AWD #273: Corrective Pep Talk
Corrective Pep Talk
Summary: Warren asks Alejandro to the Ready Room for a chat and to go over flight tapes. Hobo expects a chewing out but what he gets instead is far more surprising. Possibly a chat of the likes he's never gotten before.
Date: 06/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Warren Alejandro 
Ready Room, Deck 2, Battlestar Orion
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
October 6th, 2005

It feels like the first time in the past week or so that Alejandro and Warren have had some 'down' time at the same time. Not that Warren's used much of the time to wind down. No instead he's in the ready room, reviewing more tape, taking more notes, guzzling more coffee. He did send word for Alejandro to meet him when he got a moment. For Warren's part he's down in the front row, cup of coffee in front of him along with an ashtray thats half full. Alejandro might recognize the footage being played over the projector, as well it seems to be his from the refueling station strike.

Alas, not the tapes from the recent Anadyr Islands flight. Man, Alejandro has something to be proud of there, with that mission. The Lieutenant who's self esteem isn't as high as he likes to pretend has actually taken that mission success as a cue. Hobo's cleaned up a bit! Got his hair trimmed off the back of his neck, even shaved within the past day. Almost looks like an entirely different man and more like an officer in his duty blues. Might be some hope for him yet.

He comes into the Ready Room with it's updated kill board and glances around. Jandro heads over to where he sees the Captain and stops, standing at attention, "Sir, you wished to see me, Captain?"

Warren looks up when he hears the voice and gives a nod, "Hobo. Good your here. Come on down. How'd your mission go the other night? Haven't had the chance to quite go over all the reports and tape yet" He takes a long drag from his smoke and glances back up at the film hitting pause after a moment. Warren for his part is still in a flight suit, though its pulled down around his waist.

Alejandro takes the offered seat, "We did great. I was … uneasy about the Predator. Have had sim time but not really had a chance to fly'm." That whole spent the war in a Cylon Prisoner Slave camp thing. Hobo doesn't mention it. "Not used to handling bombing runs but suppose my sim scores were good enough, landed me pilot on that mission. Milkshake was amazing. So were Centerfold and Rainbow." The latter being his newly rediscovered sister, if Warren's heard the rumors about Zhen. Jandro folds his hands together on the table, "Try'n tae feel where I fit in here. Maybe my long standing streak of bad luck has finally let up."

Warren nods at that taking another drag from his smoke, "Good. We'll talk about the bit I heard about that mission. First I wanna talk to you about the refuling strike we did. Meant to do this sooner but then we hit planetfall and Storm being down and such…" He shrugs and waves his hand before taking a sip of his coffee, "regardless, been a bit busy. First, I want to hear how you think things went out there, overall, and then on your end."

Hobo thinks about that mission, "Well, I didn't fuck up, get shot down, or get your ass shot down, Captain. And we accomplished our mission objective, so overall a serious win by my book." He scrapes his hand through his dark hair, "I'm kind of tired of gett'n my ass shot down so it's a nice, new experience to enjoy." He pauses to remember the details, "I was worried when you were trying to lead Raiders across my nose to shoot for you. Two reasons: We were supposed to be keeping them off of Centerfold so she could do her bombing run, not let the Raiders distract us. Secondly, my weapons took a critical hit and were pretty frakked so I couldn't harldy hit anything anyway. My best hope was to lure'm off of Centerfold." He eyes the Captin, "I was kind of expecting you to chew me out for that. Couldn't fathom what you were doing, sir."

Warren nods as he listens, taking another sip of his coffee, "Fair enough. So lets talk about that." There's a drag of his smoke again before butting it out in the tray, "Yeah you certainly bad hit from that missile. Put you in a bad way. The reason I was trying to drag them across your nose was to hopefully give you a halfway decent shot of clearing them off of me. As much as it was our job to clear Centerfold's tail, its still our job to keep our wingmates alive." He roots around in his pockets for a moment before fishing out a half full pack of smokes and draws one out, "I had raiders on my tail, and was trying to use you to clear them, instead of having to focus on them entirely myself." He lights it up looking up at the footage, "Now towards the end, you ended up with two raiders on your six. You remember that?"

"Yeah, but I couldn't hit anything by that point. Maybe better to have'm get on my butt and you pick'm off, Captain. Let me decoy?" Hobo leans forward a bit on the table, not yet getting yelled at so much as maybe he can learn something from this that might be useful. Warren /is/ the more experienced pilot. Ale nods, "Yeah. I didn't even see one of'm."

Warren nods and hits play up on the footage. It doesn't have the audio but it shows poor alejandro diving hard on the raider going after Maia. "Be that as may, I told you to go evasive, and you went after that raider going after Centerfold with reckless abandon." He takes a draw from his smoke, "Hell I went back over the tapes, I think I told you to do so twice. And you decided it was better to dive after the raider going after centerfold. You just admitted, twice in a row your guns were fraked to hell and back. Mind telling me what was going through your head Hobo?"

-That- is a very good point Warren makes. Alejandro watches the tape and he frowns, "Apparently not listening as well as I should have been." He twists his mouth, "I dunno. You didn't seem to be paying her any attention, sir. Somebody needed to, but you are right, I wasn't really in a position to be much help, sir. Wanted bad not to let her down and get her blown up before she could finish her job."

Warren hits the pause button on the footage, "I was diving on that raider same as you Hobo. You had two raiders on you, your guns fraked to hell and back. And from me dragging raiders across you earlier to try to give you easy shots I knew your guns were fraked. We needed to take care of that raider diving on Centerfold. And I needed to keep you alive. Your my wingman, you're as much my responsibility as she was. I told you to go evasive because I needed to clear her and couldn't help clear you." He pauses taking a draw of his smoke and a sip of his coffee, "If those raiders were better shots you might not be sitting next to me right now…and that would have been on me. Even if it was you who disobeyed my order to go evasive, you're still my wingman, still my responsibility. I had the target, I needed you to go evasive. You got lucky." He shakes his head, "Hobo, you're good. You fly well, but we're going to work on your decision making, and following orders. You are right, I wasn't focused on clearing Maia most of that mission. I was focused on clearing your tail while you cleared the raiders from her. Things shifted when you both got hit bad I had two people to keep alive best I could, thats why I was trying to see if I could set you up, and why I told you to go evasive there"

"Yeah, I see that now. Sorry, Captain." Ale frowns, watching the tapes and resting his head on his hand, "Been a while since I worked with others. It's good to be back on the team." He sits up and looks at Warren, "I'll pay more attention. Don't want to be a liability."

Warren shakes his head, "This is not about you being a liability. You're a good pilot, Hobo. What I need you to do is trust that we're good pilots as well. That when I'm telling you to go evasive I know what I'm doing, that I've got my eye on the prize." Theres another drag on his smoke and leans back, "So tell me about this misson the other day, who was flight lead?"

Trust isn't his strong point. Jandro tries to smile but it's thin and he does give a nod to that. "Well, Maia ranked I think. Centerfold was on high in the Raptor with my sister, Zhen. They had the good view and drew the attention while giving us some info. While Milkshake and I went in low. I couldn't see anything but water and whatever my instruments fed me." He thinks about it, "Milkshake hit a crit right off with a missile, I hit a crit with a bomb. Second pass, she used a missle and I got another crit hit with my second bomb. We managed to take out the SABER site and hit some of the Forges too, but by then we had no missles left and I only had one bomb. So the group concensus was we had pushed our luck, used it well, and should get out to let another group do the rest, sir."

Warren listens at that as he takes another drag of his smoke. He nods through that and shifts in his seat, "Centerfold ranked? Hobo…you're both ell tee's." He shakes his head, "And group concensus? Frak man. This is what I'm talking about with decision making too. No clear leadership is bad. If you don't see clear leadership in a mission, take command. Give orders. I don't care if you're not confident, lead like you do. Take input but always stay in control. Storm and I can't be on every mission. So I need you to be 'that guy' when we're not there. I need you to step the frak up when its needed alright?"

Alejandro eyes Warren, "They are more experienced. Didn't occur to me to start giving the orders." That might make him a little nervous because he swallows. /Him/ give others orders? Wow, the world is a fraked up place. Hmmm, he might need a little grooming for that, already an officer or not. Hobo smiles even more thinly, "I'll try to keep that in mind, Captain."

Warren reaches over and pats your shoulder, "Hobo. You're good up there. You fly the hell out of a viper. We're in the shit here. Look, you fly well." Theres a drag of his smoke, "Frak, I'm tired. We're all tired. Hell this is my home we're fighting over. I've no clue if my mother or father survived down here. I doubt it but…frak we've got bigger things to worry about." He leans back again, "Hobo I'm not saying you have to have all the answers up there. Frak, gods know I don't. I'm just saying is, someone needs to take the reins if me or storm aint there. You don't have to have answers, thats why you got everyone around you, someone just needs to make decisions. Even if they're the wrong ones."

He takes a deep breath, "Even if you're making the wrong call you're making a call. Making no call, leaving it up for concensus? Thats the hesitation that ends lives. Making a call in the air? It takes guts. Knowing you could be making the wrong one? Knowing it puts peoples lives on the line? Its scary. Frak I know it scares the hell out of me sometime. But you know what? Deep down I know someone has to do it. Someone's got to be -that guy-. Lots of people can fly and shoot. Just about anyone can be trained to do that. But someone still has to make the decisions in the air. Good or bad. Someones got to do that. So thats why I do it. Someone has to. Someones got to give everyone else the confidence to carry on the mission even if they themselves don't have it. Its not about you up there when you're flying lead. Its about everyone you're leading. I need someone like you I can trust out there Hobo. Someone I know when Storm and I can't be there to keep our boys confident even if you're not."

Alejandro does grimace at the 'making wrong decisions' part. He listens though, watching Warren. When Toast is finished, Hobo twists his mouth, glances over the Ready Room, "I'll try. I'm not eh, used to anybody look'n to me for stuff. Not good stuff anyway." He looks back to his Captain, rubs a hand over his jaw, "I will try, sir." There might be more he'd add but Jandro doesn't, there's no need. He tries to smile though.

Warren gives a nod at that and notes the grimace, "Hobo. Just because you happen to be leading a mission doesn't mean you have all the answers." He takes a deep breath, "And tryin' is all I'm askin. I don't expect you to be perfect Hobo. Frak I'm not. I trust you out there Hobo. I trust you to make calls. And hell, we'll run in the sims if you want, as long as you want, as often as you want. But I have confidence in you. Trust in that even if you don't trust in yourself." Theres a smirk and he takes a long drag of his smoke, "You can do this Hobo. Even if I have to drag you kicking and screaming to that realization."

That last almost makes him laugh, but he doesn't. Alejandro gives Warren a nod, "I got it, Captain. Sims time though would be good. Work'n with others. I spent a year pretending not to be an officier, not a pilot, just a mechanic who didn't know shit." His tenor has lowered as he watches the other man, picking idly at calluses on his hands, "They'd take the officers. I was warned by the family that found me hurt, before the Canners picked me up. Take'm off and jack'm, sir." He licks his lips and shrugs, making an open handed gesture then, "Time to try and change gears. Do what I can."

Warren nods at that, and finishes off his coffee setting the mug down, "Sounds good Hobo. I'll see if we can't get some time scheduled in the sims." Theres a smirk and a drag from his smoke, "Oh and word of an advice about flying the preds….Here's the thing. You're faster than viper, but you have the maneuverability of a battlestar. You're a lead slead, going down an icy slope. Keep that in mind with whatever you do in them and you'll be fine. Your advantage is your speed, your Achilies is your maneuverability."

That eases his tension and he grins, "Yeah, I could feel that. But she did good, that Pred. Solid, no wobbles. Long as I didn't have to dodge and sling she did just fine. Like shoot'n out of the tubes." Hobo smirks a little, "Never dropped any bombs before, except in sims. Surprised the frak out of me to actually hit anything." Let alone bullseye twice in a row! Yeah, that felt good. "Anything else, Captain?"

Warren shakes his head, "Yeah preds are kinda like the catapult…just all the time" He chuckles a bit and nods, "No thats everything Hobo. Thanks for coming down. I'll let you know about the sim time yeah? Till then, get some rest and keep your head up. You're a hell of a pilot. Keep up the good work."

Alejandro moves to stand and with his finger tips still on the table, he says low, "Thanks, sir. Nobody ever actually said I was a good pilot before. Appreciate it." Not sure he believes it yet but maybe in time. "Think I've got CAP while a bunch are heading out on a mission in an hour or two. I best go check." If he's dismissed, he heads out.

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