AWD #368: Connections
Summary: Elias summons Lleufer Ynyr for a short discussion. It turns out that the Marine MP has a few thoughts to share as well as concerns Piraeus. Possible connections, or gibberish?
Date: 25/06/2016 (OOC Date)
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Elias Lleufer Bennett 
Map Room, Deck 2, Battlestar Orion
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
Fri Jun 24 18:31:46 2016

A meeting with Sergeant Ynyr has been on Elias' agenda for a while, but priorities have been juggled a bit lately and it takes the Major a while to catch up again. Today however, Lleufer receives a message requesting his presence in the Map Room for an Intel debrief, anytime during the hours of his normal duty shift. And the senior Intel officer is there waiting, seated by the central map table. Elias has a cigarette propped between his lips, but it looks like it's largely forgotten as he focuses on … sketching? It appears he is trying to draw a face in pencil. Without much success, to judge by the wadded up rejects clogging the waste basket nearby.

Lleufer arrives as requested and is wearing his MP uniform. His left hand however is bandaged and by the care he takes in stepping over the hatch seal, he's still hurting a little from his last mission assignment. Ynyr stops a step inside and stands quietly at attention until such time as the Intel officer cares to acknowledge his presence. The gun shot wound to his skull has long since healed but has left a somewhat livid purplish-pink scar at his right temple with a matching scar at the back of his head. Pale grey eyes study Elias before he says low, "You wished to see me, Sir?"

Elias looks up as Lleufer enters, giving a quick nod to the MP. "At ease, Sergeant." He sets pencil and paper aside and takes a drag on his smoke, then ashes it in the small ashtray near at hand. "Yes. Have a seat if you like," the Intel officer gestures towards the spare folding chairs around the map table. "Doctor Nadir would like to talk skinjobs with you. She has been … persistently requesting that I give you clearance to do so. Any objections?"

Ynyr relaxes and takes a few steps over towards the table and accepts one of the chairs. He glances at the drawing materials, then back to Elias. "No objections, Major. As long as you tell me it's all right. Despite …. things that happened, I have no desire to be on the wrong side of you. So, I wouldn't talk to her about it without your approval."

"Mmm," is all Elias has to say about the incident at Crandall. It's a carefully neutral sort of noise. "You're free to discuss your experiences with Doctor Nadir. Including Projection. That cat is out of the bag, I'm afraid." And having noted the MP's interest in his attempted sketches, the young Major takes another puff from his cigarette and asks, "I don't suppose you know a forensic sketch artist, Sergeant?"

"Yes, Sir." That about Nadir and cats out of bags. A faint negative movement of his head, "No, not me. But I have seen some of those pilots up on the Obs deck making drawings. Some of their sketches are pretty good. One of them was a Raptor stick, I think. He was good with faces, working on a drawing of a woman when I'd seen him doing it. Foren-sic though? Nada." Lleu idly plucks at the bandage around his hand as he sits there. He has a little trouble with some words, the left side of his face somewhat slack so that he has to speak carefully lest his words slur.

A faint frown crosses Elias' face for the lack of a forensic artist, but he hardly seems surprised. "I imagine there's still one out there, somewhere. But the odds of finding them are vanishingly small." He inhales from his smoke and slowly exhales aside. This gives him time to consider, and the Intel officer decides to jump back to the original topic. In a way. "What's your opinion of Doctor Tamsin, Sergeant?"

That surprises him somewhat. Lleufer Ynyr shifts his weight in the chair and eyes Elias, at once wary. "I didn't trust her at first. You know we became friends, then … somewhat more than that. I became surprisingly fond of her. But … since that night I put a bullet in her head, I haven't really seen her since. She was gone a long while, and then Santos Ridge happened." A gesture to his own head, "I've seen her a couple of times since, briefly." Now hf frowns, his voice kept real low so not to carry. "I've been wanting to speak with her about Piraeus. But she's been busy, off ship I think with her projects."

"I see," Elias says after a moment's thought. "After she received her Colonial citizenship, Doctor Tamsin became an official civilian. Her access to the Orion is limited. She's continuing her scientific work planet side." Clearly they're keeping tabs on the Eleven, citizen or no. "What about Piraeus did you want to discuss with her?"

"Ah." His equivelant to Elias's 'I see.' Lleufer thinks about that and his gaze flicks back to the Intel Officer as he leans back in the chair, "It's because of those ghosts. I was on the original mission that met Captain Yamoha. She … spoke of a one God, like Naomi spoke of to me." Ynyr idly flexes his hand that is injured but isn't looking at it, "I've been trying to dig around, see if I could find any references among our own religions or history of a single God. I found a symbol associated with a sect that's long since gone out of fashion. It seems to be similar to the symbol Captain Yamoha and her people wear on their uniforms. I wanted to ask Naomi about this symbol and this one God skinjobs believe in, Sir."

"The ghosts. Yes." Elias responds with a cautious tone, and doesn't say any more for a few seconds. "If there's a link through their religion, it's somehow wended it's way through twenty-five hundred years of history. Not that we know where the Cylons picked up their particular brand of monothiesm, but …" He seems to think a link is unlikely. "I don't suppose it will hurt to ask."

"Maybe there isn't a link, but if there isn't, then why do the ghosts where this symbol on the patch on their arms?" Lleufer reaches over for a piece of Elias's paper and the pencil. If Elias will allow him, the Marine carefully draws a circle and then a smaller circle within it like a dot. "This symbol they wear also comes up in our own Colonial military history, Sir. For a Monothiest belief called Mithras that prized concepts like honor, faith, loyalty, comradeship among other traits." Lleu looks at Elias, "Didn't you just update your known skinjob list and repost it listing much the same concepts for each model? Honor, Faith, Loyalty and so forth?"

Lleufer adds low after setting the pencil down, "Problem is I don't really know anything about the religion, or whether anyone still practices it in the Colonies."

Bennett arrives from the Fore Corridor.

The hatch is open but the Map Room is occupied. Seated on the far side of the map table, Elias is speaking with Lleufer, who is sitting at a chair across from him. The Intel offer is smoking a cigarette, waving it briefly in a gesture for the MP to go ahead with what he was doing. And when the Sergeant takes the pencil and paper to make a sketch, Elias leans over to examine the results. "Mithras?" Elias quirks a brow. "Ancient religions aren't my area of expertise. As for similar symbols … it could be coincidence." It doesn't sound like he's convinced of that, simply offering the possibility.

"Yeah, Mithras … which I gather was a more popular belief on Tauron than most places. But now Tauron's gone… " Lleufer shrugs and leans back in the chair, "I guess I can go ask Shackleton if he knows anything about it. But that's why I need to speak with Naomi. I'm also try'n to get shifts down on Piraeus to help Doc Thanos with the digs, but I haven't seen any of the ghosts since then to check. In case I am misremembering the details, Sir. I could be wrong." Ynyr rubs his uninjured hand over his face and frowns - at least with the good side of his mouth. "You have to admit, such a religion kind of appeals to a Marine. Things like strength, loyalty, honor, truth… it's a Jarhead's kind of values."

"Mmm," Elias makes a non-committal sort of sound. "Crewman Shackleton isn't known for his … polite conversation." A bit of dry understatement there. "But if it seems he does know something /and/ he proves uncooperative, let me know." There's a pause while the Intel officer quietly thinks things over and smokes. Then he lets out a long breath. "My advice to anyone who sees these 'ghosts' on Piraeus is to … maintain a healthy skepticism. We have no idea what they are or what they want, and assuming they're not some sort of hallucination, they appear to be able to connect with human minds."

At some point amidst the conversation between spook and jarhead, a pilot's wandered into the mix. She's in her blues, suggesting she's on a rare spot of desk duty this evening, and toting a collection of folders under one arm. When she realises she's intruding, she pauses a moment. "Sir. Sergeant." After some inner debate, she resumes her path toward the map table, as unobtrusively as possible.

Lleufer gives Elias a nod, "I used to get along pretty well with Toby. Until recently." He frowns and lets out a sigh, "Won't be easy to get him to talk to me but I'm probably on a wild goose chase anyway." Ynyr's been kind of depressed, something else on his mind but he doesn't bring it up. Instead thins is mouth slightly to what Elias says next, "I know. I saw the vision, /felt/ it, when they showed us their last stand before they were wiped out on Piraeus. Trust me, Major, if you haven't experienced it yet, it will unsettle you. Only thing like it I ever experienced was when Naomi projected to me, but she had to touch me to do so."

The moment he hears someone else arrive, Lleu stops speaking and turns his head, moving to stand. Then he sees it's Bennett and he relaxes a little, "Captain."

"Possibly," Elias makes cautious agreement with the wildness of Lleufer's goose chase. Then he listens closely to the way the Marine describes his experience on Piraeus. The young Major weighs what was said, then nods slowly. "I suspected it might that. But the skinjobs have all agreed that they can't Project without physical contact." He too pauses as Bennett enters, giving the Raptor Squadron Commander a curious look. "Captain. Something I can do for you?"

"Just some paperwork to drop off for the Colonel," St. Clair explains with a brief, apologetic smile for Elias. "Since I am rarely able to catch him in CIC.." She slips a pen out of a pocket of her blues, and after thumbing through the contents of one of the folders, pulls out a couple of transparent sheets. Something's scrawled at the top of each one in her left-handed chicken scratch. "I would appreciate it if you could make sure these get to him." They're tucked back into the folder, which is held out to the Major with a wink that borders on flirtatious. "Sir."

Bennett senses: Lleufer is of course watching her closely and trying to keep a completely neutral expression on his face. It's not that hard since the left side of his face still isn't very responsive.

You sense: Bennett makes eye contact for a few moments over Elias's shoulder, and half looks like she might say something inappropriate. But her pale, piercing gaze as usual says plenty.

The piece of paper with the double circle within a circle is left on the map table. Ynyr lightly rubs the bandage on his left hand, his chest still sore as he waits. When Bennett's finished, he adds low, "I'll get out of your way, Major. Let me know if you need or want anything else from me, Sir." Lleu offers St. Clair a faint smile, "Captain." If neither of them stop him, the Marine MP will remove himself and go back to his duties.

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