AWD #261: Confirmation
Summary: Lleufer confirms some good news with Toby.
Date: 25/Sep/2013
Related Logs: Follows straight on from (but is not related to) Air Support Planning. Is follow up to Passing it Along
Lleufer Toby 
Main Corridor - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The hallways are the standardized thoroughfares found on nearly every ship in the Colonial Fleet. Tall enough to accommodate heavy equipment, their half-diamond arches rise almost twelve feet off the decking. About a quarter of the overhead bulbs are Vitamin D lamps, smoothing out the harsh edges of standard-issue fluorescent bulbs. Wired phones are posted every hundred yards and in adjoining halls as well. Heavy bulkhead doors section off the ship into different areas, and each hatch is clearly labeled no matter how large or small.
AWD #261

The Security Hub is a very, very busy place the past few days. Like the Hanger Bay, there's activity to prep for a mission for a large number of troops. While most of those troops are either on Picon already, or preparing down below on Piraeus, every able bodied Marine who's going from the Orion has to run through the Hub for requisitions, gear checks and repair requests, among other things. Sergeant Ynyr's been here most of his time today when he's not been to various meetings.

Finally this evening Lleu's come back through after a meeting with Captains concerning air support. He speaks a few words low with Captain Saint Clair and assured her he had gear to check out and would meet her at the Hanger Bay shortly to wait for Dr Tamsin and their flight down. Lleu has gone through the line, submitted his forms and picked up his gear for this short trip. Not the heavy armour for Picon, explosives and battle kit yet, but lighter stuff. A vest, a rifle, ammo, a few other oddments. The Sergeant turns and starts to head for the Hanger Bay carrying this gear.

The Hanger Bay has indeed been busy of late, with anyone certifed to work raptors and predators being drafted in to ensure that all the birds needed for the upcoming ground assault are refitted to the correct specification. Anyone who isn;t of course, has been prepping the Vipers for whatever little adventure they're up to tomorrow. All in all, high tension, high stakes, and highly organised chaos. Toby has spent the best part of a double going over each and every bird, no matter what persuasion, checking, testing and in numerous cases replacing the CO2 scrubbers. He's done now though, unless any birds get signed back on at the last minute, and has been sent away to shower, eat, sleep, and be ready for another full day in the morning. As such, he's just exiting as Lleufer arrives.

Yes, Double-Shifts-R-U this week for almost everyone. That still leaves 8 hours to run errands and sleep more or less. Ynyr hefts the gear mostly over his right shoulder, turning sideways when the hallways get more choked with passing people to afford them more room. His pale eyes catch sight of Toby as the Deckie in his bright orange jumpsuit leaves the Hanger. "Hey, Shackleton!" The Marine Sergeant stops by the wall and waits, settling his gear to the floor, "Did you get my message?"

Toby hears his name called out and glances instinctively behind him to check and see if someone has changed their minds and decided that his services are still required. Seeing no obvious origin inside the bays he shifts sideways a pace, out of the main flow of traffic, and checks the hallway, spotting Lluefer who seems to have had a smiliar idea. Giving the marine a brief nod to confirm that he's noted him he then waits a moment for a gap in the flow then heads over to where he is stood. "Ynyr," he greets quickly, then shakes his head to answer the question. "No, no message, but as you can see we've been crazy busy. Word is spreading like wildfire though," he continues, sounding less tired and more cautiously hopeful as he does so, "it true what they're saying? The brass has really signed off on it?"

Ynyr gives Toby a nod, "Yes, Rear Admiral Jameson's own signature is on the warrant." Lleufer's somewhat stern, slightly stressed expression on his face eases somewhat and he manages a flicker of a smile, "I put in the request for an update as you had asked and the very next morning the warrant landed on my desk. Apparently the JAG office had completed and submitted their findings and things were already moving. As I was the bastard to ask about it on the MP side, I get the honors of the followup." The Marine scratches at prickly stubble growing in he's had no time to shave from his jaw since 0400 this morning. "I understand that Sheperd's Raptor was never recovered on Piraeus so once we deal with Picon and have the airwing pilots rested, we'll start with a fresh look for it. The trail will be cold but we might find /something/ to help direct our search."

Well thats quite certainly the best news that Toby has had in a long while, possibly even since War Day, if not before. Hints of tiredness gone he smiles broadly, although refrains from punching the air in victory as given the crowds he'd likely end up accidentally clobbering someone. A quick check of the time confirms he really doesn't have enough spare to go hit up Charlie's and get wasted in celebration, but that can wait a few days if needs be, give him time to drag a few more bodies along to the party as well. There's a brief moment as he's not sure exactly what to say in reply then he starts simple, "thanks. For chasing it, and for letting me know. And, if you know, you want to take someone with you, to you know, check on that Raptor or anything, see if anything can be learnt from it, then just say the word okay?"

Lleufer gives Toby a nod, "I will do. I need to speak to somebody in Airwing, perhaps the new CAG, to see what I can find out. But, once I get further intel and we can begin the search, I'm going to need you or someone to help make suggestions on how we might find that bird and have a good hard look at it if we do. I'd like a detailed list of what's stripped out of it, confirm it's the /right/ Raptor for a positive ID, and then of course see if it's salvageable to bring it back. No point in leaving it to waste nor for him to use at a later time if we can help it. If Sheperd is still alive. He's obviously not a man to be trusted."

"I'm fairly certain I could get you a score of volunteers if I stuck my head in there now and yelled," Toby replies with a swift nod, talking quickly now. "Remeber I volunteered first though yeah? Top of the list and all that." Theres more nodding at the coments about salvaging the raptor and then at not trusting the wanted man. "I get heads together with some of the avonics and airframe guys, see what we can come up with in the way of tracking thats actually going to be feasible and let you know once we get five seconds spare to breathe."

"Yeah, this all has to wait until we get back to Picon so don't bother with it now. We need people focused on here and now for this mission, not distracted." Lleufer included as much as possible. He rubs the back of his neck, "I gotta go catch a shuttle down to Piraeus myself. If there is a means to track down the Raptor by an ID signal, I need to know. I know that sort of thing used to be standard on military air craft but I don't now how long or how weak such a signal is, especially after so long." Sergeant Ynyr briefly lays a hand to Toby's shoulder, "Anyway, I'll touch base with you when we all have a space to breathe." Lleu bends and picks up his gear, ready to head out.

Toby nods as he listens, sure there's the whole Picon thing to prepare for but this prject has him hooked, that much is obvious. "Strictly spare time only, don't worry," he states as Lleufer starts to move off, "but we'll start with seeing what the CSAR guys do and see if we can work from there. Fraker will know some of the tricks I'm sure, but we'll find one he hasn't thought of." Watching the marine go he smiles to himself for a few moments, then turns back towards the berthings, mind alive with ideas and possibilities.
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Yeah, Sheperd did know some tricks so almost certain he busted ass to disassemble any such system to put it out of comission. Every possible lead must be checked all the same. Lleufer shoulders his gear and smiles, "We'll do what we can. Laters, Shackleton." The Marine goes on into the Hanger Bay to look for Captain Saint Clair and Dr. Tamsin.

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