AWD #580: Common Ground
Common Ground
Summary: Working out in the Fitness Center, Ynyr and Kapali discover they have something important in common. They agree to watch out for each other especially on this particular issue.
Date: 22/01/2017 (OOC Date)
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Fitness Center, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
Wed Aug 09 13:41:54 2006

Penta has the reach you'd expect out of someone his size…and reflexes you wouldn't expect to be so fast. His own style lends more to light, quick jabs, only occasionally going to strike Kapali's torso.

Rocking back with a few of the jabs that get past her defenses, Kapali angles a nod at Penta that is as much approval as it is recognition of his much longer reach and control of his recovery time. She bounces back, using her smaller size to duck in and out, and still can't quite get past Penta's defenses, making only glancing hits at best.

Lleufer arrives with his gym bag. He's in tanks and tags with shorts. His bag is set down underneath one of the benches. The sound and movement of the two sparring draws his attention. The MP Sergeant looks amused at who it is and comes over to watch for a minute. "Don't break the Ensign too badly, Kapali."

Penta smiles wolfishly as he just lets Kapali wear herself out with a succession of strikes, before he moves in and aims a solid blow for Kapali's chest. He even has time to chatter! "Oh, hardly need to worry about that!" He strikes Kapali *as* he says this.

"I'd need a step stool for that, Ynyr," Kapali calls as she continues to land only the barest of glancing blows and ends up bouncing back out of reach to slowly circle around, eyes narrowed. "Or a tranq gun."

"I'll have you know I am not an elephant. I am a mighty grizzly bear, and you are a puny poodle," Penta can be harsh when he teases, especially when he's fighting. "Roll over, poodle."

"I'll have you know I am not an elephant. I am a mighty grizzly bear, and you are a puny poodle," Penta can be harsh when he teases, especially when he's fighting. "Roll over, poodle." He's still trying to wear Kapali down. It's not exactly subtle, but it has the benefit of probably working.

Yynr looks amused, "Wow, I do believe you may be over matched, Sergeant. For shame. Letting a green Ensign hold off your NCO ass. Here I thought you were a veteran Marine, Kapali." Lleu grins with the good right side of his mouth, "Do I need to take time to bring you up to speed with some training?" Penta's so called harshness is nothing compared to the shit they usually give each other. Ynyr laughs, "You going to let him call you that?"

"Grizzly bear?" Kapali sounds incredulous as she ducks and twists to avoid the jabs that Penta aims at her, bouncing back out of reach only to duck in and land a solid jab for a change. She huffs out a laugh, "I'll have you know," and this time she uses one foot to kick at Penta's shins, "poodles have sharp pointy teeth!" and bounces back in, a quick feint and another jab before she's sliding out of reach again. "Hell no," she calls to Leu with a grin, shaking her head as she paces around again.

"Yes, but they're unable to grip anything with those teeth. Bad poodle, no biting!" It's right about then that one of Kapali's strike's actually makes contact with his face.

Ooh, that was a good hit to Penta's face. It could leave a mark. Ynyr lifts a brow, "The winner should do a round with me. Later, if you don't have time now." Lleu grins and goes to the workout benches to angle one to his liking. He sets it and then arranges himself so he can place his hips at the edge of it and strap his feet at the top. The angle lets him lean /way/ back and hang partly upside down without any support for his back. Once there, he stretches his abdominals before he begins his first set of situps. First set up the center. After he does fifty of those, he starts working on bending upwards to each side until his elbow on that side can tap his thigh, then back down to hang, then back up the other side crunch. His tags jingle loose and smack Lleu sometimes in the face as he drops back down before he exhales and lifts himself back up again.

Knowing better than to gloat, "For that reason alone, I oughtta see that the Ensign wins," Kapali calls as she steps out of reach again, eyes narrowed as she sweeps a look upward to Penta's face then down again to watch how he shifts his weight and his balance. She almost angles out of the way of a return jab and lands nothing more than a pair of glancing blows again.

"Now, now, for you to throw this fight so I get pummeled?" Penta does not say he disapproves. Or that he wouldn't do so himself. "I doubt you could live with yourself if you did that," he offers as he keeps toying with Kapali.

Ynyr keeps up his crunches with the over exention back hang until he's done fifty of those on each side. Lleu pauses to get his breath, hanging back and letting his tags dangle before he reaches up to unstrap himself. He turns over to be face down and hooks his feet so he can work on doing a set of 100 back lifts. Hex tags swinging and bonking him in the face on the downwards hangs, Ynyr finally gets the damn tags in his mouth and sucks breath around them. Lift, drop, lift, drop, lift, drop over and over again until he's breathing fairly hard and grimacing a little.

"I can live with a lot of things, sir," Kapali replies as she flexes her hands inside the gloves and comes in with another one-two combination followed by a low kick that she moves to recover from while angling back out of Penta's reach. She glances toward Ynyr as she expects his commentary and sees that he's doing those crazy back lifts that make her back hurt just to see being done.

The kicks are actually effective against Penta, apparently. Far more than the punches, if his face is any indication. "I'll keep that in mind," he replies simply, before sweeping his leg out low and aiming a punch to Kali's face.

Ugh, yes. Frak him but these things really start to tap your ass out after a while. Just imagine stepping up to the next level and doing these /while/ you hold a 150 lb weight bar, or something. Some of the bigger, beefier Marines do that all the time. But Lleu's a bit leaner and doesn't seem to be focused on becoming a body builder meat bag. It erodes one's ability to run and stay agile if you are bogged down with too much muscle mass and the Aerilon comes of a rancher background with hunting and horses. So, the MP Sergeant does his set, then gets up for a brief breather. Lleu eyes how the other two are doing and goes to his gym bag to get a sip of water. He wipes his face and once he's done with that, Ynyr sets himself up to start doing 50 burpees. Squat down, throw his legs out, push up, then jump up again, then another squat, hands down, throw his legs out behind him, then pushup, then get jump UP again. Frakking lunatic.

Far be it for anyone to say that Kapali can't take a punch and stay upright, because that's exactly what she does. Penta's aimed punch smacks her square in the face and even though she rocks backward she lets her momentum carry her out of his reach. She recovers enough to duck back in beneath his arm and aims a rapid kick at his shins again followed by a pivot with an elbow thrown against his side. "All's fair," she says in a voice that is more breath than not and steps back once, then a step further, to move out of reach while working her jaw from side to side.

Penta chuckles, as he leans in at the elbow to his abdomen. He returns fire with a kick aimed squarely at Kapali's knee, then a flurry of jabs.

Side stepping to avoid the aimed kick, and only avoiding half of the jabs, Kapali ends up holding up one gloved hand as she exhales a sound that is a rueful, and respectful, laugh. "Alright, gotta hand it to you, sir, you know your way around the sparring mat," and peels one glove off to rub the side of her face with one hand. "You have to square off against Leu now, though. Now that you're in the zone."

Penta grins. "Thanks for the acknowledgment, Sergeant. As to Sergeant Ynyr, though, I'm going to have to take a rain check. S2 stuff calls, sadly, I can tell by who just walked in," he notes, gesturing to an Intel NCO in a duty uniform.

When he's done with the burpee set, Lleu pauses to get his break by contorting himself into a back bridge. He holds that for 30 seconds and then folds his arms over his chest, balancing on his forehead with his neck tipped well back. That for 30 seconds, giving him one minute to rest. Then the Sergeant gets himself up and goes back over to the bench to strap himself in to start his second set of crunches to begin everything all over again. A nod to Penta, "No sweat, Ensign. You let me know anytime, sir. Be my pleasure to work out with you."

Penta grins. "Thanks, Sergeant." With that, then, a nod and he exits.

"Damn that man and his reach," Kapali grouses as she walks over to loiter beside Leu and watch as he does the crazy stuff. "I want to see you spar with him next time there's a chance. Has to be a way past those damned gorilla arms."

"There is…" Lleu huffs out between crunches. His tags are jingling loose and trying to smack him in the face each time he drops down. "The trick is …. to get inside … of his reach…. or duck low … go for his legs…. or behind and … throw him or choke … him out…" Leave it to Ynyr to know about half a dozen ways to get around that problem if the fella has reach and strength on him. He finishes his straight up crunches and hangs upside down for a 30 second breather. Do you want to spar me?"

"I was thinking that a tackle and a sedative accompanied by duct tape might be in order," Kapali speculates, her eyes narrowing slightly . . and the look on her face is actually serious, tapping one gloved hand against the other as she considers the logistics of it. "But that might be construed as excessive force and it might lead to me having to write up a report." She blinks out of it and grins at Leu, "That all depends on whether or not you're going to punch me in the face too."

"Sure, if you want to go to the Brig and fail to collect $200 credits because you aren't allowed to pass Go. Then go for it. Assaulting an officer can get you court marshalled." He smirks, "Trust me, I've been there and done it." But, he didn't get court marshalled. Lleu was damned lucky. "So, stick to friendly sparring without the rest of it. Officers tend to have less of a sense of humor than the rest of us." OK, side crunch time! Ynyr starts doing the right then left sides then wash, rinse, repeat.

After a few reps he pauses to say, "If you ever feel the need to do that to somebody, go do it to Shackleton in Deck. But don't let anyone know that I suggested it." And then back to his side crunches, ugh.

"So, it's not ok to assault officers, but it's less NOT ok to assault Shackleton in Deck because that would just make your day. Only don't let anyone know that the idea came from you. Check." Kapali grins as she peels one glove off, then the other, and drops down to sit on the floor and stretches her back once she gets there. "Like I'd rat on you? Jeez, Leu, what do you take me for?"

Lleufer huffs a breath after he finishes another set and hangs to rest a few seconds. "First, he's not an officer so yes, it's much less serious. Secondly, that son of a bitch totally has it coming. For sucker punching me more than once, and for bad mouthing /all/ Marines every chance he gets, not to mention his calling me and others -traitors- both behind our backs and in our faces because we work with the Skinjobs. That mother frakker deserves a blanket party if every anybody /ever/ did, if you ask me." He actually sounds serious. "Hell, I am probably happy to risk being thrown in the Brig and maybe demoted in rank just to get some payback on that asshole. Shame is, he's also pretty good at his job and we need him, else I'd be tempted to push him out an airlock" Yynr lets out a long, slow breath, "But I'm an MP and I have oathes to uphold. I'm not the murdering type, and he should be damned glad of it."

"Murder, however timely, creates a ton of paperwork," Kapali reminds Leu with a sidelong look, a half curve of a smile, but a sober look in her eyes all the same. "He hates the skinjobs. He hates them. Simple as that. Doesn't matter what they do from here on out. Doesn't matter why they do what they do, or did what they did. Millions and millions are still dead, Leu. No good deeds are going to change that. I know the facts, you know the facts, HE knows the facts. I don't have to agree with him, and I don't," she adds with a tip of her head toward Leu, "but I have to respect the effort it takes to hold on to that much emotion, day in and day out. I couldn't do it."

Ynyr finishes his set and unstraps to get off of the bench. He just sits there before he'll start on his back lifts all over again, and wipe his face, "Sometimes … I pity him. For his losses, and I understand why he thinks the way he does. Frak. He and I used to be friends." Lleu shakes his head, "Now I just get really angry when I have to look at him or think about him, and want to pound his face in. But I know perfectly well that won't help our war effort. If nothing else, Shacklton does contribute a lot more than many do. He's no slacker, even if he pisses me off." He gets up to go grab his water bottle.

"I'm beginning to wonder if there's something wrong with more of us than we realize," Kapali says as she looks up at Leu again. "Marines, we're.. we're a crazy twisted adoptive family that just works, because it works. We'll go through fire, literally, for each other. The pilots? Not so much. I don't know what the other divisions are going through, but I'm spending a lot of time with Kelsey and she says that the pilots are a mess. How do I know that the deck crew isn't as bad? Or intel or any other group? Leu, what if we think that the core is holding and still moving forward, but we're really just one more frak up away from imploding?"

Kapali has got his attention. Ynyr sits his ass down and thinks about what she says, "The pilots are a mess because they have such a high turn over rate. They die so fast out there, especially recently, that I don't think they have /time/ to build bonds between them. Hell, they barely get to know each other's names before they are scratched. We lost so may of them… we're down to what? 60 pilots who survived Blue Axe from our /entire/ fleet? Apollo's penis, Kapali, that should rattle them pretty hard loosing /so many/ of their own. So yeah, that's some hard shit to go through and why even -try- to bond like brothers and sisters when you know they are going to die on you?" He shakes his head, "Nobody else on this ship or in the Fleet has been through -that- much loss as the Airwing. Deck has no concept. Besides, you watch them and those Deckies are as tight as we Marines. Very cliquish. A lot of them are Taurons too, seem to have apptitude for Deck mechanical work. They are very tight." Then Ynyr shrugs, "As for the rest I don't know but even though we've lost a lot of officers, Command Staff is a whole other kind of people. More aloof, political. Another breed entirely."

Lleufer smiles a little, "Except Jameson maybe. He bridges … many of the gaps. Nobody's quite like him."

Kapali scrubs both hands over her face, exhaling a sigh of breath. "I can't say that I'm not glad that I'm not a pilot. Because I am. I think pilots have to be a special kind of crazy. But maybe their kind of crazy is destructive because they all expect to just go out and die anyway so what's the shagging point of trying to do something else? Yeah. That's it right there." She leans against the wall, props her knees up and then rests one elbow against her knees, chin into the edge of her hand. "Kels took me on one of those training sim rides. Which is a freaking roller coaster mixed with a war montage all tied around visuals and sounds that are from my worst nightmare. It's so bloody surreal. I don't know how they do it. Even just all the buttons and lights and twitches and then there's the flying stuff and getting shot at and crap, Leu, I don't know how they do it. Give me gun and drop me into combat on my feet anyway and that makes more sense that what they do." She then makes a sound that is almost a laugh, "I don't really bump elbows with the Admiral, Leu, so what he is or isn't doesn't matter so much as what he does do, and that keeps us going forward in the right direction."

She gets a slow nod out of him as he listens, especially to the comment about Jameson. "I've run into him a couple of times though he's more apt to go incognito into Airwing country. You'll know if you see him doing it though because he'll be wearing sunglasses, be an older lean dude with greying hair, and likely wearing a beat up old flight suit instead of officer's blues. Just to mingle and hang out with the crew." Ynyr smiles at that, "He's of ranching family, very down to earth man. So yeah, I have a high opinion of him. Very laid back when he doesn't have to be sharp and on top of things, which he also does well when he has to."

A thoughtful nod, "But remember, the pilots feel the same way when they have to come with us. On mixed missions, get them out of their birds, and Westcott was shaking like a leaf, near panic. Scared so bad she was about pissing herself and worse. So remember, they are /trained/ to use all that stuff and it makes /sense/ to them. Just like we are trained for ground ops and fighting a bloody battle up close and personal, face to face, is what we know how to do. You and I don't really even think about it much, we just -do- because we are so highly trained and we are veterans. It's like automatic pilot for us, leaving our brains free to make the decisions we need to focus on, as they come up in between all the other stuff we just know how to do almost as if we were programmed to it. It's the same with the pilots. All that stuff in the sims? That is their living and breathing, just like us field stripping rifles in our sleep."

"I get that, and I would've done the same, puked my guts out, if it had been anything other than a sim. I sure as shit could not stand to be locked into a flying tin can every time we need to go out and fight. I'd go nuts. No way, absolutely no way," and Kapali even looks green AND ill at the very idea of it. "Not enough frakking air in those tanks, for starters. Shoot at me all day long, just don't lock me in a tight space and make me pretend it's cool and the rule of the game." She scrubs both hands over her face then up through her hair as she nods, "Ok. I'll know what to look for, then, should he ever start meandering through marine country. The admiral doesn't do that, though, right?" she wonders before leaning back again, resting against the wall. "Maybe it would make a difference if I knew what any of the blinking lights and stuff do, but it's light up like a holiday light show in there, it's just. . surreal, it's the word I keep using."

Lleufer gives Kapali a nod, "Me too. And if they get shot up? There's no air or heat in space and they are like a spec of dust against a field of stars, hard to ever find to recover if lost out of sensor range. Pilots have my serious respect. Every time I go up in a Raptor, I try not to think about it or I might panic." Does Kapali know about Ynyr's Clausterphobia? He's not mentioning it if not. In fact, he tilts his head and curls the good side of his mouth, "Don't tell me you are a little clausterphobic. Marines' aren't supposed to be afraid of anything." He jerks her chain lightly. "Yeah, no, the Admiral's never come into Marine country but he does show up in the mess hall from time to time." Lleu puts out a hand to Kapali's shoulder, "Just think of it this way - those lights to them are like your EOD stuff to you. Even I wouldn't know how to make sense of a fancy wired up bomb with an electronic controller and blinking lights, colored wires, whatever. We each are good at our own thing, what we are trained to do."

"I was in an accident, as a kid," Kapali says and glances sidelong at Leu, "I've had issues with confined spaces and being trapped in confined spaces ever since. Therapy speak says that I recognize that I could have a freak out moment, and that if I do, that I am supposed to control my breathing because it'll stop the freak out if and when it happens. I haven't had one today, and I didn't have on yesterday, and that's all that counts. I just really fraking hate the hell out of small enclosed spaces that don't have enough frakking air and I'm not allowed to get up and leave for any number of really don't get yourself dead being stupid reasons." She says it all in a nice, quiet, almost reasonable tone of voice, save for the nice slow deep breaths she's taking between the words. "I respect the pilots, really do, but don't lock me in a tin can and tell me to fight and fly," she huffs out a little laugh at the end.

Ynyr listens closely and that hand on Kapali's shoulder gives her a squeaze, "I know exactly what you are talking about." He draws a long, slow deep breath and lets it back out again, "I'm clausterphobic. It's on my medical record now." He holds up his hands to show her the marks around his wrists, "After I tried to off myself, Medical strapped me down to a bed and kept me sedated. Only, when it wore off enough … and I found myself in a tiny little isolation room, strapped to a bed, I freaked. Bad." Lleu lowers his hands, "It wasn't in my record. I'd … kept quiet, didn't tell anybody. I always steel myself and I don't loose it under ground if I'm with my fellow Marines, and we keep moving. Like that mine tunnel on Libran? It was well lit, we kept moving. But it still bothered me a lot. Until we were too busy for me to think about it."

He's quiet a momemt. Ynyr has kept his baritone very low so only Kapali can hear him and not carry through the gym. "So, you should let others know. Get it noted in your record. I know now it won't get me kicked out of the Corps. But if your fellow Marines know, they can help watch out for you. Like you know about me, now. I think mabye I got it worse than you, I don't know. But if you ever see me tense up and we are in a sitation like that, maybe we can help each other focus on … anything else. OK?"

Kapali eyes the marks on Leu's wrists and only then does she nod, following his words seems to help her with the breathing thing and she has it all locked back down, squared away, nice and neat, before she gives a small shake of her head. "No. I mean. You know. And Flynn knows. That's enough people needing to know the shit that makes me freak. I'm already up against a stacked deck half the time, the major forgets I'm EOD as well at least a portion of that time, so I'm not going to say anything that'll get me sidelined. I've got this," she flexes both hands and then scrubs her hands against her knees. "I'll keep an eye out for you, you keep an eye out for me, and we're going to be just fine. So far so good, that's the therapy talk again, right?"

"All right. You're call on this. I don't outrank your ass enough to push, Kapali. Just say'n that if Medical had /known/ about my problem, I'm sure Doc Nadir and Doc Forrester would have handled it better. If they had known. But, I hadn't told anybody." Another deep breath and Lleu pats on her the back, then gets up, "I need to finish my exercises, hit the head, mess, and rack. But I'm serious, if you ever want to spar, I can teach you to be better. You never know when we'll need the hand to hand. Especially against civilians. I had to use plenty of it on Caprica, when I was sent on the President Adar assassination mission." To which Lleu was later awarded a Silver Star for Valor.

"Well, if the shit hits the fan, then you can tell who ever it is that needs to be told not to strap me down because I would frakking lose my mind," she admits in a low voice before nodding. "I'll take you up on that, next time, ok? Maybe if I can just get better, all across the board, I can be more useful, you know?" She pushes to her feet and snags the gloves, the empty bottle of water and pats Leu on the shoulder. "I'll see you around."

"Sure. And if you figure out the secret of being all round more useful, share it with me. I've … felt pretty unuseful for a while now." He gets up, "I'm hoping the sugeries help. I could really use a whole new me." Back to the bench. Lots of back lifts to do, then more burpees and everything else until his hour and a half is up.

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