AWD #485: Contingencies and Planning
Contingencies and Planning
Summary: Lt. Petropoulos has a plan - he discusses it with the new CAG.
Date: 19/10/2016 (OOC Date)
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Robin Marcus 
CAG's Office
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.
6 May 2006 AWD #485

One of the many filing cabinets is open and there's a small stack of files and folders sitting in that precarious space at the edge of the desk as if begging someone to come and knock it off like a cup of water. The room is completely stripped of all personal items. The new CAG is sitting behind the desk reading one of said files with a pad beside it. She makes notes every once in awhile. Her hair is tied back, parted down the side.

The first visitor to the office isn't an air officer, go figure, it's one of the Lieutenants from down in Marine land. Rapping sharply on the door, Marcus keeps his young frame at ramrod straight attention. "Colonel, may I have a moment of your time?" he asks, carrying a file underneath his arm. Possibly to play Jenga with her already precarious pile of paperwork.

All hatches are kept closed at all times for safety purposes, so when Robin hears bone against metal and the voice made hollow and tinny behind it, she says, "Come on in." She doesn't bother getting up since her seat is cramped into the desk enough already. She flips the pad to a new page and then joins her fingers over the gap between file and pad, elbows resting comfortably across them. When he comes in, she nods. "Lieutenant, please, take a seat."

Door opened and stepping in, the young Lieutenant offers a brief stance of attention. "Thank you sir." he offers as he takes a seat. "I'm Marcus Petropoulos, commander of the Dog Platoon, 3/8th Marines. Better known as the rifles and support of Orion. I was hoping to get your help with a project I was recently assigned to." he offers as he sets the file in his lap to open it. "Captain Ommanney has asked me to come up with insertion and extraction plans for Scorpia and Leonis that do not inform Picon command of our actions. While researching this, I learned that our recon information on these two planets has become wholly dependent on Picon and ANVIL to provide." he starts off easily enough before he prepares to go into the meat of the problem.

The CAG's brows draw together into a two fine creases at the Lieutenant's words as he begins to sprinkle facts about Picon command, but she doesn't say anything. Instead, she gives brief dip of her chin. "Continue." Her accent is distinctly Virgon accent. She takes no notes.

That apparently is all he has to say about Picon command. "The orders are to make contact with Major Fuentes on Scorpia and Captain Wells on Leonis, have the team assess the situation, and extract the team." he says as he opens the file, and pulls out his memo. "And since it will involve the Air Wing either way, I'd like the input and advice of the commander to assist me in this, especially since it involves your pilots. What I would optimially like to do is come along on a recon of the two planets and attempt to either overhear traffic of the resistance units, or if only wholly neccessary, contact the two - and also scout out possible locations for dropping the troops."

Robin leans back into her chair, straightening her elbows. She cracks her knuckles outwards and grabs her pen across the top of her pad to take a few notes. "Just to make sure we're on the same page. Sounds like a good goal," she says with a twitch of a smile. She gets up from her seat and uses her desk and a nearby cabinet to hop over something on the floor and scoot into the seat next to Marcus like sliding into a cockpit. Still spry. "Where are you on the planning of this? I have not yet had the opportunity to catch our acting TACCO. Do we have intel on if these two contacts are even still alive or was this pulling a name from a hat scenario?" The questions are obviously a trigger for more context and simply a sample of a battery of questions rattling around in her brain.

"This is the latest we have from Colonel Spree and ANVIL, sir." Marcus replies as he flips through the pages. "It's only a few weeks out of date. Which, as you know, means it could be complete rubbish by now. Which is why I am hopeful to get a new recon in to see what may have changed. I submitted a first draft of a plan to the Captain, but with the caveat that both of these ideas relied too heavily on information we don't have." he admits as he pulls the two forms to pass over to her. "I know you have a lot to do, sir, and I hate to pile on, but these are on the priority list from the top, from what I've been made to understand."

Robin scoots her chair closer and angles it so she can look over Marcus' shoulder. "Which means by the time we're ready to pull off an offensive, our new intel would be complete rubbish as well," Robin points out. "I think the most important thing establishing contact with ground resistance, determine their capabilities and what capabilities they can muster up in the time prior to the offensive. And…gods willing, establish some kind of permanent or semi-permanent communication. Though /how/? I'd defer to the tech wizkids. Obviously you've already thought this through," she thinks aloud. "It's doubtful we'll be able to make contact from the air with the resistance, not without a lot more intel we don't have…I like this gravity well drop…though there might be some issues. To move into the field, we need power. To jump, we need safe space. To move into the field, we need power. What we /can/ do is rig a raptor with temporary alternative propulsion. Jury-rig something propellant based that can be activated mechanically without power or something low enough in signature that it can't be picked up. Jump right outside the debris gravity well in orbit, kill power….wait for a good time before kicking it. I'll need to go over this plan with my experts on cylon capabilities and the Deck Chief. It might not even be a big problem, but we'll blow our chance if we do it wrong. They'll harden defenses even further. Have you come up with contingency plans?"

Rubbing a hand over his face, Marcus looks a lot younger for a moment. "Sir, if I may say freely? I was just an engineer a few months ago, and been thrusted into this. Someone trusted me to do this, but there are so many issues I don't understand." he admits as he looks up from his paper. "I'm working on contingencies upon contingencies - using parachutes on Scorpia will be damn near impossible, at least in the forested areas. What I'm hoping a recon will find.." he admits, "…is recent activity that would show where the resistance may have been at work so we have at least a rough idea where to put our team. I'd hate to put a team on the ground in the /wrong/ hemisphere." he admits with a frown. "Not saying that they can move that far, but I doubt either unit is in the same position they were when these recons were done. The best bet is to run the recon and have the team ready within 48 hours."

"As far as a contingency - as I said I'm still working on it. Getting past the basestars without going for a full on assault is on the list, but I don't want to put the whole planet on the alert and in a situation where we're having skies filled with SAMs and flak on full alert. It's my hope that the Linten group can help provide for the scoutuing as well." Pulling out the recon reports, he shows the information he's pulling from. "This stuff is thinner than Canceron soup, but it's what I'm working with. Needless to say - I'm here to beg for a recon."

"You're doing fine Lieutenant. This is great start and exactly what we need to start refining and identifying gaps. Every plan starts somewhere and the hairy ones…well they're hairy." It sounds so much more eloquent in a Virgon accent, not matter how casual Robin's mannerisms are. "Don't sweat it. This is one of my top priorities…Alright, well I'll have to speak with Major Gray on this. There's always the possibility that we may not have many choices where to drop the troops anyways. And one more time so I don't go off like the FNCAG," which she pronounces as effen-CAG. "I promise I'll write it down this time," she says, as she gets up to grab her pad and pen. "This is the pre-cursor to a mission to make /contact/ with the resistance, not recon for the main offensive. I want to make sure that any primary and secondary objectives are properly prioritized."

"This is what we know…" Marcus sighs, sitting back in his chair to look up at the cieling for a moment to organize his thoughts, before he speaks. "Captain Ommanney asked me to come up with insert and exfil plans for a group of Marines to make contact with the resistance. I was specifically told that this information /cannot/ reach Picon." he says as he lowers his head back to his file and then back to meet the CAG's eyes. "It is my assessment that this is a mission to ascertain what information we can gather about where things stand, what may or may not be secure - or for that matter - if there is an opening for success in an invasion." With that on the table, he continues. "Now, there's one other monkeywrench in all of this, and it's a hairy one that's twisting its moustache at me and pointing threateningly. Somehow, Picon command has had contact with the resistance on both planets, as recently as a momth ago. So we may end up stepping on some major toes regardless. They're getting information somehow, and I'd hate to be that guy to make the suggestion, but if there's a transmitter, maybe it can be piggy-backed from."

"Reeeally. Hmm. Well, I would suggest planning a mission to find out what they're using covertly if some element of Orion command doesn't know already. Not my area of expertise, but if we /can/ get that? This mission may not even be necessary depending on what kind of intel the resistance forces are able to provide. Would you look into that while I look into a possible recon mission?" It's not an order. The CAG knows this Lieutenant, for whatever crap that's been thrust his way, knows a lot more about what's going down and what should and should not be pursued by his own troops. She respects his position. "If you don't have the security clearance for someone to tell you outright what the method is and it is lurking in the brains or files of someone on the Orion, come tell me. We'll get what you need."

"That probably means a visit to the TACCO." Marcus says with a little laugh and a shake of his head as he blows out a breath. "My Captain keeps threatening me with promotions, sir, you're not helping." It's only said in half jest as he nods finally. "I'll head up to the CIC and see if the Major can give me some insight on how they're getting the information. And let you know, even if it's a carrier pigeon in an EVA suit, sir. Anything else?"

"Well, you and I both need to have a visit. Why don't I walk up there with you. Maybe we'll catch him when he's not busy." The CAG smirks, returning her own understated jest. "Nothing from me yet. It's good to meet you. And, to make the introductions complete. Robin Io, aka Spoons."

"Pleasure, Spoons. I assume you know your away around the Orion, so if we get lost, I'll blame you, sir." Marcus says as he closes the file to rise to his feet. "After you, sir."

Robin tucks her pad of paper under her arm as she rises from the crappy excuse for a seat and then scoots around Marcus to open the hatch for the Lieutenant, standing there and waiting. She doesn't leave till he leaves first. It is her will.

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