AAR: Convoy Encounter During Saber Support Mission


29 May 2005 (AWD #143)

FR: LTJG Phin McBride
TO: RADM Louis Jameson, CMDR Gillian Faulkner
CC: LTCL Marcus Petra, MAJ Phoenix Straton, MAJ Kurt Holtz
RE: Convoy Encounter During Saber Support Mission


While on Picon to attempt to distract the SABER, in support of LTJG Vashti and ENS Wescott's mission to gather intelligence on this weapon (see separate full report on that matter), ANVIL relayed the locations of potential Cylon targets, including a convoy suspect to be transporting Centurions overland to Crandall. ENS Agrippa and myself proceeded to investigate this convoy, which was reported to be somewhere along Highway 160.

En route we encountered a Cylon gun platform, which ENS Agrippa dispatched, but no other resistance. Approaching Highway 160 we sighted a procession of wheeled vehicles approximately 12 miles long, and confirmed they were in use by the Cylons. We undertook strafing run against said convoy and were able to successfully disable approximately half of the vehicles in it, though we lacked sufficient ammunition to engage the full 12-mile stretch without support from heavier bomber craft.

Attached are our flight footage tapes of this engagement, including screen caps of shots of the convoy showing what appear to be dismantled Centurion parts falling from one of the trucks. Recommend forwarding to ANVIL command on Picon, so they can undertake further investigation of this matter and what might be left on the convoy site for whatever intelligence might be deemed useful.

Following this incident, ENS Agrippa and myself were engaged by two Raiders, which we dispatched at low altitude. We then climbed to attempt to catch the attention of the SABER, causing it to fire missiles on our location. We managed to dodge them, in part due to ENS Agrippa's suggestion to use the terrain of the canyon lands for cover, a tactic which could prove useful in future engagements with this type of anti-air weaponry.



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