AAR: Coffin Retrieval


AWD #360

FR: CPT Halena Tremaine
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson
CC: MAJ Elias Gray
RE: Coffin Retrieval


On AWD #360, the Iron Pilgrim detached from the Fleet orbiting Piraeus and made for Ragnar with orders to retrieve a six (6) foot long by four (4) foot wide unknown target orbiting in Ragnar airspace.

Jumps were successful, and all necessary steps to prepare for capture of the unknown target, referred to colloquially as “the coffin,” proceeded without incident. Life support in the main bay was shut down, as were gravitational systems. Both dedicated systems, operating on a dedicated power source, worked admirably. I initiated my EVA walk roughly ten minutes ahead of anticipated capture to address any last-minute malfunctions in the cargo bay, but there were none.

As we moved within twenty-five (25) meters of capture, the coffin made docking adjustments on it’s own, though no additional signals were recorded by the ECO at that time. These auto-adjustments moved the coffin into a superior capture position, though they were not initiated by us. At this time, I was able to observe a Colonial Fleet Intelligence Service designation on the side panel, reading: CFIS-112164.

At five (5) meters to capture, the coffin sent out an FTL relay signal, but continued on-course for capture.

With less than five (5) meters to capture, the coffin’s propulsion system assisted in the completion of the docking, and after activating the gravitational systems I was able to secure it in the bay and complete the capture. At the point of capture, the coffin initiated a mechanized roll and what I assume were secondary security measures—two nozzles were exposed and it attempted to emit a green gaseous substance. However, as I did not engage the life support systems, this gas froze in the nozzle and jammed any further emissions. I have instructed auxiliary staff of the Iron Pilgrim that life support in the bay remain off until further notice.

I closed the bay doors and completed the circuit for the Faraday cage and signal scramblers, blocking any further communication to or from the coffin.

The previous FTL from the coffin appears to have initiated defensive measures, and twelve jump flashes heralded the arrival of Raiders, who immediately opened fire with nuclear warheads on our position. LTJG Evans made a remarkably quick jump to safety once the bay doors were secure, and without his quick response, the ship, coffin, and crew may very well have all been lost.

Both LT Kane and LTJG Evans requested that we move the Iron Pilgrim to orbit near Picon for the safety of Piraeus and the Fleet. After taking into consideration the diminished threat of the coffin within the confines of the retrofitted quarantine vessel, I determined the threat to Piraeus and the fleet to be less than substantial enough to warrant disobeying our initial orders, and denied the request.

As of this report, the Iron Pilgrim remains in orbit around Piraeus opposite the fleet until further instructions are given.



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