AWD #342: Could You Forgive Them?
Could You Forgive Them?
Summary: Two Virgans have a very girly sort of chat.
Date: 29/05/2016 (OOC Date)
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Perry Skyler 
Mess Hall
The Crew Mess on the battlestar is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
Wed Dec 14 2005 (AWD #342)

It's a bit late in the hour for food, but there's still hot food available on the serving line. It's running down and some of the more choice options are either gone or thinning out. It's become habit, however, for a particular intel officer to visit the mess at this time. Fewer people means less grumbling and muttered epithets in the line behind her as she shuffles her way through. Without crutch nor cane, she does have the freedom of both hands. However, the brace still leads to a slow, shuffling walk. It's this shuffle that carries Skyler through the line to select her meal. Today, she's going light on the meat and heavy on the veggies. Extras of the dinner rolls and a slice of whatever sort of pie that is.

The tray, though balanced carefully, wobbles a bit in her hands as she heads for a table. The woman is sans-work, but there is a paperback novel shoved into a pocket. Barely. It's curled to do so and risks popping out at any moment. Fortunately, it does not before she reaches a currently-empty table and sets down the tray, taking out the book to toss it down as well. Place secured, the jig starts the slow path for the coffee.

By the time Skyler is done getting her coffee she can turn around and see her table is no longer vacant. There's Miss Perry, Marine Grrl, parked at her table. She's sitting diagonally from the jig's stuff, giving a bit of space. Perry is in her green duty duds and has a tray with just a small sandwich on it and a plastic cup of purple bug juice - the defined taste of the color purple. She starts out with a long swig of the glass before picking up half the sandwich. Is that ham and cheese? Sure looks like it.

It's a slow path back to the table, but Skyler settles in quietly. More or less. She's at least not vocal in taking a seat. It just involves some shuffling and dragging of the chair to get her leg situated at least relatively comfortably. There is a glance to Perry, but nothing said until the intel officer is settled. "Think everyone is sufficiently distracted from the ruins?" There's a sort of wry smirk with it before she begins digging into her meal. A touch hungry today, it'd seem. Someone might have missed breakfast.

"If your plan was to distract people from the potentially societal-shaking ramifications of a religious find? You may have actually done that, yes. Perhaps next time throw in a murder or sexual appeal on the video, mm?" Perry looks over with a subtle, dogged smile. The dry wit of the Virgan upper class. "I'm quite interested, though. A Six aboard. Its not Knox. I bet some people are asking fun questions." she eats another bite of the sammich.

"Would I have preferred chatter of the ruins be kept to a minimum? Certainly. Am I glad for this particular distraction?" Skyler scoffs, just a bit. "It's always somewhat worse, isn't it?" She's going through her vegetables first, eating between statements. The meat — meatloaf, perhaps, from the looks of it — is being left… not quite for last, but still further in. When she pauses next, there's a shift of her jaw. A roll is picked up, a bit torn off, and pushes through the gravy with said meat. "Considering they're Cylons, the murder part can be assumed at some point in their past. Sex appeal, well. Can't help there, I'm afraid." The roll is eaten and the woman reaches for her coffee to wash it down. "Mmm, no. It's not Knox. You don't seem… surprised by that." It's not difficult for the jig to avoid marines, but she certainly has since the Six's presence was revealed.

Perry eats another bite of the sandwich and washes it down. It would be cringe-worthy at any state dinner, but here it looks completely normal. Julia always existed between two worlds, even as a teenager. Trying to have normal friends was impossible so she would sneak out to try to meet regular kids her own age. No surprise to see her like this. "I believe you're right. They have the murder part down well. Not sure I would find a Cylon attractive - if I knew it were a Cylon. Being that they're hard to figure out, I suppose that says odd things about us, too." She waggles the sandwich as if it were its own point of consideration. But her head tilts and she looks back to Skyler. "Nope. I talked to Knox around the time of his disappearance. I briefed Major Fairfax and delivered a few letters for the Sergeant. I don't have a clue where he is, but I knew that face on the video was definitely not Knox. The Cooper Knox I knew would never curse like that and he was cursed with a big heart. If that was Sergeant Cooper Knox then I'm the Queen of Virgon and this ship is simply my escort chariot."

Being raised as she was, 'normal' to Skyler was… well, she slummed it up in the way that only spoiled brats can. Going to clubs, blowing a lot of money, acting out for the sake of it. The joy of being niece to the Head of House. Little responsibility, but still so much by way of monetary acclaim. "They're strange to interact with. At least this Twelve is." There's no hiding that, really. No point. She was present when the two spoke to one another. It wouldn't take much of a leap to figure that she's likely interacted with the newest model to be known. "One moment, he seems so human. The next, it's abundantly clear that he doesn't understand us at all." It's small things that showcase just how well Almaeda fits into Intel. She has a puzzle before her (figuratively) and finds a certain fascination in the understanding of it. There's a long sip of coffee before she sets the mug aside, taking up fork once again.

"As far as I know, Sergeant Knox is out there. Can't say I know where he is, what he's doing, or his reasons for not coming back yet… But he was, at least, successful in turning the rest of his line." There's some prodding at the meat and Skyler finally has a bite. It must not be terrible because she goes for finishing it off, rather than saying anything else just yet.

"You're certainly doing work I'd never expected any of us to be involved with. Talking to fake humans about human topics. Cylons. But not." Perry shakes her head. Much like one of her parent's social gatherings, rank is ignored for the sake of polite and comfortable conversation. A little slice of home away from home. "There was a lot of bizarre moments in that video. There's no context, either, which makes it a bit more maddening than anything else. Every time I watch it I feel like I'm on the cusp of something… and it just slips away when the Six walks out of the room. It's like trying to grab a fistfull of water." She swills the clear plastic cup in front of her, looking at it with her quiet words. Skyler can probably see a LOT of her mother in her. Unsurprisingly similar mannerisms, similar way of speaking, that ability to hold proper form while still looking comfortable. "I couldn't even say much. Colonel Petra knows what I know. I sort of doubt it's much more than you. At this point I feel like I shouldn't even ask anymore. That video has really made me sit back and think about what we are doing. Good and bad."

As far as official functions went, Skyler wasn't always present. At least not in her early-teens. In her mid-late teens, yes. By then she'd been through all the proper classes and there was hope of seeing her wed off in some way that would favor the family. Unfortunately for them, she rarely dated anyone — male or female — for more than a week and rarely were they from a properly titled family. Landed, sometimes. Rich in business, sure. But the sort of marriage that would have bolstered the Almaeda name? Nope. So she was her own breed of disappointment when she took the Academy when the ultimatum of military service or marriage was handed down. She returns to eating her vegetables, watching Perry as she eats. Listening. The last causes a faint shrug.

"A part of me is both looking forward to and dreading the next time I talk to the Twelve. Our last did not end on the best of terms. I assume that's why he looked at me like he did when I walked in." She's starting to notice and starting to wonder. "But I want to know what it was that the Six showed him that affected him so. Not that I think he'll tell me, but I would like to ask, at least. And no, I don't think anyone expected anything of the kind. From when we first knew of these skinjobs. I think a lot of people thought Knox an anomaly and now, well, we have one of the best allies we could hope for, if the one in that video is indicative of the line now."

"See, that is what I mean. I wouldn't even know how to talk to a skinjob. I met Naomi for five minutes. Nice enough girl, but nothing else to say for the time. And I knew Knox before he was a skinjob. Or after. Whatever, you know what I mean. That Twelve seems very strange as far as persons go. I'd think him more of a Leonisian than anyone else. Just so awkward." Snicker snicker. Always a joke at the expense of the Leonesians whenever possible. "It sounds like you upset the lad. Doubtful he's going to go sharing things. But I'll admit I am insanely curious about what he did. They held hands for ten seconds and then suddenly poof, the Twelve looks like he's seen a ghost. I think that's the biggest thing I'm wondering about." and proobably everyone else. "Unless that was just for show, they can share things? By touching? Terrifying to think that they share things with people. What if Knox had brainwashed the whole crew into thinking something? Don't get me wrong, I hope he's an ally, but it begs the question."

"The Twelve is the first I've really spoken to, honestly. I knew of Delacroix, but… never really interacted with her." Viper, Raptor, and there was barely any time between Skyler being declared active duty on the Orion and Ceres' death. With only the pie and remaining dinner roll left, she drags the latter through the remaining gravy. Mopping it up. There's a bite taken, smirking, at the jab to the Leonese. Always a pleasure, that. "Mmm. I pushed him too far regarding my personal anger regarding Virgon. I accused him, in a way, of being responsible for the deaths. He seemed truly bothered by that. For whatever reason, he seems rather displeased by the idea of human deaths. The cruisers lost," that Petra announced, "bothered him greatly." She shrugs, just a bit, but the last earns a low sigh.

The jig takes a moment to sip at her coffee, looking down at the near-empty tray before her. "Do we know they can do it with people? I don't. Maybe it's something they can only do with each other. Maybe I should speak with this Six," if Elias will allow it. "and see what he's willing to tell me. As for the whole crew? I doubt it. Major Gray was on the tribunal that gave him citizenship and I honestly can't see the Major ever allowing one of them to touch him."

"Yeah, talking them is bizarre. It's why I kinda wonder about sleeping with one. Not in a tawdry way, but more the basic curiosity of what that would be like. If they can mimic humanity near perfectly then it really does pose questions about us. And them. Can they love? Cooper Knox certainly seemed to love being a Marine. He bitched and griped like everyone else, but it was in his blood. Is it love? Is it biological reproduction?" Julia considers the question all over again for a moment, but it's far too deep to really explore in a few seconds. The mention of going to far gets a nod. "That can happen. Not sure I would have fared much better. To my mind, I think the whole lot of them skinjobs should probably stay away from the Virgans. We're not happy about our colony and we have a history of settling scores. Can't imagine why he would care, though. They aren't human, never have been. They're just walking, talking programming. Frak 'em. I'd bet he's probably just faking it to get sympathy. Course, clearly, I say this without any academic warrant and literally not a clue what was said otherwise." There's no further comment to the idea of the skinjobs sharing things with humans. Or changing their memories. It isn't something Julia can process right now. Would she even know if he had? Mind hacking? Good Gods.

There's a sort of flush that finds itself on Skyler's features. High, along her cheekbones. Her hair is currently in a low ponytail, covering her ears, so the red there is hidden as well. Has someone had thoughts about a particular model? Or maybe just this topic. "I… would be lying if I said it hadn't crossed my mind. We don't even know if they're capable of reproduction. That would be… I mean, they're already a technological feat we can barely understand, but-" She has to bring up a hand to cover her face. Embarrassed. It takes her a moment to recover herself… and finishing off that roll.

It doesn't help that there's a romance novel — The Silent Servant — sitting right there next to her tray. Hey, even gimps can want things, right? Or fantasize about them at least. "I think it's real. Something… happened to a Raptor I was on during a recon. Something no one has an explanation for. I told him and I don't think… I don't think you could program that reaction, at that speed. It was clearly outside of what he expected. I think he's just kind of an ass. You know the guys, who think they know everything already?" Yes. Focus on the Twelve's dick-itude. Sky grabs her coffee and holds it up. If only to hide her features a bit longer.

Julia watches the color spread. She just sips her juice and smiles. There's no leering, no witty banter, not traded remarks. She just smiles. "You're human, girl. You think about the same things I do, but probably just in your own way. Granted I didn't mean like -that- but I have considered it. But maybe not to the same extent." She just holds the smile and look. Nope, not going to go there. The nobility does not talk of such things - officially. Except for the women. Who just know the men can't handle it being discussed. Musn't panic them and the children. "You have me curious enough about the raptor. My problem is that if its more religious implications, I'm not sure I can handle them. I fell asleep in the chapel Saturday night. I've not been to chapel in ten years, let alone felt comfortable enough to sleep in one. But yes, I know the type. I'm drawn to them. I like a feisty guy who isn't afraid to treat me like a piece of meat every now and again. It can be fun. But not in your case with this Twelve, no, I suppose not."

"The extent to which I have to consider things is almost ridiculous. I thought I was a curious person before, but now it's not left to idle thoughts before I sleep, no. It's detailed, at length, in reports." Well, most things. Skyler isn't about to begin drafting a report on skinjobs and their perceived sexuality. She already gets the side-eye enough from Elias as it is. Another sip of coffee and the mug is set down, leaving her free to reach for fork and draw the small plate the pie rests on closer.

"Mmm… Some think it religious. Even this Twelve. We made a jump that saved our lives and there's no evidence of it being technological. I've never been very religious. I'm still certain there's something we haven't uncovered yet." Just like she's still trying to reason away what happened at the ruins. A testing bite of pie leaves her looking at it curiously. But there's a pause and a flicker of dark eyes in Julia's direction. "Much as I would enjoy a partner like that, I don't think I should go looking for it in a cylon."

"You know, for a moment, I thought you were talking about detailing your curiosity of them in sexual ways - in reports. I was like 'Oh, she's a downright direct girl!' and then realized I'm a doof." Yep. Perry is easy with it. She keeps things light. "As for your jump, I guess I can see how that might make sense. I've seen some very pretty things out there. Even had a few prayers when the fire got intense. Never gave it much thought til the ruins. Seeing something like that should have freaked at least one of us out. Instead? We just went with it. It felt comfortable. It felt like someone had dropped a warm blanket on the whole area. To me? Maybe that's something we are in the process of uncovering. And why not?" She glances around as she settles back in the chair with her juice. "Humanity is up against the ropes in a war we're unlikely to win. We're desperate for a miracle. Most of us have lost everything we held dear. And here we are further than we've ever been known to travel before… and we find the Gods? Or a 'light' or something? If not now, then when? Some people ask why and I suppose that's smart." She looks to the glass. "I can't stop asking why not?"

"Obviously I'm not the first… or only to consider them in that way," Skyler opines, casting a look at Perry. "And I suppose it could be vital information. There are models we don't yet know. There are those we do know among the people still on some of the colonies. Wouldn't it be important to know if they could procreate? What the outcomes might be? And they… well, either they do feel such ways or they simulate it well. The Twelve checked me out the first time I met him. It… made the encounter more human from the get-go, if I'm being honest. It was really our second talk that seemed more… foreign." Skyler barely knew Perry before all this, but the other woman is still a familiar face. It helps.

Lifting a hand to rub at the shorter hair at her temple, the woman looks down to her plate. She finally goes for the fork again. "I felt that, but I… don't know. People always talk about religious moments in these ways that they just know. Like it's crystal clear. I didn't get that." And back to the pie… for the moment, at least. Something to fill the space after her quiet, confused admission.

"Clearly. Knox has pictures of a woman in his bunk. There's even pictures of them together. Some of them are clearly after Warday. She must have known. I will admit that there's a lovely dark romance story there. Very forbidden lover. I applaud." She gives a pert nod and smile as she considers the idea of being in Afton's position. "What an odd place to envy and recoil from. I'd love to talk to her but supposedly she's redeployed." SIGH. She pokes at her sandwich with a finger, disinterested in further munchings for the moment. "How did you feel? Was it a flattering sort of feeling? Creepy? I hate the creepy one. Tough to feel like a prowling tigress when there's a creeper on the loose." The sandwich is finally taken again for just one more bite. "Yanno, Skyler, can I address you as Skyler?" she does anyway. "Skyler, I had something come to me during the whole process that finally settled my mind about it. And I slept like a childe." That smile is too warm to be disingenuous. "I felt it and obviously I was meant to feel it exactly how I did. It's beyond my control. If I hadn't felt it was enough, then the Gods would have deemed it so and I would still feel that way. "Perhaps you have work to do with your curiosity and skepticism? Something that will ultimately lead you to your destination? I am where I am because it is where I am supposed to be. That, more than anything, has helped me sleep at night."

"Does he? I didn't know." Not that Skyler would have, really. She didn't know Knox and it was never deemed important enough — if Command even knew — to put in any reports. The question draws her attention back up from her pie and she turns the fork slowly against the plate; balanced upon a tine. "It was… unexpected. I must not have hated it. I've made sure I look… at least presentable every time I've gone in there since. If I wanted to conduct an experiment, I would go in there with another woman-" there's a squint at Perry, as if considering. Marines are interchangeable for brig duty, right? "And see how he reacts then. Would he still look at me as he has or would it be equal to another?" A decade ago, Almaeda would have never marked herself for a scientist's mind. It takes a certain honing of curiousity to get there and being a Raptor pilot managed it. Intel is just refining it.

"Sure. I've never really cared much about the structure, to be honest. We're people." Some things in the noble-born brat never do change. That chafe against putting everyone into boxes. She's proper around superiors, but the woman has never taken issue with enlisted. The jig does listen, in between bites of pie. At the end, there's a twitch of lips, a wrinkle of nose, and finally something of a shrug. "I don't know," she answers, quietly… but honestly. "Are they new gods? Or does Kobol's influence reach out here? And if so, can they answer why Virgon, of all the colonies, had to be so thoroughly destroyed? The stories all speak of a greater purpose, but I see none."

"Yeah. Seems Knox was pretty taken with a girl. She's a PJ. Guess it makes sense. They were tight. She'd been attacked once or twice for being with him. At least once physically. One of the Marines told me that there was a brawl with Deck about it." Julia mostly considers her sandwich, likely thankful those days are over. She looks back to Skyler with the rest, though, and understands. "Oh of course. Even if I hated the thing I'd probably still make sure I looked a modicum of presentable. Minimally. I hate that. It's like a damned genetic obligation to look good." Not that gene's have been unkind to her. Even dressed down she looks like she could find a way to make it work at an Event. "Nono. You leave me out of this. I don't want him looking at me like that." She downs another gulp of the purple juice and settles back again. "I'm obviously not happy about Virgon, but I've realized that Virgon isn't the point. You're asking good questions, but I have another: Does any of that actually matter if we've confirmed the existence of religious deities?"

"Well, I'm thinking now that I ought to drag someone in there. Who knows. Maybe for once, someone will overlook you." The two of them could probably knock the socks off most attendees at any sort of ball-type function. Not just because of the background. Skyler does smile with the tease, pushing her tray aside after deciding to leave the pie crust behind. No need for that. Instead, she pulls coffee and book before her, leaning in to prop elbows on the table. "Sure it matters," she replies, lifting the mug. There's a sip taken and it's only partially lowered as she swallows and continues. "Because if they do actually exist and they do have some sort of power, they let all this happen. So frak them."

"Uh huh. Miss Almaeda, I rather suspect you are underestimating my ability to duck my head and disappear. I'm not interested in having a Twelve check me out or give me meaningful glances. I've got enough problems. I think you've got enough hotness to cover one artificial being, mm?" She swings the idea back away from her and leaves the ball at the feet of Skyler. Nope, she's not doin it. "You have the attitude I wish I could have. I want to hate whatever allowed this to happen. I want to hate the Fleet for being so lazy. I want to hate the Admiralty. Adar. The Cylons. I just…" There's a long exhale and she looks a bit frustrated. "I can't. Like, my brain just had a switch flipped I guess. I still hate the Cylons, clearly, and I'm pissed about Virgon. But I don't blame anyone. I think I just go with the idea that if we were meant to understand, we'd be shoulder to shoulder with them. And we aren't. We're just people. We might think we're pretty high and mighty, but we aren't when you stack us up. Especially if deities are real."

"Not even to help me ascertain whether he's interested in me, specifically, or just women in general?" Skyler can't help but grin a measure, at the way Perry responds… And how ridiculous the whole of it really is, when one gets down to it. "In all honesty, I've wanted to speak with him since the Six did, but I'm fairly certain that if I did so without prior clearance from my bosses, I'd be in quite a lot of hot water. Is it wrong that I wish, in some respects, that the Twelve would ask after me?" A pause and she looks into her coffee, thoughtful. "I think I may have upset him too much last time we spoke, though. Like I said, I went too far." She takes a drink, thoughtful, looking to Perry and then the table between them. There's a quiet sigh. "Honestly? That's all part of why I don't really hate the skinjobs like I maybe should. I don't trust them, no. I'm not about to assume every one I meet is friendly. But I figure… what else do I have to lose? I'm not a major decision maker. I'm just a jig in intel. I realize that this Twelve at least believes he's taken a major risk and a big step in what he's done. The least I can do is try to meet him somewhere in the middle. Obviously I'd never give him any information or access that would put us at risk. And if he threatens us, we kill him. But…" She sets her coffee down, folding hands just before it. "I don't know. I don't like all the anger I feel. So I'm just trying to do something that… feels like it helps release some of it."

"You don't need me to find out if he likes women. Bring the guy two different kinds of porn. Tell him you figured he was bored and you wanted to give him some options." She just smiles right back at Skyler with it. Yep, this is easier. Familiar faces and accents. "I think it's not. If he's a normal man with manly urges then you are entitled to be a woman with your own urges. Lacking proof that he does not feel such things, you have your rights. I'd just refrain from getting too smitten with him. I hear they might be dangerous." A wink is slid to the woman across the table before she also leans forward, in some ways mirroring the JG. Especially while listening. The words pose a lot of interesting questions. "Mm. I think you're touching on what the Six did. Individuality. If they are truly learning their individualities, and some of them are pained and regretful at what has happened, does that not bring us cause to pause? Pardon the rhyme, but it presents a point considering." She tilts the glass ever so slightly. "Could they be forgiven? I'm not asking me- or theoretically- I'm asking you. Is it possible?"

There's a bit of a scoff. "You know what I mean. Is he looking at me like that because I'm the only woman around or because it's something about me, specifically? Or shall I bring porn to the next interrogation and see if he cares more about it than me?" Skyler rolls her eyes absently at the absurdity of it all. "Oh, right, because Major Gray would be so pleased to learn I'm flirting with a skinjob. Even if I hear that's a rather valid way of gaining knowledge in some circles." So she hasn't outright discredited the idea. "And last I checked, I don't do 'smitten.'" At the mention of individuality, she tilts her head left, right. "The Twelve is here in regards to a… end point for his line. A conclusion. Answers, I'd guess. But you saw the video. He told the Six that he's here to represent the whole line, not just himself-" There's a shift across her expression. An idea. For the moment, the question of forgiveness is forgotten. "Do you think maybe that's the key? To get him to view himself as an individual and not just one of many?"

"Darling, I think he's looking at you because he knows Grade A Virgan Beauty when he see's it. I don't think it's just because you're the only female around. Even if you were, you're hard to ignore." She's likely a good judge of that. Perry has been in the spotlight of her family forever. She grew up in front of a camera. "Flirting is a good way to get information, I guess, but I wasn't being serious. Flirting with him doesn't seem like it would go well and I'm probably the last person to ask about that, anyway." She does once more listen, though, and nod along with it. This makes some more sense. As for a key? She boggles. "Oh Lords and Ladies, I have no idea. If he's there representing the line then are they going to believe him when he gets home? Is he going home? I don't have a bloody clue, Skyler."

"Well, he does claim to have spent time on Hibernia, but I wouldn't equate that with the likes of those who grew up in Boskirk or Hadrian." It's the sort of fond teasing one might give a sibling, really. No other colony can diss Hibernia, but she sure as shit will. "Shame he turned out to be a skinjob and not actually a proper Lieutenant. He is attractive, I won't deny that. Do you think they model the lines specifically for that? Most of them seem to be lookers all in their own way. Except One." Skyler lifts her mug, looking to what coffee remains. She takes a small sip and shrugs, "I think he's on… a schedule. One he hasn't told us, obviously. Probably has to download by a certain time or they'll assume the worst."

The other woman at the table snickers for her own reasons. The little giggles afforded to the aristocracy. "See, now you're asking the important questions. What if they are designed to be attractive? They use it to infiltrate. Knox wasn't awful. Yes, except for One, they seem to all have something in common physically." It seems she decidedly agrees with the assessment. Why not? "If he's expected to return then they've probably given him a return date. If he hasn't told you, and you all are considering an alliance, getting him home sooner than later might be good. But, though, you'd have to think that the Cylons would at least understand that we would have to take some time with this. Don't we also have a Nine parked down in Medical in a coma??

"Knox, or his line, isn't my type, but he's not unattractive." Maybe Skyler likes the rougher sorts. It'd track, with her background. Bad boy syndrome. Elbows still on table, she lifts one hand to cup her cheek; head tilting into it. Some of the hair slides free of the elastic, falling around her features. "So far, I don't think he's convinced of an alliance. I'm not ready to send him back." And that's not some desire to keep the Twelve around for personal reasons. "We do, yes. Medical still doesn't know if she'll wake up. One of those 'it's up to her' situations, I suppose." Like they tell you. There's a roll of shoulders, but Skyler just sighs, by a small measure. "I'm not sure if I should talk to the Six or Twelve first."

"I like the cleaner, more vulgar Six that came to talk to the Twelve. He had a very brusque quality I enjoy. My dad had it. I never get tired of watching it." It's almost wistful. It seems to angst of her loss has already faded quite a bit. "Well send him back whenever you want. I'm just saying that the whole situation is something I'm glad I'm not apart of. Deciphering puzzles like that was never my forte. I'll still to the complex astrophysics of naval gunfire support, thanks." For srs. JTAC's are the most intelligent people in the Marines. Even if she sometimes treats it like a vacation. "We've got the Twelve for awhile. Unless you're holding the Six for some reason, see what's up with him."

"When the doc told me I wouldn't likely be cleared for combat piloting for a long time, if at all, I had no frakking clue what they'd do with me," Skyler admits, lips pulling into a bit of a smile. "Intel wouldn't even have been in my top five. But apparently, the working theory is that Raptors already do a bit of that work anyway." Recon being what it is. "But it's… it's a whole new level. I'm not used to all the smoke and mirrors. I like to just go in and get shit done. Not play these…" She borrows a term from the Twelve: "coy games. It's like those girls who wanted to do courtship old school. Passing letters through friends and shit. I always preferred to go out, drink, and get laid." Her free hand drums against the table lightly. "A few people have mentioned how different that Six was from Knox. I wonder if he's more typical of the line? I suppose that's not something that I should ask. It seems… personal."

"I guess you could say the same thing about the Marines, I guess, but I always figured Raptors more for bomber and support pilots. Not.. recon. But I suppose I wouldn't see the recon angle, now would I?" A true-enough supposition. Perry isn't aircrew and wouldn't ever fly on them. But she does see plenty of bombs. "Ohhh I don't know. I do enjoy a bit of the romance with an old courtship. But yes, I like the -romance-, not the actual ordeal - which it always turns into. It's never easy. I'll stick to books." She gestures to Skyler's book with her drink. "I suppose it is personal. But it's also a worthwhile question. Which of them is actually more representative of the whole. My bet is on the visitor. Or something like him."

"Command could always just be bullshitting me. Maybe they just wanted to saddle Major Gray with a lackey." Smirk. Skyler lifts her coffee and takes a long drink, glancing to the book. There's a grin. "They're so damn corny, but I like reading them. Service has utterly ruined my love life. If it's not frat, there's something else in the way. Schedules. Or just plain ol' differences of opinion. Maybe I don't want to be handled like I'll break every time I frak." After her injury, that one is probably a valid complaint. It's easy talking to someone from 'home.' The cadence. The accent. "That is true. It'd be good to know for how to approach any other Sixes. Maybe if I inquire in that vein… He won't take it personally. Just as a, hey, we want to know so that we can approach you all properly and not frak anything over unnecessarily."

"I don't know him. Somehow if he made it to Major, I suspect they don't think he needs a partner or lackey. Perhaps a sidekick?" Perry passes it over as a curious idea. "Oh, no, dear, don't mistake my gesture to be criticism. I heard I was going to be on P for four days and I went to the library and grabbed a bunch of them to take with me. Those months on Picon without a mate, no books, nothing to read, I was going bonzer. Out. Of. My. Mind. Now? Oh so much better." Le sigh. "But you have my sympathies. I wish there was something we could do about it. But boys will be boys." She shrugs. The point of the Sixes? It gets a nod. "I doubt any of them would take offense to getting a good temperature for who and how they are. If they're starting to individualize, well, then that's going to be interesting. A bunch of Cylon JTACs running the countryside and hedgerow, popping up to call for strikes. Makes my job easier."

The book that Skyler has looks well-worn. Not a library item, likely. Not with the hell and re-reads its been put through. Perhaps it's one of those gems that's been passed from hand to hand. "Sidekick. I think I might be older than he is, you know? Jig used to let me fly under everyone's radar. Now it just pisses people off when I have to point out I have higher security clearance." There is a bit of a laugh for Perry's words and Skyler waves a hand at her. "Boys will be boys, but if you like it rough, girls are no better. I think the operative word is men. We need proper men. And so few left." She can't help but grin. But it turns to a laugh at the last from Perry. The woman leans in, just a little, talking low: "I hear rumor of some calling in strikes with Knox's sign. Do you think they all intend to be JTACs?"

"Really? You're older than the Major?" Perry owl-eye blinks a few times before looking away. "Geez. And I thought I was young for a Staff Sergeant. Gods, I feel like an old woman, now. Best go ahead and purchase the fine tea set and doily." Perry groans a little with a laugh and shakes her head. Ohhhh lawdy. She smiles back to Skyler. "Men. Boys. Girls, women. Same thing unless we're getting technical. No sense talking about actual boys, either in terms pf physical or mental age." The last has her look thoughtful. "You know, that's actually a really bad idea. One of them is okay, but multiples are bad. They should know this, though. They all share the same memories, right? They could really screw up…" Her voice drifts as she considers this more seriously. "There's no reason to do that unless they wanted to make it look like Knox was still out there operating. Wow. Then it makes sense. But otherwise… yeah. They'll need to get their own callsigns or things will get ugly on air traffic control on a frontline."

"I might be. I'm not sure I am. And great, thanks. If you're an old woman, I'm ancient." It's that dry droll tone that Virgons are just so good at. Skyler rolls her shoulders back a bit. "This is all your fault, you know. I'm going to spend the next few days fantasizing about someone who can put me up against a wall. Thanks a lot. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd report you to your CO." But she's smiling, even as she says it. The mug is lifted and the last of the contents drained off. "Mmm… They have a lot of adapting to do. So do we. They want to all be individuals, which is… admirable and a good sign for us. But they can't all be Sergeant Knox. And if they want to be individuals… they shouldn't all want to be JTACS, right?" The jig shakes her head, setting the mug on her tray. "Frak if I know. It's confusing. Acknowledging something manufactured rather than born as having the same rights as us. Seeing countless numbers of that same… person want to take up the fight. It's what we hoped for, yes, but it's a daunting prospect in practice." She snorts, glancing around the relatively (for the late hour) quiet mess. "And that's just logistics. Getting the entire fleet to accept them? Wait until Deck hears about this."

"You know we have a whole two platoons of MP's who would be happy to help you out. What they don't report never happened." Perry just posits that for now. There to take or leave. "I'm sure there are books out there just for that." She tries to sound innocent. The halo can practically be heard cracking. The rest has her sit forward again and look away. She people watches while she thinks. "I think that's a problem they all need to sort for themselves. This whole Knox thing must be pretty new for them. And kinda scary. Suddenly you wake up one day and you have a whole paradigm shift? I'm just glad they're handling it alright so far. Once they figure it all out on their own, we'll probably have a pretty diverse group. But regardless, they should all have Marine training and knowledge of close air support. That's a huge asset." She looks back. "Getting the whole fleet to accept them, thankfully, isn't our problem. But you didn't answer my question, either. Could you forgive some of them for Virgon?"

"Don't tempt me. I'm supposed to be a… proper representative of the CIC or someshit like that." But the idea of having a go with some MPs? Well, it likely crosses many a mind from time to time. They have certain… training. Skyler lifts both hands behind her head, pulling out the elastic before re-gathering her hair into a rough bun higher up on her head. A fair bit falls free around her features, but she seems satisfied enough, hands falling to her lap instead. "I hope they all understand that they have to gain citizenship of their own accord. I would imagine that is something Knox understood and hopefully they do, also. I've tried to explain it to the Twelve, that Knox earned our trust. He doesn't seem to quite comprehend the concept of humans and trust yet." The question, however, earns pursed lips and the jig looks at the table for a long moment. "Maybe. I doubt they're the ones who made the call for what happened to Virgon. Whoever did that is the one I don't see myself ever forgiving."

Perry shrugs it off. This is not exactly priority one for her. Skyler getting her jollies is her own thing. She just sips the remnants of her bug juice in the meantime. "They want citizenship? Yeah, uh, good frakkin luck. I remember watching the Knox tribunal. The guy earned that. I know some people disagree but most of those people have never faced a hard decision in their life. Most. Who I saw was a Marine that acted knowing he would eventually get caught, but did the right thing anyway. Twelve can figure that out on his own time." She seems to dismiss the counterarguments easily. "Yeah, I don't imagine the ones who made the call are going to so easily escape anyone's ire. The few Leonesians I've met have all shared their frustration. Seems there's solidarity in old rivalries."

"I don't know if they do or not. I'm wondering if they do. Twelve seemed pretty keen on bringing up our level of trust in Knox, so I'm guessing that's a Thing for them. I could see it being so, too. I mean, one day you're just one of many. What the frak ever. Then suddenly, the realization that you could be your own man. And if the enemy, the people who see you as just another machine, can accept you as an individual? So, no, I don't know if they want citizenship, but if they do… I won't be surprised." Skyler folds her arms, leaning elbows against the table as she leans forward marginally. "The Twelve doesn't seem to understand how much it takes for us to trust. He thinks because he's given us some things, that should be that." No telling what those things are, but obviously he's still alive and not restrained 24/7, even if he is in a cell. "But, you know what makes me think I can get through to him? He never speaks well of the One. He's hinted that he's going to be in a lot of trouble with One, too. There's no love there. But I'm not sure there's the same amount of ire and hatred that we have."

Perry listens along easily, nodding. She seems to follow but it seems to be a little heady for her at the moment. "You all seriously put a lot of proposals up in the air," is chuckled easily. "I think I follow you but my brain isn't braining well enough for philosophy." She drains the rest of the purple juice and eyes the sandwich. "One is a cunt. We already know this. If that's the big weak spot right there, then I say apply pressure. But I don't interrogate, I just prosecute. That's the name of my game." She takes one more bite of the sandwich and slowly rises. "I'll be pretty interested to see what you find out, though. If, you know, you're up for sharing. If not, I understand secrecy and all that. Been good nattering with you again, Skyler." And she means that.

"I've interrogated twice and frakked up each time," Skyler admits, though there's a hint of a smile. "The first time, the Major wasn't happy with something I said. The second time, I upset the Twelve. We'll see how my third goes, mm? I hear some people talk about a need for OCS. I need some sort of proper intel training, I swear. Being thrown in the deep end is not my idea of fun." But she carries it well. There's annoyance, but no more bitching than anyone else in the military engages in. Maybe less, really. The jig views it as a challenge. A hill to be mastered. "Well, we'll see. Whoever released that video revealed a whole frakking lot of things. I think anyone keen on holding all the secrets is going to have to start learning to give that up." She nods to Perry as the other prepares to depart, reaching for her book. She's found a relatively comfortable spot for her leg. She won't be leaving for a little while yet.

"I think whomever released that video either is in very deep shit or they knew exactly what they are doing. It doesn't seem like the sort of thing a skinjob would want floating around. …Or is it?" Perry asks the question but she doesn't seem to have the answer. Maybe it's more asked to herself. "Anyway, enjoy the book. And good luck. Third time is the charm, yeah?" She winks and steps off, likely needing to get some rack time.

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