AWD #070: Colonial Day 2005
Colonial Day 2005
Summary: The first Colonial Day celebration on Piraeus, featuring the dedication and opening of the planet's first temple.
Date: 17/03/13
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The Temple on Piraeus
With one main road running north and south, the road parallels a snowmelt river the flows south towards a large lake and the planned site of the CMC Camp. To the north the road runs off towards the future site of the Naval Air Station and the ALS Jolie Point, the First Batallion's landing ship, then past and deep into a narrow ravine that runs along with the river. With the camp located on the west side of the river valley, there is a large bridge built to accommodate the construction crews working on the Presidential bunker out in the mountains. To the east is a mountain range that stretches for more than two hundred miles and quite a bit of the lower altitudes are grassy mountain valleys.
AWD #70

A nice spring afternoon near Sheridan and Jameson has assembled a group of celebrators in front of a log cabin near the river. The group isn't the only thing that has been moved out here, either. The Marines' artillery battery has been brought out along with half a dozen tanks and armored personnel carriers set up in a firing line some distance away. Crews to the guns and armor are milling about in clean uniforms, waiting for the ceremonies to open. On the other side, closer to the building is a small stage that has been unfolded from storage and has a cobbled-together band of various individuals. Speaks are set up also to broadcast the music or speaker's voice to the crowds around, waiting to celebrate. Jameson is not standing at the stage, though. He's standing at the front of the log cabin and taps the microphone in his hand. "Ladies and gentlemen," he says low into the mic to get their attention. He's wearing his dress greys and looking quite decorated in them.

Petra and Jameson both off of the boat at the same time? Craziness, but there it is. The TACCO managed to blow the dust off of his greys even, and has joined the crowd in attenance, hands clasped behind his back to listen to the words the Admiral and others plan on delivering, and direct his gaze towards the microphone.

Iphigenia is nowhere to be seen, but then none of the CMES are. Presumably, they are inside the temple.

In lieu of grays and in the notion of saving time (and not packing a piece of luggage) Dr. Nadir is dressed, like many of the other female officers, in formal attire instead. She stands in the crowd listening to the call for attention that comes from the Admiral and waits, with the others who fall silent when spoken to by the Admiral, for everyone else to do the fall silent thing too.

And the CAG as well. Escorting Eden, Zachary has his hand covering Eden's as she holds the crook of his arm as the two of them arrive just as the festivies begin, and releases his wife's hand for only a moment to go serve in his official capacity as he moves to stand with the other seinor staff.

Siska got here a few minutes ago and he's already wishing he hadn't. The hilt of his sabre keeps hitting his lower torso's bruise. The sash ain't making his stay fun either.

Phin is in attendance. Shined up in his dress grays, freshly shaved and after-shaved, even a little bit of gel in his hair to give in some subtle spike in places. He's standing in a spot kind of in the middle of the crowd by the stage. An odd "Hey" is offered in greeting to those he knows who're assembling, but mostly he just waits quietly.

Kingsbury has already been silent, watching the stage somewhat impatiently. Good in a crowd, Kingsbury isn't. It's why he's an ECO and not infantry.

Staying as safely at the back as possible, Fischer has a bandaged hand and looking a bit tired at the moment, it would seem. He doesn't say anything for now, but glances around every now and then it would seem.

Holtz stands with the other assembled officers in his dress uniform. In a sea of gray, it's his sash that makes him stand out; as long as he's been in the Fleet, he's sporting a little more hardware than the average captain. As Jameson does his mic check, Holtz turns to face the cabin, the conversation around him slowly subsiding as attention begins to redirect itself.

Eden is dressed in a green dress, one of pratical design as it's cut modestly. When Zach goes to do what he needs to do she finds a place to stand, looking for familiar faces.

Ygraine is present, and in formalwear to boot. A clingy, strapless red dress, blonde hair loose and swept over one shoulder, covering one eye like an old fashioned movie store. In short, lock up your sons.

Agrippa and Maia had arrived a little earlier, finding a spot where there is a nice view of the stage and speakers that will no doubt be speaking. The Viper jock is dressed in a well pressed, Naval Dress Uniform, also known as 'grays'. He has taken the time to make sure that he is very presentable for this formal occasion, with white gloves and the uniform's cap as they are outdoors. Punchdrunk had been speaking in hushed tones with the young woman he is escorting today, dressed very elegantly in her black outfit, which until Jameson had spoken into the microphone, had the majority of Agrippa's attention.

Morgan stands tall and straight, wearing marine dress grays with sabre and white gloves, and even the parade cap due to their outdoor location. Although he is standing proudly beside Dr. Nadir, at the moment only that cap marks a difference in their heights. He is focusing his full attention on the admiral, and holding a stoic, somber expression of dignity and reverence for the occasion.

Waiting until the murmur and discussion has died down, the Admiral climbs up on a chair and looks out over the faces. The man is somber and looks a little tired, but there is some relief to his voice. "Fifty two years ago, twelve planets with human populations signed a pact to come under one government and unite to fight an enemy that, alone, we would find impossible to fight on our own. The day that it was signed has been known as Colonial Day since then. Most of us celebrate it with fireworks and barbeques. That's what we'll have today, but it behooves all of us to remember where we are and what is happening back on those colonies right now. We are here, safe, and in the company of those that mean much to us. Like it or not, we have all joined the brother and sisterhood of troops who have been under fire together. When this day became something worth celebrating, there were billions of people who knew what that was like. Today, fifty-two years later, we are still here and we are carrying that tradition forward. We bare the flags of our colonies and those of our way of life. Of our race. We are here, today, to show them that they can hurt us, but it will be far harder to kill our spirit." He takes a moment for that to settle. "For everyone that cannot, we owe it to them to make this day what we have come to love about it: Each other. Booze, bangs, and ballrooms are just the details." He grins. "But its also my honor to present the official opening of the first chapel of Piraeus, its construction supervised by Sister Lieutenant Iphigenia Arden. I'd like to have her and the Ecclesiastical Services staff please come out and say a few words, please." He hands off the mic towards the door.

Among the others is Stone, dressed in his grays as well. Eyes as usual dancing around the area a bit. A pat is given to Fischer's shoulder as the younger marine is not far from where the gunny had been standing. If there is a look over then it will be met by Stone's nod. His blue eyes always looking, moving between all the people and giving them a quick studying gaze.

Catching Eden's eye for a moment, Zachary offers her a wink, before he returns his attention to the proceedings and glances towards where the CMES is gathered for the dedication service.

Fischer's eyes narrow slightly as he listens to what's being said now, expression kept carefully neutral as he takes a few deep breaths. He doesn't move at the pat to his shoulder, just remaining passively where he is.

When the doors open, it is not a casual streaming of people that emerge. The first thing sensed when the doors are opened is not a greeting for the eyes, but from the ears. A hymn, composed of the entire collective of the Ecclesiastical Services is issued forth in harmony, praising Zeus and the Lords of Kobol. Members of the department, starting first with its head and ending with the chaplain's aides, stream out in an array of dress greys and robes and dresses of their calling. The members fan out in front of the temple, until finally with a nod from one of her superiors, Gen steps forward and takes the mic.

Siska pays close attention, as Jamerson begins his speech. The hilt of his sabre grasped to keep the damned thing from jabbing at his ribs. The hymn soothing him as he continues to watch.

Phin sombers as Jameson starts talking. Especially as he talks about their relatively safety, compared to the colonies right now. He folds his hands together behind his back and holds them there, clasped. His head bows slight as he listens to the hymn.

Any opportunity Maia can get to dress up, she does, and as she listens to Jameson she has her gloved hand tucked into the bend of Agrippa's arm. Her dress of choice is black and it contrasts nicely with her blonde look. Her gaze remains somewhat neutral at the history, save for a measure of pride. As the hymn begins, she glances up at her escort and offers a warm smile.

Eden catches that look but is a bit distracted, her attention swiftly drawn towards the temple. Her eyes lower faintly as she takes in the song, a sign of respect from the doctor.

Rare that it is that Sam is in any large group and have no one in the group requiring immediate medical attention in some form or another. The hymn draws her attention as much as the doors of the chapel opening and she turns her attention from the Admiral to the arrival of the ecclesiastical department.

Stone continues to listen to Jameson's words and let his hand rest upon Fischer's shoulder for the time being. As the temple opens and the sounds can be heard he just let the hymn fill his ears and the sight that follows. Taking it all in for now and as Gen finally steps forward to take the mic, his eyes do move to her.

Kingsbury bows his head at the hymn, silently listening.

Morgan closes his eyes for a brief moment when the hymn begins to wash over the crowd. His hand slips to the hilt of his saber to secure it while he stands in rigid, silent contemplation.

"Lords of Kobol," Iphigenia begins, "Hear our prayer. Though we have suffered, we continue to fight. Though we have lost loved ones, we continue to honor and keep you in our hearts. We beg you not to lift us into your hands, but to give us the strength to lift each other. Thus, in your name, we dedicate this temple in honor of Zeus." She steps back, and another chaplain steps forward. "We dedicate this temple in the name of Hera." And then another steps forward. Ares. Apollo. Athena. Aphrodite. And so on, and it is made clear that the first temple of the Lords of Kobol on this planet is dedicated to all of them. Once all the gods are acknowledged, Gen is given the mic once more, but all she says in ending is, "So say we all."

"So say we all." Zachary echoes quietly, hands bowed in front of him in silent prayer.

Holtz listens to the admiral's words, his eyes sweeping out over the gathered officers and ratings as Jameson announces Iphigenia. His eyes linger appreciatively for a moment when they catch sight of Ygraine and her red dress, but then his attention goes back to the front as Gen reaches for the mic and begins her prayer. "So say we all," he murmurs along with the rest.

"So say we all," Phin murmurs at the end of that. Low, but with feeling.

Kingsbury murmurs along with the rest, looking up finally. He nods firmly, once.

During the prayer Eden's hands remain clasped, fingers laced tightly together which feels so strange without the string of beads she brings with her when she comes to worship. At the end she nods once and mouths, "So say we all."

Siska closes his eyes. "So say we all," he repeats softy. His eyes open again. He rubs the bridge of his nose and sighs.

Sam keeps her eyes calm, expression neutral, voice quiet and clear: "So say we all."

Eyes always moving but all the same Stone is remaining calm. "So say we all." He echoes the murmurs of those around.

Morgan takes a slow breath. He pronounces each word of the invocation slowly, solemnly, and if speaking for those whose voices the Cylons have silenced, "So say we all." Then, with decisive firmness, he nods once.

"So say we all," Jameson repeats. The Admiral takes back the mic and nods a few times. "That said, the Lieutenant has done a lot of work for us lately. Its with my great pride to do this today. Sister Lieutenant, front and center." When she moves in front of him, the Admiral glances back towards the crowd then to her. "In light of your activities to further the safety of not just our beliefs, but of our people as individuals, and your service in negotiations, it is my honor to award you the rank of Captain and to promote you to the post of Lead Officer of Ecclesiastical Services, with all the rights and benefits there-of." The Admiral reaches into his pocket and removes a small rank box to present to her. "Thank you for your service, Sister Captain."

Fischer just remains standing where he is for now, his expression the same way as it has been ever since the talking started. Neutral, stony, a bit distant. So he listens quietly, without saying anything, not even echoing the others for the moment it would seem.

A wide smile is shown as Jameson retakes the mic to promote the officer. Even if no one has, he begins clapping. The pain on his ribs forgotten.

Petra murmurs along with the 'So say we all', taking a deep breath before he falls quiet again. When Jameson calls Iphigenia up front, a small smile escapes the man along with an unintelligible sound of approval under his breath.

The stoic expression on Sam's face turns to a grin at the promotion of the chaplain to the rank of Captain and she aims a grin at Iphigenia as she applauds!

Zachary offers a smilee of approval as the Sister is bumped to Captain, continuing to watch the ceremonial promotion.

When she moves front and center, she seems a little bit stunned when Jameson hands her the rank pins. "Thank you, sir." Iphigenia says, and offers a rare salute despite not being in uniform. Her fingers curl around the box with an air of still not being sure that this is happening. But she doesn't want to hold things up, so she steps back then, and accepts the congratulations of her department.

Agrippa bows his head when the prayer is made, echoing the words quietly. "So say we all." Eyes on the stage as the Admiral takes back the microphone, watching as the promotion is awarded, glancing down at Maia briefly before finding Jameson again.

Maia realizes that the Chaplain was getting a promotion and when Alex glances down at her, she meets his brief gaze with a beaming smile. It was always nice to see someone who worked so hard be rewarded for their efforts.

Kingsbury smiles warmly, nodding. He might not know her personally, but the Sister's name is well known for such good reasons.

Phin smiles, and unclasps his hands to join in the clapping for the promoted chaplain.

Morgan springs to attention, salutes while the new insignia changes hands, and then joins in applauding with the others.

Having never had to avail himself of the chaplain's services, Holtz isn't really acquainted with Iphigenia, but nevertheless he applauds politely when Jameson announces her promotion.

Jameson returns the salute. "You earned it. Glad to make it happen." He looks back towards the crowd and steps back up to his chair. "Alright. Here's the deal folks: We've got out armor lined up out here. Anyone who feels froggy and wants to go play with some Marine gear, you're welcome to go fire a couple rounds or talk to one of them about taking a tank out with a Marine crew to ride along. Remember, no drinking and driving so get your giggles before you take too hard to the drinks. We'll have music here thanks to our band and once the sun sets we'll have illumination provided by the artillery and a large bonfire." He smirks, looking over the crowd. "Everyone, enjoy yourselves. I'm going to get out of this uniform and wear something a little more comfortable. That is all. Carry on." He's barely finished the words when the artillery battery fires one solid volley and they rounds fire off into the sky, arcing throughthe air before all exploding in pyrotechnic blasts far downrange and high overhead. The Admiral shoots a thumbs up to the guncrews before hopping off the chair and turning off the mic.

Eden doesn't clap but is very obviously pleased for the Sister. It is not everyday that one gets shown appreciation for the work their pour themselves into, afterall.

Adelphi joins into the applause and watches. After a moment, however, she nods once and glances off toward where Jameson indicated the armor. Dell's left eyebrow lofts lsightly but then she gives a faint shrug, scanning over those arrayed in front of her as if she might learn who is considering taking the Admiral up on his offer. Otherwise, she hardly even moves, though the artillery fire does cause her to squint slightly.

Siska watches the fireworks go up and grins. "Awesome." He seems to like the show.

For her part, Iphigenia accepts the congratulations of her fellows, before she, and most of the others, elect to slip back into the temple. Likely to continue their own rituals.

Once the ceremony breaks up, Zachary makes his way back to Eden's side and smiles. "Doctor Sheperd, is there anything that you would like to do at the moment? Ever wanted to shoot a tank?" he teases her playfully as the Major offers her his hand anew.

Fischer lets out a deep breath as the formality seems to be done now, shaking his head a little, before he rubs at the bandage on his hand. "Ever had that feeling that something is going to end in doom?" he asks to Stone, as he looks around rather carefully now.

As the speech by Jameson finally comes to an end and the artillery pieces fire off their booming roars into the sky, Agrippa joins in on the applause for the Sister that was promoted and also for the speech that was given. When it does die, Punchdrunk turns to the lady he is escort and grins at her, voice still kept low, "That was a good speech, short and to the point. Though now I am in the mood to go get a drink in salute and remembrance to those who had given their lives for the Colonies."

Kingsbury smiles warmly, and then looks around for someone to approach.

Ygraine seems rather relieved when the ceremony is over, and she admittedly eyes the tanks like the idea of shooting one off while wearing a slinky evening gown is totally on her bucket list - and if it's not, maybe it should be.

Stone shrugs to Fischer. "I always have the thought for the worst case scenario while desperately hoping for the best. So, yes." He offers and finally let his hand slide from the man's shoulder and he looks around a bit. Crossing his arms over his chest.

Petra stands there for a moment longer after Jameson's speech has ended, and while he DOES eye the tanks and artillery over to the side, he instead turns away and takes a moment to slowly look over the other faces in the crowd. The faintest hint of a smile clings to his features as he steps through it. Perhaps the comment about getting a drink struck home with the man?

Jameson leaves, heading toward the Wilderness Checkpoint [WC].

Phin eyes the finished temple, for his part, though he doesn't venture in. For now he just mills into the crowd. Possibly in search of the open bar. "I wonder if they're breaking out the good ambrosia for this?" he ponders idly to Agrippa as he passes in his and Maia's general vicinity. He does a double-take when he spots Ygraine, and her slinky red dress. He clears his throat. "That might have been worth the trip." Seriously. "You look awesome."

"Shoot a tank," Eden asks with feigned incredulousness. "Zach, do I look like the kind of woman who would ever want to do something like that?" Looking around, she whispers to him, "I would love to try it. I just hope no innocents will be harmed by my ineptitude." She takes Zach's hand and smiles. "Shall we?"

Kingsbury sighs after a long moment, unsure of where to go first. He then heads for the drinks. Because, hey, social lubricant, right?

"Ah, well, I think I'm just going to do the safe thing and get out of here while I can," Fischer offers, a bit quietly. Shaking his head a little bit as he looks around now. Muttering a few things under his breath now.

Sam turns toward the sound of artillery fire, listening to the echo of it ricochet off of the buildings and the surrounding terrain. "Drive a tank," she muses under her breath, actually looking speculative about the notion.

Squeezing Eden's hand, Zachary offers a chuckle at her. "If I didn't think you were that type of girl, I probably wouldn't have married you." he teases her, before he starts to lead her down the path towards the gunnery range.

Kelsey slips over next to Ygraine, wearing her own evening gown. She looks a little like a kid going to prom or playing pretendy dressup times. But she grins at Milkshake. "Sir, you look fantastic. …That glow. Its from thinking about shooting a tank, aint ya?"

Siska takes his eyes off the artillery pieces and scans the area for familiar faces. He sees a dark dress and a slender woman in it. "Dr Nadir?" Oh yes. Dat dress.

Removing her hand from Grippa's arm, Maia applauds with the rest when the speech ends, though it is brief before she clasps her hands together and tilts her head back to regard him with a warm smile. "It was lovely," the Raptor pilot agrees, contentment in her voice though at the mention of going to drink in salute. "That sounds like a good idea," slipping her arm back into his so he can lead the way.

Ygraine beams broadly at Phin. "Aww, ain't ya sweet." she says, "So glad ya appreciated all my time and effort. And hey, Kelz! Yeah, I'm thinkin' about it. I mean, how often else would I get t'try one?"

"Now we're going to have a line of armor staggerin garound the wilderness drunkenly blowing the tops off of trees," Dell murmurs, almost muttering to herself, but there's a smile around the edges of the Staff Sergeant's lips despite her dour tone. She shakes her head slowly then and begins to walk through the crowd, apparently seeking out no one in particular as she does. "Maybe they can fire rounds in interesting colors. Green… Or purple, maybe…" The woman crosses her arms over her chest as she paces.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they do, Dolly, quality drinks for a quality event." Agrippa says as Phin nears him and his date while in search for the bar, which appears to be the Ensign's first order of business as well. Punchdrunk follows Phin's gaze and spots Ygraine, letting out an impressed whistle, "Team Raporette… they definitely know how to dress to impress. Deadly in the skies, deadlier on the ground it seems." He says as he turns to flash Maia a grin along with a wink. Agrippa then spots Kelsey as well, remembering the non-comm who is on her way to jumping that barrier.

The part of Holtz that was once an enlisted gunner watches with professional admiration at the pyrotechnics. He, like Phin, doesn't enter the finished temple for now, instead choosing to amble about aimlessly as the crowd starts to disperse. His steps seem to be carrying him roughly in the direction of the open bar, although he doesn't seem to be in any great hurry.

Petra slows down when he catches Dell's muttering, flashing a grin at the woman, "I was considering grabbing a drink and a good vantage point to watch that fun, actually. Im sure there's a pair of binoculars around here somewhere." With that said, he makes the stop to grab a glass of, well, something that wont knock him on his ass immediately, and scans the crowd again.

Kingsbury snags a drink and then finds a quiet place to people watch some.

"Hey, Wescott," Phin offers to Kelsey, along with a polite smile. No awkward, at least. And a friendly, "Hey, Centerfold" to Maia. He turns his head, in the vague direction of the tanks. "My brother's more the heavy armor guy. But it might be fun. I'm game, if you guys are in. Should do it before breaking into the bar, at least."

"Yes, I know." The scientist allows Zach to guide her off to where the formentioned vehicles can be found, Eden positively aglow. "Isn't it wonderful," she asks conversationally while looking around. "This is where the collective fruits of our labors can be witnessed." To say it does her heart well is an understatement.

"Captain Siska," Sam replies, a touch of a smile forming on her face as she waits for Siska eyes to work his way back up to hers. "It's nice to see this many people all in one place, in the sunlight," and none of them wounded or needing her attention, it goes unsaid but it's there all the same. "You're looking well, how are those wolf wounds treating you?" falling back on professional chatter by default.

"I wish there were cameras." Yggy admits cheerily. "All the ladies look smashin'." She lifts her skirt with one hand, musing over the heavy artillery a bit longer, before decidin', "I'm thinkin' drinks and dancin'. Y'all game?"

Kingsbury finishes his drink and slips out to somewhere more quiet.

"Oh Milkshake, you look beautiful!" Maia gasps, admiring the dress of the ECO. "I'm jealous, red is definitely your color." Girl talk fellas, have patience please. "Hey Dolly, looking good yourself." Offering a smile at Kelsey, "Hi, it's great so far isn't it?" When Yggy mentions drinks and dancing, Maia grins, "You read my mind. I'm game. Shall we?"

There's a brief pause now, as Fischer glances around, before he heads off away from the crowd for now, shaking his head a little bit to himself.

Fischer leaves, heading toward the Wilderness Checkpoint [WC].

While the others are talking about it, Zachary leads Eden to the line of Carballas, where a helpful Marine sergeant offers her a set of headphones to muffle the noise and offers to help the scientist up onto the tank with her dress, but Zachary handles that one himself, boosting Eden up the side of the tank before he helps himself up the side of the armored vehicle and then over the turret and inside to the battlestation.

"Alright." the gunnery sergeant offers, waiting for Eden to take a seat at the station. " look through the sight here, and when you spot that target downrange - the one that looks like an old cargo container, you can open fire by depressing both of the handles. If you want to switch between the machinegun and the main gun, you can toggle that with your right thumb."

Stone nosd to Fischer as he announces his departure. Starting to wander a bit Nodding to the pilots and ECos that he pass. Though the area being rather crowded there so he only continues wandering until he spots Sam. Hearing her musings and it causes a raise of his brow. "Sounds fun." He offers teasingly.

Kelsey grins at Phin and waggles her fingers. "Heya, Dolly." She looks him over with the same expression holding and meets his gaze. "You look strapping, sir. Congratulations on the promotion, too." The Petty Officer then follows Milkshake's gaze towards the drinks. The dress she's wearing looks more geared towards a homecoming dress for a teenager and doesn't quite fit properly. She probably had to borrow it or got it out of some storage bin or recovered freighter. She glances towards Zach as he disappears into the tank and then looks to Milkshake. "If I'm gonna drink, I think I needto do it soon while the Major ain't lookin, sir."

Agrippa has a dubious look when the suggestion of riding around in a tank is brought up as he glances over to the mobile armor, "I'm more of a Viper guy… because if you put me in a tank, I would only know how to push it to top speed and that would get us all in a lot of trouble." When Ygraine suggests dancing and drinking though, Punchdrunk looks more interested, nodding, "I'm definitely up for that." Though once Maia gushes about the other ladies formal wear, Agrippa can't help but chuckle, giving Phin a look as if to say that their drinking may be delayed.

Siska is caught staring. Dear gods! His eyes meet hers. "Oh the wolves are healings well…" He snaps his fingers. "The wounds, I meant to say." He walks closer and grabs his hilt once more. "You look stunning, Lieutenant." He offers soflty despite the music.

"Seeing you in that dress was worth the wait, Ygraine," Holtz says as he joins the knot of pilot types that has begun to form. "You look amazing." He smiles as his eyes run up and down her dress, and the body in it. Unfortunately, she's already seen him in his grays, so she won't be seeing anything new. "Drinks first, then dancing," he suggests.

"Spit and polish 'til it shines," Phin says with a wink to Maia. "But, yeah, I do kind of want to try the ambrosia. And I'm always down for a spin. I hope the music's decent. Last C-Day I was at base on Picon for flight training. They had a live band, but it was kind of stuffy." To Kelsey, he shrugs, still grinning though. "Thanks. And thanks. It's still kind of settling in. I'm sure they have club soda and stuff, if you don't want to try the alcohol."

"Fun, but noisy," Sam replies with a nod aimed at Stone before she aims a smile at Agrippa, "No matter how much speed you pour on, that tank is never going to get off the deck and into the air," she calls out, amusement in her voice. Back around to Siska as he snaps his fingers, minor brain-to-mouth-typo before he walks closer, "I.. thank you, Captain," her head tilts in a small nod to accept his compliment. "You do a dress uniform rather nicely yourself."

It's one of those 'once in a life time' events and it's taken in, enjoyed thoroughly by Eden who is listening to the instructor as if her life depended on it. "I don't think I'll use the main one," she offers before opening fire, deciding that yes indeed, the smaller of the tank's weaponry is more up to her speed. The first couple of passes misses her target completely, earning herself a sigh, but then the next hits and a nice, albeit somewhat jagged, line of ammo holes are soon to be found in the side of the cargo box.

Chuckling to himself as Dell continues her muttering, Petra continues on to the edge of the little congregation, sipping at his drink and watching Zachary and Eden as they clamber up onto and into one of the tanks while idly listening to the conversations going on behind him. Miss a chance to give the man a hard time later? Not on your life!

What happens in the main battle tank stays in the main battle tank.

"No, sir, I love my drinkin. I just don't get a lot of opportunity. I'm banned from Charlies until I'm twenty-one and every time I try to drink in public someone scolds me so I usually just do it by myself in my bunk or somethin these days. Safer that way." Sagenod. "But I think I can hide in the crowd here." She slips away towards the booze while the band starts.

Ygraine beams at Holtz. "And ya still look sharp." she says cheerily, "But Kelz has the right of it, let's get drinks."

"You look nice," Maia offers to Kelsey, having gotten somewhat familiar with her during the last briefing. "It looks as if the Major is previously occupied, how about some of that Ambrosia Dolly speaks of?" There's a quick flash of a grin when Grippa mentions pushing a tank to top speed. "No matter how fast you go, I think you wouldn't get it off the ground." Then hears Sam saying pretty much the same thing so she just laughs. "Well, shall we?" Indicating the drinks.

As the bullets tear into the cargo container, Zachary gives an approving smile. "Okay, now follow that track of the last rounds that hit the container, and then you can squeeze off a main gun round. You totally should." he encourages Eden from his station just behind the woman, watching from the commander's battlesight.

When Holtz joins the group, Agrippa nods respectfully to the squadron leader before glancing to the helpful words from the doctor, shooting Sam a grin, "All you need is some speed, a ramp, and it can be airborne. Even for a second or two." Then a crash and pain most likely. When Maia nudges towards the bar area, Alex nods his head, wanting to get there before it gets too crowded and begins walking with one of the Raptorettes on his arm, more than willing to take point on this mission.

Siska gives a nod to those near Sam now that he is near, but focuses on the doctor. "Thank you, doctor," he spies the sounds of bullets flying by. "The crew will have a blast with those."

Oh, yes. The main gun. The one Eden didn't feel secure in trying is now the one Zach is encouraging her to try. "Just once." The other gun is switched over to and the trigger-buttons pushed. The tank shakes as she does, causing her to squeak in surprise. This shot is a lot like her first and she shakes her head, laughing. "I've had enough, Zach. You give it a try."

Phin shrugs to Kelsey. "I mean, I just don't think it's required to have a good time," he says. "And nobody's going to care if you don't." He proceeds to the bar along with the others, though. Where he will snag himself a glass of ambrosia to nurse.

"Don't let anyone give you shit, Wescott, it's a special occasion," Holtz calls out after Kelsey. He returns Agrippa's nod, though his demeanor isn't nearly as businesslike as it might be if they were actually on duty. "Ramp'd work," he says, his tone not entirely serious. "Or explosives. Enough explosives'll make anything fly." He nods as he follows Phin to the bar and grabs himself a glass of green liquid as well. "Sure, but gray's apparently got nothing on red," he replies slyly to Ygraine with a wink.

"Aye, that it would," Sam agrees with Agrippa, laughing quietly. "The crater it would make, however, on impact would be mighty impressive," she adds before glancing back to Siska and feels a smile form again. "I'm sure they will. A chance to blow off steam, literally."

"Or blue… Blue seems like it could be a nice color…" The frown on Dell's features deepens and for just a second she is looking over the crowd, squitning again. Then she slowly shakes her head, takes a deep breath, and returns to pacing through those organized. She is winding her way in the direction of the tanks nearby, although she clearly is in no hurry to actually reach them.

Petra flinches a little when the tank fires, though there's a grin on his face that erupts into a laugh when he does so. Finally shaking his head, he turns away, scanning the group of people and slowly bowing his head in Samtara's direction. There's a small doubletake at the sight of Kelsey all prettied up in a dress, one brow lifting as Petra watches her for a moment.

Stone smiles and nods to Siska as well and grins a bit at Sam's reply. Though he is soon enough moving to take his departure.

Stone leaves, heading toward the Wilderness Checkpoint [WC].

Kelsey shrugs to Phin. "I don't either. But it helps me to relax. Mellow. Achieve that chewy, nuggety pliability to deal with relaxation." Kels grins a little. "*I* care if I don't, though." She gets herself a Big Girl glass of ambrosia and sips at it. Ohmnomnom. But hearing the encouragement from Holtz, she lifts her glass and calls back, "Thanks, sir! I'll consider that an order!" The nugget wanders away from the table and over towards Petra, giving him another smile. "Colonel, sir. Looking smart. A long way from Picon, we are," she laughs, sipping at her drink.

If Holtz is laying it on thick, Ygraine is lapping it up like a kitten with a bowl of cream. She gets herself an ambrosia and leans against the bar, taking a swig and asking the Tauron, "You gonna get me out on the dance floor soon, old man?"

Morgan stands nearby talking to two MPs who are actually on duty for the event. He directs them toward the artillery. "It's not as if someone will steal one that easily, but we need to keep our guard up," he explains. Then he heads back toward the doctor and nods to the captain. "Sir," he greets, and then looks at Nadir. "Did I hear you say something about test driving one of those things? I think that we can arrange that." He grins.

"Oh hey," Maia says in passing to the now familiar faced Siska, "I still have the turkey.." there's a quick grin before she goes off with Agrippa and the rest of the group, kind of swept along with them, though certainly willingly. "Oh don't encourage him, I'm sure he'd try and find a way to try, even with explosives," the Raptor pilot tells Holtz with an amused smile, reaching for a glass of the Ambrosia as well.

Siska chuckles and nods just as one of the artillery men comes looking for him. He sighs, "Excuse me, doctor." He follows the guy out of the area.

Petra grins at Kelsey's comment and nods, "Yes. Yes, we are. Must be why I'm not ducking at the sound of gunfire. You look very nice yourself, today…its a good look for you. I hope you are planning on enjoying yourself today?" He takes a small drink while he waits for the answer, keeping his attention focused on the nugget for the moment.

It looks like green liquid all around as Agrippa also gets a glass for himself and one for Maia. The tank flying with explosives certainly has the Ensign grinning in amusement, and perhaps thought as well but once everyone has a drink, Punchdrunk tosses in a toast, "First drink, to those who had fallen, may their sacrifices be remembered and avenged." Rasing his drink in the air, waiting for others to add in what they wish to say before drinking a good amount of the Ambrosia.

Siska leaves, heading toward the Wilderness Checkpoint [WC].

Sam tilts her head in another nod at Siska, "Of course, Captain," she replies just as Morgan returns from his conversation with the other MP's on duty. "Driving a tank sounds like it might be fun, but I'm not sure I'd be a very good driver. But, on the up side, I could park any damn where I want too, which is the positive side of tank driving."

Soon after the main gun fires, the tank seals up for a little bit as it practices the smoke gernade drill and the turret twists about a few times. Never aimed at the crowd or such. Probably just Eden playing with the controls a little, before the tank fires off a second main round.

After a few more minutes, the hatch opens and Zachary is exiting the tank, straightening his jacket and sash before he moves to assist Eden out of the vehicle as they clambor down the side and the gunnery sergeant offers the Major a salute before Zach turns to assist his wife the rest of the way down and they start back up to join the crowd.

Phin chuckles wry. "I usually try to avoid getting pliable. Nothing wrong with straight. And I'm plenty relaxed." As relaxed as Phin gets. But he does seem to be enjoying himself with his friends. He raises his glass at Agrippa's toast, lowering it and taking a small sip. He's going to make this one last awhile. "So say we all, man. And to those who're here with us. May we all drink just like this next year."

Accepting the glass from the Viper, Maia lifts it in a toast, glancing around briefly though landing her gaze on Phin as he adds to it. "Agreed," she says in a somewhat subdued voice at the moment, not adding anything but waiting to see if anyone else adds more to the toast.

Before Sam can make good on her threat of parking anywhere she wants she is distracted by a wave from one of the nurses who came down after she left the ship. "Excuse me for a moment, I need to grab a update," she says in a murmur to Morgan before slipping through the crowd, carefully that is, high heels are fun to walk on uneven ground with.

Holtz raises his glass to Agrippa's toast and knocks back a slug of his own ambrosia. "So say we all." His tone is not exactly subdued, but definitely sober. That solemnity persists for a moment or two before it passes. He looks over at Ygraine and mimes being shot in the heart, but he grins over at her nonetheless. His glass is drained with a quick motion; he doesn't seem to be practicing Phin's restraint. "Well, I'd say let me get my hands free, first, but…" He gestures with his empty glass. "… looks like I'm already there."

Petra lifts his glass up at the toast, nodding at Phin's addition, "Hear hear!" Then in a softer voice before he actually takes a drink, "With hopefully may more voices to lift with us in the cheering.

Jason arrives from the Wilderness Checkpoint.

Having been around but keeping out of sight, so to speak, Luc finally decides to approach the others to talk. Holding his own drink and hearing the toast right in time. Raising his own as well and taking a drink from it. "Boys and girls." He offers in greeting to them. Along with that confident smirk he usually has.

Ygraine lifts her glass in salute and takes another swig of her drink. Setting it down on the bar, she offers a smile to the collected Air Wingers at the bar before holding her hand out to Holtz, bouncing a little on her heels in expectation.

It's a good thing Eden wore the dress she chose to and not the other dress she almost picked as it's hard enough to get out. Any shorter and she'd cause a Colonial Day scandal. Once on solid ground she straightens herself out and just in time to be taken elsewhere. "This is quite the turnout," she says with barely concealed excitement.

After drinking half the glass of the Ambrosia, Agrippa raises his glass again, this time as a salute to both Holtz and Ygraine as it looks like that pair will be the first to go out to the dance floor for the Air Wing. He then glances to Maia at his side, inclining his head at her with a grin as if to say that he will be finished with his drink soon and they can follow suit.

"It is." Zachary agrees, hand capturing Eden's as he walks with the doctor to rejoin the others, taking a drink for both of them as he offers Eden her glass, "Evening, folks." the CAG greets the others.

Phin turns as Petra picks that up. Oh, big brass. He tries to stand up a notch straighter. "Oh. Hey, Colonel. I guess I should say thanks for the party. This is all really nice. Do you think they'll start bringing more people here soon? Like refugees from the colonies and stuff?" Oh, Zachary. It's not possible for him to stand up any straighter, but he does try. "Evening, sir. Mrs. Sir. Happy C-Day."

Without further hesitation, Maia lifts her glass, taking a long drink of the liquid inside, her own expression is only briefly solemn before she's smiling at Ygraine's eager anticipation. "Have fun out there." The silent question from Agrippa is met with a playfully considering grin before she takes another drink. "Of course, thank you for asking, I'd love to." Looking over when the others join, she offers a nod to Luc, then seeing Zachary and Eden, nods to them as well, "Good evening."

Kelsey chuckles, lifting her glass to sip. "Ducking gunfire is overrated, sir. And thank you." She looks down to her dress, smoothing it. "I had to borrow this. First time I've ever been able to wear something like this. Feels nice!" She smirks and looks back up to the Colonel. "Definitely planning on it, as long as nobody tries to down on my drink. What about yourself? Planning to just sit on the edge all day or come join in on the drinks and good times?"

Holtz does what's actually a fair imitation of a courtly bow as he offers a hand to Ygraine. That cheeky smirk of his manages to ruin the image, though. "Evenin', sir," he says to Zachary when the CAG makes his reappearance, though he likely won't have time to say much else, as he's on his way to the dance floor with an obviously eager Ygraine.

"I tell you, this is a bad idea…" Jason mutters as he arrives at the location of the celebration. Or has he been here all along? Probably not, since surely he would have been noticed, while wearing an old, but still quite well-fitting black suit. It might seem from the looks of him he's been somewhere he's gotten hold of somemthing strong to drink. Looking around for a few moments at the people present now, looking unsure of what to do at the moment, it would seem.

Petra grins at Kelsey and eyes her drink, then his, "Well, whoever you borrowed it from, you need to become very good friends of, and borrow more of their stuff." He pauses to shake his head at the drinking comment, "I dont think anyone's going to say anything, Wescott. We all understand what the day is for, and regardless of your age, everyone on the ground here right now has been through it. Enjoy yourself. As for my drink, well, too many of these and the Air Wing will have stories to laugh about for months to come, but Im certanly not here to wallflower."

Eden gives Kurt a smile and greets the pilots as a whole, ever mindful of her manners tonight. "You all look so wonderful," she compliments honestly. "It is nice to have a chance to dress up…" Zach's hand is given a squeeze. "Please excuse us but I think I shall steal the Major away to the dance floor." Dancing is just as rare as the time to don formal wear and she had made Zach promise at least one dance.

"Hi, Eden. Yeah, ain't he spiff?" Ygraine says, visibly pleased, adding slyly, "Your escort ain't lookin' too bad, either."

Zachary chuckles as Eden captures his hand and his attention with the simply worded request for a dance. "Maybe two. Maybe more." he offers to his wife before he takes the lead to move with her towards the dance floor and join the other couples already starting to mingle on it.

Siska arrives from the Wilderness Checkpoint.

"I borrowed it from, uh.. someone." Like a bottle. Kelsey looks away with a smirk and back to Petra. "But I'm planning to have as much fun as I can. I'm even going to try to just keep mellow. No fighting. Promise. That's a bad rumor." Nodnod. "Glad you're here for that, though. But lots of drinks are how callsigns are made, sir. Stories are good. Means you live on, sir. Be more than yourself, like my dad said." She sips at her drink again. "C'mon, come mingle with the rest. Let's go talk to.." She looks around for someone who isn't already dancing.

Phin offers a two-fingered salute to those departing to dance, leaning an elbow on what's passing for a bar and sipping at his drink. He raises a hand to semi-wave at Luc and Jason, when he spots them.

While Dr. Nadir is away to consult with one of her nurses about something, perhaps the amount of medication on hand to relieve symptoms of hangovers after this little shindig concludes, Morgan idles patiently, watching the others who are celebrating this occasion of solemn joy.

TWith Maia reading his expression perfectly, Agrippa does shoot her another grin before he raises his glass, slowly draining the rest of the Ambrosia, certainly not an everday drink. With that, he waits to see if his blonde date would want to finish hers or leave it at the bar before extending his hand to her with a bow, "Well, My Lady, would you care to grace the dance floor with your presence?" Purposefully being a bit more formal, though the grin does sort of ruin the complete formality of it.

Luc nods to the Sheperds as well in greeting and instead of echoing the words from Phin. Watching the people drifting towards the dance floor. For now just enjoying the company and the drinks. Grinning a bit towards Jason as well. "Stand-up!" He offers with a teasing smirk. Though he is soon just moving along to find a spot to stand and drink, offering a small wave of his hand to Phin before getting closer. "Hi there. Not out dancing?"

Ygraine looks over her shoulder at Jason. "Oh, he'll get his turn to cut a rug."

Holtz nods and smiles thinly at Eden as he passes, and can't help but snort in amusement at the quick aside between her and Ygraine. "Hear that, Major? We've been reduced to mere arm candy," he deadpans. Though it's not as if Holtz seems to be objecting to the state of affairs all that much.

Jason gets hold of something more to drink, taking a long sip from it, before he looks around again for a few moments now. Offering a nod and a raising his drink in greeting to Luc and Phin, he heads over in their direction now, shaking his head a little bit as he looks around.

Petra hehs softly at Kelsey's comment, though he steps forward and takes another drink from his glass at her encouragement, "Considering the only time I ever attempted to fly something, we crashed, I can probably do without the callsign. Those sorts of antics are for officers half my age." He winks at the nugget and cranes his head around, lifting a hand to wave over at Jason, Ygraine, and Luc.

Maia finishes off her drink and replaces it wherever they go while turning to look around as she waits on Agrippa to finish his. When he does, she looks back up at him, offering a curtsy, being rather formal herself, unable to keep the mischief out of her eyes as she takes his hand. "I'm honored to be asked." His grin more endearing than the formality to her and as she rises she returns it, allowing him to lead her over to the dancing area.

Phin shrugs to Luc. "Later, definitely. I'm just kind of taking in the ambiance now." And finishing his first drink, albeit slowly. "The ambrosia's decent, and I'm sure they've got anything else you could want. Or anything else the planet'd have in stock. Yo, Stand-up. Where'd you get the suit? I don't think I even own something like that."

Ygraine is smiled to and given a playfully knowing nod. "They do clean up so well." Zach is tugged towards the middle of the floor by Eden afterward. "Just don't step on my toes," she warns him. "I'd hate to wind up back in medical." Turning, she faces him, hand still held.

"I think we should call you 'Crash' then, sir. Just my opinion." Kelsey gives Petra a reassuring nod. "You crashed a Raptor with me. Its only appropriate." Crashed. Shot-down. Same diff. She ships at her drink and moves to take him by the arm and try to drag him off towards the pilots. "Cmoonnnn. HEY! Sir Phin! Can we name the Colonel? Or is that not allowed?"

"One misstep at the rehersal dinner, and you never let me live it down." Zachary smirks as he settles his other hand on Eden's hip and starts to lead her around the dancefloor as he closes the distance with her.

Petra at least follow's Kelsey's lead without too much towing of arm. The request to name him comes with a soft chuckle. Raising a brow again, he asks her, "Should I get that tattooed into the back of my head then, to make it easier to identify me in a crowd?" He IS joking about that, right?

Luc nods in return to Phin, "I think that you might be right. It sure is great so far." Raising his glass and drinking from it. Letting his gaze sweeup over the area. Watching some of them for longer moments than others. "I am sure that you could name him and let him have a nickname. IT just wouldn't be a callsign." He offers to Kelsey with an amused grin as he look over to Petra.

Having gotten off his shift only a little while ago, Diomedes arrives to the party 'fashionably' late and in his formal wear. To the bar he is drawn, looking for life-sustaining alcohol. The heavily tattooed Tauron putting both fists to the counter as he nods towards the tender. "A double of whatever you got." he says, "Time to celebrate freedom and all that nice shit."

Leading Maia out to the dance floor, moving past a few others who are standing around and chatting, Agrippa joins those that are already there and paired up. Finding an open spot, he turns around and pulls his lady a closer, the free hand coming around to the blonde's hip before he begins to move to the slow song.

Eden merely laughs and shakes her head. "It was more than one. It was more like… six. Or seven." The song continues and lulls Eden into silence, content to just enjoy the moment.

"Shush, before you start giving these people ideas on callsigns." Zachary mutters to Eden as he leads her around. "'re the one that wanted me to learn to ballroom dance. I warned you I wasn't very good on my feet."

"Sir Phin?" Dolly gets a laugh out of that from Kelsey. "I ain't no knight in shining flight suit, Wescott. But…umm…sure?" Like he knows, but it's fine by him. He even looks amused by the possibilities. "I mean, the guys on the Tac horn are usually just Orion Actual. But…for the colonel's tattoos and stuff."

Holtz guides Ygraine onto the dance floor just ahead of Agrippa and Maia. He turns to face her, hands settling into their appropriate places as he pulls her in close and starts moving in time with the music. Storm might not be the surest dancer, but he's got good reflexes and is quick on his feet. Surely that'll count for something.

Jason shrugs a little bit, as he takes another sip from his drink. "Hey, guys. Enjoying the festivities?" he asks, glancing around for a few moments, before he looks back to the drink in front of him. Shrugging a bit at Phin's question. "Oh, my mother got me this while I was on leave a few years ago…" A brief grimace at the mention of his mother now.

Once out on the floor, Maia moves easily into his embrace, an arm going to his shoulder, the other in his hand, smiling at the Major, Eden, Ygraine and Holtz as they near them but looking back up at Agrippa, letting him set the pace so she can follow where he leads, grateful it's a slower song. After a brief moment, she looks up again, "Thank you," she replies quietly, smiling at the rest of what he says, but not commenting yet.

Indeed, reflexes and being sure on one's feet seems to make the magic happen. Ygraine dances with Holtz quite contentedly, and though she might have more experience when it comes to tearing up the floor, she seems happy enough to keep it simple.

"Hey! I'm Squire, dangit! Let me have my fun," Kelsey tells Phin with an upturned nose. Humph! She grins though and drops the Colonel's arm. She sips the drink and looks him over. "Well we should call him Crash or something similarly funny. Maybe Bangbang. Lefty? He was left seat when he ejected." She nods a few times and looks back to Phin and Luc. "So how's things otherwise, sirs? Vipers going good?"

Petra mmms, "I'll have to find a good artist for that this week and see what they're capable of." He drains the rest of his glass, smirking at Kelsey's suggestions for names, but at least for the moment, not offering his opinions on them. When she asks something further of Luc and Phin, Petra glances over at the dance floor, eyeing Zachary and Eden, and then Ygraine and Holtz for a few moments, before turning his attention back to Luc and Phin.

Agrippa appears to be moving well to the rhythm of the slow song, having been to enough of these types of event where he has experience dancing without accidentally stepping on toes. Anything more complicated though he doesn't dare attempt, especially when mostly sober still. His eyes are focused on Maia though as they waltz to the music.

"Yup." Luc offers to Jason. Raising a brow towards Kelsey as well. "Oh?" He says and looks between her and PEtra about that nickname. "Either of those sound fine then. Or Boomer." Offering a teaseful wink to the man. "So how are you both enjoying it so far?" He asks the two most recent additions to the talking, Kelsey and PEtra that is. Glancing towards the dance floor as well.

Zach is leaned against and Eden whispers something into his ear. The dance continues even as she speaks quietly to him, whatever might've been said loud enough to not be considered a murmur drowned out by the music.

Phin shrugs to Jason. "I'm not knocking it. It's kind of fun to dress up like we're civilized folk. I just don't own anything formal that wasn't issued by the Colonial Navy." Kelsey's name suggestions for Petra earn a chuckle. "Bangbang seems like it'd make the best tattoo, sir." To Kelsey, he shrugs. "Vipers're flying. Can't ask for much more. And I'm doing good." The latter an answer to Luc. "Just thinking about last C-Day. Spent it at this brassy party on base at Picon with my flight school class. It's kind of surreal, when you figure how not long ago that all was. What were you guys doing last year, anyway?"

Drinks delivered, Diomedes just gives it a quick sip- then quietly tosses it back. "Another." he states quietly, pushing the empty glass forward towards the bartender as he comes to rest on a stool. In the long sleeves of his dress-grays only the tattoos on his shaved head and hands are visible. Those hands have been tattooed nearly solid black- as if permanently gloved. The back of each hand carries a traditional symbol. Ares, on the right. Hephaestus, on the left. The second drink comes quickly enough, and turning to face the dance floor Diomedes simply watches the people on the dance floor. Looking a moment to the others at the bar. "Stuffy as Frak in these fancy uniforms." he mumbles into his drink. "What-ever happen to the space-girls in miniskirts I was promised by sci-fi television.."

Whatever Eden is whispering to Zachary causes the CAG to slow in his steps before he drops his hand from her side and turns to her side, curling against her before he starts to lead her from the dancefloor. "I think we're going for a short walk. Get some air." he offers. "See you all later." he murmurs, making his goodbyes amongst the crowd. Thank Eden later, Kelsey, for keeping Zach off of your case, possibly.

Eden does make sure they are able to walk past Lt. Colonel Petra on their way off. "I'll be sure to have the first rough draft of the pamphlet sent up to your desk in the next few days," she promises Marc on the way out of the party. "Enjoy yourselves, everyone," she then says to Zachary's pilots, a hand lifted in a wave.

Morgan ambles toward the refreshment tables to look over the selections, however, his eyes wander back to the dance floor to watch the couples for a moment. He sighs. Then he squints toward the artillery before wandering away from the crowds. He chuckles at Kelsey's objection to the attempts to usurp her first dibs on giving the colonel a call sign.

Dancing to the slow number proves to be simple for the blonde Raptor pilot, and when no toes are stepped on by either party, Maia quirks her lips into another smile. "Good song," glancing over as the Major and the Doctor leave then looking back at Agrippa as the song seems to be nearing its end.

Kelsey chuckles to Petra. "You don't need a tattoo, sir," she tells him and looks towards the dance floor as well. Everyone seems to be dancing for the most part and she furrows her brow a moment and then looks back towards Phin and Luc. "At my high school, sitting on the football field with my parent and my girl. We were watching fireworks and eating a big bucket of chicken. My girl drew me a picture of me, but I had fireworks for hair. It was pretty nice. We all zonked when we got home. My mom and dad drank a bottle of wine or three and I was the DD. All in all, it was pretty standard. Nothing exciting."

Jason chuckles, just listening for a few moments of pause now, draining the rest of his drink as he looks around, to get himself another one. "They make these far too small, you know…" Muttered to nobody in particular as he looks around again.

All the tension of the last few weeks seems to slowly drain from Holtz' face as he continues to dance to the music with an armful of Ygraine, his black-gloved hands holding her closely. "So, was it salvage?" he murmurs at her, jerking his chin down to indicate the dress.

Petra grins at Boomer, then has to actually think for a moment before answering Phin, "Actually, I think I was right over there…" The hand holding the empty glass is pointed off in the direction of Checkpoint Charlie's and the rest of the compound, "We weren't quite at the end of the 18 months of phase 1 and GODS was this planet getting boring. Some of the Anchorage crew, Im sure, thought I was off my frakking rocker when I was actually HAPPY about getting back there for our resupply." He gives Kelsey's arm a light nudge, "I dont? I dont know. Im thinking something to go along with the line of all these scars, so it stops looking like I have a mangled cue ball for a head."

"Put a dent in my hoard for it, got it off the luxury liner that just joined the fleet." Ygraine explains. "Me and Maia went over and did our best t'get ourselves some trades." She lifts her chin; he's one of the few men she actually has to tilt her head back to look in the eye this close. "Glad ya like it."

"That still sounds quite interesting." Luc tells Kelsey and it causes a smile on his lips. Though perhaps spotting the furrowing of her brows as she looks to the dance floor. "Colonel, not feeling like a dance? I mean you do have a cute girl seemingly wishing for one." He offers with a wink to Petra. "I mean, if you don't then I could offer one to her." He says and smirks.

As the song is slowly coming to an end, Agrippa doesn't appear to be in a rush to return to the bar or off of the dance floor, leaning in to ask, "One more?"

Kelsey rolls her eyes. "Boys and your scars," she laughs. The drink gets another sip. "But I think Boomer is pretty good, too! So many choices!!" Looking to Luc, she shrugs. "Well *I* liked it. But I'm family oriented. Pretty typical for me. Small town and all that. Not like a big city where everyone just scatters into a sea, yanno?" But at his suggest, she looks around to the other side of Petra. Cute girl? "Don't let me hold you up…" she asides, stepping to the side and looking behind her as she sips off her glass again.

"That sounds nice, actually," Phin says, as Kelsey talks on her last Colonial Day. "I didn't really do anything with the holiday until I joined the military. My mom wasn't really into it, or she'd have to work since it was right in the middle of tourist season, and…I don't know. I kind of moved around a lot when I was a kid. The ceremonies we did at the Ares school were more for the high holy days than regular holidays." He nods to Petra. "When I first got here I was amazed at how much like a real settlement this place was. I can't even imagine how it was to build it all."

Petra's attention is drawn back to Kelsey's face when Luc talks about a dance, thinking perhaps he might have missed a question, but when she looks around him for someone else, a soft 'ahhh' escapes him. He winks once at Luc and murmurs, "Im a little out of practice on picking up on things I'm being asked without being asked." Then with one brow raised in curiosity, he addresses Kelsey, "As long as you can possibly forgive toes being potentially stepped on, can I convince you to try a dance in that dress, Wescott?"

Surprised when he remains out for another dance, Maia doesn't object, but her gaze does involuntarily move to the bar briefly before coming back to Alex. With a nod and slow smile, she agrees, "Yes, I would like that."

Dell can be seen to periodically emerge from wherever she's last hidden herself, chatting with someone briefly and then pacing away as she moves in slowly tightening circles. She is incredibly somber, hands at her sides, eyes focused forward. Eventually, however, even Dell has to relax and she finally lowers her shoulders and throws her head back before glancing around and stuffing her hands firmly into her pockets. Silence then, eyes toward the ground at her feet. Still, no commentary.

"Well, perhaps. Though it still sound fun. Even if it is typical." Luc still offers as he stands fast at his opinion. He does chuckle as Kelsey steps to the side though. Though his attention is soon on Petra as he nods. "Happy to help then, Petra." He offers before glancing to the quieter Jason. "So, a gift was it?" He asks about his clothing. Downing his drink and gestures with a hand to give him a moment as he goes to get more to drink. Eyes wandering a bit as he does so. Going to all the folks on the dance floor and it causes a grin.

"The holiday? Been too many parties back when I was younger, so I sort of tuned the entire thing out these last few years," Jason offers, shrugging a little bit now. "I guess it was like most things back then," he offers, as he glances around at the people out on the dance floor. Otherwise keeping silent for now, until he hears Luc's question. "Something like that, yes," he offers, after a few moments of thought.

Holtz mms, still moving in time with the music. He takes a quick glance over at the aforementioned Maia as he speaks quietly. "Must've been some good trades. Didn't figure there must've been a lot of that kinda thing floating around." The big pilot looks down for another eyeful of that little red dress. "Not that I'm complaining." He grins, chuckling at her last. "Oh, picked up on that, did you?"

Dio continues to sip his ambrosia, listening to music and happy people dance. He squats on that stool, drinking away whatever stress the day had given him. "Another." he states, as he pushes another empty glass forward. Swaying gently already, he began on a third double whatever it was in his glass. Ambrosia, more than likely. Diomedes didn't seem to care. Picking up this glass, he began to walk towards the Dance floor. Music slow, or fast- it didn't matter. "Hey!" he called out to anyone who'd listen. "Who wants to dance?!"

"Dang, Phin. You never got to do a real Colonial Day? I used to go out on rounders, drinking with friends until I, well, you know. Cheerleading was a big thing and this is mid-season for Pyramid. So our squad was always out with the team." But as Luc and Petra exchange words, Kels looks more confused. The question has her blink and she looks between them again. "Uhm. I guess! Sure! I was gonna wait til I drank more before I went and tried dancing." Complete rookie. "So I'm okay with it if you don't mind me stepping on toes, too?" A larger sip is taken. Liquid courage, down zee hatch!

Petra shakes his head at Phin, "I was only down here a few times, but it was a lot of noise and dust and the occassional Marine having to shoot an aggressive animal that wanted to eat a construction worker. Not real friendly to anyone, at least until we got the walls up." He laughs at Kelsey's answer and sets his empty glass down on the bar, then offers her his arm, "That might be the only part of me that hasn't been treated for injury by the Doctor yet, so if you did, you'll make a matched set. C'mon…we both drink more and us dancing really WILL be a story that lives on without us."

Since Maia consents, Agrippa remains on the dance floor with her as one slow song transitions to another while some others around them are either escorted off or onto the dance floor. "I can't believe it's Colonial day again." The idle statement offered as Alex's gaze remains on the blonde that he is dancing with, moving to the new song that has a slight different beat but still a slow song, the music tonight apparently selected for dancing. He does grin at some quiet words shared as he leans in and whispers back.

"I went to high school with three hundred dudes. No cheerleaders," Phin says with a chuckle. "It would've just been weird if any of us had tried. Anyway, have fun." To Kelsey and Petra. To Jason and Luc, he shrugs. "I don't know. It's nice to have anything to celebrate right now, and Colonial Day'll do."

Morgan returns from the bar, but unlike most of the people who go there, he has something other than ambrosia, something that looks suspiciously non-alcoholic. He takes a sip and shrugs his shoulders. While he strolls across the grounds, he looks for a moment at the couples dancing under to a slow number.

"No cheerleaders? At an all boys school? Aw Phin. Geez. I'll put together a cheer and wire pompoms or something for you sometime. Do a cheer about Vipers." Kelsey laughs a bit and drinks another sip before she dares put that glass down on the bar. She settles on the arm of the Colonel and gives a semi-nervous look to the other pilots. "Wish me luck, sirs!" She hangs a hand from the arm and moves off to the dancefloor with the Colonel. Note to self: Don't mess up. "Sorry, I wasn't fishing for a dance, sir. I was probably gonna ask you later, but after I'd had more to drink."

"Well, ya know how incredibly sharp eyed I am." Ygraine teases. She tilts her head back, calls out ever so helpfully, "Kelz! Dance with Dio, huh?" she calls out with good humor, and then suggests to Holtz, "You oughtta dip me."

"Aight." Dio says, throwing back that drink to finish it completely in a single swoop. Its placed back on the bar, "I'll find you then." He states to his as-of-yet existent dance partner. Removing his jacket, Dio rests the bit of extra cloth to the side on his barstool, and begins to roll up his sleeves. He's got his booze-coat on anyways. He begins to look for someone in dire need of a dance-partner. Hearing his name, he looks up and towards Ygraine. "Yeah, everyone should want to dance with Dio!" he calls towards Ygraine with a cheeky grin on alcohol-blushed cheeks. "I'm the fun young-gun who's got a great bum!" he jests, as he begins to shift his hips and shuffle his feet to the music, sans partner.

Petra mmms, glancing down at Kelsey as he leads the young woman out to the dance floor, and murmurs at her in a lower voice, "Wescott. Why are you apologizing for something you didn't do?" Once he's gotten to enough open space to do so, he turns to face her, a faint smile on his face as he takes her hand, placing the other against her side. He winks once at her look then adds, "I promise not to yelp in pain if you dont when the feet begin to stray."

Updated take longer than expected, especially when dealing with a patient undergoing a routine procedure that isn't routine and, thus, Sam is absent much longer than intended. By the time she returns there is dancing to be had, drink to facilitate the dancing, and she moves quietly through the crowd and nearly bumps into Morgan as she glances toward the dance floor again, amusement writ plain upon her face.

"I know it doesn't seem like it should be already. Last Colonial day was uninteresting, I was working. What about you, Grippa?" Maia conversates in a soft voice, just moving to the music, following his lead, her dress swaying as she moves. When he whispers, she tilts her head in towards him, smiling at the words. "Me?" She smiles, whispering a response to him.

Phin chuckles. "Uh, I appreciate the offer, Wescott, but I think I'm kinda beyond pompoms now. Thanks all the same. Good luck." Two fingered salute, followed by a little toast-sip of his ambrosia.

Studying Phin for a few moments, Jason just shrugs a little. "I guess so," he replies, after a few more moments now. Taking another long sip from his drink. "I'm glad you guys are enjoying yourselves, though." Shaking his head as he looks around again now.

Luc get himself that drink he went for and chuckles as he hears Dio's words, "Hey now, don't go stealing the stage." Teasing him a bit before wandering along. Just taking his time to look around.

"Oh, I oughta?" Holtz raises an eyebrow. After a quick look around, though, he extends his arm to twirl her in a slow circle before pulling her back in and dipping her backwards, grinning as he holds her in place for a few moments before finally pulling her back up to her feet. He chuckles at Dio's loud assertion, but most of his attention is focused on his own dance partner.

"Sorry Milks!" Kelsey calls to Yggy, tilting her head towards the Colonel. As he turns to face her, she positions one hand on his chest and doesn't quite seem to know where to put the other one. She has no idea what she's doing, actually, and her face flushes red in embarrassment. Gal could probably use more booze. "I- I'm just sorry. For, you know, being- whatever," she tries to fluster out and she sighs. "And thanks. I've, uh, never danced with anyone before. Cept my dad. And that was, like, when I was eight at his brother's wedding." She clears her throat and glances around before looking back up at him.

"Was in Flight School at Air Base Nike, but we got leave, so I headed home to Caprica City." Agrippa says with a nod, "So it wasn't boring for me, luckily. Definitely nothing like this though…" He continues to move to the music with Maia in his arms, still nothing too fancy in his moves, no doubt not risking accidentally dropping his date by trying to be flashy.

Phin half-grins at Jason. "Eat, drink and be merry, yo," he says with a shrug. For tomorrow they may die. Not that he says that. But he does finish off his ambrosia, like it was a pseudo-toast. He doesn't immediately get another drink. "It's good to blow off some steam before the op, I think." He turns to Luc. "You should do more of that breakdancing stuff, man. From what I very vaguely remember from that night at Charlie's, it was pretty cool."

Ygraine lets out a laugh as she's dipped, and for now the dance ends, and he heads off to take a piss and Ygraine makes her way over to the shouting Tauron as the music picks up. "C'mon, Dio. If ya think ya can stand t'dance with an officer." she teases. "Least til Holtz gets back."

Halfway between the bar and the dance floor, Morgan pauses to take another sip from the small glass when he spots the doctor approaching over its rim. He lowers the glass and a relieved look spreads over his face. "Welcome back," he greets her. "I was beginning to think that you needed to return to the ship, or that some dashing viper pilot caught your eye and stole your heart," he explains. "If you /do/ need to return, I'll understand. You shoulder a heavy weight." He nods toward the dance-floor, as if acknowledging its presence. "But I'd like at least one dance if you have time."

"Hey, its not my fault if you've never seen a /real/ party. Its time to get down, shit- We've got enough bullshit to be dour about." Said the former Minos Slum-rat, Diomedes. "Play some upbeat music!" he shouts, then. "Something people can /dance/ to. Not sway around like ballet dancers, is this Colonial Day? Or is this a frakkin' funeral?! " It seemed after a little social lubricant, the heavily tattooed Deckhand was rather obnoxious. "Oh?" A Challenger approaches, "I don't have an issue with that, Sir." he offered an arm towards Ygraine, "Be nice to me now. I'm the guy who adjusts the seats in those fancy birds. You don't want to get cramped legs, now, Do you?"

Luc grins as Ygraine pulls Dio over for a dance making a mock hurt face at that. Grinning and nodding to Jason and Phin, "Indeed! Enjoy yourselves. At least for today." Since the music's pace has picked up he does head into the dance floor and dances with those around. Trying to make both Phin and Jason go dancing with random people as well. Even trying to pull the marine and the doctor along as well.

Petra takes the hand Kelsey doesn't seem to know what to do with, in his own, and very slightly shakes his head, "Stop apologizing, for one. Two, you aren't dancing with your Dad anymore. Let me lead and just follow along. Don't even worry about it, just relax and lean on me if you get lost. Its easier than you think." Says him. With that warning given, he pays more attention to the music that picks up and takes a step with it, trying to draw her along.

"Oh, that's right." Flight school. The reminder of their age difference yawning there briefly between them. Maia doesn't seem to mind as much this time though. "Sounds like you had a fun time, then." When the song ends again, she smiles, still following his lead, seeing what he does.

"Well, that's the good thing, isn't it?" Jason remarks to the unfinished part of Phin's statement. "One day, it'll all be done, and we're just dust in space, or something." He shrugs a little as he drains his own drink, although he keeps away from the dancefloor for now.

Sam shakes her head, lifting one hand to brush her hair back from her face while replying, "I'm sorry I was gone so long. I've a patient who needed - anyway, it's settled. It'll hold until tomorrow." A gleam of amusement, wry though it is, enters her eyes at his suggestion regarding dashing viper pilots. "You don't want to hear my dissertation on the variable probability statistics for survival in the various ranks," she assures Morgan with that wry trace of a grin. Another look is sent toward the dance floor then back to Morgan, seeming to weigh the factors there - dance wise - and when she and Morgan are encouraged along she tucks her hand into Morgan's with a glance sent up at Morgan before she hurries to keep up.

"Don't you worry Crater, you're on my dance card!" Yggy calls out, and happily boogies down with Dio. "I know who ya are, but I ain't a viper pilot, I'm an ECO. I know we all look alike to ya, though." she teases.

Phin laughs at Luc's attempts to de-wallflower him. He's amiable enough to the idea. "All right, all right." He can find a random partner without too much trouble for the fast number, picking up a random piece of brunette Marine brass. He's light on his feet and is a fairly spry dancer, so it doesn't take him long to get into it.

When the second song ends and loud voices demand more upbeat music, Agrippa looks over to the large Tauron and can't help but laugh in amusement. He does look back towards Maia, nodding his head towards the bar, "How about a break and another drink? That was a lot of fun but I am thirsty for another round." With that, his hand slips away from her hip but the one holding her hand remains as he begins to lead her back to the bar.

"I'm so-" Kelsey stops herself. "I hate you," she laughs. "Alright, alright. You lead, I'll just sorta try and keep up." She clasps her own hand in his. and begins moving with the movement, looking surprised rather quickly. "Hey! Lookitthat!" One word. She's completely delighted by this development! Kels is dancing! The woman takes up an absolutely beaming grin to her face. "This is soo awesome! I thought you said you were bad or something! LIES!"

"So true." Dio agrees, one hand at Yggy's waist, the other taking a hand as he begins to, indeed, boogie-down. Hip to hip, he leads- regardless of rank. Diomedes is old fashioned like that. "Hey, the nebula really brings out your eyes." he offers with that glowing grin of surprisingly perfect teeth, nodding to the sky in an attempt to get the girl to look up- the perfect time to dip his partner and give her a spin. "Now we make like the stars!"

"Just remember, it ain't frat if I'm on top." Ygraine teases the deckie, as she lets him twirl her around.

Luc grins to Yggy, "I will hol you to that!" He calls back and continues dancing around a bit. Though he does come towards Agrippa and Maia. "Oh, heading for more drinks already?" He asks them both. "Mind if I still her for a moment then?" He asks with a wink to Agrippa before raising a brow to Maia as well and seems to have gotten a bit to drink at least and is in a happy mood.

The calls for a faster and more energetic beat come just after the doctor agreed to his invitation to dance, and now Morgan looks at the dance floor, then to her, and back to the dance floor as if assessing the situation. Then he takes her hand firmly and nods to her. He leans into her and whispers briefly to her before he leads her out to the crowd of dancers.

"Sounds like a good idea, Alex," Maia grins, following him over, though liking the fast paced music as well, she arrives at the bar, nodding to those there, "Luc, Superstar, how are you two?" Though when Luc stops the progress, she glances up at Agrippa, letting him answer since it was directed to him.

"I'll keep that in mind." Diomedes says with a single raise of his eyebrows, and that smile still beaming. "Well, you know what they say about going Tauron." he teases right back with a bit of a wink, before he leaned close to just whisper, "Assuming you could handle the bull, that is."

Petra watches Kelsey's reaction with amusement, keeping his voice down, "Oh, give me long enough and you'll end up with a bruised toe and me having to carry you back to the ship. But see? A two step is easy. Now, if you want to get fancy like Milkshake over there, that takes some skill." The calling for faster music has the man pausing for a moment to adjust his pace, slipping his arm around her waist to sweep her around from his right, and set her down lightly on the left, "Maybe I need to take lessons before we have another celebration…shooting rifles can't be everything, right?"

Sam looks left, right, back again, with as much trepidation as she'd exhibit while crossing a major street! "You're wearing shoes with steel toes, right?" she asks of Morgan a bare moment before she glances down at her own shoes, which are NOT steel toed. The banter between Ygraine and Diomedes is overheard, the remarks earning a look of amusement aimed in that direction before she turns back to Morgan with a 'I'm game of you are' expression and lets him lead.

On the way to the bar, Agrippa pauses in his progress as Luc interjects with his request to steal Maia for a moment. A brief glance is given to the blonde before he inclines his head to Crater, "If she doesn't mind being stolen, then have fun." Punchdrunk seems good natured enough and will head to the bar for his drink but not after turning back to Maia, bowing his head to her with a grin, "Thank you for the two dances, Maia. I'll see you in a little bit."

Ygraine lets out a laugh. "Did ya miss who I was dancing with before?" she asks breathlessly as he wheels her around. "I think I'll manage just fine."

Looking up as he hears Maia's words, Jason lifts his current drink in toast to her and Agrippa now. "Me? I suppose that depends on if you want the answer people believe to be the correct one, or the actual truth, I guess." A brief pause as he looks between the others, before he adds, "Go, have your fun." And taking another sip from his drink, whichever number in the row of them this is.

Dell is at the bar now, frowning as she considers the drink with which she has been presented. The staffer cantsh er head to the left slightly and considers it for a moment before finally shrugging and taking a long sip. Silence again now and she gives Jason a brief nod before looking over toward the dance floor. One last time dell looks around at those assembled and then shakes her head. "Mmm." She's at least found an excuse to mellow out slightly, for once neither pacing nor glowering.

Luc grins and nods to Agrippa before looking to Maia, "So, what do you say, Hot stuff? Up for a dance?" He asks her and offers a hand to pull her along. Though he does raise a brow to Jason. "It's hard, but do try to relax and enjoy yourself." A teaseful smirk on his lips as he whispers to Maia. Afterwards shaking his head a bit.

"You break mah toe, you're going to have to answer to Major Sheperd, sir. He gets grouchy when his pilots get injured," Kelsey informs. As if Petra didn't know that. She smiles with the two step, but as the pace picks up and she's suddenly moved to a different side, she laughs, and completely delighted. "This is fantastic! Oh Gods, I wish I'd done this sooner!" She moves with him, doing her best to keep up. "Bah! Nonsense! Shooting guns is an accessory skill. Dancing? Drinking? Drinking then Dancing? These are important, life-saving skills. Not stepping on toes is also near the top." She just looks up at him with that big smile, nodding.

After glancing down at his dress shoes, Morgan exhales quickly, "They're dress, not combat," he answers, "And you heard what I said." Then he grins and teases, "If either of us breaks something, at least we know a good doctor." Then, the marine leans into her ear once more to whisper something just before he leads Nadir onto the floor and taking the lead in their dance.

It wasn't exactly expected, though at the nod from Agrippa, Maia shrugs in return. "Why not?" she counters, looking back over at Jason at his comments. "Keep drinking, Superstar, it gets better." Then she offers her hand to Luc, her brows only slightly arch at the hot stuff nickname, but she gives him a smirk. "See you in a few, Grippa." Allowing Luc to lead her out to the hopping dance floor, the party in full swing now. At the whisper, she lifts her free hand and shakes her head, "Don't look at me for that." Grinning a bit.

Grinning still, Dio dances quite happily with the officer on this particular Colonial Day. He sings playfully along with the more upbeat music, "When the bright stars burn, we write a story just for us. Dancing not because we want, but because we must. Turning under nebula and quasars spinning right. So this guy will thank you, for dancin' through the night!"

Phin spins his brunette partner into the arms of another Marine, but he doesn't seem to mind. He ends up back by the bar, but it seems more to take a breather than anything else. He was enjoying himself out there. He scans about for available and unoccupied women. He's not leering, he just kind of wants an excuse to dance some more. "Umm, hi," he says to Dell. Randomly. "You dance? I kind of dig this song."

Petra laughs at Kelsey's sudden enthusiasm, using his hold on her hand to keep the woman from spinning around into someone else. Spying Morgan and Samtara hovering on the edge, he crooks a finger at both of them, "Come on, you two. If I am out here, Doctor, Lieutenant, you both can make it."

A small sound of laughter, almost a hiccup of it really, escapes Sam as she faces Morgan and sets her other hand in his, now that they're face to face. "Lets not break anything anyway," she suggests, glancing from her dance partner and back around the floor, listening to the music and back to Morgan. "it's just like.. like sparring, right? Follow the flow and don't hurt anyone."

Kelsey happily dances along, spinning once. Yep! This is exactly what she needed. The Petty Officer turns with Petra, moving with the music.

Ygraine lets out a laugh. "Poetry? That's adorable." She lets herself get dipped and spun and offers a cheerful wave to Kelsey and Phin, the latter of which? Also on her dance card.

"Try to enjoy yourself, they say…" Jason begins, shaking his head a little bit. "Oh what little they know." Another sip of his drink as he looks between the area again, shaking his head a bit.

Holtz had to run off for a trip to the little captain's room, but now he's back. He looks for his dance partner; Ygraine is hard to miss in that little red dress. His brows knot momentarily, though, as he sees she's already dancing again with someone else. Far from pouting or sulking about it, though, he instead heads for the bar. "Ambrosia sour," he orders from the bartender as he stretches out languidly onto a stool in front of said bar.

Luc chuckle to Maia and shrugs, "Well, I wasn't suggesting that." Amused though he just shakes his head. Starting to dance once they find a nice enough spot. Spinning Maia a few times as he moves with her and it is clearly influenced of his usual break dance style. Making that roll of his body as well as he moves along to the music an to Maia's dancing. "You've looked to have had fun." He offers in pleasant conversation. Most attention on the dance partner but he does glance towards the others as well.

"…Hmm?" Adelphi looks up from the drink in her hands and blinks a few times before cocking herh ead to the left slightly. "…Sir? I- ah… Yes, I dance." Her cheeks are slightly red and she glances down at her rink and then back up at Finn before slowly nodding. The drink is thrown back, the rest swallowed in a single gulp, and then she sets it down on the bar. "Alright. Shall we?" Dell's eyes areslightly wide, but she nods a few times. The prospect of dancing does not seem to bother her in and of itself… She offers Finn a hand as she proceeds.

"Well, " Dio says, with a grin. "Only for the ladies." he says once more through a happy smile while he spins and dances with Ygraine about the dance floor- he's not the swaying type. This is /dancing/. Feet stomping, energetic movements and generally making a fool of himself, Dio seems to rather enjoy it.

Maia loves dancing, all sorts and when Luc gets her out there and spins her around, she laughs, seeming to be having fun, her dress flaring around her as he spins her again. Her cheeks flush with the energy of the more active music and when he breakdances some she grins. "Fun? Oh yes, I have been having a great time, thank you." At her words, her gaze moves over to Agrippa and she gives him a flash of a smile before turning back to her dance partner. Her husband.. for at least two more days. "Have you been having fun so far?"

Phin gives Ygraine a little wave and wink back. Damn right he is. For now, though, he'll show Dell a good time. If such a thing is possible. Which it seems to be. "Cool!" He takes her hand and leads her onto the dance floor, trying to twirl her in a flourish-y sort of way to get them started. He's light on his feet and energetic, and actually seems to know what he's doing as far as the actual dance steps go. And not too proud to do silly arm-flapping, should such a thing be called for.

Morgan is already heading toward the floor, if perhaps slowly, when he sees Petra's wave and insistent signal. He glances to Nadir and urges, "Now it's official. We fall in and we fulfill our Colonial duty to dance, because the enemy hasn't yet mastered the twist and shout." Tightening his grip slickly around Samtara's hand, Morgan leads the way into the dance and even throws a salute to Petra. "For the Colonies, sir!" he calls.

Jason finishes his drink now, hearing Holtz order. "That one any good?" he asks, before he adds, "I'll try one of them as well." That to the person tending bar now. Aside from that, he's not saying much for the moment, it would seem.

"Is that a disparaging remark about the manufacturing specs of the bullet heads?" Sam wonders of Morgan with a grin, "Maybe they can't walk, talk and chew gum at the same time either, let alone twist and shout in time and beat to the music currently playing," she adds before aiming a quick shot of a grin toward Petra. "See? He's a good officer, he's suffering through having to dance with me, all for the good of the colonies."

Arriving at the bar, Agrippa motions to the bartender for a drink, Commander and Cola, a mixed drink he seems to enjoy due to its spiked sweetness. Turning around, he leans his back against the bar and his eyes looks over the others present, noting those who are having quite a bit of fun and catches Maia's smile in his direction, grinning back at her and adding a nod as well. Then he turns around when the bartender lets him know the drink is ready.

Petra grins at the response he gets out of Morgan and murmurs, "That's right. Noone told us, but the final fight of this war will be a collossal dance off. So your choice…Polka for Picon, oa Twist for Troy, just dance." He shoots a wink back at Kelsey and lowers his voice as he moves around her, drawing her hand around with him, "And if you ask to do either of those, your new nickname for me will be THREE Left Feet."

Luc chuckles and nods, glad that she has had fun. Nodding and keeps his eyes on Maia as they dance. Leaning back and falling backwards only to land on one hand and bounce back up and grab Maia's hand to spin her in close to him before gripping her other hand and spinning her out on the other side. Breathing increasing a bit with the faster pace of dance. If not by much yet.

The bartender returns with Holtz' drink, and Storm thanks the man with a nod as he grabs it and takes a swig. He looks over at Jason and snorts, his lips quirked in a slight smile. "It's been my usual poison for twenty years, Standup," he deadpans. "So yeah, I'd have to recommend it." The glass is raised in Jason's direction, offering his fellow pilot a salute. "Enjoyin' yourself?" he asks a moment later. "Think this is the first I've seen you tonight."

Dell appears awkward as she first stpes out onto the dance floor, but she watches Phins movements with slightly wide eyes and quickly falls into the rhythm. She proves a very able dance partner once she is started, though her reaction suggests that the alcohol has had a significant effect on her willingness to participate. Before long whatever bee was in Dell's bonnet is forgotten- though as she is being spun she briefly glances off across the party, as if Her eyes are seeking someone specific. Then all of her attention is on Phin, however. As it should be.

When the latest dance ends, Ygraine grins at Dio, giving him a little curtsy. "Thank ya kindly for the dance." she says. "Looks like I can handle Taurons just fine." Ygraine's a girl with a long dance card, indeed.

Kelsey, drawn around just beams up at him. "Ohhhh if you think I'm capable of doing anything fancy, you are sorely mistaken. I think I draw the line at pulling your seat handle," she laughs. Yep, she can joke about it. Everything is right in Squire's World. "Besides, I need lessons anyway. I can't expect you to just do -everything-. Or.. is that how this works?"

"You're not bad, Sergeant Kalivas!" Phin says cheerily to Dell. He's reasonably sure on the name. It's a quick song, so he doesn't invade her personal space too much. Not that he's a stiff. He's game with the spinning and quick turns, and he's clearly enjoying himself.

Jason shrugs a little, as he raises his glass in a similar way. "It's… okay, I guess. I hope you're enjoying yourself, though." A brief pause, before he adds, "And I must admit I arrived fashionably late, or something like that. I wasn't really sure I was going to come down here, though." A sip of the glass, and he studies it for a few moments, before he adds, "A good choice of yours, this stuff."

Petra ahhs and shakes his head at Kelsey, "I'm afraid you'd need a MUCH better dance partner to lead you that well." He slows to a stop when the particular song comes to a pause, and gives her a curious, amused look, "Time for a refill and a moment to count all of our toes, to make sure we still have them?"

"Well, you showed me." Dio says with a laugh, as he heads again to the bar with this particular dance over. "A double." he states to the bartender. When the drinks are free, Dio's sure to be soused. Eventually. He leans back, grinning like a loon. He throws back his drink once more. Smiling drunkenly as he lets his eyes slide closed for a moment. Listening to life. "Ah, yeah. So nice to get off that rusty bucket."

The sheer energy Luc exhibits is enough to keep her attention, but the dance moves really have Maia watching him dance all over the place. His break dancing still, something she doesn't know, but the twirls when he spins her. When he draws her close to him, then spins her back out, she looks back at him, hearing him whisper something, she lowers her eyes and lifts her shoulders, replying in a quiet voice to his single uttered word.

"Fiiiiiiine," Kelsey sighs, over-dramatically. "Twist my arm with the idea of more booze." She lifts a hand to poke him playfully in the chest once. "But I want more later. You don't get off that easily, sir." She grins, turns, and steps back over to the bar with a new spring to her step. The soon-to-be-pilot angles directly for the big glass she left. Ohyez!

"I've taken a few classes over the years… Had to blackmail Mia into coming. Ah, Dell is fine." Adelphi does seem to enjoy dancing. It's rare to see her looking relaxed in public, but now that she is it seems that she's getting more involved as time passes. "You're not bad either, Lieutenant," the staff sergeant offers then, though in a rather mild voice. When the song ends Dell is only getting warmed up, which means she's looking for another dance. Phin can, of couse, take the opportunity to escape.

"Yeah? I started taking classes when I was living on Leonis," Phin says. "I was dating this chick whose folks were loaded. Seemed like a rich girl thing. She ended up not being too into it. I had fun, though. And I think it actually helped my reflexes." He grins at the compliment. "Thanks, Dell. And Phin's fine. Or Dolly. Whatever. You looking for somebody?" He's noticed her eyeing the crowd, and gives her an opening for escape as well.

Holtz chuckles as he eyes the contents of his glass. "It's the lemon. Ambrosia's naturally bitter, but with a good squeeze of lemon you can't hardly tell, eh?" He looks up as Diomedes approaches the bar and orders something. Examining the man for a moment, the glove tattoos in particular, Holtz finally nods and raises his glass to his fellow Tauron. "Ain't it just," he says, with a snort of laughter. "Never know how much you'll miss open sky until you do a tour on a battlestar, yeah?"

Luc just smiles at Maia as he continues to dance. Nodding to her words. A hand going to the small of her back as he holds her to the side and spins around himself. Backs touching before continuing that movement until they face each other again. There might be another lowly uttered word somewhere in the dance though. But the dancing seems to have priority over the words for now.

"Pretty sure she's not coming," Dell responds softly. There's a shrug and then she returns Phin's grin with a smile of her own. It's slow to open up, but incandescent and suits the staff sergeant well. "Another dance?" Her eyes start to trail off otward the crowd but then Dell gives a faitn shake of her head and turns her gaze firmly onto Phin. "I've got time left to kill if you do. And, well- I was never loaded, but we never exactly had to worry about anything. I just- you know. Like to move, I guess."

Diomedes grins over towards Holtz. "Yeah." he says, eyeing his fellow Tauron's tattoos with a bit of of a nod. "Let me know if you need another tat, Sir. I've got a traditional set in my bunk." he offers, with a raise of his own glass. "The battlestar lacks perspective. Here, we can see what we're fighting for, at least. Easy to feel like its something else under full-spectrum lighting and false gravity." he says, just giving a little stretch.

Petra laughs at the poke, letting go of Kelsey's hand to follow her slowly back over to the bar, where he takes a moment to flag down a replacement for the empty he left behind. Its not Ambrosia, but its a good bet its SOME sort of alcohol.' With new beverage in hand, he turns around to look over the others still dancing, before murmuring at Kelsey. "See? Nothing to be apologizing for. Its fun!"

When the mood lightens, Maia smiles and just enjoys the remainder of the dance, the spins, the break dancing, the different dips and moves until finally the song ends. "Thank you for the dance, Gabe," she says quietly, nodding to whatever the quietly given words were though, allowing him to lead her back off the floor towards the bar.

Morgan glances from Sam to Petra and back to Sam again. "Suffering?" he asks, beaming, even if he isn't dancing very well to this fast music. "I'm not suffering," he objects with a grin. "You do recall that I asked for the dance before first. So I volunteered, and I'd reenlist in a second for this particularly duty." Then he bows his head for a moment toward Sam.

Phin nods and shrugs to Dell. "Oh. Bummer. Oh well, though. I think this kind of thing's more fun if you can just kind of do what you want, anyway. Dates can be a hassle." Well, he's here stag, so he has to kind of say that. But he seems to believe it. "Sure! C'mon." He takes her arm again, to sway to the music. Whatever it might be just now. He's adaptable.

Kelsey sips at her drink and waves it off dismissively. "See, hindsight is such a lovely thing. Now? No reason to be nervous. As long as I can keep from making my partner look worse, then I'm helping. Or something. I think its like flying. Sure, I might be sloppy. But I could just blame it on my ECO. Or something." She looks to the side with a smirk and sips her drink again. "Thank you very much, though. That was super awesome, especially for a first."

Agrippa is still relaxing at the bar, his drink more or less finished, about a fifth of the glass remaining and mostly full of ice cubes. When the song is over, the Viper stick's gaze returns to the blonde Raptorette, as if expecting her to head towards the bar.

Jason nods as he hears Holtz, offering a smile now as he goes back to simply listening, while sipping from his drink again. Glancing out to the dancefloor for a few moments, before he softly starts singing, maybe not even aware he was singing out loud. "I walk along the street of sorrow. The boulevard of broken dreams. Where gigolo and gigalette, can take a kiss without regret. So they forget their broken dreams…" A brief pause, as he looks out at the people going off the floor, and he drains the rest of his drink, getting to his feet a bit slowly.

"Do you, now." Holtz looks at Dio more closely know, his interest clearly piqued. "You know, I think I'll take you up on that sometime, Specialist… Specialist… " He fumbles for the name and comes up with nothing, but this time he can't blame it on the alcohol. Instead, he gives a drunken shrug, and extends a hand to the other Tauron. His own black glove is an actual glove, not a tattoo, but it serves the same purpose. "Captain Kurt Holtz, I fly with the Strikes." He knocks back more ambrosia. "Hell. I AM the Strikes," he booms out, striking a heroic pose. Or what he clearly imagines is such.

Luc smiles and nods to Maia before starting to lead her towards the bar once more. "We're back, safe and sound." He offers and smiles to the others. Moving to get himself something to drink. Downing a shot before having a drink to drink from. Looking out over the crowd. Giving Ygraine the 'I'm watching you' sign. As if still waiting for his turn.

A'right, a'right." Yggy laughs from her spot where she'd gone to catch her breath. Stepping up to Luc, she suggests, "Let's take our turn, shall we?"

"We're all volunteers," Sam replies with a grin before laughing at the notion of a dance-off for the survival of the colonies. "Oh would you?" she asks of Morgan then and tilts her head toward Morgan to hear his quieter remark before she smiles again and speaks equally quiet in return. She may not have the dancing skills required to do a good job of the dance currently in motion but she manages not to mangle his feet all that much.

"I suppose so," Dell responds with a faint nod. She falls into the dance with Phi, apparently just as adaptable. Now that she is focusing on somethign other than the dancing it becomes evident that she has had more than just a couple of lessons. She isn't a professional dancer, but it seems she's more than familiar with whatever dance happens to come up. "We'll have to do this more often, Lieutenant. Actually, wouldn't be fair of me… Though it might be worth it to make the missus jealous, I guess." She laughs softly at this.

Petra offers Kelsey a lift of his glass and a small, but unavoidable smirk, "Always need to make the first time easy and gentle." His attention is drawn out to where Jason is singing for a moment, taking another drink while he watches. When the glass is finally set down, he slowly shakes his head and addresses Kelsey again, "I should go, but if I promise this isnt the last time we dance, will you forgive me for leaving?"

Luc chuckles at Yggy as she comes over, "I didn't mean that you had to do it right away." He teases. Not that he complains. "Shall we then? Think you can keep up?" He asks and makes a body roll to tease her.

Phin laughs, giving Dell a deft spin in time with the song. "I don't want to create any domestic unrest, Sarg," he says with a laugh. "Besides, if she's a Marine, she could probably kick my ass. I try to keep the drama to a minimum. But for the dancing, I'm totally game anytime you are. The jukebox at Charlie's doesn't have an awful selection, if you're just looking for something with a beat."

Kelsey laughs. "Uh huh. Heard that before, but geez, yanno damned if I can remember where," she says with a laughing, feigning confusion. "But yeah, no problem. I'll catch you again for more sometime, sir. It was a pleasure. Thank you for the dance." She salutes with a tap of her glass to her temple before turning back to the others as she leans on the bar, hand flattening her dress once more.

Now that the dance is over, Maia does walk back to the bar, gratefully reaching for a beverage of some sort, whatever the first thing that popped into her head and she takes a long drink from the glass before looking at the Viper pilot. "Having a good time yet, Agrippa?" Trying to gauge how much he has been drinking. He got his call sign from somewhere, right?

Grinning still like a madman. "Specialist Diomedes Alexios." He replies, taking Holtz's hand in a strong grip. "Deck. Mechanic. I keep you five by five." he states with his own bit of drunken slur. "Or, at least I try. DAmned if some of you don't take it hard on them birds." STill grinning, Dio nods. "But, yeah. Learned to do tattoos from my Pa. Used to do it for my friends." He keeps the fact his friends were a gang of petty criminals largely to himself. "Sometimes I really miss Minos though, you know? Something about the smell I'm starting to forget."

Ygraine bursts out laughing. "Well, I don't think I can spin on my head, but I'm sure I can make do."

Jason heads over towards Maia and Agrippa now, offering the two of them a bit of a smile. "Sorry for interrupting, but I was wondering if I could ask the lady for a dance." A bit of a wider smile now. "I must warn that it's been years since I've done much dancing, though."

The song comes to its end, and Morgan stops with it, but continues to hold Sam's hand for a moment. He looks at her and inclines his head. Then he looks down at her feet in those stiletto heels, and he asks, "How are you doing? If you need to take a break, we can sit down or take a walk."

When Maia rejoins him at th bar, Agrippa nods his head, "Can't complain, really." Watching her drain the glass, looking rather impressed, he finishes the last bit of his drink before motioning for the bartender for another and to see if Maia wants another drink as well, leaning in to whisper something to the blonde. A grin follows before he looks back to the bartender, watching him fix the drinks before turning to Jason who join them.

"One more," Sam suggests, sounding a bit started at her own suggestion but she gives Morgan's hand a small squeeze again. She looks toward the band that's playing music then back to Morgan, "If you're game, that is. I think your toes are safe with me."

Petra mmms, "Likewise, Squire. Enjoy yourself." With that said, he pauses a moment to look over the faces still hanging around, and turns to heac back to the compound and the landing pad, humming under his breath aong with the music, and even bobbing his head a little as he walks.

Luc laughs as well and nods, "Well, I can make your head spin, if not make you spin on your head." He teases and leads along. Offering a spin of his own before steping forward with one foot to get a better position. A hand on her lower back as he then lean her backwards so her upper body rests on his hand and he moves her a bit before pulling her up fully to her feet again.

Petra leaves, heading toward the Wilderness Checkpoint [WC].

Luc is giving Ygraine the giggles as she dances with him. But if he's looking for the shimmy-hips, she'll deliver, though not really in the belly dancing style that Maia learned.

"You're on!" Morgan agrees with a grin when Sam calls for one more dance. "I'm safer with you than with someone who would need to /hunt/ for a doctor." He answers Sam. "Let's see what they pull out of their bag of tricks next." He looks toward the band as if he might be able to judge in advance what kind of number the next one will be.

Holtz snaps his fingers in recognition. "Deck. Right. Thought I'd seen yer face somewhere before." He laughs raucously. "The birds that actually make it back to the deck get off a hell of a lot lighter'n the ones that don't." A little bit of morbid humor for Colonial Day, that. He gives a little throaty laugh, but his expression is distant as he says it. "Yeah, I got a bit of street ink myself," he replies a moment later, changing the subject with a knowing smirk. "I'm from Hypatia, personally. But I imagine it don't smell much different." A derisive snort follows a shake of the head. "One of those things you only miss when it's gone." More ambrosia sour disappears down the hatch.

"Bag of tricks, that just sounds bad," Sam replies with a laugh of her own. She turns slightly, keeping one hand lightly on Morgan's upper arm, the other resting in his hand. "I thought dancing was going to be a great deal more.. stressful," she admits.

"I'll take you up on that sometime. Mia isn't much for dancing anyway." THere's a pause , a beat, and then Dell deadpans, "You're right. She probably would kick your ass. If I want to see her beat the crap out of someone I'll pick someone I like less, don't worry." THen Dell is laughin and away she goes, around the dance floor. Phin might be leading, but Dell is engrossed in the dance by now. Perspiration slides along her brow now, no doubt stinging the woman's eyes, but she doesn't seem inclined to slow down.

Luc chuckles as he dances with Ygraine. Seeming to be enjoying himself. Squatting down a bit as he offers a few rolls of his body in what might a bit sexual in appearance. Mostly to tease and amuse. "You got some moves there, Shakes!" He tells her and tries to spin her dizzy, like he told her he could do. Even if one could had interpreted it differently.

Replacing her empty glass back on the bar, Maia leans against Agrippa when he talks to her in the whispered words, she grins, looking up when Jason approaches. At the question, she looks between her date and the Raptor pilot, "Sounds like fun, Superstar. Would you mind, Alex?" Leaving it to her date.

"Yeah." Dio says, shaking his head. "And it stank, too. I used to hate the smell. Now, all I want to do is get off a transport and take a big nose full of it." Diomedes laughs to himself, "The scent of desperation, I used to call it." He sips his drink as he settles into a stool near his fellow Tauron. His 'street' ink mentioned just brings a smile. "I got out just in time. Used to be more about protecting the neighborhood from people who just wanted to take advantage of us." he shakes his head, "Still. Don't think anyone deserved becoming shadows and glass."

"Cool." Phin laughs, leading Dell around the floor enthusiastically until the song ends. By that point he, too, is sweating some. He does stop, holding up a palm for a high-five. "That was fun, Sarg. I think I need another drink, though. You want anything from bar?"

"Thank you!" says the blonde cheerily. "So do you, but ya knew that, didn't ya?" Milkshake continues to dance, seeming quite ease with the sexxay in the moves. She just lets herself have fun, jumping around, shaking her hips, hands in the air.

Waiting to hear the answer now, Jason keeps quiet for the moment as he looks from Maia to Agrippa now.

There is a moment of hesitation from Agrippa before he turns to the bartender, waving off the second drink that was meant for Maia. He then nods to Maia, "Go have fun, there will be a drink waiting for you when you're back. Then we can take that walk."

Kelsey seems to be enjoying herself by listening for the most part, sipping her drink. A hip leaned into the bar, she looks across the sea of faces and ends up settling on a tank with people sitting around and talking nearby it. She downs the rest of her beverage and moves off towards it suddenly. Someone is going to go shooting the Big Stuff.

There is a wide grin at Ygraine's words as Luc nods agreeingly, "Of course I knew that!" Not really a modest person. Even less so with some drinks in him. By the way, where did that drink go he just got anyhow? Though never mind that, he is having fun and dancing. The shaking hips do get a grin, "your callsign really fits." He admits amused. Sliding hands along her sides as they dance. Even trying a brief lift. The other dancers do get an occasional grin and nod though. But he does sort of have to focus on Yggy so he doesn't drop or hurt her among all the moves.

"I'll have one of whatever you're having." Dell returns the highfive and then laughs again, stepping aside as she does. She runs her forearm along her forehead and then shakes her head slowly, taking a deep breath. Working a little too hard, I guess. Did that long bike ride earlier, but I didn't think I'd be getting in this much exercise tonight…" She approaches the bar not too far behind Phin. "Just a second. I think I might have seen-

" Adelphi is moving into th erowd, shielding her eyes with her right hand as she does. She's till frowning as she moves.

Ygraine seems to be quite accustomed to being someone's partner. "That's not why I got it, ya know." she laughs, continuing well enough to dance. Once it does come to a close though, she gives Luc a peck on the cheek.

As soon as the agreement is given, Maia leans in to whisper to Agrippa before standing and offering her hand to her fellow Raptor pilot, "Thanks for asking, Superstar, lead the way."

Phin laughs to Dell. "Water, right now. So…you might not want to copy that." And that's exactly what he orders himself a bottle of when he gets back to the bar-ish area. He needs to hydrate. He offers a quick "Later" to Dell as she breaks off in search of whatever she might find.

This dance is still on the up-beat, but slow enough for Morgan to step closer to Sam and rest a hand behind her shoulder while they dance in something like a foxtrot. While they whirl around the floor, he glances occasionally down at their feet, but he focuses on looking at her, watching her eyes and smiling. "You're a fine dancer," he encourages. "I wasn't worried about that." One. Two. Three. Four. They continue to whirl, and he continues to smile.

Luc chuckles and shrugs, "Could have fooled me." He offers with a wink. Offering a peck in return as she offers one. Moving back towards the bar. Smiling and nodding to Jason and Maia as they pass before he nods to Agrippa. Enjoying yourself? He asks before he get another drink.

Holtz decides as long as he's conversing by the bar and not at the dance floor, he's gonna have a smoke. A slightly bedraggled pack comes out of his pocket and he taps one out for himself before offering the pack to Diomedes, should he want one. Storm lights up with a snicker. "Desperation's… as good a word as any," he replies wryly. "You an' me both," he says with a nod at the mention of getting out. "Streets'll chew a man up and spit him out in nothin' flat. Saw it happen t' too many people that weren't as lucky as you or me. Good lads and bad." His nearly empty glass is raised again. "Here's to the lucky ones, yeah?" And just like that, another drink bites the dust.

Jason nods as he hears that, starting to lead the way out to the floor. "You're welcome. I remembered to warn you that I might be a bit rusty when it comes to dancing, didn't I?" A brief pause as they reach the floor, before he offers a smile now. "Enjoying yourself, I hope?" Waiting for a few more seconds before he starts leading her into the dance now.

Shaking her head a little at Morgan, Sam follows the pace and steps of the dance with Morgan's lead, the hand he has behind her shoulder being enough to help guide her through the turns and steps. Her voice is quieter as she replies, something both rueful and amused in her tone of voice.

Taking a cigarette when its offered, Dio nods and lifts his glass. It /is/ empty. "Wait, wait. Got to make this a proper toast, Sir." he slurs as he waits a half second for the bartender to turn their back before he rather expertly dips behind the bar and grabs a bottle of whatever looked alcoholic. Yoink! Someone had rather light fingers in their youth, clearly. He offers to pour for the Captain, after giving himself a *proper* pour.

The music is still lively, the party hopping right along so that when Jason leads Maia out with the dire warning, she laughs and takes his hand to sort of break him back in, holding it and lifting it while she spins herself and ducks under it to come face to face with him again. "I'm sure you'll do fine, just do what feels good, Superstar, your body will follow along." Hopefully. "Yeah, I'm having a great time, how about you?"

Holtz gestures towards the glass with a nod, giving Dio a silent 'by all means' when the other man offers. His eyes wander back towards the dance floor, looking for a certain ECO in a little red number. Ygraine is easy enough to find, and Holtz gives a little amused snort when he sees her dancing with Luc. Then his attention is back on Dio as his fellow Tauron tops off their glasses.

"Now that's good advice," Jason replies, with a bit of a nod. "I used to dance quite well, you know. There even were talks of a dancing film, before… Nevermind…" Moving along with the music now, he smiles. "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself," he replies, before he adds, "And it's been a good evening so far." Perhaps a little evasive there?

After her dance with Luc, Yggy makes her way back to the bar, wriggling her way in between Holtz and Diomedes. "Miss me?" she asks of the both of them sunnily, and asks for an amborsia and a glass of water from the bar. Sure, boozin' is fun, but hydration is a thing.

While Jason may be a fairly competent dancer, he has had a number of glasses filled with strong drink tonight. And as many might know, drunk people and dancing might not always be the best combination. At one point, he manages to end up kicking at his own foot, and loses balance, falling forward towards his dance partner, instinctively bringing up his hands in front of him as he feels his balance go now.

Even with nursing his third drink, Agrippa's glass is slowly growing empty and after finishing off the last bits, he turns to the bartender and motions for a new one, as well as a second one as he does owe someone a drink when she gets back.

"The lucky few," Holtz echoes, before he too downs his drink. A measuring look is sent over at Dio, and he grimaces. "Finish that smoke, have another drink, and go find yourself a pretty girl or an ugly card game," he suggests, gesturing with his own cigarette. He blinks a moment later. "That don't sound to be half bad a plan, actually." Before he can put it into effect himself, though… there's Ygraine. He doesn't reply with words so much as a loud snort and one of his cheekier brands of smirk.

Okay, her dance partner is unable to maintain so Maia puts a hand up to his chest until she realizes he's really going down and she's unable to stop him from taking the tumble.. even worse she has put herself in his direct path.. but she can't let him fall.. Bracing another hand against him, she attempts to keep him from falling. If he's going to fall, she'll try and sidestep him. She has a mission soon!

As his question goes on unaswered he will just assume it to be a yes. Watching the others around and a grin shows at Holtz and company. Though he does look to the dance floor as well. Seeing the falling and attempted side step. OF course not nearly in time or close enough to do anything. He does start in that direction after it happens though.

Phin wandered off with his bottle of water for something of a breather from the party. Gods know where. Not that there aren't plenty of nice, nature-y places to wander out here on Piraeus. He wanders back eventually, drinking the last of his water.

There's a lot of things going through Jason's mind as he keeps falling forward. One thing is that he needs to do something to stop the fall. And so, as Maia sidesteps, he reaches a bit blindly for her, trying to reach her shoulder so he can get the support needed to regain his footing now. Of course, falling like that, and in his current state, that might not work out like he was hoping.

When he hears Samtara's murmured words, Morgan finally loses that happy smile that has graced his face since her return from her talk with the nurse. He nods. While he continues to lead in their dance, he deftly guides her toward the edge of the dance floor so that they arrive just when the song ends. He sighs and explains to her, "I should check on the MPs with that artillery. If you'd like to walk with me, I'd be glad for the company." Then he adds a few more words for her benefit.

"Hey there." The younger Tauron says to Yggy as she makes herself known. Diomedes takes the bottle of ambrosia- almost full. "I'll be making use of this, thanks." he says with a little grin. "I'd better get going, Cap- pleasure to formally make your acquaintance." He nods again to Yggy as he takes a long pull from the bottle as he stumbles off into the night.

"I will take that as the hyper-masculine Tauron equivalent of Yes, Ygraine, I missed you." said blonde declares to Holtz, taking a sip of her ambrosia before chugging some of the water.

She had it too, Maia had been cleared up until he grabs her shoulder and pulls her down with him. Feeling herself falling, instinct is to grab onto the nearest object. Too bad it's the unsteady Jason and when he falls, he needn't worry, because she's got his back, she's right there to cushion the fall. No worries mate, soft cushion for you. "Oomph!" The breath is knocked out of her.

The drinks are ready and when Agrippa looks back to Maia and her dancing pair, he spots them falling over which causes the Viper jock to push off of the bar and head over, certainly worried. Moving through some of the others who are no doubt just watching, their conversation most likely interrupted with the scene, Punchie arrives by the two that had fallen over. "Oh frak, Centerfold, Stand-Up, you two okay?" He is reaching down to quickly either pull Jason off of Maia or if that isn't easily done, just push him off of the Raptorette.

"It's best to make sure no one gets any hare brained idea about firing off a few rounds now that they're all properly Lit," Sam replies, glancing around the dance floor once more and guessing - from just that quick glance - that she and Morgan are the few remaining who are still sober. "I'd be glad of the walk," she replies and slips one arm through his, her head tilting to the side slightly to catch his words before she smiles again and replies quietly as Morgan leads them away from the dance floor.

Having been heading off he does let Agrippa offer the question while he goes about trying to help them out, checking that both are alright. "Nothing too severe I hope?" He asks. Moving Jason along with Agrippa and helping him up. "Are you alright?" He offers again before turning to Maia. "Are you alright?" He asks in concern for her as well and reaching to help her as well.

Okay, that did not go the way it was supposed to, right. Jason grimaces when he realizes he got Maia to lose her balance as well, in those few moments that feel so very long until he ends up landing on top of her, rather heavily. Of course, that was probably just seconds, although to him, they felt like minutes. "Frak…" he mutters, as he lifts his head now, while trying to get to his feet. "I'm so sorry. Are you…" Hearing the questions from Agrippa and Luc, he stops, looking to his dance partner and fall-breaker now, waiting for her answer. Not saying anything until he knows she's not injured from this.

"If you like," Holtz replies airily, that grin never wavering. At least, until the mishap at the dance floor finally catches his attention. He looks over at the tangle of bodies, and just shakes his head. "Kids're losin' their sea legs already," he says dryly, throwing off a silent wave to the departing Dio before he looks back to Ygraine with a slightly bleary expression. "Looked like you were havin' fun out there." He gestures for another drink as he takes in a lungful of smoke.

"I like dancin'." Yggy says agreeably, and her own gaze strays to the dancefloor. She does what is perhaps the less sensitive thing, she laughs. It is pretty funny. She then looks at Holtz, unable to keep from chuckling. "Should I leave ya be with Lady Ambrosia and Mistress Nicotine?"

Once Samtara has tucked her hand securely into the crook of his arm, Morgan strides quickly away from the site of the party and the pair disappear into the crowd. "It was a Colonial Day to remember," he remarks to her on their way. "At least, it will be to everyone who hasn't had so much ambrosia that they need to see the pictures later."

Phin's wandering takes him back to the bar, where he orders another water. And is just in time to see Jason's stumbling on the dance floor. "Whoa. Is Stand-up OK?"

Morgan leaves, heading toward the Wilderness Checkpoint [WC].

Samtara leaves, heading toward the Wilderness Checkpoint [WC].

It hadn't been expected until the very last minute so Maia had little time to prepare. His solid body had knocked the wind out of her, but nothing else seemed to hurt. When she's freed of his weight, she sits up, doing the whole struggle to breathe thing that you only know how feels if you've had the wind knocked out of you before. Lifting a hand, she nods, she's fine. Finally she manages to catch her breath and she looks with concern to the Raptor pilot, but since he's moving okay she assumes he's fine too. "No, it's fine, Superstar.." The questions from the others getting the same response. "I'm great," she murmurs softly, reaching blindly for a hand for assistance to stand with a modicum of grace.

With Jason looking to be fine, just drunk off of his feet, literally, Agrippa looks to Maia next, looking her over while reaching out for the blindly reaching hand, pulling her to her feet, "Looks like everyone's having a little /too/ much fun. Someone is cut off, that's for sure." Half teasing but also half serious as he glances briefly at Jason. "Your leg okay, Maia?"

"He'll walk it off. Leastways he'd better. Pilot can't hold is liquor is shameful, nothin' but," Holtz opines to Phin on one side before turning to look at Ygraine on the other. "If you like," he repeats. "Don't have to." He looks down towards his feet, his movements exaggerated for effect. "Don't seem to be chained here, neither." Storm puffs on his cigarette, looking at her innocently.

With the assistance, Maia stands, offering Agrippa a shaky smile. "Really, I'm fine. Just took me by surprise is all. How about that drink and walk you were promising? I'm ready to go when you are." Looking to Luc, she smiles. "I'll be fine, thank you. See you shipside." Time for her date to take her back though.

Luc is about to take the hand but Agrippa beats him to it and he just helps her up as he was already doing. Making sure that she is alright before taking a step back. Offering a warm smile and then turning to the other two with a nod.

As he hears Maia's words, there's a look of relief on Jason's face. Getting fully to his feet now, he looks around for a few moments. "I… I should be going," he offers to the others, starting to head off a bit unsteadily now.

"Somethin' ya wanted t'do, Storm?" Ygaine asks, leaning against the bar and lifting a brow. She laces her fingers together as she rests on her side before plucking up a drink and taking a swallow.

"One of us should make sure he gets back to a Raptor or something," Phin says. A little concerned, for his part. He drinks more water. He slides away from the bar, possibly to do this. "Yo. Stand-Up. I need some air. I can walk with you, man."

"Hey Shipwreck," Agrippa calls out after Jason, seeing the intoxicated Raptor pilot starting to leave, the nickname he had come up with that is more lighthearted than anything else, "You should stick around at the bar, drink some water…" There is some concern there before turning his attention back to Maia, nodding his head. "Our drinks are back at the bar, or were at the bar. Let's go get one for the road and I'll walk you back."

Luc smiles and nods to Maia and Agrippa, "See you both later." He offers. Taking a moment before looking to Jason. "Indeed. WAter and some sleep. I could help you along if you want?" He offers and hears Phin offering to join him. Nodding to Phin as well as he looks around a bit. Making sure that there are no others wandering alone and in need of support.

"Sure, thank you." Maia agrees to Agrippa. Looking back at Jason she is still concerned. "Are you going to be.." Then Phin moves along after him and she gives him a relieved smile. "Thanks, Dolly.." To Luc she nods, "I'm fine, really." Knowing he would worry. Looping her arm through Grippa's now, she walks with him to the bar.

"Shipwreck!" Holtz lets out a throaty laugh, saying to Jason, "Sounds like a new callsign to me." The laughter subsides a few moments, and he looks back to Ygraine as he stamps out his cigarette in a nearby ashtray. "Nothin' particular in mind. Just sayin', options, is all." He shrugs, leaning back with his arms propped up against the back of his chair.

Guiding Maia to the bar, Agrippa does look over to her from time to time, just to make sure that she is as fine as she states, more or less just looking to see if there are any stumbling steps. Returning to the spot where he had left, his drinks are still there and not taken by someone else which is a relief and the Viper jock nods to the blonde Raptorette as he reaches for his, "Drinks are still here, so shall we?"

Ygraine is staring at Holtz like she doesn't know what's gotten into him. "Well..okay. if ya figure out what option you're goin' for, I guess you'll let me know?"

"I'm fine, just need a walk…" Jason mutters, before he turns to look at Agrippa for a few moments as he hears that nickname. Studying the man for a few moments before he offers him a grin. "I'll be fine, thanks." He pauses for a few moments at Phin's words. "I don't think it's needed, but sure…" he offers, after a few moments of pause.

"No worries, Centerfold," Phin says to Maia. He shrugs to Jason. "Just need some air, man. Here, have a drink." He offers Jason his water bottle. Which he's barely had anything out of, so it's not even ridden with cooties or anything. "It's a nice night. Happy C-Day, and stuff. You headed back?"

No stumbling, no limping, Maia seems to be truly fine. What she does want though is the drink and to leave the party so once there at the bar, she collects her drink, "Thanks, Alex. Yes, I'd love to." Her free hand goes back to his arm and she walks with him wherever he leads her. When Phin speaks to her again she looks back and offers a wink, happy that he was taking care of Jason.

Maia leaves, heading toward the Wilderness Checkpoint [WC].

Agrippa leaves, heading toward the Wilderness Checkpoint [WC].

Seeing that no one else seem collapsed and everyone Luc spots seem quite busy so he does turn to head with Phin and Jason. "You both alright?"

Holtz blinks. "What I meant was, if you wanted to sit and have a drink, I wouldn't say no to that. And if you wanted t' go somewhere else, I wouldn't say no to that either." His brow furrows as he lets out an exasperated sigh. "So why the frak you lookin' at me like I just spat in your eye or somethin'?" There's a slight edge to his voice, slightly slurred as it is.

"Yeah, I'm cool," Phin replies to Luc. "I'll be back once…" Thumb gesture to Jason. Once he's safely on-loaded and at least won't pass out in a hedge on Piraeus. "I still want to dance a little more. Not going to get the chance many other nights."

"Alright? Is that even possible?" Jason asks, with a bit of a grimace now. Shrugging a little as he takes the offered water bottle, taking a sip from it. "Thanks…" Another brief pause as he looks around now. "If any of you see the remains of my dignity or sanity, make sure it gets a proper burial, okay?"

Ygraine peers at Holtz, clearly puzzled. "I guess I didn't understand what ya were sayin'." she tries smile it off, and retreats behind a deep swig of ambrosia, eyes widening as it warms her gullet.

Phin chuckles at Jason, shrugging. "Your dignity's intact, man. Not like we all haven't been there. And you are not getting a new callsign out of this, if I have anything to say about it. And…whatever. All right's a journey, not a destination, y'know?" Whatever that means. He's not even drunk, so he has fewer excuses for stuff like that. He seems to know what he means, though. He walks along at a slow pace, though it's in the general direction of the taxis back.

Holtz' expression looks briefly combative, as if he wants to press the issue. But, thankfully, sanity prevails before he opens his mouth to say anything. He merely finishes off his latest drink — well, it was nearby, but at this point he's not actually sure if it was his - and shrugs, with a look back up at her. "Well. I don't always make perfect sense to me, sometimes," he replies instead with a weak smile. A look goes back over to the other pilots as he slowly rises to his feet. "We'll stand a wake. Think I still remember the lines to a proper dirge or two," he calls out in Jason's direction with a wink.

"I misunderstood, is all." Ygraine offers, and holds out her hand. "Ya can stand wake after we dance some more, yeah?" It's like a truce, of sorts.

Storm takes the proferred hand, kissing it with a sly smile. No chance to potentially misunderstand that. "'S fine," he replies, following agreeably enough as she leads him to the dance floor. "Truth be told I never liked wakes much, anyway." The crowd's thinning out, but there's still a few couples left.

Luc sort of vanishes into the crowd once more. Since Phin had the situation undder control with Jason. Most likely Luc had another drink and off dancing somewhere.

Phin rolls his eyes at Holtz's words, but his back is turned to them now, so only Jason gets to see that. He snorts a wry chuckle. He'll see that Jason makes it to a Raptor without faceplanting, at least.

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