AWD #213: Complications with Puppies
Complications with Puppies
Summary: Lleufer provides escort to Naomi on a trip to Piraeus to observe wild 'direwolves' as she calls them. Only, the puppies complicate matters and things get bloody.
Date: 07/08/2013 (OOC Date)
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Naomi Lleufer Dropkickst 
Wilderness, Piraeus
Ridge, overlooking a shallow valley where a pack of 'direwolves' are observed.
August 7th, 2005

Raptors flying low over the area have managed to identify an area where a small pack of wolves have been active hunting recently. During the day they can generally be seen lazing around a high altitude field and soaking up sun. To watch from a distance, they look like any group of large dogs. They seem content and pleased to just enjoy the time and the pups are being nuzzled around to play with each other. Its like watching any other nature documentary. The pair are watching from a decently close ridgeline through a break in the forest's higher branches. Binoculars, a camera, a radio. The FAV is parked a quarter mile back on one of the logging roads that terminates pretty close to where they stopped. All in all, its a nice Summer day.

For once Naomi is blended in with everyone else. She's in fatigues suited to the environment, her ponytail sticking out of the back loop of the cap she's wearing to shade her face. She requested only one marine for this outing, one she knows can handle himself in the wild. That's why they're snug up against a tree and a great deal of brush, mounted the camera on the trunk, and as for her, she's perched in a crouch - she has been for about an hour now, taking notes while getting the recordings and occasionally pointing out behaviors to Lleu in very low, almost whispered tones.

On Piraeus, she's like a different person. On the way she was excited and enthusiastic, the smile rarely leaving her face, and her fascination and almost childlike level of wonder is all over her face.

And here Lleufer thought he'd have to track down and hunt up these wolves for Dr. Tamsin. Air spotters and the beasts lack of shyness made that unneedful. He lays belly down looking through a pair of binoculars for a moment before he says very, very low so his voice won't travel, "So what's your plan? Observe, maybe collect some scat? You don't need to tranq one for anything, do you Doc?" He'll have wanted them to place themselves on the predominately downwind side from the wolves to keep their scent from blowing that way. The Aerilon isn't all that used to dealing with wolfish animals and these might not follow any rules he knows about canid preditors anyway. It's a comfort to him that Naomi's not trying to bumble around in heels and red dress out here, and has the wits to keep her voice down.

"This is record and observe only, at least for now, sergeant." she replies softly. "I think there's a chance we might witness some mating displays, and if so, if one of the males kills another, we might have a go at collecting the corpse if they move off. But that's an opportunity we'll only take if it presents itself. I suppose you could say I'm more of a naturalist than a biologist in my soul." Being downwind, being scent-neutral; she was both on board and knowledgeable about these ideas. Whether or not it surprises the marine, this is clarly not Naomi's first rodeo when it comes to survival skills in general, and observing animals in the wild in particular. She sighs wistfully. "I wish we had longer to observe than we do."

"Can always tag a few and follow the pack for long term study. So long as we are in the area, you can return however often you can spare the time and get permission. If the war doesn't prevent it, you could spend most of the rest of your life down here studying." Not his call to make. The Marine backs off a bit so he can change his position from prone to squatting where he won't show himself to those she's observing below. Lleu puts his binocs back into his belt pouch so he can go back to being watchful. He's not one of those fellas to be nervous and recheck his rifle 100 times. He knows his gear is ready so he takes a sip of his water canteen and then eases off a touch more, barley in sight. A moment later is the sound of him passing water in the bushes a slight distance down from her location.

And sometimes you get closer observations than you want. There's a small rustle of leaves behind them and a quick hop and then another and the sound is right behind them. But its not the heavy paws of a wolf. No, its a pup. It walks up to Lleufer's leg and starts sniffing it, stepping up onto the boot…where it passes its own water on his shoe. There's another sound of rustling leaves and to look over, there's another pup hopping over towards the other. Apparently Lleu is attracting baby wolves.

Man's taking a piss. He turns his head and finishes what he's doing as the pups scamper up. "Eh, Doc… we have visitors. Pups." Shake and tuck his own puppy away to make himself decent. "Likely mama or uncle is close by. Maybe good idea to get you up into that tree." The Marine doesn't care that the pup wizzes on his boot. Unafraid of it, Lleufer dares to reach down and try to pet it but only once. Not picking it up. Slowly, he turns and starts to walk back to where Naomi is, now even more watchful, rifle pulled around and into his hands. "Position's compromised for your ops."

Ohmygodpuppies. For about eight seconds Naomi allows herself to melt, because direwolf puppies are pretty much the cutest frakkin' thing ever and let's be real, the one who pees on Lleu's boot? Is her favorite. Forever. There's very tight quirk of her mouth as she successfully fights off her giggle, and then it's back to being a Scientist. "You're right." she says regretfully. "We should vacate before a Mother comes looking. I want to leave the camera mounted, though. We can come back for it in a few days."

The PeeinPup follows Leu back over, and the other pup follows it. Someone ELSE to smell. They seem all too happy to see people, oddly. They sniff all over boots and pants, one rising up on its hind legs to paw playfully at Naomi's knees. Dangerous little fuzzballs, right? Well lucky for Naomi and Lleufer, there's parents nearby to nip this behavior in the butt. Two large females come over a rocky outcropping a dozen yards away and look down at where these kids are and where these people are. Judging by the growl, this isn't a friendly warning.

"Ah shit." Lleufer says when he's come up to where Naomi is and sees the adult wolves. "I don't think we have time to back off just now. Unless you, in your 'expert' opinion, think we can ease away and they'll try to get the pups elsewhere. Otherwise I think I'm gonna boost your butt up this tree, Doc. Wait'm out to leave though it might be the rest of the pack'll come." Yes, the Marine totally doesn't give a shit about the equiptment at the moment.

"Sergeant," says Naomi very softly, "Drop your head, turn it to the side, and keep your eyes on the wolves, but don't look them in the eyes. Take a step back slowly away from the puppies. We may be able to withdraw without an altercation, but if they lunge, you don't need to waste precious time boosting me up the tree. I can get up without you, and likely help you up as well." What? Naomi? She's…well, kind of on the petite side. And he's a bulky marine. But right now? Angry Mamas.

Backing away? Well its a good thing those puppies have legs so they can keep up! These are -people- and they have new smells to explore. The PeeinPup playfully nips at Lleufer's pantleg, even holding on for a moment like its trying to drag him to the ground for easier access to playtime (and potentially throats). The two grown wolves hop down off the rocks and closer, growling. Neither one of them seem too inclined to let this go. Ground to shoulder, they're nearly three feet. These are not exactly tiny animals. Snarling, drooling, they only seem really concerned now that the pups are trying to move with the visitors. But like any good children, they roundly ignore the parents and continue getting into trouble. …Which just pisses off the parents even more. That distance seems to be closing with each step.

She may not look like much, and tiny, but Lleufer's been /trying/ to study up on skinjobs. He's heard they are a hell of a lot stronger than they appear, though if they are otherwise built like humans why the hell would they be? Not a question he's sorted out an answer to yet but he only nods to her. "Copy that." The Marine's instinct is to be the DOMINANT MALE over some dogs, er wolves-things, gods damn it, but he lowers his head a little and turns his head to keep an eye on them without direct eye contact as best he might. "What's going to keep these curious, playful pups from following us, Doc?" It doesn't take him a couple of steps to find the adult animals are moving in, "Plan B, doc. Get your ass up that tree. Consider it a Security order, ma'am. Do it /now/." Lleufer uses his rifle butt to firmly push the pup off without hitting it, then he puts out a hand to make Naomi comply with his order. "i'm going to fire a shot to see if the pups will take off."

The puppies just whine when people try to push them back. They're just trying to play. Lleuefer, why aren't you loving them?! The two wolves step closer and just crossing that 8-foot threshold a shot rings out from the rifle. One of the wolves whimpers and yelps, stumbling on a leg with the bullet through its chest. It bleeds and the other wolf looks to the wound and licks at it once before looking up. Uh oh. Thaaat just seems to have pissed them off. The puppies freeze in place with the sound of the shot but the grown wolves? They're moving. Lleufer probably has time for one more shot before they're both on him.

Naomi turns and scrambles up the tree. It's positively uncanny, how fast she can move, and what kind of grip she must have, to be able to so quickly and securely make it up into the branches. But as soon as she situates herself on a thick branch, she locks her legs around it and lets herself drop down, arms dangling and hands grasping at air in expectation of one or more of the marine's own's hands. She'll cry later.

He's not a man who's keen on slaughtering animals he's not likely going to get to eat. It's damned wasteful, but so is being torn apart by wolves, or whatever these things are. At least Naomi gets up into that tree pretty fast. Ynyr is totally expecting the wolves to scatter at the shot, especially the pups. That they do NOT isn't a good sign. And now the second adult looks about to leap! If he's got the seconds before it's on him, Lleu'll stick to his job to eliminate the threat. If these things are like other canids, the other adults will take in the pups and see they are raised. So his next shot goes for the second adult that hasn't turned to flee. Nice, calm, quiet, and for the breath of seconds, not paying Naomi's offered hands any attention.

The wolves charge in, Lleufer's shot going wide on the healthy one. It leaps and goes for his arm, jaws sinking in and drawing blood as it tries to tear the damn thing off. Shaking its head violently, it almost feels like Leu's arm is ripping in and out of the socket. That shit hurts like hell. The other dog goes for the rifle, already wounded, and its jaws clamp down on the carry handle, trying to rip it away but not quite having much success.

There are two wolves on Lleufer. Now for the life of her, Naomi can't figure out what drew the pups to them in the first place. They had stayed carefully upwind, they had worn clothing that let them blend into their surroundings. Naomi has done this a hundred times with other hostile animals in their native surroundings. What made this different?

Fortunately, pondering this is one of several tasks Naomi can perform at the same time. For example, in addition to these musings? She is shifting on the branch, swinging over it for momentum, dropping down to the ground. Only she's using one of the wolves as a landing pad.

Frak him with a needlewort! That son of a bleep is mauling him, Gods damn it! The second wolf can grab and pull at the rifle all it wants but unless it gets the shoulder strap off of him or breaks it, Lleu's not worried about loosing the rifle. The man stumbles back and does a quick glance to see if he can reach up to grab for Naomi's hands but she's dropping down out of the tree! An involuntary sound of pain is expelled with his breath as teeth tear and rip arm muscle. Keeping what hold of his rifle as he might, Lleufer lets go of it with his right to make a grab for his combat knife - maybe he can stab the one that's not yet hurt. Dissuade it from thinking this game is going to be easy and maybe it'll back off and rethink. Teeth are gritted, hard focus.

The knife strike to the unharmed wolf comes as it goes for his leg and grabs a chunk off his thigh. Again, there's the feeling of blood trickling against shredded clothing as the dog goes after the attempt to shake him off his feet. He's going to need help getting out of here after this. But the knife plunges down into its shoulder and with a yank and twist, Lleufer can feel bone and must tear apart and the dog lets go. It yelps as blood gushes from the wound and it staggers away, limping on three feet as blood pumps on steady amounts. That's a fatal wound. Meanwhile the other wolf grabs hold of the rifle, teeth scratching across his arm leave long gashes. The wounded dog finally rips the rifle away, the plastic casing shattering beneath its jaws as it pulls the rifle off. It pays no attention to Naomi, though. Lleu attacked this dog, she's going for his shoulder despite already being covered in blood.

Naomi is totally okay that the wolf she used as a gym mat is ignoring her. It's not as if she's that heavy, but it does struggle a bit because having something drop down from such a height is still pretty inconvenient. The wolf seems content to ignore her like a tick on its back. Good for Naomi, because what she does is next is bring one of her arms around the wolf's neck, lock her hands together, and twist. The force of it would have to be considerable, but the only thing Naomi does is grunt softly as she makes the effort.

Aphrodite's tits! If he had time to dwell on it, it would all hurt like hell but adrenline and no time be distracted, mixed with a trickle of fear, helps to keep Lleufer's focus. The brutes get him down but he's not out. The jarhead has lost his rifle but not his sidearm nor his knife. Ynyr doesn't go for the semi-automatic pistol - he might hit Naomi. She's trying to get her arms around the thing's throat or something and Lleu's fighting for his life. He'll try to stab the last wolf that's yet on him, up from below. "Frak you, you son of a bitch!" It's hissed through gritted teeth, himself getting bloody.

The wolftries to buck a bit as Naomi swings her arms around. There's a ferocious growl as it twists, trying to get at Naomi's face. The blood from the bulletwound trickles over her arm but as it comes up tighter, there's that look on her face. The twist, while it doesn't seem like a hefty movement from the skinjob, is enough to cause a very distinct -crack- from within the dog's neck. Leu's knife is just coming up into its chest when the dog collapses in a heap, spilling off Naomi onto the ground. The dog's eyes move, its nose still sniffing as it tries to figure out what just happened but the rest of the body has just gone slack. The puppies bounce around, whimpering and whining, running between both of the mortally wounded wolves. They're panicking and the grown mothers barely look like they can do a thing for them.

The Marine pulls his knife out of the wolf and if it's close enough, Lleufer tries to stab it again for good measure, nevermind it's down and out. He's in fight mode and loosing blood, breathing fast. Man's partly pinned by the weight of the beast that fell half on him. As he draws his wits back, he starts to push it off with whatever remains of his strength, bloody knife still in hand. "Where's my rifle? You all right, Doc?" Shame she's not the medical kind. Lleu sucks in a sharp breath when he moves his leg, "Frak, I'm gonna need an evac. Rest of the pack may come, smell the blood and hear the pups."

"I'm fine." Of course she's fine. Physically she's fine. Emotionally she's in a bit of distress. This was a carnage she never wanted to cause. "I need to help you and I think those wolves are going to be left to die and maybe the puppies too, do I need to kill them, do you think? What do I do first?" She straightens, takes a breath. "Lleu, tell me what to do first, please."

Lleufer lays there trying to get his breath, "Gotta … stop my bleeding first." He levers himself up as best his shoulder will let him. He's pretty torn up. "Bind my leg. My arm. I'm not much use otherwise." But he holds his bloody knife out to her, "Cut their throats. Pups I would leave. If they'll anything like other canids, the pack will come to investigate. Will take care of the pups. If you try to take'm, the pack may come before we're outta here, Naomi." His voice isn't as steady as it should be, strained with his injuries. Lleu's trying to do what first aid he can to himself but he's no medic. Grope for his rifle, unclip the strap from it and use that to bind his arm to try and slow the bleeding.

Once she has instructions, Naomi seems to be able to act. On a certain level, this is exciting! Adventurous! A new experience! But mostly it's just horrifying. She cuts the throats of the two wolves without any ado, the whimpers of the cubs paining her more than killing their mamas. And then she's seeing to Lleu. Tourniquet, bandage, and well, if he's ambulatory, she'll have him lean on her. If she's not? She'll carry him, and promise not to tell a soul. As far away as she can get; to their transportation if she can get away with it.

With his leg bound so he doesn't bleed out, Lleufer's damned well ambulatory with a shoulder to help him. It all hurts like hell, screaming on his nerves with every drag of his leg, but by the gods he's a Marine and not whining about it. He'll insist on their collecting his broken rifle for he's accountable for it, then as fast as she's able to help him, down the trail back towards their waiting vehicle.

Teeth gritted, Lleu doesn't say much. No waste of his breath. Not at least until they get to the vehicle without further molestation. Get him into it and he lays back in the passanger seat while Naomi gets herself sorted out. "If ye like…" Lleu gets a breath, trying not to let his voice be too strained, "Come back here with a team. Piece of mind. Collect your gear 'n make sure the pack takes the pups. If they don't, collect'm and raise'm. Observation pen could be made for'm down here."

"I'm not sure if there are appropriate facilities." Naomi manages as they walk. "Are you in a lot of pain?" she actually sounds concerned, even if the answer to that should be obvious. "But we'll definitely come back." She slides into the driver's seat, taking a moment to negotiate the wheel, the clutch, whatnot. "I can help, maybe. But you might find it kind of invasive. Should I drive slow? To avoid bumping you? Or as fast as I can?"

He rolls his head over to look at her, "Yeah," a breath, "Lot of pain. But still alive. Pain doesn't matter." The Sergeant isn't quite overwhelmed by it but it's extremely fatiguing. A muscle in his jaw ticks before he adds low, "Drive safe, normal speed. I'll suck it up." He may or may not make it back to the Marine base conscious but they'll stabilize him there before sending him up. Lleu's working hard to keep his composure, stay quiet. Teeth sometimes gritted. Man smells of sweat, blood, and wolves. Thankfully he'd emptied his bladder before the attack or he might smell worse. The Aerilon's eyes close, his one hand pressed firmly against his torn up leg. His left arm is a bloody mess, as well as his right shoulder.

"I could - " she starts, then stops, like she was about to say something she shouldn't. "Alright. If you're sure." Shaking her head, she starts the engine, and once moving will start slowly until she gets used to driving a strange vehicle in what is effectively off-road conditions.

Lleufer isn't at his most coherent. As they start moving the jostling opens his eyes with a sharp intake of breath as the vehicle bumps him around. He blinks a few times, breathing a bit rapidly for a moment. He mumbles, "Should be laying down, legs raised. Treat for shock." He turns his head to look but there's no room in here to lay him out in the FAV. Man's loosing some of his focus, "Could … what?"

"I can distract you from the pain." she says. "There's something I can do. Any Cylon can. But I'm not supposed to - not very many people know about it, though command does. But I could keep you steady until we get to town." She bites her lip as she drives. "It's not difficult for me to multi-task, even if I'm the one driving."

Naomi gets that distrustful look. Sergeant Ynyr isn't so far out of it lost in his misery to give up caution. Not quite, though any man has his limits at some point. Lleu swallows and thinks about that before he gives a reply after another jostling. "I … just talk to me, Doc. Good time to ask me your questions. Keep me focused. Don't think about how much it frak'n hurts." Man, if he had some opiates to pop himself with, you bet your mother he would use'm. Accept some cryptic wierd shit help from Naomi talking about Cylons distracting from pain? Hell no. But he is curious. Lleufer manages to refocus on that, "Tell me what it is you'd do. /If/ I consented, which I'm not."

Naomi doesn't have time to be sore about the expression on his face. "We call it projection. We can see what we want to see. We don't have to be here and now, not if we don't want to be. I could project to you the new stimuli wouldn't alleviate the pain entirely, but it would put it to the back of your mind." She admits as she makes a turn, "It's not something we make known to the general public. But command knows, from Petra on up."

"Thanks, but I don't think I want ye in my head, Naomi." Lleu'd rather take the pain, horrible as it is with every jostling of the vehicle. It seems like the drive back is taking /forever/. Gods, it's unbearable. But bear it he will. His bleeding has slowed with their field dressing of his wounds with whatever was to hand to bind them. By the time Naomi pulls up to the compound, Ynyr's barely on the edge of conscious. Later, he might remember to thank her for leaping out of that tree and helping with the second direwolf, else Lleufer might be the pack's dinner. Playful pups happily chomping on his bones. So cute.

"It's not like that. I can't go into your thoughts." she says, with a snort. "It's more like I'm showing you a picture book - only you're in the book with me. My god, if we could do that, the war would be won."

Alas for her, Naomi gets no reply.

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