AWD #239: Commendation?
Summary: Lleufer is told to see out Captain Gray to ask about putting in a reccomendation for a Commendation.
Date: 02/09/2013 (OOC Date)
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Lleufer Elias 
Map Room, Deck 2, Battlestar Orion
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
September 2nd, 2005

A Marine MP arrives and as he's alone it's not a patrol on regular rounds. He's in uniform and armed of course. Sergeant Ynyr has opened the hatch and steps in, looking carefully at who's in here - and specifically for rank tabs, "Sir? I'm looking for a Captain Elias Gray?"

Elias glances up upon hearing his name, and spends a second studying the Marine before he responds. While he doesn't seem surprised to find an armed MP coming to talk to him, he does look a bit curious. Otherwise his expression and tone are business-like, the typical officer response. "I'm Captain Gray. What can I do for you, Sergeant?"

Lleufer closes the hatch behind him and walks in to approach Gray's desk where he stops. "Sir, I was asking around about … protocol for reccomending someone for a commendation? It was suggested I seek to speak with you." Lleu hooks his thumbs loosely into his web belt, his cover folded and also tucked into his belt since he's on board and 'in doors'. "I went to Caprica with Corporal Baca, sir. Where she was killed on our mission."

Elias listens through the explanation and his expression tightens with it comes around to Chase's death. He gives a slow nod and then gestures towards the nearby chairs. "Have a seat Sergeant?" It is an offer, not an order. "That was good work on Caprica. And a damn shame about Coproral Baca. She was … a good soldier." It sounds like he knew Chase, at least a little. Elias' gaze flicks to the closed hatch, then he starts to rummage around in his pockets, and produces a rumpled pack of cigarettes. There looks to be only a few left. "Smoke?" he offers.

"Na, thanks. I don't smoke." Probably the only Marine in the fleet who doesn't. Lleufer steps up and accepts the chair, his left leg still a little stiff. "Yes she was. Which is why I've come to ask, sir. We were able to get our asses out of there alive at all, in part, because of her. She ditched Lance Corporal Jast and stole a police cruiser. Took off like a shot on her own and lured a good deal of the search after her - and /away/ from our pickup point, sir. They were pretty hot for our asses. Local cops and raiders both. I think she knew perfectly well she wasn't likely to shake'm, sir."

Elias doesn't seem too upset to get to keep an extra cigarette. He props one between his own lips and lights up, tucking smokes and lighter back away as he takes the first drag. He at least has the courtsey to exhale the smoke off to one side. He gives a slow shake of his head at the story of Chase's actions. "I see." There's a long pause as he mulls this over, puffing on his cigarette. "I'll give you the paperwork. Normally it has to go up through Chain of Command, but I can submit it myself, if you like. Bit of a shortcut, as long as your CO won't take it the wrong way."

The Aerilon Marine gives a nod, "I'll ask him but I don't think he'll mind. I appreciate it, sir. Not something I've ever had cause to ask about before. If I need to write up a proposal or something I can do that." Lleu twists his mouth with amusement, "I'm in OSC now and seems I'm getting plenty of training on how to do paperwork."

"Oh you're welcome to write the recommendation. You were there, and she was a Marine after all." Elias' brows arch questioningly when Lleufer mentions OCS. "I'm surprised they're bothering with the formality, but good luck with that. I went through OCS myself." Apparently Elias wasn't one of the academy-types. "Seems like a long time ago." Long time ago? He has to be one of the youngest Captains ever. But there is a war on, too.

Lleufer gives a nod, "Thank you, sir. Erik, Lance Corporal Jast, he was there also. I'll see what input he'd like to make since he saw a bit more of what she did than I did. I got separated from the others right after our shots." He shifts his jaw to think about the other comment, "Somebody put the OCS application into my duty box with a note that said I should apply. Don't know who but…" He shrugs, "I already do a lot of paperwork. Don't suppose that'll be much different." The Marine Sergeant moves to stand, "I can take the paperwork now, or come back by for it after shift, sir. Thanks."

Elias mmms-hmms around his cigarette and stands as well, moving to grab a nearby file folder. He flips through it with a look of concentration and pulls out a type-written sheet of official fleet stationary. It's not a blank form, but a typed-up recommendation for someone else, which he offers up. "You can keep this one as a reference. The official language is this bit at the beginning." He points at the first few sentences. "Then you describe the incident and conduct. Summarize with this bit about highest ideals of the service, etc." He pauses, adding the last a bit reluctantly. "Better make it clear it's posthumous."

The sheet is accepted. There's something odd about Lleu's left hand, like the little finger doesn't work when his other fingers close around the edge to look over the document. "Get this back to you, thanks." Something comes to mind and he hesitates, "What about a civie, sir? I mean, if a civilian does something noteworthy, say … puts themselves in danger to save the life of military personal, is there something in placde for that? I dunno about a commendation but maybe some note on their record or something?"

The question about a civilian getting a commendation catches Elias off guard, and he gives the MP an odd, curious look. "There are civilian awards. I think they're typically for non-combat contribution…" He sits back onto the top of his desk to think this over, and take a hit off his cigarette. "… But I don't really know the protocol, to be honest," he eventually admits. "Mind if I ask who and what?"

The question gets a flick of his pale eyes up from the document to watch Elias, maybe wary. Sergeant Ynyr doesn't look like he wants to say. After a moment he decides on, "I got mauled by some direwolves down on Piraeus. The Biologist studying them dropped down on one of'm after I'd shot it, and she killed it. Once the second one was down and off of me, she helped stop my bleeding, got me back to our vehicle and took me to medical. She'd been a lot safer to have stayed up the tree."

Elias's expression shifts to a rather cool and detached neutrality as he listens to the details. "I see," is his only comment for few long seconds, then he gives a slow and thoughtful nod. "So you were the one down on Piraeus with Dr. Tamsin. I assume you're aware that she's a Cylon?" Elias looks over Lleufer once again, re-assessing the man. "Well … in my opinion … it might be a good idea to put it in writing and send it up the chain. I think she'd appreciate the gesture even if nothing comes of it."

The Marine watches the Captain's reaction closely, figuring out spot on who he's talking about. Ynyr's own face is unreadable, that wariness still in his eyes if not his face. He gives a nod, "Yeah. I'm aware of what she is. Part of why I haven't been too sure if I was going to pass it on or not but she could have stayed out of it, and I'd have been torn to pieces." He was anyway, but managed to live through it. Lleufer thins his mouth, "I'm on her escort detail as an MP. That's why I was down there. My orders are to keep her safe if I can, but also to keep a close eye on her. If nothing else, I figure somebody might want it in writing and I was too torn up to write up an incident report on what happened. Don't know if anyone else did."

"No," Elias replies with an even tone. "I don't believe there was an official report. But I do try and keep an eye on our resident Cylons. It's a … professional interest." The Intel Officer settles back a little as he half-sits on his desk, puffing on the dwindling remains of his smoke. After a moment he offers a thin, somewhat forced smile in place of the Triad-face. "I think you should definitely write up a recommendation, Sergeant. And if there's anything about Dr. Tamsin that you think is significant, I'd apreciate it if you would let me know."

"Understood, sir." The Marine MP lifts a brow faintly, "Significant?" Lleu thinks about that, "I'll think about it. She's kind of weird. I'm still trying to figure her out myself, sir. I sure as frak don't trust skinjobs, but …" he hesitates, "Except I know what Knox has done for us. Doctor Tamsin isn't him." She perplexes him a bit, judging by the look on his face while thinking about her.

Elias gives another slow nod, full of understanding. "Everything about them seems perfectly human, and then they do something to remind you that they're not. I find Dr. Tamsin to be a bit clinical at times." He shrugs it off. "As for trust … well, I don't think I'm the one to give advice about that."

Paperwork in hand, Lleufer nods, "Thank you sir. Need to get back to my duties." The MP turns and heads back out to let the Captain get back to his own. The Marine closes the hatch lightly behind him on the way out.

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