FS3 Combat FAQ

What you will find below are all of the complete +help files for the FS3 +combat system built into BSG Orion, as well as a complete listing for all associated commands in different sections below. All of these help files, including the system, were written by Faraday. All of the files below are also accessible in-game. The subsection headers below assume you type +help before the listing.

+Combat Help Files


Basic Combat Commands  +combat - Views a summary of your current combat status.
  +combat <name> - Views someone's detailed combat status.

More Topics
* COMBAT_JOIN - Joining and leaving combat
* COMBAT_PREP - Preparation commands
* COMBAT_ACTION - Action commands
* COMBAT_ORG - Organizer commands
* COMBAT_LUCK - Using luck in combat
* +damage - Damage
* +npcs - NPC commands
* +vehicles - Vehicle commands
* +gear - Gear commands.



Joining and Leaving Combat Commands
 +combat/all - Shows all combats going on

 +combat/join <combat #>/<type>[/<vehicle>] - Joins combat
       Type must be one of soldier, pilot, passenger observer or npcmaster
       Vehicle is required for passengers and pilots
 +combat/join <names>=<combat#>/<type>[/<vehicle>] - Joins someone else to combat. 
       Names can be a comma-separated list, but must not contain spaces
       (i.e. must be listed like 'Cylon1,Cylon2,Cylon3' and so on).
       If the NPC does not already exist, it will be added to the database with
       a random skill level.

 +combat/type <type>[/<vehicle>] - Change your type.
 +combat/type <name>=<type>[/<vehicle>] - Change someone else's type.
       Vehicle is required for passengers and pilots

 +combat/leave - Leaves combat.
 +combat/leave <name> - Makes someone else leave combat.


Preparation Commands
  +combat/stance <stance> - Sets stance (banzai,normal,evade,cautious,cover,outofsight)
  +combat/weapon <weapon> - Sets weapon.
  +combat/armor <armor> - Sets armor.
  +combat/mod <name>=<modifier, + or -> - Sets a situational modifier (not damage!).
  +combat/lethal <name>=<modifier, + or -> - Sets a lethality modifier

There is a NPC version for each command that takes the NPC name, such as +combat/weapon <name>=<weapon>


Action Commands
 +combat/attack <target>[/<specials, see below>]
     Specials are optional, and can include: 
     * burst - Fire a short burst if the weapon is capable of it.
     * called=<location> - Perform a called shot to a particular hit location.
        Use +combat/hitlocs <target> to see a list of valid hit locations
     * burst - Fire a short burst if the weapon is capable of it.
     * range=<range in meters> - If not specified, system assumes range is point-blank.
     Use commas to separate multiple special options.
  +combat/fullauto <list of one or more targets, separated by commas>
  +combat/explode <targets right next to, separated by commas>/<targets close by, separated by commas>
  +combat/aim <target>
  +combat/suppress <list of one or more targets, separated by commas>
          multiple targets only if fullauto weapon
  +combat/subdue <target> 
  +combat/rally <target>
  +combat/treat <target>/<wound#>

There is a NPC version for each command that takes the NPC name, such as +combat/attack <name>=<target>


Organizer Commands
  +combat/start <mock or real> - Starts a combat.
         MOCK combats are for sparring, training, or mock combats where no real harm is done.
  +combat/spar <name> - Sets up a sparring match with your partner.
  +combat/stop <combat #> - Stops a combat.
  +combat/all - Shows all combats going on

  +combat/newturn - Starts a new turn

  +combat/skills - Views a summary of combatant skills (organizer only)
  +combat/slackers - See at a glance who hasn't posed or chosen their actions.

  +combat/team <team#> and +combat/team <npc>=<team#>

  +combat/target <name>=<target> - Forces someone to change targets
  +combat/teamtarget <team# list>=<team# list> - Sets up team targets
     Example:  +combat/target 1 3 = 2 4  (targets teams 1 and 3 at teams 2 and 4)
     Note that this does not affect targets for teams 2 and 4 - you must set them separately
     This team setting is remembered from one turn to the next.

  +combat/retarget - Forces all NPCs to pick new random targets based on their team targets.
  +combat/retarget <attacker=target,attacker=target,etc.> - 
     NPCs on the list will pick specific targets and everyone else will pick random targets

  +combat/randtarget <name>[/<num targets>] - Spits out a list of random targets (default 1)

  +combat/reaction - NPCs will pick new actions against the same targets

  +combat/mod <name>=<modifier, + or -> - Sets a situational modifier (not damage!).


You can spend 1 luck point per turn on attack, defense or initiative. This effect lasts only a turn, so be
sure not to waste it on something you're not going to use. You can also use luck to stay in the fight 
after being knocked out.

+combat/luck <attack, defense or initiative> - Spend a luck point this turn.
+combat/hero - Stay in the fight after a KO.

+Damage Help File

Damage Commands
  +damage - Views your damage.
  +damage <name> - Views someone else's damage, PC, NPC or Vehicle
  +damage/move <#>=<location> - Spends a luck point to move the hit location of a wound to yourself.
          This can only be done within a few minutes after the wound.
  +damage/notes <name>/<#>=<notes> - Adds notes to a wound.  This is appended to any old notes.

   +damage/scan - Looks for injured players or vehicles in your location.

You can use the +heal command to heal injuries. See their respective help files for information.

The damage display will tell you if someone is fit for duty, hospitalized or on restricted
duty (or a vehicle down for repairs).

+NPCs Help File

NPC Commands
  +npcs - Shows NPCs
  +npc <name> - Shows a specific NPC
  +npc/create <name>=<skill> - Creates a NPC
  +npc/delete <name> - Deletes a NPC.  Only the creator or staff can do this.
  +npc/skill <name>=<skill> - Changes a NPC's skill
  +npc/notes <name>=<notes> - Adds notes to a NPC

+Vehicles Help File

Vehicle Commands
   +vehicles - Views all vehicles
   +vehicle <name> - Views a specific vehicle.
   +vehicle/create <name>=<type> - Creates a vehicle
   +vehicle/delete <name> - Removes a vehicle
   +vehicle/notes <name> - Adds notes to a vehicle.

+Gear Help File

  +gear/weapons - Lists weapon stats
  +gear/armor - Lists armor stats
  +gear/vehicles - Lists vehicle stats


The files below do not require the player to first preface with the +help system in order to access them. Updated and current employment of all gear and equipment on Orion's FS3 system are best accessed on-game. This page will be preiodically be updated to reflect current standings.


Weapon               Type                    FullAuto?  Clip    Pen  Range
Anti-Personnel Weapons
Grenadelaunch Frag   Explosive/Physical        no        --      7    150m 
Grenadelaunch Heat   Explosive/Physical        no        --      20   150m 
Handgrenade Flash    Explosive/Stun            no        --      7    40m 
Handgrenade Frag     Explosive/Physical        no        --      7    40m 
Ied                  Explosive/Physical        no        --      7    1m 
Mine He              Explosive/Physical        no        --      7    1m 
Missile He           Explosive/Physical        no        --      10   5000m 
Club                 Melee/Physical            no        --      0    0m 
Knife                Melee/Physical            no        --      0    0m 
Sword                Melee/Physical            no        --      0    0m 
Unarmed              Melee/Stun                no        --      0    0m 
Artillery            Ranged/Physical           yes       --      10   28000m 
Hunting Rifle        Ranged/Physical           no        10      3    500m 
Lmg                  Ranged/Physical           yes       100     4    1000m 
Lmg Ap               Ranged/Physical           yes       100     6    1000m 
Lmg Tripod           Ranged/Physical           yes       100     4    1000m 
Lmg Tripod Ap        Ranged/Physical           yes       100     5    1000m 
Mmg Ap               Ranged/Physical           yes       100     11   1000m 
Pistol               Ranged/Physical           no        10      3    50m 
Pistol Ap            Ranged/Physical           no        10      5    50m 
Rifle                Ranged/Physical           yes       20      4    500m 
Rifle Ap             Ranged/Physical           yes       30      11   500m 
Shotgun              Ranged/Physical           no        8       3    100m 
Shrapnel             Ranged/Physical           no        --      3    5m 
Smg                  Ranged/Physical           yes       30      3    150m 
Sniper Rifle Ap      Ranged/Physical           no        5       6    1800m 
Tazer                Ranged/Stun               no        5       0    5m

Anti-Vehicle Weapons
105mm Gun            Explosive/Physical        no        50      30   2000m 
Bomb Racks           Explosive/Physical        no        3       125  5000m 
M25+p                Explosive/Physical        yes       10      4    800m 
Mine Heat            Explosive/Physical        no        --      20   1m 
Missile Aa           Explosive/Physical        no        --      20   10000m 
Nuke                 Explosive/Physical        no        --      250  10000m 
120mm Main           Ranged/Physical           no        50      100  2000m 
20mm Cg              Ranged/Physical           yes       850     45   2000m 
20mm Minigun         Ranged/Physical           no        5       65   500m 
30mm Hvc             Ranged/Physical           yes       375     65   2000m 
30mm Minigun         Ranged/Physical           no        5       85   500m 
40mm Gun             Ranged/Physical           yes       100     35   2000m 
6xhmg                Ranged/Physical           yes       50      3    500m 
762minigun           Ranged/Physical           yes       50      4    500m 
Hmg                  Ranged/Physical           yes       100     8    2000m 
Kew                  Ranged/Physical           no        --      25   500m 
Missile Ap           Ranged/Physical           no        --      70   5000m 
Missile Racks        Ranged/Physical           yes       24      2    5000m 
Raider Kew           Ranged/Physical           no        --      20   500m 
Ecm                  Suppressive/Physical      no        --      0    10000m 
Jamming Pod          Suppressive/Physical      yes       --      0    20000m

See +gear/weapon <type> for details.


Armor               Class        Protection
Breastplate         Personal       1 
Centurion           Personal       5 
Heavy Bodyarmor     Personal       5 
Heavy Vest          Personal       5 
Light Bodyarmor     Personal       3 
Light Vest          Personal       3 
Plate Armor         Personal       2 
Walker              Personal       6 
Aa Battery          Vehicle        12 
Carballa            vehicle        40 
Heavy Raider        Vehicle        10 
Predator            Vehicle        13 
Raider              Vehicle        5 
Raptor              Vehicle        15 
Rhino               Vehicle        18 
Viper               Vehicle        10

See +gear/armor <type> for details.


Vehicle             Piloting          Weapons
Aa Battery          2                 RAIDER_KEW MISSILE_AA 
Carballa            Reaction          HMG 120MM_MAIN LMG_TRIPOD MMG_AP 
Forge               1                 RAIDER_KEW MISSILE_AA 
Foxfire             0                 RAIDER_KEW 
Heavy Raider        Piloting          RAIDER_KEW MISSILE_AA NUKE 
Hurricane              Piloting          762MINIGUN KEW MISSILE_AA 6xHMG 
Predator            Piloting          30MM_MINIGUN BOMB_RACKS JAMMING_POD MISSILE_HE MISSILE_AP 
Raider              Piloting          RAIDER_KEW MISSILE_AA NUKE 
Rhino               Piloting          MISSILE_HE MISSILE_AP HMG 20MM_CG JAMMING_POD KEW 105MM_GUN 40MM_GUN 20MM_MINIGUN 
Saber               2                 MISSILE_AA 
Viper               Piloting          KEW MISSILE_AA

See +gear/vehicle <type> for details.
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