AAR: Conwey CSAR


1st October 2013

FR: CPT J. Amos Ommanney
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, CMDR Gillian K. Faulkner
CC: MJR Atalantia Franklin
RE: Recovery of crew of Raptor Seven-Niner-Zero


On the evening of the 30th of September a squad of marines was dispatched from CFAB Crandall to Conwey, a small city to the north of the base. A CSAR team had located the crash site of Raptor 790 but could find no sign of the flight crew. Given the nature of the information held by the ECO it was deemed necessary to send in a force to try and locate the missing aircrew.

Upon arrival at the crash site it was quicly determed that the crew had fled from cylon pursuit into he city's sewer system, with indications at the scene that they had been pursued in their flight. Proceeding down into the same sewer system the sound of gunfire lead to the discovery of a group of four centurions actively engaging an unknown force.

After a brief engagement all four centurions were destroyed and the unknown others positively identified as the missing air crew. The pilot was found to be deceased and the ECO badly wounded, leaving their door gunner to hold of the centurions. Preperations had been made to remove the posibility of the sensitive information falling into enermy hands.




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