk, either way. But at the very worst, we lose the recon element we send in, and the element of surprise. Better that than sending in a larger force and having them spring a trap on us and immolate the lot. Or turn us into more of those abominations." For once, there's a genuine heat peeking through that usually phlegmatic temperament - more fervor on that last phrase than is his wont.

Cooper nods to Lleufer slowly. "Sure the hell is. The problem is going to be what the Predators and Raptors are carrying for air to mud munitions. I don't want them blowing holes in a runway or something else vital. Like underground storage tanks." He looks back to his notes, waiting on further instruction. He's not going to jump on anything. Jax gets a glance but little else from the Six in the room.

"Very good, sir." Ynyr adds. Lleu is then quiet as he studies the maps. He looks to Knox and nods, "I admit I don't know a lot about Raptor and Preditor payloads." Like damned little on what armaments they can carry, guns, etc. He reaches a hand out to tap the clearing area immediately west of the 33rd's hangers, "Here is where we'll likely need the Assault ships to come in, if there ie enough room. That way they won't be pinched between the western structures and the clusters further east around the AMARG area." Lleu thins his mouth, "Problem is we don't know what is placed /in/ Marlin city to threaten a landing, do we?"

Only when her attention is shifted from the Six does Jena realize where she'd seen that mug before. Eyes widen and she coughs, but she doesn't say anything immediately, what she does do is sort of stare without trying to be too obvious about it. Shackleton had warned her at least!

"Yes, that is a problem," Elias agrees with Sergeant Lleufer. "The Assault Landing ships may not survive a landing under heavy fire. I'd recommend dealing with as much of their air defenses as possible before we bring one in."

Knox keeps his eyes on the notes. Either he's ignoring the look from Jena or doesn't notice. 50/50. "We're going to want cluster munitions and, if we can get them, airburst five hundred pound bombs. Fact is that I have no idea what they've got in stock. I've only ever met a small handful of the Wing and its been rare for me to get my Juliet on with that group." He looks from Lleufer and then over to Amos.

"We know very little about Merlin City itself no," Amos confirm with a faint frown, then turns to Jax, "possibly another target for you to consider looking at." Moving slightly to get a better view of where Lleufer is indicating he flicks through his own notes for a moment then nods in confirmation to both him and Elias. It's then that he glances to Knox, "Sergeant, do you have anything to add about the likely deployment of the enemy forces?" At the comments about armaments he makes a quick note, something else to include in the conversation with Captain Saint Clair.

Fischer has gone back to just listening, expression a bit distant as he listens now. Letting the talk about the bombs and such happen without any input from him now.

Kalum sits quietly at the back of the room, jotting down notes on a pad of paper he has. He wants to know the plan, before the plan gets torn up on the ground at least.

"And without recon before hand, that means we get our asses dropped in low and have to act as spotters for our air support to find our way as we go." So much for trying to plan shit out ahead. Lleufer skims a hand over his stubbly face as he thinks about it. "We'll find out what shoots at our Raptors and Preditors quick enough. Clearing east of the main cluster is a secondary option, if necessary." Ynyr stops, listening to Knox and Amos and waits to see if there are any more details forthcoming.

More scratching from Jax. Not a fast writer - thinking R hard 4 muhreen. But he nods to Amos, "Noted, sir." He's starting to look excited though, in his subtle way.

Coop lets off a long sigh at the question from Amos. He lifts one arm with a low shrug. "Most of what I have would be conjecture." He shakes his head and leans a hip into the table. "We might run into Sixes on the ground. Might. Remember, these guys are primary warfighters. They're front line troops and lethal as hell. If you see a Six and its not wearing a MICH helmet, MArine uniform, and radio pack, kill it. Fast. Primary targets. But other skinjobs on the ground there… I have no idea. This doesn't strike me as a place we'd find Nines. Or Elevens. Kill 'em all… just, you know, please don't shoot me. I'd like to be able to accomplish my mission, thanks." He shakes a finger, though, at the recon. "Here's something else." He chuckles darkly. "We have a unique opportunity here, actually. The skinjobs we encounter are going to be under fire probably around the same time we kick the shit out of their main ships in orbit. If they don't have regen facilities on Picon, or we kill a whole goddamned lot of them, they are going to be faced with permanent death. For most of humanity, that's a certainty. For the skinjobs? Heh, that is a pants-shittingly terrifying notion. We might scare them off the battlefield. Might." He continues. "As for other items? Nope. If we'd got the recon in June we'd have more info but I'm as blind on this as everyone else here. Wish I could offer more."

Amos listens to what Knox has to say, making the odd note here and there. The comment about scaring the human-forms with the idea of final-death gets his attention though, it doesn't appear to be an angle he'd considered before. Throwing open the question to everyone, although it's mostly aimed at Elias and Knox he asks, "do we know what the regen facilites look like? Is it a ship, or ground based? How easy is it likely to be to find and supply to the air wing as a priority target?" More notes are made and he states, "I suspect teh presense of Sixes due to what we found at the saber site, but I'll get pictures of the other known models, particularly Ones circulated as well, just so no one is taken by surprise."

Coop shakes his head. "I woke up in a bathtub on a basestar, sir. I've got no idea. They could have started building those things before the bombs fell and nobody would have been wiser. Unless Tac has better intel?" He lofts his brow, waiting for Elias. He'd be interested in knowing that as well.

With another quick glance to Knox, Jena admits finally. "I've been on Picon since the war began, if there's anything I can help with, I know my way around fairly well and I've seen the ah.. occasional Six." Once more her eyes flicker to the one in their midst. I would really like pictures of the different models though, thank you."

"I believe Doctor Tamsin said she downloaded at a facility on Picon, but she did not know the location. I'll confirm that with her. As for what it looks like … we don't know." Elias flips back to check some of his notes then adds, then frowns faintly, apparently not finding what he was looking for. "I'll let you know if I can find out anything further, but I think it is safe to assume they can ressurrect. At least until they run out of bodies."

Lleufer has crossed his arms over his chest as he listens to the others and continues to study what is laid out before them. He picks up his electronic tablet and repositioning it, he tappy-tabs input even though the little finger on his left hand still can't type. He zips off a message to Saint Clair about meeting up with the Captain and to get back with Amos ASAP. Ynyr looks up, "Are we finished here for now, sir? We can finalize plans better once we have Captain Saint Clair's input."

Amos gives Knox a brief upnod in acknowledgement of his answer, not even blinking at the bathtub comment then turns as Elias gives his as well. "Thank you Captain, anything she can tell us may be of use, however small the detail." That said he glances back to the assembled marines. "Are there any other questions or queries for now? I imagine I'll be in close proximity to my desk for the rest of the week if you should think of anything so make that your first port of call if in need. Stay fit, keep rested and be aware that what we have discussed here may change several times between now and when our boots hit dirt." Lleufer gets a nod and he states for the crowd, "All right then ladies and gentlemen, dismissed." The to Lleufer, "give me five minutes to tidy up here Sergeant and we can go see if we can track her down."

Fischer shakes his head a bit at the part about more questions. "No, sir," he replies, looking between the others, in case they have something.

Brina shakes her head. "I have nothing further myself, sir." Already haven spoken, Brie is more than happy to let others make suggestions or ask questions.

"No further questions for now, Captain." Ynyr adds a few notes to his comp and will wait for Amos, "Yes, sir." He looks to Brina on her way out but doesn't say anything to her to detain her. After his physical, PT, OCS, and various mission prep, Lleu looks like he could stand to catch some sleep tonight.

Cooper says nothing in the way of objection. He waits for everyone to start moving before he signals for Elias' attention. "Captain. You got a sec? You made mention of something that got me thinking. I wanted to bounce it off you, sir. It's not pertinent to Picon, however." He takes up his notepad, but seems willing to head out if dismissed.

Elias nods acknowledgement to Amos, indicating he has nothing further to add. He spends a few seconds, looking over the assembled Marines, then sighs to himself and plucks out his pen. The Intel Officer leans over his clipboard, making some notes the old fashioned way until Knox addresses him. The sergeant gets a quizzical look. Or was that suspicious? Hard to say. "I see." As the Marines appear to be breaking up, he gestures to a nearby seat on the risers. "Why don't you step info my office, Sergeant."

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