PWD #01: Comparing Scars
Comparing Scars
Summary: The new DI meets the old DCO.
Date: 04/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Augie Leona Lennox 
Fitness Center - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
PWD #01

Thumping and pounding into the heavy bag, the gym is usually where you can find Augustus Garrido. He doesn't seem to be able to just be sedate and just relax anywhere. Instead, he's back down here and hitting the bag as hard as possible, shaking it as he moves around, getting his daily exercise in.

Arriving to hammer something that wouldn't require trading favors, the newish Drill Sergeant makes her way to the gym in her sweats with the rest of her gear in a little bag. The woman stops to watch the man work with an intent expression, but she doesn't chime in, yet.

A few more heavy thumps into the bag, and Augie steps back to grab a towel and rifles it through his short hair. he looks up and that cold gaze of his falls on Leona, and offers a nod of acknowledgement. "Evenin'." the Damage Control Officer greets casually, rolling his shoulders to work them out.

Leona gives a short little lift of her chin with a responsice, "Evenin'" before glancing at the bag, "Catching your breath?" She drifts closer, then, into arm's reach to talk more like people with an obvious glances at the inked shoulder.

"Between rounds break." Augie says casually as he finishes the roll of his shoulder, a glance at her own ink as the large firefighter prepares to step aside. "Ya need to use the bags?" he asks casually, ready to give her room if that's what she wants. Then he holds out one of his gloved hand. "Lieutenant Garrido, DCO. Most folks just call me Augie, though. Some call me asshole, but hey, I don't really give a rat's ass about it."

Leona nods affirmingly, then, "Feel like hitting something." her hand clasps his firmly and gives a little smile, "Staff Sergeant Leona Cobretti, the new DI, nice to meet you, Augie." A cant of her head follows then, "Been at it a while?" with another flicker toward his tat.

"Pleasure, DI." Augie offers and chuckles. "After a couple of days with these kids, yer probably as addicted to the bag as I am." The tat wasn't professionally done. Probably something he got on a drunken dare several years ago. The color's are ugly, and the lines ain't straight. What's worse is the large scars that cut through the bottom half of the tattoo. "Naw, just about fifteen minutes or so. I was about to start really goin at it when ya showed up." Though his expression turns curious. "Somethin' on my shoulder?" he asks, glancing over towards it himself.

A smirk, then, "Couple stories, probably." Leona sets the bag down and goes into more specifics, "Been DCO a while? Be the first one I've had any real face time with."

"Been a firefighter on the Orion since her launch. On her last cruise to Pireaus, the old DCO retired, and I got bumped up to replace him. Been here ever since." Augie says, and glances at her own shoulder. "Ya an MP as well?" he asks curiously, moving to start to lower the bag down to settle it for Leona's height.

Leona glances at her arm with a little shake of her head, "My brother's badge. Bust went bad." If there's hurt, it's an old one, but it doesn't darken but enough to notice. The sound of the bag shifting brings her back from whatever thoughts had ensued, and, "Don't have t'do that yet." He doesn't have to, but she is starting to work the sweat jacket off, anyway, revealing several bullet scars around her midriff, including a probable through and through.

"Every mark's got a story, good or bad." Augie comments, watching her as she takes of her jacket, and stops the bag adjustment as he shrugs. He has numerous little scars along his arms, jawline and his forehead. He glances at the bullet wound and huhs. "Looks like ya had yer fair share of stories too." he comments, going to start to take off his gloves, unless stopped.

Leona nods, a little mirthless snort of laughter, "Yep. Have a few…" though a mild, polite smile quirks the corner of her mouth. Her eyes watch him loosen the gloves, traversing the landscape of scars and the tales they likely tell then find his again, "Sure yer done?"

Augie arches a brow as she lays out the little hint of a challenge on the table. "Dunno, am I? I can go a few more rounds." he responds to her, a smirk tugging along his jawline as he considers her. "What's the through and through from?" Unlike her, he seems to be pretty blunt on asking about her old wounds.

A brow quirks as he might have taken her question in a slightly different path. Wouldn't be the first time, but.. if he's down… She crouches down and fishes around her bag for the tape to start on her hands as she starts, "I was stationed on the Manticore, this one op, we're dealing with a cult, I can't say where…" You know how it goes, "The Sarge breaks us up into tandems so we can cover ground, taking sentries. Could see why he wanted to do it, but frak me if it didn't blow up in our face. We're moving toward what we figure is the last hotspot, right? Dunno if it was timing or the Sarge wasn't completely in the game or what, but we're moving to a T-intersection with an overhead catwalk and he's taking point…"

Augie listens to the story, pulling his gloves back down into place. "I can use the speed bag if ya need the heavy bag." he clarifies. She'll have to present the challenge apparently. He's had bad luck bopping on the ladies lately.

"If they don't hit back y'don't learn nothin." Leona returns, glancing up with a grin. Tape begins working around one hand and, "He misses the local, like completely, carries on like nothings there. Slag opened up on is with one of those Leo Raisens, stitched the Sarge up pretty good…" She brings her hands up to her face so her wrapping hand can point a finger at her cheek, "Almost popped me, and completely scragged my rifle. One burst." A shrug and the wrapping continues, "Sarge hits the deck, I bring my girl around for some rock'n'roll and the frakker with the Leo starts loving the wall. Kuh-lick! Well, he got real brave after that, I grabbed the Sarge and yanked him back behind cover as skippy realizes I'm shit out of firepower." Now starts the other hand…

Augie and Leona are standing near the sparring ring as the two are apparently chatting while Leona tapes up her hands. A smirk at her comment. "Yeah, but bags don't have to go to the infirmary, either." the large DCO points out as he nods, gauging the scar that she points to, and continuing to enjoy the story.

Wind-wind-wind, wrap-wrap-wrap…. "He did a barrel mod on this thing, probably to look badass or something, but it made a real convienient handle when it poked around the corner ahead of him." She flexes her fingers and slams a fist into the opposing palm before doing the same with the opposites and rises, "I yank it out of his hands and I make it a three course meal for the frakwit." She rolls her shoulders and, "His initial burst brought company from damn near everywhere, so, with his gun and the Sarge, I'm trying to pull back out of the fire."

Through the hatch tromps Lola Lennox. She carries a little pink duffle bag, a towel over her shoulder, and a bottle of water in one paw. She heads right for a treadmill, strips off her sweatshirt, and dumps it on the floor with her duffle. Underneath, the wears a set of tanks, the top one emblazoned with the team logo of the Caprica Buccaneers. She wears a pair of black yoga pants with BUCCANEERS written down the left leg. If her shoelaces were also Buccs, it might look as if the souvenir stand exploded all over her. She's moderately decked out at present. She comes in somewhere in the middle of — what's this? — a war story? Lola drops to the floor to stretch and have a listen.

Putting his gloves on his hips, Augie makes an attentive listener as he nods at the parts of the story that grab his interest, a smirk spreading across his features as Leona talks about feeding some rat bastard his own rifle. When Lennox comes tromping in, Augie swivels his head in her direction. "Hey there, Lolapops." he offers casually. "Ya meet the new Dee-Eye yet?" he drawls out, gesturing with a glove to Leona.

The DI in question breaks off a moment as Augie makes note of another entrant, "Lolapops…?" she parrots under her breath with an… interesting expression. But, not seeing but sports memorabilia to identify her, she gives a polite, "Evenin."

Lola drops to the deck to take a seat, slowly stretching out her limbs while the tale continues. She leans into a thigh stretch, reaching up to unbraid her long, long blonde hair. She combs her fingers through the golden strands, snapping a set of bands around her wrist. At the howdy-do from Augs, the Ensign glances up from her less-than-clandestine eavesdrop. "Hey, sir." He started with the nicknames, but she hasn't thought up a good one yet, so she sticks with the standard. "Lola Lennox." She lets her hair drag the deck for a moment, jerking a thumb toward herself. "S'me. You got a name other than DI, Dee-eye?" She makes quick work of re-braiding her rope of hair and twisting it up into a bun at the nape of her neck.

"She's one of our pilots. Ensign Lennox. But watch out for her, she'll swipe both your sweets and yer smokes, if ya give her a half ass of a chance." A smirk over at Lola as he considers. "I'm gonna take another crack at that slop hole on the surface. Interested?" Not that he's looking to bump Bennett from the mission, but he trusts the pilot. Augie starts to work on the speed bag just to keep moving with thump pops of the bag as he does so.

A grin and, "Cobretti, Leona Cobretti." is the return, "Nice to meetcha, Lola." With the announced venue change, a certain curious attention turns quickly back Augie's way, "What kinda slop hole?" Maybe it's a five-alarm place she can persuade to kick it up to eleven.

Lola shoves the final brightly colored bobby pin into her hair to secure it in place. "What, me?" She doesn't sound at all offended that he'd suggest she's a candy and smokes snatcher, because hey, what's true is true. "You got any more of them Reds? I mean, I did haul you up out of the jaws of certain death and stuff." She eyes Augs, then turns her gaze to Leona once more. "Hey, cool name." She sits up, then continues back in a roll to kick her feet over her head and touch them to the floor. Something in her back pops. "Aw, man." She holds it, and when she speaks it's a little muffled. "See, he jumped down this giant hole to unstick a stuck drill bit, and got radiated. Might be fun t'go again if there's spots needed. I didn't pee my pants when I thought he was dying last time." Always a plus, no?

"There's this crash site down there that some drill got stuck in, we're working on figgering out why it got stuck." It's said casually as Augie smirks towards Lola. "Ya try being in that hole when yer suit rips and suddenly yer rad counter is chirping that yer at 1000 rads per minute. Thought fer sure my nuts were gonna be fried down there." he admits. "We got the bit out, time to go fish out the prize. Real borin work, to be honest. But, it gives me job security." the engineer smiles at Lola. "Ya nearly peed yer pants when I looked at ya funny, Lennox."

"Somoene once said in combat, the brave man pisses his pants, the coward shits." the DI remarks offhandedly, as it seems fallout-fueling repaste is not to be forthcoming. Her inner spice junkie makes a sadface, but nothing shows on her expression, "When you're soakin' rads, I don't expect it t'be all that different."

Lola lets herself fall sideways out of her stretch, and pops up off of the deck without much more than a cursory go at limbering up. "I stay away from holes." She lets that fall between them, grabs up her towel and water, and hoofs it to a treadmill where she has a nice vantage of the fisticuffs. "Did not. Do not."

Lola glances over at Leona and her lips purse. "Blergh. No shitting the suit. Gotta breathe your own stench all the way back to base. Big no no. It's like the first thing they teach us in officer training." Just like puppies and their crates.

"Yeah. I'm dropping in full EVA this time. None of that MOPP shit. Place is a hazard hell hole, and I want someone that's pulled me out once to be able to do it again. I'll send DCAG yer name, Lennox, and see what he feels on the matter." Augie says with a slow nod of his head before he glances back towards Leona. "Ya done makin yerself all pretty yet?" he teases her.

Chuckle, then, the scatastrophic topic is allowed to rest, probably because Augie makes it sound like she's been doing her nails or something, "I'll do some wonders fer you, too, big boy." A grin and she ventures over to the ring.

"Hey, hotness this smokin'," Lola points to herself, "Is not an effortless task. You know what this space lighting does to my complexion," she points up at the overheads. "Talk about pasty." Beep-beep-boop. She keys in a program, and the belt kicks into gear. She begins with a walk that rolls up into a slow jog for a few moments. "You couldn't pry me outta my flight suit on a mission like that. I wanna make babies one day." She picks up into a run after two.

"I'm sure ya can do wonders fer a man, Leona." Augie offers with a small smirk. "Unfortunately, any of them other than fighting I ain't gonna be good fer. Don't wanna upset my gal. She doesn't make me happy when she's upset. And when I ain't happy.." he smirks, looking up at Lennox. "…I'll make sure that they get ring pops for binkies, lass."

"One day." is parroted by the DI, but she looks back at the big man as he elaborates on the hazards of commitment, then veers into bebbeh-binkeez. Rhona is probably working on number three by now… maybe four… Anyway, her gaze flits between the pair and, "Should be an interesting post…"

Lola grins at Augie's tease re: candies for the babies. Her feet beat out a regular rhythm. "See, now you're talkin'. But sugar's bad for them, so you can just give those to me." She ups the incline and picks up speed. And then, like it's just occurred to her, she glances surreptitiously around to be sure there's no one too close to her. Like Cole. Like Cole sneaking over to smack the big red stop button. … Nope. Whew.

"Just wait til ya meet the rest of the bunnies, Leona." Augie starts to say, when the intercom announces the need for the DCO in ops. "Frak. Day's never done." he admits with a shake of his head. "Raincheck, Sergeant." he promises her as he is already ripping off his gloves. "Lennox, stow my gear for me, ya can have the red in the side pocket!" he calls out as he breaks off into a dead run.

"Take it easy, Loot!" Leona calls after him as he tears off. she considers her wrapped hands for a moment or two, then with a shrug, drifts on toward one of the closer bags to Lola and says hello with a what on a person would probably be a vicious jab to the throat, "Whatcha looking for?"

Could be Lola was about to grouse about being luggage bitch once again, but no griping is forthcoming. This either has a lot to do with the cigar in the mix, or she's just getting used to being helpful around the boat. Heck, maybe she even counts Augie as an okay sort of guy. One may never know, because off he goes. "Dang, I didn't know he could move that fast." She looks to Leona and grins. "Oh… well. Sometimes there's this Louie who likes to sneak up on Ensigns and hit the big red button. He's kind a jerkface, mostly because I'm little, and can't kick his hiney." She thinks on that for a few more footfalls. "Yet."

Jab-jab-cross, "Little…" haymaker-cross, "just fights different" jab-jab-hook, "that's all." Leona looks over at Lola for a blink, then back to work, "Li'l sister's yer size, an she takes pretty big guys to the pavement all the time back home."

(Fade scene…)

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