AWD #267: Corporal Hottie
Corporal Hottie
Summary: After the Sewer mission, a couple of the wounded arrive in sickbay.
Date: 30/September/2013 (OOC Date)
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Sickbay, Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
AWD #267

So Callen did say that he wanted to spend more time on the Orion if had the chance. Well, he's gonna get that chance, but not the way he'd like it. The Corporal has pair of bullets stuck in his body: one in his arm, one in his abdomen. He had been able to keep fighting the entire time, but he hadn't been in a great mood about it. And once the adrenaline starts to wear off, that's when the pain starts. "Wow…" he grunts. "Forgot what that felt like."

Jean had remained by his side the entire flight up and even after the washing down, after a visit to the head, she still felt disgusting. Still, it didn't stop her from coming to the medbay and checking on him. Hearing him, she walks over and offers a concerned smile. "Hurts, I imagine.. You need surgery and that's something I can't do, so as soon as you're done with that, I'll be waiting out here."

"I'm waiting for someone to rattle me and see if I sound like a couple of marble rattling around in a tin can." Callen grouses, getting half-carried into the sickbay and being tossed(laid down)onto a nearby empty medbed. "I figure comedy keeps my mind off it. Which is..funny considering I was just talking about focusing -on- pain." he notes, can't help but chuckling to his previous comments earlier in the day. "You…you don't have to wait if you're busy, Jena. I mean, I can't be the only person that's injured."

"I hope you don't rattle around so much. We have enough tin cans on the surface, we don't need anymore here." Jena is amused though and once he is down on the bed, she stands at his side. "Of course I'm going to wait here, but while I wait, I'm going to work on the Lance Corporal over there alright?"

"Heh, well, here's hoping, right?" Callen leans his head back. "Well, I was due for some new scars anyways. Maybe these'll look good. But not in the face, right? Apparently there's a pair women would be just downright depressed if Corporal 'Hottie' got his face all messed up, eh?" His armor had been stripped off earlier, leaving him just in his suit. "Hey, Jena." His uninjured arm reaches into a front breast pocket. From it, a silver-plated harmonica is placed in her hand. Can you watch that for me? They're probably going to cut the uniform on me, and I really don't want to lose that. They're hard to find these days."

Of all things on a PJ uniform, pockets are the most precious. Each and every one accounts for something important, something assigned there for whenever there is a time it's needed, the location is memorized. Never is anything added or out of place. When he offers the harmonics, Jena's fingers close around it, knowing just how precious it is to him. She slips it in the one single pocket she uses only for her personal possessions. The one over the left side of her chest.. buttoning it after putting it there. "I'll take care of it, Callen." Her lips twist in wry amusement at the Corporal Hottie remark. "Hey you'd be doing good, catching an officer."

"Thanks. That's…the last gift my dad gave me." Callen says a bit privately to her. Before War Day, he means. It's tarnished and lightly dented, iand it's shown a lot usage it. But it's the kind of item he always carries with him. One of those lucky charms that soldiers tend to carry. Like, if they didn't have it with them, they'd think someone bad might happen. Now he returns the grin. "Tempting, but that's a whole lot of problems if you get caught, isn't it?" he points out. "Granted it's nice to be appreciated and maybe someone could probably use some attention like that if we're gonna be in combat a lot." He tries to relax. It's hard to do. "What about you? Any hottie in your life?"

With the harmonica tucked safely away, Jena nods. "I know how important it is. I'll keep it safe," she repeats quietly. Though when he speaks of the problems, she laughs. "I believe her words to you were, it's not frat if you don't wear your pins." Lips twitch even when the laughter fades. "Actually, I do. Tons of them, every single day I go out to work." Just using the response in general instead of focusing on any one person in particular. "For now though, you go with the doctor, have your surgery while I go tend to the Lance Corporal. His wound isn't so bad to need surgery."

That's an odd response isn't it? Callen gives Jena a particular look, but decides to just let her go and tend to someone else while he gets looked to by the doctors. "Right, surgery. Fun times. Alright, I'll talk to you after." He smiles, then adding, "don't lose it."

"No, Callen," Jena tells him as he is being taken away. "There is no hottie in my life. I was simply making a joke about all the hot Marines and Pilots I treat." Amused still, she watches him go. "I won't lose it. I promise." Once he is taken though, she walks over to the Lance Corporal's bedside to tend to his not as terrible wound.
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After tending to the Marine, Lance Corporal Jast, Jena leaves him resting and walks over around just doing a quick 'making rounds' kind of thing, checking on the general welfare of the patients in the room. Nothing that would affect the doctors orders or anything, but if they need ice or something in general, she gets it. Or a magazine… All the while waiting to see how Callen fares after his surgery.

So, we'll just say passes for a bit. Probably not that long, Digging out a couple of slugs probably isn't so bad and likely Callen was just given a bunch of locals before the surgons started rooting around in muscle tissue. The arm one is easily pulled out. The one in the abdomen took a bit long, which was an odd sensation, even if he couldn't actually see what they're doing. But eventually, he gets rolled into the main room, the next person on the cutting block turn to get rolled in. The Corporal looks a bit loopy, still dealing with the numbing agent. And probably a shot of morphine as a going away present.

Kelsey hasn't been out of surgery very long. It wasn't pretty. She's just starting to stir in her bed, hair a mess. She looks like she had a rough time and that's about accurate. Nearly dying on the way back tends to do that to you. She lays in bed, drooling on her pillow, arm starting to move and rest on her stomach. Eyes lid open like someone prying them up with a crowbar, trailing up the IV line to the bag. "Not again," she sighs.

Ygraine has no shame, and when she walks into sickbay, under her arm she has the smuttiest ratty paperback she could find, walking straight up to Kelsey and presenting it with a flourish. "Timin'," Milkshake declares, "Is everythin'. Hey, PJ. Corporal Hotty. Survived th'knife, did ya?"

As soon as Kelsey is wheeled out, Jena heads on over there, but pauses when the ECO returns. She watches the two, liking the easy way the ECO is with the Pilot. "Hey, Ensign. How are you feeling Sir?" Offering a salute to Ygraine, she smiles. "Sir, a pleasure seeing you again." Only then does she notice Callen being wheeled out too. "You look like hell, Corporal."

Kelsey drags her eyes over towards Ygraine, narrowing them to focus. She's still drooling. Blinking at the paperback, her head floats for a moment. She knows what this is. Her mind likes that picture on the front, definitely. Porn!! She grins and flops her head back. "I love you, man," she sighs. Looking up to Jena, she sighs. "I think I got shot again. It hurts. But I don't care." Not shocking. "Not a lick." She's weak from the bloodloss and it shows.

Callen slowly blinks in his medbed. Well, one eye blinks, then about five seconds later, the other eyeblinks, as if he trying to make sure they're both in working order. He has a silly grin on his face, even if he's since had his uniform cut off him, his lower chest stitched, wraped, and taped. Much like the bicep of his left arm. "Penguins!" he suddenly declares. The shot of morphine is sure doing the trick. "Oh, -Jenny-, I feel abso-fraking-lotely fantastic. I don't know what I'm not sure up more, y'know?" He gives a little wave to Ygraine with his non-injured hand, which extends to Kelsey. "Yup. Hi."

Ygraine looks at the doped up pair and slowly starts to grin. Oh man, tonight's going to be better than a Friday night sitcom block. "I love you too." she tells Kelsey. "I'd only ever bring you the best porn, you know that." To Jena, she offers, "No worries, likewise good to see you." And then her smile broadens. "Kelz Bells, look. Look." she points at the post-surgery marine.

Porn. Sure it's noticed, blue eyes may even linger on it a moment, but Jena wisely doesn't say anything except to smile and nod to the patient. "Yeah, it was iffy there, you kept fading out on the way up here. You're lucky to be alive. Lucky that Raptor even made it to Crandall. Someone did take over your medevac mission, I checked on it as soon as I was back, so you're covered, Sir." Callen, though, he makes her laugh. "Jenny?"

Kelsey smiles happily. "Any porn is best porn right now. But I'm going to need you to read me my porn," she says soberly. "I look at that flightsuit… and your pins are doing pinwheels. Its a lightshow!" Her eyes trail over to Callen. "Hey. That's mean. I can't do anything with that one right now." Them blues drift over to Jena slowwwwly and she tries to focus. Jena is not porn. Well, she could be. No, she probably is. But not for Kelsey. Not without a lot of wine. And drugs are not wine. "I barely remember landing. It was pretty painful." She wets her dried lips. "How's- the- uh. My gunner. Toby. Is he okay?"

"Jenny, Kenny, Gertrude, Benny, something like that." Callen waves off lazily, again blinking slowly. "Jen….a." he pops the last vowel. He ponts across the room at Kelsey. "Well, you -should-. He's on your side of the room and he won't staring at me." Then the mention of porn gets brought up. "What? Porn? Where? Who's porn? Is someone reading porn to us? Now, I really have to get shot up more often, I think." For a moemnt, he tries to clear his head. "Yeah, helped carry you in here. I helped. I think. Maybe. So…then I end up in here again. I must like it. I'm Corporal Methos and this is my favorite part of the Battlestar Orion."

"I'll read ya th'porn." Yggy promises, and oh, you know she will, girl. "One second." Casting an impish glance toward Jena, she offers, "Proper-like? I'm Lieutenant Jay Gee Ygraine Vashti. Lotsa folks call me Yggy. Or Yggles. Or Yggs. Or Milkshake. Or Shakes. I answer t'all of 'em." She sashays over to Callen's bedside, leaning way over so her freckled face is filling his field of vision, and with alliteration, too. "Hi, Corporal Hottie. How'd ya get shot up?"

Porn personified? No, that's definitely not Jena.. Who had time for that when you were on call twenty-four-seven-three-sixty-five? Still though, she smiles indulgently to the Ensign. "Crewman Shackleton is doing good. His hand took a bad hit, pretty bad, but I stayed here until it was fixed up as good as it could be. He'll be good as new before you are." To Ygraine, her smile is bemused, but she does seem charmed all the same by the JayGee. "It's great to meet you, Milkshake." When she walks over to the Corporals bed, she laughs, looking back to Kelsey. "Sounds like you two are pretty good friends."

Kelsey looks at Callen. "You are very excited, sir," she observes, blinking. "Thanks for helping, though!" Kelsey sighs happily and rolls her head into the cold drool spot. Ew. She makes a face, tries to wipe it away, and promptly gives up. She has promises of porn, though. All will be good in her world. "Good for Tobers," she sighs. "Okay, so, like…" Her hand lifts a little. "When can I get back? Been hit before. I got my home to libati- liter- frak. I have things to do."

"I am? Crap, I should calm down then." Callen not only agrees with Kelsey, but with himself. Slowly, gaze shifts from one woman to the next. 'That's a lot of names. About as much as Jen-nah." Oh good, there's water next to him, need something to drink water. And then Ygraine is suddenly taking up his view. "Centurian decided it wanted to give the gift that keeps on giving. Lead. I tried to say it didn't have to do that, but it wouldn't take no for an answer. I'm pretty I returned them a couple a time with my rifle." Pause. "But I didn't give back the receipts."

"You're funny." Ygraine grins at him. "But don't get shot up like this again." As if he has any control over it. She straightens heading back to Kelsey. "Ya better not strain youself t'get up and out again too soon," she chides the raptor pilot. "Or no porn for ya. Ya hear me? Zilch on the porn if ya don't do as th'doctors say."

"Liberate?" Jena offers calmly, her lips twitching as she reaches for a cloth and sponges the drool off the Ensigns face if allowed, before following up with the pillow. "You'll be out a couple of weeks, tops. Depending on how much you move around in here, or if you listen to your doctors instructions. Your artery was all sorts of severed and if there had not been a ready supply of blood, you wouldn't be alive." Not to scare her, but to make her understand she needs to be careful. Hearing the rendition from Callen, she chuckles again, not inputting anything else into the story since he'd covered all the bases it seemed. With a quick look around the room, Jena smiles to Kels, Ygraine then Callen. "I'll see you all a little later. I think I'm in need of another shower."

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