PWD #14: Cookies and Pictures
Cookies and Pictures
Summary: Ceres receives her Saturnalia present
Date: 21/December/2012 (OOC Date)
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Ceres Duke 
Viper Berths
December 21, 2004 (PWD #14)

With Saturnalia on top of everyone, Duke has been handing out some presents here and there. Right now, he steps into the Berths where he knows Ceres will be and marches towards his bunk first, pulling the curtain aside to look for something in particular. He finds that something and takes it, flipping it around to write something there using a fountain pen. With him, he also brought a small box, a box that is now closed and has written 'Ceres' on the cover. Now, he turns around and makes his way towards her bunk "Ceres…you awake?" whispers the man now, not wanting to pull her curtain just in case.

The movement is utterly ignored by the woman inside her bunk, curtain closed. The light is on in there, and so when the voice finally breaks through her thoughts, she is reaching out. The curtain moves and she draws it back finally, peering out at him. "Richard.." Not Duke or Bumper. Still in a familiar tone. She offers him a wary smile before pushing herself over to her side so she can speak with him. "Hey." She glances past him to the rest of the bunk and then back, as if afraid someone is watching. "How is?"

There is actually, nobody there at this particular time, all curtains are fully open and everyone is out…which is probably why he chose this particular moment to talk to her. "Hey" offers the man, showing that same gentle smile he shown her at the Ready Room. "I have something for you" adds the man and with that said, he offers her the box. And yes, inside, she'll find the Ginger Snaps, baked by himself. Yes, they don't look perfect in shape, but it could be said that he definitely made the effort for them to come out as best as possible. The man remembers their talks, he knows the meaning behind the cookies.

Her brows furrow deeply and she reaches out slowly, taking the object from him and sitting up, swinging her legs out so that she perch at the edge of the bed. Her fingers curl around it, unopening at first and giving him a look. "Oh really.." She says softly and then looks guilty. "I do not have a gift for you." Its a soft admittance before she begins to open it. Once the cookies are revealed, she stares at them, long and hard. Her lips press into a thin line. Her hands shake a little and for a moment she goes still after. A breath is drawn inwardly. Her voice whispers lowly, "Thank you…this is…more than I could hope for." SHe whispers softly. She is still staring at the cookies, her hands gripping the box as she remains unmoving. Though he might notice a slight shaking.

Duke smiles just a little and shakes his head "I require no gift in return, so don't worry about it" He nods after saying this, as a way to reassure her that really, he doesn't need gifts. "I went to the kitchens and, well…I know I'm not an amazing cook but I tried one and it seems they came out alright. They are not perfectly round but…" he smiles at this and then goes silent when she says those last words. And as for the shaking? He does notice it and rests one hand on top of hers, as a way to provide her whatever support she needs right now. "I have something else for you…" says the man in a low whisper. Using his free hand, he digs in one of his pockets and pulls a picture. "I think you've never seen this one, it's the only copy as far as I know." It's a Polaroid picture, both Ceres and Duke are there, both wearing their flight suits, standing in front of a Viper that is getting ready to launch. This is from the Atlantia, about 6 years ago. Duke had this picture with him the whole time, and now, he gives the picture to her. If she looks at the back, she'll see that Duke wrote 'Always'. Just that word, nothing else.

Ceres still does not look up at him, no. Nodding her head faintly, "You cooking, Richard.." A soft laugh, but it fades as she wets her lips and then looks to him when hementions something else. The picture is taken a look at and she slowly takes it, her fingers careful with it. "Gods have I gotten old.." She whispers. But there are unshed tears in her eyes, starting because of the cookies. They make her gaze sparkle, a big glassy. Her thumb brushes over the front of the photograph. "You look a hell of a lot better too." Its an attempt to get past the other emotions, all her jesting but it never lasts. She starts to tense up as her head bows again, hiding her face from him beneath a sweep of dark bangs.

Duke can't help to chuckle and then shake his head "Yeah, I made quite a mess but…well…I cleaned so, all good, the cooks didn't kill me" When she says she's gotten old, he tilts his head and says "Old, what are you talking about…you look as fantastic as you did there. As for me?" he tilts his head from side to side and adds "A few more grey hairs I guess" He actually has very few of those, which is something that he was always proud of. When she hides her face, he doesn't do anything to make her look at him, he'll give her the time she needs. One thing is for certain, his hand remains on her, as a signal that he is still there, and that he will still be there no matter what.

Frak. Gods. Ceres lets loose a few tears and she offers him a weak smile at the same time. "Richard.." She whispers and then reaches out to cup his cheek, smoothing her thumb to it before her hand falls away, her force contorting as she does her best not to cry. SHe holds both of the gifts in her hands, shaking still. She exhales slowly and then turns, trying to hide herself in the bunk, placing the things inside before she drops them. "I am sorry.." Her voice is muffled by her back turning to him as her legs lift. "I am so sorry I have nothing for you."

Duke just shakes his head when she says that last bit "Ceres, you don't have to get me anything, therefore you don't need to be sorry about anything" says the man, nodding to his own words. "And you know, you shouldn't bottle things like that…not with me, or…at least I would hope so" He is of course, talking about the fact that she is trying not to cry. He still holds her hand in his, his thumb gently caressing her knuckles for a moment as he looks at her put everything inside her bunk. "Want me to leave you alone?" asks the man now, because he, maybe that's what she wants.

"It…it may be a good idea, Richard…I don't trust myself right now." Ceres lets out a long breath and closes her eyes. Swallowing faintly. She closes her eyes a bit more tightly and draws a long shuddering breath. "Please..thank you for the gifts, Richard." There is definitely a breaking sound in her voice, one she tries to shore up tightly. "I need to hit the head, Richard." That has her slipping back out of the bunk, down to the floor beside him. SHe stops, pausing to gaze up at him and leans in, up and places a kiss to the side of his mouth

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