AAR: Counting Basestars


22 April 2006

FR: PO2 Jaxon Swick
TO: MAJ Elias Gray, TACCO
CC: CPT Alejandro Salazar (CAG, CVW-11)
RE: Updated Basestar Count



On Major Gray's recommendation, I have updated the count of basestars from 15 April 2005, and included a few observations. I hope this helps in future planning and combat operations.

- PO2 Jason Swick

Updated Basestar count based on reports, updated from 15 April 2005:

Helios Alpha: 5-7
Helios Beta: 3
Helios Gamma: 4
Helios Delta: 3

Helios Alpha

CAPRICA: The multiple successful attacks by our surgical strikes has drawn a committed force to this planet to try to hold control, which would suggest that they have made this a major base of operations - it has been reported by the 55th MCCS and ANVIL that there are between 4-6 Basestars in orbit at any time, a major shift in the Cylon commitment of April, 2005 when only 1 was reported.

PICON: Clear of all Basestars. Foothold of the Colonial Counterattack.

TROY: 1 Basestar. It is stationed between the planet and it's moon, Minos. Considering the massive strike on Tauron, I believe that Minos is the major objective.

ICARUS: Unknown. Recommend Recon.

EREBOS ASTEROID BELT: There are Raiders, perhaps of Squadron strength or beyond in the area, no sign of Basestars. The clusters may keep Basestars from effectively jumping in.

ZEUS: No reported Basestars. With the Cylons supporting the APF, suggest we do something with fleet located here of 21 ships.

PERSEPHONE: Contact with station has no update from Basestar contact.

Helios Beta

LEONIS: 2 Basestars. Civilian ships are reported to be jumping here by ANVIL and has become the main gathering point for Cylon prisoner camps, a change from the last time that NOMAD re-conned the area.

VIRGON: None. Planetary collapse continues, will be no longer be viable by this time next year after planetary mass collides
with remains of Colonial Fleet. Hibernia is likely to be just as dead soon after. Any salvage operations will require extreme caution.

TROY: 1 Basestar. With all life dead on planet, resources or denial of salvage may be the mission. Pallas's laboratories are still intact. May be worth a look to see if the Cylons have attempted to glean any information from them.

HERA: Last Stand of Civilian Fleet. No FTL. No Basestars. May be worth to search for supplies, fuel. After year of drifting, only the most hearty of supplies will remain.

Helios Gamma:

LIBRAN: 1 Basestar. This is a major change from the last time we ran reconnaissance. Per ANVIL: There is some sort of construct that is in place over the planet that ruins all ship electronics. No other planet has this screen. Further research on how to defeat this screen will be required.

SCORPIA: 2-3 Basestars. There is constructing facilities here, purpose unknown. Significant resistance still active. Unknown if construction project are using local prisoners or if they are being shipped in.

Helios Delta

AERILON: 2 Basestars. Strong resistance still active. If this is our next step in retaking the colonies, they will need to be taken out.

AQUARIA: 1 Basestar. Next to Libra, this is the hardest planet to access. Reconnaissance will be needed.

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