AWD #082: Cosmetology
Summary: Maia, Rhonwen and Dell talk girl things in the Recovery ward
Date: 29/03/2013
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Maia Rhonwen Dell 
Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
AWD # 82

Rhonwen is seated and is reading a detective novel. Her long hair has been pulled into a ponytail and she has on as always her favorite outfit at the moment. Hospital gown and a terry cloth robe. The recovery ward at this time of the day is rather quiet. Some are still sleeping and others are off getting their treatments and therapies.

Maia is just coming in from the morning routine of mess hall and other miscellaneous things she does in the mornings. One of her hands is closed around a bottle of candy apple red nail polish and she's got a wide smile on her face. "Good morning oh favorite visiting civilian." Walking over, she smiles down at Rhonwen. "And how are you feeling?"

"Better than yesterday, I wanted to party crash but unfortunately my body has more wisdom than my brain." Rhonwen says with a grin. "Now is that what I think it is?" She asks as she eyes the bottle of nail polish. "Lovely color," She moves to set her book aside. She is dressed as she always is dressed lately in her favorite hospital gown and terry cloth robe.

Adelphi shows up precisely on time, her uniform freshly pressed and smelling very faintly of soap. The woman's hair is slightly damp- and, for once, worn down. She walks briskly toward where Rhonwen is laying, hands at her sides, and comes to attention not too far from the bed, most likely out of force of habit. She slips quickly into parade rest then, looking between Maia and Rhonwen thougthfully. "Good morning. Fancy seeing you both here today."

Maia holds it up and gently moves it back and forth, "It is indeed, my friend. So, let's gloss over those toes and fingers and then another time we'll get your hair curled and face made up if you want. Maybe…" Oh the wheels begin to spin. "And maybe we can arrange for a certain officer to come by." She loves teasing her newfound friend. So, without further ado, the Raptorette sans hangover, moves to the end of the bed and uncovers her feet. Opening the bottle, she begins making short work of the painting, conversing while she does. "Then maybe we should take you to Checkpoint Charlie's once you're released from here and play some music and have a little fun. Sorry you missed out on the party though."
Glancing up when there's another arrival, she flashes the Staff Sergeant a grin. "Hey there," noting her hair down and everything. "Suits you," she nods towards the do, to indicate what she is talking about. "Makes you look.. I don't know. Softer, more approachable." With a quick look back to Rhonwen, she queries. "Wouldn't you agree?" Before going back to the painting.

"Come and have a seat Hermia, how are you doing? I think I missed you during your rounds yesterday, I am doing much better than yesterday. I am thinking I will go for a walk to the observation deck, and this time if someone says I am a Cylon I will just smile sweetly and ask them if they would like to be bit in the ass this time." Rhonwen says with a charming smile. "How are you doing?" Her eyes are bright. "Maia, I do not think any would notice me. But getting my hair curled and feeling like my old self would be lovely. I have not curled my hair in a long time. Not since the day they dropped the nukes on Picon. Too much to do about that time," She pauses. "Also a little bit of time around music and laughter would do my mind a lot of good." She grins.

"Don't know if I'm really supposed to be," Dell responds quietly to Maia's comment, although she nods. The Staff Sergeant takes a deep breath and offers a fleeting smile as she glances between Rhonwen and Maia once more, the fingers of her left hand finding a stray lock of hair and idly tugging at it. "Thank you. I'll keep that in mind. I haven't been working with any explosives recently, less of a concern with it getting in the way."
The smile soon becomes a slightly melancholic, formal expression with Dell's lips slightly quirked and her eyes dropping toward the floor. Afterward she nods once and sits down in the same place she takes each day, folding her hands over her lap as she does. "I'm well enough. Gotten a lot done this morning, starting to believe it's possible to catch up with paperwork when I'm covering two desks. That and I think I drank a little too much whiskey last night." Hermia does look a little run down, her eyes slightly red and the lids puffy, but given her self appointed schedule doesn't seem to have room for sleep this has been true for some time.

"I'm glad you're feeling better than you were yesterday. Any improvement is good." Finishing off one foot, she goes to the other, but bends down and blows softly on the first five digits while she listens. Mid-blow though, Maia gets distracted by something said. "Someone said you're a Cylon?" Her brow furrows rather unhappily as the implications of that sink in, though she is sucked in by the charming smile. "Well, if you need me, ever, and I mean that, you have someone come get me. I have a mean right hook or so I'm told." While she goes back to the painting now, she listens but waits until Rhonwen is finished speaking before refuting it. "Of course you would get noticed. You're very beautiful." Glancing up and giving her a quick wink. "Especially for a Cylon." Teasing her, liking to hear her laugh. "Then we'll make it a date. I even have this little black dress you can use when the time comes. You'll be drop dead gorgeous."
When Dell mentions that she's not supposed to appear softer or more approachable, her voice softens and she smiles ruefully. "You're a damned good soldier, Dell, but don't allow yourself to forget you're a woman too. Even small things are good reminders. Like.. bright red toenail polish. Silk and lace panties. A toe ring. Just little touches to remind yourself does wonders for the confidence."

"You would appear that you needed it my friend. The drink, sometimes we need to step away from moderation and go on a bender. A bender within reason of course I am not promoting the breaking of laws." Rhonwen says to her. "Would you like some coffee Hermia? Did you go to the gathering at the courts?"

She looks over at Mia. "Coffee?" Rhonwen is tall as the rumors said she is and because of her height her feet are long. "Mia, I am almost a foot taller than you my dear." She laughs. "It will be a mini dress on me. Honestly, just being able to have some whiskey will be a delight." She grins. "It is a kind offer but if they want to fence words they best realize my bite is worse than my bark." She grins. "I am used to shark infested waters and trust me where there is blood in the water it makes it all the more interesting."

Dell lets out a faint chuckle at Maia's last comment, shaking her head softly as she does. It's as much wry as mirthful, the woman's abdomen flexing as she leans forward slightly, her mouth remaining shut. She closes her eyes slightly and begins to shake her head once more as she does. She nods. "I didn't wear those things before I settled down, Maia. I mean… Well, maybe a silk dress or two. Once in a blue moon. I've been a soldier for nearly half my life. I guess some things stick. When Marines go to boot camp they don't let you bring anything from home. If you need anything the quartermaster issues it. No exceptions. I never got out of the habit, I guess. Besides, I was never really a 'people person'." She actually makes the statement with finger quotes. "I don't know if I really want to be."
To Rhonwen Adelphi offers another of those faint smiles which don't quite manage to show off any teeth. "No, no coffee for me today. Thank you, though. Trying to cut back a little bit. It only makes it worse after you've been up awhile. As for whiskey- I think I can manage that just as soon as the doctor clears you, RHonnie. I'd try it now, but Dr. Nadir would make me pay for it the next time I get shot. SOme lines are best left uncrossed."

"Nah, no coffee for me, but thank you for offering." Finishing up the second foot, Maia does the same process, bending and blowing the polish dry. "Are you really that much taller than me? Maybe it's just because I have never seen you standing." Giving her a cheeky smile full of mischief, she whispers in a mock aside. "I am sure there would be no objections to you wearing a mini-dress. Especially while drinking whiskey." Straightening, she nods somewhat solemnly. "Shark infested waters huh? I can see that."
Switching her attention to the Staff Sergeant, the Raptor pilot leans against the bulkhead, regarding her a moment in silence while hearing her out. "No one is asking you to change who you are, Dell. Cause I'm sure we'd all agree we all like who you are. So maybe you're not a girly-girl like me, but you don't have to shoulder every burden alone, especially when you've got friends. You ever need to talk, you know where to find me most of the time. You don't have to be a people person to have a few friends you can be yourself with."

Several Hours Later…

When Rhonwen had fallen asleep earlier, Maia had finished her finger nails being careful with the candy apple red color. After making sure her nails were dry, she had gone for a brief meeting with Petra then gone to sims and afterwards had gathered her makeup and curling wand to go and find her friend. With a duffel over her shoulder, the blonde Raptor pilot steps in with a mischievous smile, looking this way and that before closing the distance to the bed, looking to see if Rhonwen is awake or asleep and try to gauge how she is feeling.

Rhonwen is reading the candy apple red nail polish appears brightly against the stark contrast of her hospital gown and robe. Her hair is down and has been washed and the scent of soap clings to her like a perfume. She is just finishing the book and with a satisfied smile she closes it. When she closes it and sets it aside is when she notices Maia. A warm smile that lights up her eyes and her face appears. "Maia my dear, you did a lovely job on my nails. Now what do you have there?"

"What I have here is the beauty parlor and we're going to have some fun with you." Maia beams a bright smile as she perches on the edge of the bed and drags the rolling table over to place the bag on it. "We're going to make you all up and curl your hair." Pulling out the curling wand, she places it on the table and flips the battery operated instrument to on. Next, she opens the bag wider and draws out moisturizer. "Do you mind if I give you the makeover?"

For once, Dell does not show up at the beginning of the impromptu meeting in the sickbay. She shows up on the hour after all, and this is no exception. She even missed one of her usual two hour visits. Thus she arrives after the nails have been painted, just in time to offer a raied eyebrow and a couple of blinks. There's a significant difference, however. Dell is in her off duty clothing instead of her fatigues, t-shirt and green trousers. She rolls her shoulders lightly, stepping into place not far away and frowning thoughtfully. "Seems as though it's been a good evening. The colour suits you, Rhonnie. Everyone feeling well?" It is also notable that Dell must have slept. She looks at least five years younger than she did this morning.

"The day is going and I have slept most of it away." Rhonwen reponds back to both of them. She then smiles brightly. "Maia do your worse or best. I am afraid I do not have much to work with anymore." That smile of hers turns to a grin. "Hermia, care to join us?"

"Slept most of it away? At least you look all bright and shiny." Maia smiles indulgently. "Of course you have plenty to work with, look at all your lovely hair." Glancing up when Dell enters, she tilts her head to the side and smiles, "Hi Dell, how are you this evening?" Glad to see her at least semi relaxed in off duties. "Looks like you've found some sleep yourself." Rising, Maia moves to brush her fingers through the long strands of hair, then reaches for the iron to begin curling the sides, "Tell me about your life before," she invites her.

"I actually slept for a few hours. With Stone out of the sickbay I agave him back his desk and the paperwork for tonight. I'm laready caught up on my work, so I thought I'd… Stop booking myself for double shifts." There's a pause and then Dell continues with, "He might have taken me off the roster and ordered me to go sleep," she states then, a faint smile working its way across her lips. She moves forward and takes up a seat nearby, folding her hands comfortably over her lap as she does. "I wouldn't mind hearing a bit of that as well, if you don't mind sharig. We could all trade stories, in fact, although I get the best end of that bargain since I'm rather boring all told."

"I think the exchanging of stories is rather lovely, but honestly you will find my life rather boring. Now here is the question what should be the first story that we should share?" Rhonwen asks them both. "Hermia, sleep has done you well. You were looking older than me and I am not that old." She offers another smile. Rhonwen's hair is thick wavy and the grey is has course feel to it. "Maia you are a gem for doing this."

"Good to have Gunny back in action hm?" Maia looks up fron curling her hair and offers Dell a warm smile. "Swapping of stories sounds like an interesting thing to do." Looking back down, she makes another curl, wrapping the wand all the way down the small gathering of strands. There's another quick grin when Rhonwen tries to downplay her life story, so as she works, Maia begins talking.
"Alright, I'll go first." Holding the wand still, waiting for the heat to create the next curl, she looks up, her expression reminiscing. "When I was younger, I liked extreme sports. I did BASE jumping. Not sure if you know what that is, but the letters BASE stand for different things and you ah.." Lifting a shoulder she grins a little ruefully. "Jump from them. B is for building, the highest I could find. A is for antennae, or any tower. S is for a span, means a bridge and E is for earth. Cliffs mostly. I have this little tattoo.." releasing the curl, she watches it spring into place as she shows her forearm where there is a small tattoo that says BASE with a number underneath. "So that's about as interesting as my life has been. What about you Dell?"

"Oh, I am sure you're both seriously strethcing there. That would be like me saying my lifestory is 'well, I joined the military and did EOD for a few years then I went and got a degree in structural engineering at Delphi University'. No life there at all." Adelphi laughs softly, shaking her head slowly as she does. She leans forward slightly, resting her elbows onto the table in frotn of her and cupping her cheeks as she considers the wall just past Rhonwen's bed. "Mmm. I was a Triad shark when I was in highschool and after I enlisted at 17. About the only extracurricular I really bothered with after school. Unit champion, made a pretty penny or two in my time. When we were off base it was EOD- terrorists and improvised explosives in the middle of the roads and hidden under houses. The military's pretty much been my whole life, not a lot to tell outside of that." She slowly shrugs at this, shfiting slightly as she does.

"I have no family and no I am not a Trust Fund baby. I got where I am through hard work. I have a doctorate in law, to pay off the debt I worked in the military as a JAG officer. I received an honorable discharge and then I entered civilian life again." Rhonwen says gently. "I worked as a DA then I received an appoint to be a federal judge on Picon, so I moved there. I was asked to teach a few law classes at the Academy and I did so but on the side. I still have no family, I dated a few people but none ever appealed to me. I am fastidious, and lucky. I happen to be on vacation when the bombs dropped. Then I entered into the resistance. I have one regret, but I might be able to put it to rest." She smiles as she says this. "I play Pyramid and I played in college and continued to play it until I got shot. Honestly to me your lives are way more interesting."

While Dell talks, Maia continues to run the wand through Rhonwen's hair, creating springy curls as she goes about it. Now and then she looks up to smile at the others at different parts of their stories, but she never interrupts, waiting until the end of the story before inputting anything. "Structural engineering. Legos." Making the connection, though the Marine had already told her before too. Still it was nice to think about. "Career Military for sure. I think I am too, I want to be.. then I think about.. other things sometimes and I wonder." Lifting her shoulders she finishes putting in the last curl before turning off the iron, eyeing the patients hair with a discerning eye. "Gorgeous." A smile blossoms across her face, lighting her eyes. "Now for the makeup." The moisturizer that she had brought out earlier is opened and she begins dabbing the white lotion like substance onto the other woman.
"I could see that about you, working hard, kind of no-nonsense." Smoothing the moisturizer over her face now, she thinks about the rest. "Pyramid. Could you teach me?"

"I wouldn't mind a game of pyramid, actually. Maria was always trying to get me to play. I spent my time trying to convince her to play Triad. It- worked out fairly well for both of us in most cases." Dell shrugs slowly yet again, watching as Rhonwen's hair finishes being curled, comfortable with being silent while each woman speaks and observing everything that is being done from her nearby seat. "It does suit you… Mmm. The story and the hair both, actually." Dell might be more rested, but she still doesn't really smile and is, by and large, content ot listen and watch the other two converse and do their hair while she simply sits.

"That I can do," Rhonwen closes her eyes as the moisturizer rubbed into her skin. "Well then my friends if they allow me on the courts here before they ship me off then we can have a game." She grows quiet again. "I have learned one thing in life and that is life and that is life is brutal but there is always a glimmer of hope. Just do not give up on it." Her voice is gentle when she talks. "I am not saying that you would I am just saying that in general. I talk too much."

Once the moisturizer is rubbed gently into her skin, Maia puts it aside and reaches for the foundation. Maybe that one would have to be skipped, for the Raptor pilot was much fairer of skin than Rhonwen. Instead, she reaches for the eyeshadow, biting her lip as she considered her coloring. Warm colors, definitely. Using earth tones, she begins lining her eyes, shaping them, shading them in different areas with different color variations. Leaning back she studies her with a practiced eye and nods, pleased with the way it was looking. "It sounds as if your Maria was lovely, I imagine her to be anyway. I didn't know her really, but I've only been here a little less than two months." Drawing out the mascara, she issues a gentle instruction. "Close your eyes, please." Having discovered it was as simple to put mascara on closed eyes as it was open ones. "I could never give up on life. I have too much to live for." Leaning in, she is very cautious as she applies the eye makeup.

"The military did her a lot of good. She was pretty rough around the edges." Dell gives another of those shrugs at that, settling forward more firmly now. She watchesas the makeup is applied, but then her eyes wander on, taking in the entirety of the medical bay, one bed at a time. "I was on the first flight to Piraeus when they started the colony here two years ago. Structural Engineering degree ended up being good for something, hmm?" There's a soft laugh at this, but Dell doesn't look up from the wall. "A lot has happened since then. There ought to be time for a ame of Pyramid before they ship you off. They're not likely to have transport lined up the day you get out of the hospital, are they? We'll just have to see, I guess."

"How did you meet her?" Rhonwen asks Dell it is a simple question. "Tell us about her. I know nothing of her but I know love her. She has to be special for her to win your heart." She closes her eyes again for Maia to work. "I have not worn make-up in years my dear."

Making up the other eye now, Maia sucks her lower lip in between her teeth, carefully making the second eye match the first eye. Once finished, she sits back and smiles triumphantly, putting the shadow away and reaching for the lipgloss, going for something soft, nothing glaringly obvious. "Besides," she whispers in an aside. "Whoever you kiss would probably prefer not to have lipstick all over them. Less is definitely more when it comes to the lips." Swiping the soft ended gloss over her lips then closing it and placing it on the table. "For you to keep. I have more." Glancing at Dell she awaits the answer on how she had met Maria.

"Mmm? How we… met?" There's a pause and Dell's eyes widen briefly, as if she hadn't co0nsidered this question a possibility until now. She looks between the other two women then, fairly slowly. Then there's a deep breath. Adelphi is staring off toward the wall again now,her expression thoughtful as she considers some invisible thing on the other side of the room. "Well, we were both marines. She was a recent enlistee and she got put on one of my construction details. That was about it. I got to force her to dig ditches and she, bluntly, hated my guts because I was touchy, domineering, and the lieutenant we were working under was a gigantic douchebag and made everybody grouchy. Mia had a… Bit of a problem with authority, you know? It was pretty rocky for awhile. She worked hard, though, and once we got over being at odds with eachother we actually got along. Started talking over Triad after our shifts on Fridays. That sort of thing. You know… Not a lot to… tell." Dell seems to be verging on being lost in thought now. She blinks once, however, as if to shake free of the slow trance. "See? Boring. Not a lot for me to say."

"You said more than you think." Rhonwen points out to Dell gently. "She made an impression upon you and you made one on her." She smiles a little. Then she looks to Maia. "These lips will not be kissed so I am not worried about lipstick." She laughs. "You my dear Maia, need to do some kissing."

Now that she had basically finished the makeover, she fluffs the curls and winks at Rhonwen. "Beautiful! Now.. to have a certain gentleman stop by and see you." Maia winks, tilting her head to the side. "Me?" the blonde squeaks, "I don't need to be kissed. I just got a divorce, maybe I should just be me for awhile before rushing headlong into something else I won't be able to finish." Packing things back up in the bag now, she regards Dell now with an almost solemn expression, hearing how she had met her wife and how things had slowly changed. "I like that, the way you tell it, I can tell you love her." Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, she looks between the two. "I better get going, I need to get some serious sim time in since I've been approved now to cross train with the Vipers, but all the training time has to be off duty, so I'm not even going to have a whole lot of time to dedicate to any sort of relationship now."

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