AAR: Colonial Conditions Update



FR: MAJ Gray, Acting TACCO
TO: RADM Jameson, COL Faulkner, LT COL Io, MAJ Ommanney
CC: LT Wren, LT Kaxiras
RE: Current Colonial Conditions


The Cylon fleet has withdrawn from the Colonies and Cylon forces are largely on the defensive, with a primary focus of controlling or destroying food stores and supplies.

CAPRICA: Estimate Two billion survivors, including 50 million APF-aligned of military age. Significant Cylon strength remains, with total Cylon air superiority. Initial rebellion has been forced back into an underground resistance. Food supplies running dangerously low.

PICON: 27 million survivors. Secured but largely lawless outside of military controlled zones.

LEONIS: 100 million survivors, including 4-5 million APF. APF has mostly gone underground, with few Cylons remaining. Mopping up operations ongoing. Difficulty distributing supplies.

LIBRAN: 650,000 survivors, of which 500,000 are estimated to be APF-aligned. Heavy Cylons presence in the capital.

AERILON: 95 million survivors, including 20 million APF-aligned. Cylons are parked on existing food stores and destroy them if we attack.

SCORPIA: 20-25 million survivors, with 500,000 APF-aligned. Starvation rampant - deaths estimated at 20,000 per day. Lines cannot bring in enough supplies, and remaining APF and Cylons are focused on stopping supply shipments.

CYLON SPACE: Recon Group Linten remains in Cylon space searching for remaining Cylon homeworld and reported garden world.

THE LINES: All model lines save One have awakened. Individual hold outs may still exist but so far the Lines seem well able to police themselves.


AQUARIA: Make contact. Investigate if planet's oceans are a viable food source for the Colonies.

PICON: Establish military government. Begin rebuilding.

LEONIS: Establish a military government. Isolate and contain APF and Cylon forces. Rebuild.

AERILON: Establish a military government. Defend friendly territory, blockade Cylon forces holding supply caches. Rebuild.

SCORPIA: Evacuate friendly population to Aerilon and/or Leonis.

CAPRICA: Establish a blockade. Intercept and capture incoming and outgoing civilian vessels. Attrite Cylon and APF air forces via orbital strikes on fuel supplies, bases. Establish a secure landing zone and begin bringing in supplies for friendly civilian population.

CYLON SPACE: Continue current recon efforts. Consider a mission to check the nebula transit route for signs of Cylon rebuilding.

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