AWD #096: Convictions And Convictions
Convictions and Convictions
Summary: The three skinjobs are arrested as Prisoners of War and brought to the brig.
Date: 13/04/2013 (OOC Date)
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The Orion's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away.
AWD #96

Its a team of heavily armed Marines that lead and flank the skinjobs into the brig. Knox is in the lead, in his tanks and uniform pants. Ceres is right behind him in her sweats. A cell door is opened for them and the guard indicates for them to enter. Coop doesn't need to be told twice. He looks sullen and a little defeated, but he's not throwing fits. Quiet, mostly. He steps inside and walks to the back of the cell before turning and waiting for Ceres. Once she's in, they'll close the cell door.

Ushered in silently with Knox, Ceres gives a glance to the cell he enters and hesitates unlike him. There is a tightening along her jaw and she heaves a breath. She finally steps forward and in past the bars to glance at him. "What has happened? YOu said you were heading this off?" SHe shakes her head. Having been gone nearly a week on Picon, there is a certain lack of knowledge for the once Captain. She turns though, looking to the marines.

It doesn't take long for Phin to retrieve Ceres' civvies. He scored very well on the whole manual dexterity portion of all his flight school tests. Which is also helpful with lockers. He enters the security hub with a carefully folded blue t-shirt and jeans, and brings them to the desk for someone on duty to examine. No razor blades or any other contraband.

Nadir didn't exactly look the other way when Phin acquired the attire, she simply decided to not.. observe the steps required to do so. She nods at the ensign at the desk, "Nothing concealed, no contraband. no laces or belts or anything that would be considered risk material," the somber doctor supplies this data as well.

Having been in her own cell for over two weeks now, Tasha barely stirs as she lays back on her bunk… Hands folded behind her head, the woman lifts her head slightly before rolling onto her side to see who is coming in now… Her shoes on the ground left without shoe laces and her jeans missing their belt, she purses her lips while arching a brow while the fall of her hair spills in a haphazard unkempt manner about her slightly gaunt features before she flops back down and curls onto her side while remaining silent…

The ensign at the first desk stands and steps forward. "Lieutenant McBride?" she asks. She extends her hands to take the clothes. Another ensign joins her, and together they inspect the garments. "Thank you, sir," she acknowledges the doctor's words. Then she carries the clothes toward the brig without bothering while her colleague reclaims his chair and returns to his typing.

Morgan is standing outside the cell, watching while a guard closes the door and then confirms that the lock is secure. When the ensign enters the room, he steps toward her and takes the bundle of clothes. "Thank you, ensign," he says. He turns and carries the clothes to the cell that Knox and Ceres now share. "Here you are," he says while offering to hand the clothes through the bars. "You've missed the normal meal time, but if you're hungry, I can order something for you."

Knox looks over to Samtara, then to Morgan. "You both know that there's no reason to worry about belts or laces. We've committed no crimes. My only concern is some jerk trying to bring a gun in here and shooting fish in a barrel. I don't suppose you could get me a shotgun, could you, el-tee?" he asks with a lofted brow. Probably not, but it never hurts to ask, right? Looking back to Ceres, Coop nods. "I was afraid someone would eventually realize that nobody had looked at the legal implications of who and what we are… And what it means to wear the uniform with those implications. I was advised that we probably have no rights and are, interestingly enough, likely the property of a corporation." He snorts out a very wry laugh and sits on the bed. "Frakking bullshit, man." No answer to the question of food.

"That's me," Phin affirms to the ensign at the desk, as he hands over Ceres' clothes. "Those're for Captain…err…" He has no idea how to address her properly just now. "Those're Redux's things. Since she can't have her military gear or insignia." His eyes flit to Tasha. Lots of familiar faces in here just now. He offers her a slight inclination of his head.

"Whatever is happening, we are in here. It does not matter. Its been handed down from above and if we want to remain a part of this crew, we follow them like everyone else." Ceres doesn't have to like it though, in fact she presses her hand to her face and sighs. "Frak." That calm Virgon demeanor begins to crack again and she turns about, looking at Morgan. "Water…anything is fine really. Get out of the ward and come here.." She murmurs this faintly and then glances over, noting Tasha and hesitating as she eyes the other pilot.

Meeting Phin's fleeting gaze breifly with blood shot eyes, Tasha breathes out a heavy sigh and and rolls onto her side facing the ongoing festivities… An arm curling under her head as a makeshift pillow while a few strands of unkempt hair spill across her face, the young woman blink a few times from her own cell… Really this is the most activity she has seen in at least a few days as not many come down here unless for the very reason that seems to be playing out currently.

It's only the fact that she spies Knox and Ceres both being ushered into their own cell that has her interested enough to push off with one arm to support her frame so Tasha can sit up again… Swingining first one and then the other bare foot over the edge of the bunk, she slides both hands down to grip the edge of the bunk and hold it lightly while listening to whats going on as the newest additions to the brig are made comfortable. As Ceres meets her gaze, Tasha holds it with her own blood shot eyes for a time as cracked lips part before coming back together… There is no malice in the look, simply tired resignation before she drops her chin and looks away as if unable to hold the other womans look for long…

"I'm not worried about you or Ceres," Nadir replies, "though I would think that body armor might be a nice touch, just in case things get out of hand," she admits with another of those slow shakes of her head. "Ceres is still my patient," she says, rather stubbornly, "which means that her health is still mine to oversee. In fact," and she folds her arms, "as far as I understand it, Dr. Tamsin is also my responsibility to keep an eye on," she turns toward Morgan. "how am I supposed to do that, let alone carry out the other orders I have - that include Dr. Tamsin's participation - if she's locked in here?"

Morgan shakes his head at Knox's request, and again, a smile briefly surfaces on his lips. "You know that I can't do that, but this is a secured and sensitive area. We're careful about visitors, and even if someone wants to see you, and even though the order indicated that neither of you have any rights under colonial law, as long as you're here, under my watch, I'll do what I can to see that you're safe." Then he looks at Nadir and nods at her comments and question. "You and I will speak with the lieutenant colonel about that one, doctor," he advises. "As for Ceres, I expect that you would treat her as a patient, and talk to me when necessary regarding her medical condition." He looks at each person in the brig briefly while he adds, "You've treated me with respect. I intend to do the same in as much as I have that option." He steps back from the cell and looks into the cell where Tasha is lying on her bunk. "The same applies to you, too, lieutenant."

"Yep," Knox tells his sister. That's it. He doesn't seem to be one for conversation at the moment. He crosses his arms and leans back against the wall. "Sure wouldn't mind a plate of kevlar. If we can get vests, that'd be great. If its just one, she get's it." He chucks a thumb at Ceres before closing his eyes, head thumping lightly against the steel wall. "Appreciate the vote of confidence, sir. We won't screw around. Had all the time in the world to do that before."

"Hey, Blackbird." Now that the clothing delivery's done, Phin lingers to talk to Tasha. "Heard they were keeping you in here. Sucks. How long?"

Ceres glances between them all, Nadir, Morgan, Knox when she is done studying Tasha. There is a certain uneasiness that settles over her. Like a tiger in a cage, she begins to pace til she reaches out for her clothes. "Thanks, not sure how I am to change." Really, that is a good point. But with Phin lingering, she tugs her close to her chest. "Thank you, Dolly." She manages to save over towards him while he's engaged in conversation with Tasha.

Lifting her chin cractionally, Tasha glances at Morgan as he addresses her… A lingering silence ensues as those cracked lips part slightly and she breathes out, " Yeah…" The tone of her voice is dejected and tired as it leaves her. Swallowing… the last time she saw the others not having gone so well, she is breifly distracted as Phin uses her call sign.

"Three months… maybe longer…" Tasha offers while ignoring the hair covering most of her face as she looks a disheveled mess. Swallowing, her mouth a little dry, she pulls her legs up and sets them on the edge of the bunk before pulling her arms around them to hold them to her chest.

"This is.. illogical and .." again the normally linear and verbose doctor is at a loss for words. "You can't be property of some sort of corporation. Neither of you belong to anyone but yourselves. You made that choice, self determination is a major component of free will." She does, yes, nod at Morgan, "aye, that we will," she agrees before saying, "If Ceres needs to change she's not going to change standing in here in a room full of people. That's simply unacceptable."

"You want, like, a book or something?" Phin asks Tasha, wincing when she says 'three months.' Definitely not without sympathy.

"I agree," Morgan replies with a nod to Nadir. "I wasn't sure that the clothes would come so soon, or I would have made other arrangements." He nods to the guards who stand ready nearby. "Knox, if you'll step toward the rear of the cell while Garrido steps forward, we'll take her to a changing-room down the hall." He gestures to indicate a narrow hallway flanked by doors.

Knox looks over towards Tasha a moment, then closes his eyes again. "It was a postulated possibility, sir," Coop tells Sam. "I don't expect that's true. We know that we're our own people. Apparently there is something else to prove. In the meantime, we wait. If Ceres needs to change, she can wait until everyone else has left. We all change in front of each other every day, though." But with Morgan's suggestion, he shrugs, gets up, and walks to the back of the cell and faces the wall.

With a slight shake of her head, Tasha exhales slowly and lifts a hand finally to brush a few strands behind one ear before looking back at Phin, " No… I might papercut myself to deaeth or something…" A slight tug at the corner of one lip hints at a very weak smile before she looks back over to Ceres and Knox and then back again. it's obvious she is curious what is going on but doesn't ask. Perhaps out of politeness or simply the fear of starting a argument she doesn't wish to be a part of any longer.

Lowering her chin to rest on the top of both knees, Tasha's arms tighten as one hand grasps the opposing wrists to hold her legs to her chest tightly. As Knox glances over, she looks away and swallows before focusing on the one person talking to her right now while the rest of the poeple play out their roles to help Ceres dress with a modicum of modesty. " You don't have to talk with me Phin… It's okay if you got someplace to be. I don't mind." She offers a weak smile and lowers her gaze again.

Naomi has arrived.

"You know what, Cooper is right. I can change right here…." No special treatment. "I was just afraid of letting you all see my access panel." Its a joke, but likely some believe it. So the woman turns, offering her back to most save for Knox and does her best to be quick without showing too much. Slipping out of her tanks, that t-shirt, blue in color comes on quickly and drops down over her sport's bra. The pants are finagled quickly enough and once the jeans are buttoned into place, she hands over her sweats. "There, everything and anything that has to do with the military is yours, Lieutenant."

Petra has arrived.
Rhonwen has arrived.

Phin shrugs. "Nobody's forcing me to stick around, Blackbird. Sorry I didn't come by sooner, actually. This has…been kind of a weird night." That sounds like a vast understatement. The brig is presently filling up with skinjobs, so. "Anyway. They got Major Holtz back from Picon. Don't know if word reached down here yet or not. Figure he'll be out of Sickbay pretty soon." He's over by Tasha's cell, looking away from where Knox and Ceres are held. Particularly when she starts changing. But half his attention is probably still tuned to the Cylons.

Although the guards keep their vigil, Morgan lowers his eyes to focus on his boots until Ceres announces that the deed is done. Only then does he raise them and then step forward to take Ceres's clothes. "I'll keep them safe, ma'am," he assures before he steps back from the bars. "So that both of you know, if you have any concerns, tell a guard and I'll come and talk to you as soon as possible. And again, I appreciate your coming here peacefully."

Sitting on the bunk with her legs drawn up and arms wrapped about them, Tasha tilts her head resting upon her knees to the side and exhales while not quiet looking at Phin but at a point just to his right as the others go about processing. " No… haven't heard much of anything. Thats okay. I ddin't expect to."

Lifting her head, Tasha looks back towards Ceres and Knox breifly but still doesn't ask as she watches them for a moment and then looks away to Phin once more. " So you didn't get transfered… I'm glad. Your a great pilot. Be a pity to lose you." Shifting on the bunk with her bare feet, she leans back onto the hard wall of her cell and lets her head fall back to thunk quietly into that hard surface. "Tell Holtz I'm glad he made it out… He's a good guy and I know he would be missed."

Petra ducks his head as he steps into the brig area ahead of Rhonwen. He doesn't look QUITE as tired as she does, but its pretty obvious both of them are running on lack of sleep at the moment. The LTC pulls up when he sees just how many people are here in the brig area, frowning a little before continuing in. Murmuring a greeting as he passes, "Dolly…Lieutenant…" then slows down in front of the last few cells to look at Ceres, then Knox, pursing his lips, but not saying anything immediately.

Knox? Coop doesn't even seem to care that Ceres is changing in front of him. If he see's it, he doesn't acknowledge it. "Don't sweat it, el-tee. Its just the way of things. We're not about to run. Besides," he gives a dark chuckle. "Where would we run to? This is our home, sir." He lifts a leg up onto the bed, planting his boot on the mattress. From his lean against the wall, he rests an arm over the knee and lets off a long breath. "Thanks for not making it worse than it had to be, sir. I know you didn't have to do it that way, too." When Petra arrives, he opens his eyes and looks up. "Evening, Colonel."

Phin shakes his head. "No. I didn't get transferred. Buzzkill was just trying to get my attention with that, I think. It…I don't know. Not sure I really thought that all through as well as I thought I had. Anyway. Major Sheperd bugged out, actually. Nobody seems to quite know where he went. We got a new CAG. Major Phoenix Straton. Countermeasures guy. Solid combat officer. Don't know much about him beyond that but…that's enough right now, right?" The sound of Petra's voice, and the use of his callsign, makes him stand up straighter. "Lieutenant Colonel, sir." At least he stops himself from saluting. It's a near thing.

It has been a while since sleep has found Rhonwen for more than a few hours at a time. Her eyes are sunken and looked almost bruised. Her long black and grey hair has been braided and pulled back. Her appearance despite the exhaustion she is showing is neat as a pin. The expression on her face is neutral and her eyes are hard to read as she comes into the brig area hard and fast on the heels of Petra. She waits for Petra to speak first and for them to respond while she collects her thoughts and just takes a moment to see who is in the brig area with them.

"But I don't understand." Naomi, her tone filled with confusion and no little fear, is being escorted into the brig, her upper arm firmly but not roughly held by the marine who usually escorts her about during this period of time. "I obeyed all of the rules. I didn't go to any of the places I wasn't supposed to go. I've done everything you asked!" But the marine has no answers for the petite skinjob, and when they go to unlock the cell door, she actually helps them by way of seeing one of the others. "Ceres!" Naomi all but flings herself into the cell and toward the taller woman for an embrace, and looks for all the world like she might start crying on Ceres' shoulder. Again. Oh dear.

Ceres merely nods, giving Morgan a look before she steps back further into her cell. ALl is lost to thought, her own pensive motions done so back and forth before Petra arrives. All that is lost as Naomi, broken and brought in snaps the nine's attention to her. "Naomi?" Relief and then concern expresses itself across her features and then she hesitates, looking awkward at the display. Arms slide around the younger woman as she holds her, carefully. Its an awkward feel about it, but the woman is trying, smoothing Naomi's hair. "Umm, its okay. It's likely a precaution."

The part about MAJ Zachary gets her attention causing Tasha to meet Phin's gaze before he is distracted by the recent entrance. Rather than comment on the new appointments and desertions, she simply presses her lips while glancing over. Sliding down the wall onto her side, she rolls over onto her side placing her back to the rest of the room and curls up while simply remaining quiet rather than draw any further attention to herself for now… Just like going to to sleep even…

Nadir is still standing to one side, arms folded, a look of stoic disapproval on her face. With the arrivals of the LTC, then their Rhonwen, then Dr. Tamsin and her marine shadow, it gets crowded. "Sirs," she says with a nod, arms still folded.

Petra glances back at Phin when the man stands up, and nods, "Dolly, tomorrow morning, unless you have CAP, come up to CIC and get me - we need to talk about your project and see if there's anything I can do to help you get it finished while Captain Rozzen is sidelined." He falls quiet when Naomi is led in, taking in a deep breath and letting it go in a soft sigh. Managing a terse sort of smile at Morgan, he addresses Knox and Ceres, "I can trust that at least you two understand that my hands are tied in this matter. Its become an official part of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. I hope you can explain that to the Doctor there. Has it been explained to you two what is going on?"

Coop looks to Rhonwen when she comes in and he just stares at her for a moment before Naomi comes in. No words yet, he just watches the two meet again and he studies the reaction, looking them both over. His gaze lingers, taking notes, before he looks back to Petra. "We've been stripped of rank, clearances, and uniforms." Even if Coop is still technically wearing part of his. Someone will probably get him some new duds in a bit. "We're now classified as Prisoners of War. That's about all Ceres and I know."

Morgan turns to see Petra entering the brig, with Rhonwen following almost immediately behind him. The lieutenant stiffens and nods to the colonel. "Sirs," he greets. He watches the marine steering Naomi into the cell, and a small frown forms on his lips. When Knox answers about their status, he nods in confirmation. "Aye, sirs."

"Uh. Yes, sir. Tomorrow, sir." Phin does salute Petra that time. He offers a quick good-bye to Tasha, but apart from that he doesn't linger. He edges his way out of the brig, trying to catch Ceres eye briefly before he goes. He offers her a shrug. Again, not without sympathy. And off he goes.

"Sir," Nadir begins, nodding at Petra then Rhonwen, "Ceres is still under my medical supervision, Dr. Tamsin is participating in the research I've been asked to lead, and Cooper has been nothing but cooperative in the same regard. Without their help, which they were not required to give, we wouldn't be here."

Naomi pulls back, the distress still evident on her face, though the panic is gone. "But why?" she asks, looking at them both in confusion. "If you're prisoners of was…what does that make me? I'm not a soldier, I'm a civilian." she looks back to Petra. "And you ignored my request for asylum. If you're calling Cooper and Ceres prisoners of war, you recognize them as people! So why are you ignoring my request?" She is trying not to let her anxiety work her into another panic, but Naomi is clearly frightened. She is, after all, back in a cell, and the last time she was in a cell, she was going to be boxed.

"We do not know all the circumstances…" Ceres' voice trails off as Naomi speaks and the nine sucks in a breath. "You are one too if you are in here, Naomi. I am certain you are now." She whispers faintly and oddly keeps her arm around the other woman, holding her in a sense. So strange and awkward looking for poor Redux. She does however catch Phin's glance and she nods to him, giving him a strained smile before she glances back to the four outside their cell.

Petra endures the looks and the comments, and then the questions from Naomi, and turns his head to look at Rhonwen. In a very even, quiet voice, he states, "Captain Rhonwen Llywarch is a Judge Advocate General representative. Captain, would you explain to our Chief Medical Officer and our Prisoners of War what is going on? I'll fill in any gaps."

Cooper looks over to Naomi, watching the anxiety build. He rises from his seat slowly and moves to stand by the two women, an arm around Naomi as well. "It'll be okay," he tells her quietly. "We'll figure this out. We aren't going to abandon you." He hears the comments from Petra, though, and turns his stare at Rhonwen.

"As of 2200 hours the Uniform Code of Military Justice has been revised, new polices were added that deals with your race. Right now you are all Prisoners of War, but considering that one of you asked for Amnesty and Mr. Knox has a very good service record with us as does Mr. Garrido. At this time you will be taken before a Military Tribunal. It is then that they must declare that you are not a threat to the Colonies and the Colonial Armed Forces. After that you will be give the opportunity to apply for both citizenship and reinstatement of your rank and positions within the military. Doctor Tamsin you are at this time a Prisoner of War, you will be formally brought before the Tribunal where they will determine if you are a threat to the Colonies and the Colonial Armed Forces, it is during this time they will hear your formal request for Asylum." Rhonwen's face and eyes are still hard to read. "Do any of you have any questions?" She then pauses. "Treatment and medical care will be allowed but it will need to be done under the watchful eye of an MP. As for all projects that were being conducted on this ship by Doctor Tamsin will have to ceases until the tribunal has heard her case. After her case has been heard it will be up to command if she is to resume her work here while they we wait to hear back from the Tribunal." She explains. Her Libran accent gives her voice an almost soothing quality to it she speaks.

Naomi calms, nominally when Cooper joins her and Ceres, but as Rhonwen speaks, panic elevates to terror. She doesn't say anything, she just stares at Rhonwen with all devious malignancy of a terrified rabbit.

"I see. This will likely slow down the pace of my research," Sam argues. "I would think that fleet wide testing would be factored in to thus equation. Even Dr. Tamsin said that she only know who else is a cylon when she meets them. we cant put the three of them on a reviewing stand and parade the fleet past, one batch at a time."

Morgan nods in agreement with Nadir but remains quiet while Rhonwen details the situation for the three captives, but he bites his bottom lip for a moment when Naomi reacts dramatically. When Nadir again mentions the impact of this development to her research, he exhales and frowns.

Rhonwen's words cause Ceres to go still, but her features are far more schooled into a inscrutability. She does however press her hand to Naomi's back to reassure her as she glances from the JAG to Petra again. Then to the other two. "WHen…was this decided?" She asks faintly.

Petra stands quietly while Rhonwen explains, watching the three Cylons, then Samtara and Morgan, waiting for commentary or questions, "The changes went into effect this morning. I've been in a meeting with Air Wing all afternoon and just found out a little while ago, apparently after you were already being picked up by the Lieutenant. I'm signing the tribunal papers as your Sponsor in the matter of your claims for Citizenship and Asylum. ANVIL is insisting we have the Tribunal on Picon, so her people can bear witness in person for themselves. If we're going to keep everything together, we pretty much have to acquiesce to that request, so maybe tomorrow, or the day after, all of you are getting loaded onto a Raptor and taken to Picon where each of you will have a chance to make your cases, individually."

Knox stares at Rhonwen and he blinks several times. His lips part and he looks to Petra and then to Rhonwen. "Are you kidding me? You're going to allow us to petition to join the twelve? Like, no shit voting members of the community?" He looks over to Ceres with wide eyes, then back to Petra. "Picon?" he blurts. "Oh shit, sir, that's…" …out of his control. "Yessir," he mumbles. A long breath taken, he looks back between the JAG and TACCO. "And what happens if this tribunal decides we aren't worthy? Do we just sit in a cell with no way to prove otherwise?"

"What the Colonel said." Rhonwen says in response to Ceres. Then she looks to at each of them in turn. "Doctor you can speak on Doctor Tamsin behalf." She says as she looks at Sam when this is said. Her attention is then drawn to Knox. "Yes Mr. Knox you will have a chance to petition to join the Colonies as citizen. But if they declare you to be a threat against humanity you will put on trial for Crimes against Humanity and will be punished appropriately." She says in that same tone. That neutral expression is still in place.

See, that's the important part. "They're going to box us." whispers Naomi, shrinking back into Ceres and Cooper's arms.

"Naomi, they can not box us, trust me." Ceres intones, looking down at her. "They can not, that is something only we know how to do to each other. What they would do is much more merciful." She does not offer a smile, there is a cold strained look in her eyes as she glances up and over at Knox. "And this, after all we have done…served. After what I did for you on Picon. I would do it again, but it feels like none of that means anything."

Petra twists his face up a bit at Knox' question, and very slightly shakes his head, "If the Tribunal denies your requests for Citizenship and/or Asylum…because all three of you were sleeper agents before you came forward, you will be regarded as War Criminals and the Tribunal…" He trails off and nods at Rhonwen's words. By now, the Colonel just looks pissed off, "In which case they could level a sentence of execution." He stops there for a moment, then looks at Knox, "You trusted me, and I failed. For whatever little it might be worth, I'm sorry. I will be there on Picon, and they will hear everything I have to say. Because if you're a war criminal, I'm guilty of High Treason, and all of this is so much horseshit."

Still silent, Morgan watches and listens. His face registers a momentary puzzled look when Naomi talks about boxing. When Petra mentions a trip to Picon, Morgan speaks to petra. "I will need to organize a security detail to accompany the party to Picon, sir. If you will, please advise me when the launch will take place."

Knox's expression flattens, his hold coming tighter against Naomi. He's protective the way she's probably used to from a Six. But he doesn't tell her she's wrong. He listens to all of it and eventually speaks to Ceres first. "Ceres. Let your actions speak. Don't alienate yourself." Turning back on Petra, Knox doesn't look mad, nor are his words hateful. "I've never slept. You've met people I served with four years ago, Colonel. Staff Sergeant Hall." Lips purse for a moment. "If they execute us, Colonel, frak 'em. You and I both know what has to be done. Petty judgments of spiteful people are not my concern. Being executed is not my concern. Finishing my mission and holding up my word to you about taking the real enemy down? That's my concern. If it comes to that, make sure we're killed at the colonies." Finally he looks down to Naomi and whispers to her, "I'll come for you, even if you get boxed, Naomi. My line, or Ceres, will come for you."

"This is when I am going to step in and tell you all that you need to use logic, and you need to have faith in those whom you have served with. You need to prove to them through your service records and your actions and through the testimonial of others that you are who you say you are. You need to convince them that you are not going to turn against humanity and you are not going to try and wipe out what is left of us. The tribunal and JAG will be able to weigh in on this. We have already defined your race as follows: A Skin Cylon is a living organism who are capable of intelligent thought and higher emotion, because of this they are to be treated as living beings and individuals." Rhonwen says. "The key is to make them understand that you are not a threat to humanity and that you have not committed crimes against us." Rhonwen's voice remains calm.

Naomi tries her best to calm herself, really she does. Her breathing slows as she hangs onto Ceres and Knox, and can't help but remark, breathily distracted and vaguely fascinated, "So this is what terror feels like." She looks back to Rhonwen. "Will there ever be enough people to speak for us?"

Petra nods slightly at Morgan's request, "Of course, Lieutenant." He turns his gaze back to Knox, listening to the comments before he offers, "You'll understand then why I agreed to the Tribunal on Picon instead of here then, Cooper." With that said, he falls quiet, his gaze unfocusing a bit to stare at the wall behind Knox, while he listens to Rhonwen and the others talk. His lips pursed, he still doesn't look happy with the situation, not in the slightest.

Inclining his head to Petra, Morgan replies, "Thank you, sir. If you will excuse me, I should see to that and other matters that need my attention." He nods to the three Cylons, and assures, "I will be back soon to check on you." Then he turns and heads back toward the main room of the hub.

Knox stares at Rhonwen. "My entire service record from J-School until today has been the person I've chosen to be. Before that, its all crap. Colonel, if you've seen my jacket I'm pretty sure you know what that means. If people try to discredit my actions, I won't be nice." He glances to Ceres and then back at Rhonwen. "Convince them," he repeats. "How about the fact that we didn't blow up this whole task force or go happily reporting its location to the rest of the enemy fleet? The fact is that we are dangerous. Trying to convince them we're not would be like trying to convince Petra that he isn't actually a tactician, just the TACCO." He lets off a long breath and gives Naomi another squeeze.

Petra holds up his hands at Knox' comments to Rhonwen and starts to say something more, then stops himself and shakes his head. Finally, he turns, eyeing the guard, and starts for the door, looking significantly more tired than when he walked in with Rhonwen.

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