MD #150: Commander Grey Nohair Visits
Commander Grey Nohair Visits
Summary: The acting XO visits Lieutenants Diaz and Flynn in the brig in the aftermath.
Date: 06/09/2017 (OOC Date)
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Diaz Petra Randy 
The battlestar's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away. Each cell has had their bars specifically reinforced to prevent a Line member from being able to gain access or escape. Brig rules are posted behind the desk on a white panel with blocked black lettering.
Fri Mar 23 (MD #150) 2049

So its probably about four hours after the team returns from the clusterfrak. Enough time for Ambrose and knox to go break the bad news to Petra, Petra to scarf two mugs of coffee, then make his way down to SecHub. There's a murmur at the MP desk as the Commander hands over his sidearm and grumbles something about 'this'll take a little while.' then can be heard thumping his way down the hallway until he's within line of sight of the cells.

Randy and Diaz have already had 'visitors' whether they were really supposed to be here before anyone in Command or not. It's something Petra may or may not notice, or may or may not have been logged. Randy and Diaz certainly have no idea. Randy's still got a look like she's suffering from some kind of hangover. Must be the aftereffects of the sedative that was administered or something. She's in the front corner of her cell closest to the bars and the adjoining wall with Diaz's cell. Her hand is reaching through them, but has fallen limply as she's fallen asleep like that. When the loud thumps hit her sensitive hearing though, she jerks awake and scrambles back suddenly and wide-eyed, like some part of her is expecting gunfire…something irrational and only born in a half-asleep or paranoid state. She blinks a few times, breathing heavily and then seems to get her bearings. "Sir," she kind of croaks out and then relaxes.

Petra reaches out to drag over a chair and turns it around to face the cells and sits down on it, such that he can lean forward on the back of the chair, resting his arms on the back while he regards Diaz, then Randy. The man sighs, then starts off in a low voice, "Lieutenant. I have to give it to you. When you frak up, you go big, dontcha?" There's a smile going along with that, but it's tight-lipped and humorless, "Coop and the Doctor just got out of my Stateroom. I can imagine you can figure out what we talked about."

Once Randy had dozed off, Diaz had resumed meditating, though she's still seated with her back against the wall that joins her cell alongside Randy's. In the absence of anything useful to do with her down time, she's let the tea in the mug go cold then begin to evaporate enough that it's distilled down somewhat. Then she'd used the end of one shoelace to trace binary patterns all along the food tray. ONLY on the tray. Not on the floor. Or the walls. Or even herself. Just on the tray. Never let an artist get bored, stuff happens. When she hears the arrival of Petra she stirs from the meditative state and runs one hand over her face, again, holding her quiet for the moment as the Commander/XO speaks.

Randy looks back at Petra, not taking her eyes from his. "I'm not perfect Sir, but I wouldn't have done that if I felt like time was of the essence, or could be…or that people were listening…" Realizing she's defending herself when she promised someone she'd have more compassion, more humility that goes along with that, Randy looks down and takes a deep breath. "Yes Sir. I do and I can."

Petra rumbles softly at that and sighs, "You understand that you've put me in a very bad situation. Was there some reason Ms Piers absolutely had to be resurrected right then? Was she going to be boxed and destroyed if you did not disobey orders and hack the hub at that moment? I want to understand why one of my better officers that I depend on just committed enough infractions she could be court martialed and thrown out of the force."

"41,285 Sir," Diaz says quietly, glancing sidelong instinctively even though she can't see Randy she knows where the Marine is seated. "That's why. That's how many Lines are stored in the memory of the resurrection ship right now. 41,285. We did not know, going in, how many would be waiting to be downloaded again. We didn't know if there was already a critical mass or overload or damage or anything else, going in. If there had been? the odds of losing Clara could have been in the range of having her unique voice lost forever. As it is, there's already pieces missing. Maybe 25% maybe more, maybe less, and the longer her memories are stored the greater the risk factor could become. How many key pieces or percentages have to drift before not enough of what made Clara Clara is enough to bring her voice back? How many more unique voices can the memory buffer hold before it starts to delete the damaged pieces the damaged voices to save the more intact ones? She didn't know. I don't know."

"Sir…the point was, no one /knew/. I've worked on mechanical, electrical, and different kinds of systems all my life. Often those intersect with software, and most of the time, if not all of the time, those systems have routines to maintain performance, they clear out old data, they fill up and fall over, data can get corrupted in storage. The urgency was there because /no one/ had any urgency. I admit, part of the personal portion was done out of fear for a fellow officer. But a large part was done because when I appealed to some Lines, all they seemed to be really worried about was the needs of the many over the needs of the few and even very likely at the expense of them, since that's what they were focusing on with priority. There's something Diaz said earlier that I think really helps to explain why it did not sit well with me ethically. If this had been any human Marine or Pilot or ECO, we would have been urgently trying to mount some kind of rescue, even if it was a two to three man effort or a small strike team while the rest of the Fleet went on higher priorities. But not one of her brothers and sisters were really concerned about it. It's like, it didn't matter as much. If this had happened to Knox or Rance," who Randy does not know very much. "I would have been just as disturbed. I didn't reach out to any of my platoon or anyone else because I knew the ramifications of this, and I could not ask anyone to bear that responsibility. I asked Lieutenant Diaz because I knew I couldn't do it properly myself and could very well cause a catastrophe. The point is, if we wait till tomorrow, Clara and many others could still be at risk of anything…power surges, data corruption, running out of space triggering purges. And that's /still/ true. Clara is important to the Lines. She gave up her life so that many could live with no guarantee that she would survive…whether they value her viscerally in the moment or not. We can't succumb to /only/ subscribing to representation of many over the few. That's not a democracy. That's not what I took my oath to protect." Randy's heart may be beating through her chest, but she sits up a little straighter, having miraculously kept her calm.

Petra shifts his attention to Diaz and when his eyes focus, the look on his face solidifies, "You are right about one thing, Lieutenant. You don't know." His gaze shifts between both of them, "You charged into a situation you did not completely grok, and from my understanding, to oversimplify, attempted to hot frakking wire a godsdamned resurrection hub to get one person back. What if you had resurrected thousands of Lines that thought we were still the enemy?"

He takes a slow breath and lets it go, "For your information, I've already told the Doctor and Knox to return to the hub and revive Clara and two other Lines and we are going to see how well this works or does not work." Addressing Diaz, he looks at her pointedly, "YOU are going to go with them since they say they need a fifth to activate the system, but I swear to frakking Ares, Lieutenant, if you make me regret giving you this much leeway, you WILL be a civilian under lock and key awaiting a court martial tribunal. you are both lucky neither Coop or the Doctor reported this to the Master at Arms or I would have no choice at all in this matter." He sighs, then looks back at Randy, "You, both of you, are suspended from duty. With the exeption of Diaz escorting the revival efforts, you are not leaving this ship until I decide just what the frak I do with you two. I need you both on duty, but if you cant obey orders? If you're going to sneak off of this boat and make your own decisions that go way beyond taking the initiative? Then I can't trust you on duty, at all. Do I make myself clear? This isnt dealing with a CO that was ordering the killing of civilians, so don't think I can let you walk away from this. Do you understand my position?"

It may be noted, in passing, that Diaz has absolutely no poker face what - so - ever. In fact, the Ten has an almost twitchy inability to lie, as a general rule, and the more pressing the issue is, the more nervous the pilot will get. Hence the stress putty she's still carrying in one pocket. In the face of what Petra outlines as the immediate ramifications, Adura exhales a startled breath that could really be described as a gasp before she stammers out: "When you say revive, sir, do you mean a selected download or the other way?"

"Sir, I hotwired an /access/ panel that had no connection to the bodies inside. I'm an EOD. I'm not dumb enough to mess with central lines. That's what I had someone like Diaz for. To do it the right way," Randy points out, brow crinkling up with confusion. "You are right that I charged in, hoping that I'd be able to figure out some ways around some obstacles." When Petra reveals his orders to Knox and Ambrose, Randy takes a deep breath. "Thank you Sir," she says respectfully, though there is still a worry line there between her eyebrows. That number. That big. Randy had no idea just how many were in limbo. She can't see Diaz, but she glances at the wall in her direction. "Sir. If there's at any point I feel that there's something that dire, I will come to you. I won't just go against orders." There's something…different. Maybe it's something in how Petra handled it, who knows…but there's real conviction behind what she says. "Yes Sir." At Diaz's question, Randy's brow shoots up, wondering what she means by that.

Petra sighs and shakes his head at the two, though he stops and addresses Diaz first, "The selected download, from my understanding. Im a signals intelligence and tactical officer finding himself in charge of keeping humanity alive. I depend on the Lines to tell me the details of how that technology works, so my understanding is yes, that specific download."

With that said, he purses his lips and waits for a moments, mulling things over in his head, "If I still had hair, I imagine it would all be grey by now. As for what you will do in the future, Lieutenant, well…" He trails off there and rises to his feet. Looking at Diaz, "When you're done on the hub, you return immediately. You will get to see Clara when everyone else can assure me that its her and we don't have anything to worry about. Both of you get to stew here until tomorrow afternoon, then I'll tell the MPs to let you out. You are /indefinitely/ suspended from duty. Don't even think about letting me catch you getting into a Raptor or leaving the boat until I have a final decision. Are we clear on that?"

Diaz exhales a sigh of relief at Petra's words, "Thank you, Sir. I mean, absolutely, if i needed to take a bullet to the brain again to help my line, I absolutely would. I told Colonel Janik that I absolutely would if it's needed. I was just, that is, I mean, I know how all of this.. I'm just glad you're not asking me to do that right now as part of.." the Ten babbles when stressed and she puffs out a breath before she manages to put metaphorical foot in mouth and gnaw on her own ankle for a moment, metaphorically speaking. "Yes sir, I will absolutely obey orders and absolutely not cause you more gray hair. You don't have hair but you have eyebrows or eyelashes not that I stare at your face," she then gives up and rests the palm of one hand against her forehead, please interrupt at any time now Randy and save her from saying anything worse.

"I stand by my word, no matter what comes of this. If I'm a civilian, or stuck in some kind of prison sentence," Randy says somberly after Petra has comes to an end. When Diaz starts to babble on nervously about taking bullets and happy she isn't being asked to take one, Randy looks over…at the wall, in the direction of Diaz's voice and kind of gently cuts her off with a firm, but well placed, "What we're both trying to say Sir…crystal clear."

Petra mutters softly at Diaz, "I'll get grey hair tattoos just for you if you keep it up, Lieutenant." Was that a smirk? Maybe. Either way, the Commander straightens up and shakes his head, "Don't make me have to speak to you back in here again any time soon? I WILL apply my boots to your butts. Have a good night's sleep." With that said, he starts for the MPs desk, presumably to get his sidearm back and relay how they should be turned loose tomorrow.

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