The Colonial Pyramid League


The Colonial Pyramid League (CPL) is an inter-Colony co-ed professional Pyramid league.

Its forty teams are divided into four conferences of ten teams apiece. Its regular season begins in April and runs until October. Each season has eighty games. In November and December, the top four teams from each conference play in a seeded playoff bracket. Octofinals and quarterfinals are best of five; semifinals and finals are best of seven. The league champion wins the CPL Kobol Cup.

The CPL drafts nearly all of its players from the Inter-Colonial Collegiate Pyramid Association in January of each year. February and March are devoted to intensive training before the season begins anew.

The Colonial Pyramid Hall of Fame is located in Boskirk, Virgon. It attracts more than a billion tourists every year, testifying to the sport's enduring popularity.

League History

The CPL was founded more than a hundred years ago by four of the oldest franchises in Pyramid history: the Boskirk All-Reds, the Caprica City Buccaneers, the Picon Panthers, and Virgon United, collectively referred to by Pyramid enthusiasts as the "Founding Four." Over the next thirty years, the CPL went through a series of rapid expansions. By the start of the First Cylon War, the league was thirty-two teams strong — and in the two years following the Armistice, eight new franchises were created to bring the total number of teams to forty.

The latest CPL reorganization occurred in 1999, after a number of historic teams collapsed in the wake of an ongoing economic depression. Lincolnshire P.C. relocated to Themis to become the Libran Lancers, while several other teams (including the Regency Ramblers, a legendary Virgan club) folded entirely. To fill out the league, Commissioner Mickey Alstyne approved several pending expansion requests, thus creating the Heim Hammers and the Ilium Lions, among others.

The Caprica City Buccaneers and Virgon United are tied for total number of championships won, at twenty-one apiece. The Boskirk All-Reds have won seventeen; the Picon Panthers, twelve. The dominance of the Founding Four has weakened over the past three decades with the implementation of a partial profit-sharing regime, which has heralded the rise of such old but only recently successful teams like the Argentum Bay Silverstars, the Aerilon Threshers, and the Leonis Wildcats.

Notable Teams

OOC Note: With forty teams in the CPL, there is plenty of room for players to create and detail their own franchises IC. Please feel free to build on the information provided below, if you're so inclined!

Alpha Conference

Caprica Caprica City Buccaneers The C-Bucs are the richest and most successful team in the Alpha Conference, and may in fact be the most successful Pyramid team in history. Led by Samuel Anders, the C-Bucs have dominated the Alpha Conference for the past decade, but have somehow failed to win the Kobol Cup. With recent acquisition of superstar Jordan Bryant, perhaps change is in the air. She's a beast. Their home colors are red and yellow.
Delphi Legion
Phoebus Suns
Gemenon Gemenon Twins Perennial bottom-feeders, the hard-luck Twins have failed to make the playoffs for the past twenty years, and they won their first and only championship in 1978. Their promising 1998 season was marred by a performance-enhancing drug scandal that ended with half their team facing two-year suspensions. The Twins wear purple and gold.
Illumini Vipers
Picon Picon Panthers
Tauron Olympia Stallions
Tauron Bulls Having been a constant presence in the mid-table for the last few seasons, the Bulls had just started moving up to a position where they might challenge for the title when the cylons attacked. It had been touted as their best season in years, but now we'll never know if they could have made it all the way. The derby match against the Stallions was always a sight to see, but the real grudge matches were always against the Buccaneers, and the Wildcats. Team colours are red, black, and white.

Beta Conference

Leonis Leonis Wildcats
Hedon Blaze
Ilium Lions An expansion team that joined the CPL in 1999, the Ilium Lions have spent their brief existence being absolutely crushed by every other team in the Beta Conference. They've yet to have a winning season. Their colors are maroon and yellow.
Virgon Boskirk All-Reds The legendary Reds are one of Virgon’s two powerhouse teams, and their rivalry with Virgon United has produced some of the most exciting games in CPL history. Their fanbase — drawn predominately from blue-collar society — is renowned for its fanaticism and loyalty, and the wait time for season tickets is about fifteen years long. Loved (and despised) for their brutal brand of smashmouth Pyramid, the Reds have won the title three of the last five seasons, led by veteran swing Rick Rollins. They wear crimson, obviously.
Merceyside P.C.
Virgon United The Blues are Virgon’s other powerhouse team, and in the early 1980s reeled off a string of victories against the All-Reds en route to four consecutive championships. But United’s fortunes have reversed as of late, having finished second to the Reds in the Beta Conference for six years running. In 2003, they lost the Kobol Cup to the Argentum Bay Silverstars in overtime of Game 7. Their home kit is baby blue.

Gamma Conference

Libran Libran Lancers One of the newest teams in the CPL, the Libran Lancers were originally Lincolnshire P.C., a Virgan club with sagging finances but a storied past. In 1999, their owner moved them to Themis after the city offered her a new stadium and a staggering amount in tax breaks — and was promptly hung in effigy all across southern Virgon. At Lincolnshire, their home color was bright green; on Libran, it is charcoal grey.
Sagittaron Sagittaron Archers
Scorpia Argentum Bay Silverstars The Silverstars won the Kobol Cup in 2003, defeating Virgon United in overtime of an unforgettable Game 7. Their colors are silver and green.
Celeste Storms
Celeste Lightning
Scorpia Stingers

Delta Conference

Aerilon Aerilon Threshers
Promethea Golden Horns
Aquaria Heim Hammers The Hammers are a new team, founded as part of the league reshuffling in 1999. Aquaria is such a tiny market that all games have empty seats, and the team is funded chiefly by the CPL's profit-sharing scheme. Though well-received by locals and with a few winning seasons under their belts, the Hammers are considered an example of all that has gone wrong with professional Pyramid, their creation attributed to corruption among league executives. Calls for them to be relocated to somewhere more populated are common. Their colors are blue and white.
Canceron Canceron Hydras
Hades Vice Just ten years ago, the Vice were the laughingstock of the Delta Conference. But after the legendary techno artist DJ Starshine bought a ten percent stake in the franchise, they’ve skyrocketed in popularity and success. With a new stadium and eye-catching black uniforms, the upstart Vice have won their conference twice in a row — only to get annihilated in the playoffs. But their young lineup and their deep bench make them one of the most exciting teams in Pyramid. Their colors are black and silver.
Mangala Krill
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