MD #264 Contact Calumet


Sun, Jul 15, 2049

FR: LT Adeliza Wynn
TO: CMDR Marcus Petra
CC: RADM Robin Io, GSGT Lleufer Ynyr, MAJ Elena Heron, LTCOL Niko Janik
RE: Contact with Skath Resistance on Calumet, town of Kolvenya

Flight through the wormhole and landing on Calumet were handled without incident. Skath destroyer detected and is still the only Skath contact in Calumet orbit.

Once landing was achieved, Lt. Wynn, Gsgt. Ynyr and PFC continued on foot towards the objective, the town of Kolvenya.

The town of Kolvenya has become more militarized since our last contact, and now resembles a garrison more than a residential community. Nearly everyone appears to be armed, including the Tavern Keeper of the Tavern where were escorted by the watch that met us at the entry to town.

The team was requested to disarm and Lt. Wynn was instructed to put her tablet and clipboard on another table before the man we assume is their local leader, General Frasier arrived. First name was not given, nor requested.

General Frasier required proof that we were crew from the Orion and not Cleric plants. He was satisfied with our hex tags, GSgt Ynyr's CMC tattoos. He had attended an OCS exchange on Picon, and was familiar with the marks.

The current state of Calumet is constant war. General Frasier was unaware that the Ressurection Hub hadn't been rebuilt, or that there was a Skath Destroyer in orbit.

When asked directly what was needed on Calumet, General Frasier listed the following -
Air dominance and ability to land strike teams
Striking Targets to disrupt Skath mobility
Public elimination of Clerics
Armor and Fuel.

The General claimed to have enough troops, but not enough equipment. He expressed skepticism of Orion's intentions to assist, and also indicated that he was not willing to lend aid until Orion provides required proof about assisting them in the liberation of their planet.

Attached are maps of the places the General suggested as targets and locations of resources.




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