AWD #056: Coffee Break 101
Coffee Break 101
Summary: A morning on the observation deck with coffee, photos, and a few future plans.
Date: 03/03/2013 (OOC Date)
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Observation Deck
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
03 Mar 2005

It may be early ship time, but there's certainly plenty of Orion's crew who have started their day. The observation deck proves no exception to this rule, though it is lightly enough populated. A small group of engineers has taken up camp in one of the back corners for some meeting, but the rest of the room is quiet enough as they enjoy the view. Piraeus hangs large in the window, a swirl of clouds brilliant over landmass and ocean alike. Moira is one of the seated figures gazing at it, seated in a small pool of solitude the second row back. She is absent of notes for once, instead bearing a mug of coffee which she sips at in irregular intervals.

Taking a break from his report writing, Zachary steps into the observation deck for some coffee and a few moments of mind clearing. A smile is given towards Rozzen as he notices her. "Moira." he greets with familiarity as he moves to take a seat on the couch. "Morning."

Rozzen turns her head at the greeting, a smile touching upon her features as her eyes shift from the view to Zachary. "Major," is her warm greeting in turn. The little group of engineers at the back are busy talking with their hands over whatever it is they're meeting about, but a few of the other scattered people turn brief glances towards the motion of a new arrival. Moira shifts in her chair, crossing a knee over to let her toe dangle. "I see we had the same idea." There's a slight lift of her mug and a vague crinkle of amusement about her eyes for this perhaps shocking occurance.

Knox walks down the side ramp of the room and appears to be heading for the side of the glass that allows a view of the planet. He's got a camera with him, too, but he's in his off-duties. Head still shaven clean and that long scar finally looking less pink, the man still manages to keep his faded uniform squared, even if he's only wearing half of it. He lifts a hand to wave towards Rozzen and Zach as he moved to the front.

"I think coffee break 101 was mandatory in OCS, Captain." Zachary says as he settles into his seat and he takes a long draw off from the coffee. Noticing Knox, the Major lifts his head in greetings. "Sergeant. Looks like you've had a rougher night than I did."

"Sergeant," Moira adds her murmured greeting with a quiet smile, dark eyes following the man aside from flicking back to Zachary to share another of those crinkled looks of silent amusement. "That it was," she notes to the Major. "Taking pictures?" she lifts her voice to wonder of Knox. "Is that a hobby of yours, or…?"

Coop smirks at Zach and shakes his head. "Aw, no, sir," he says, voice quiet as always. "Just up late with the radios. I volunteered to pick up an air control shift down at Sheridan, Major." Eyes turn back down to the camera and he turns it on. The Marine watches the digital display light up and he pushes a few buttons on it. He smirks up at Rozzen with a glance and back down at the display settings. "Hobby, yeah. I got into it at Valos. Ever since then, I try to take a camera with me if I'm not going anyplace too rough. Mostly if I think I'll have some free time, I'll bring one. This is my nice one, though. Left all my cheapos back at my apartment on Virgon." He lifts the camera and aims it down at the planet, adjusting the focus on the long lens.

"Damn." Zachary admits as he considers. "That would have been nice to have when we were down on Virgon last night." comes the commentary on that. "Could have gotten shots of some more possible targets for the future before the air runs out. And to catalogue what we found on Hibernia." With that, he takes another drink from his mug.

Rozzen tilts her attentive curiousity towards the Marine as she listens. Something goes a little still in her posture as she watches him line up the shot of the planet out the window. It's long moments before she lifts her mug to her lips for a distracted sip. "How was the trip to Virgon, Major?" she wonders while still looking towards Knox and the window. "A little more than just cows, I gather?"

Knox gets a few shots, taking his time. As the camera drops from his eye, he looks over. "Marines have a few like this they use for recon. I don't take a lot of scenery shots, though. Most of mine are of people. I love to photograph them. Different moods, different emotions, different situations." He takes a few more pictures before turning back to Rozzen and Zachary. "Would you guys like one? I sort of abuse company resources and print out my pictures on Marine printers," he offers with a grin. Nope, no notice of Rozzen giving him her still attention.

Zachary laughs at the idea. "Eh, I can abuse the Marines later, see if I can have them loaded on the next mission." he points out. "Virgon went.. interesting." that's all he says on that. "At least we have livestock now." a faint look at that, but he shrugs it off. "What I'm more concerned about is how a whole fleet of civilian ships, with enough supplies to last for Lords and Ladies how long suddenly loses every member of it without a shot one."

"Hmm." Moira's smile is still quietly in place, still a little frozen. "I'm afraid I didn't put my mascara on," is her dry deferral of Knox's offer of a picture. She finally tips a look back to Zachary, curiosity winning her over. "At least we have livestock," is her absent transition. "It is strange, isn't it? Unsettling. It's hard to imagine what could result in such a thing." She thinks on it a moment with an upward sweep of eyes before her dark gaze lands back upon the Sergeant. "Are those digital?" she's back to wondering about his camera. "You said you didn't take that one off the ship." Right?

"I could throw a few ideas, sir," Coop offers a bit more soberly as he looks down at the camera, looking through the photos. "None of which are pleasant." He glances over to Moira at her question and he nods. "Yeah, digital. I'm shit with actual film and have no way to develop it out here anyway. But yeah, I've had it off the ship. This is what I used to take the detailed photos of the Forge system with. Also why we know what another one of the synthetics looks like. That was a Marine Corps memory card, though. I think the Master at Arms has custody of it at the moment." He steps over closer to Rozzen and Zachary.

"Speaking of.." Zachary says, turning his attention to Rozzen fully. "Has anyone from command talked to that Gunnery Sergeant from the fleet near Hera?" he asks. "I need to know if I need to be launching multiple recovery operations."

Eyebrows lift towards Knox for his ideas, even if they may be unpleasent. Moira doesn't pursue that line of thought though, not yet at least. Instead she's nodding shallowly about the memory cards, or rather, towards the camera over the issue. "I'd hope you wouldn't take that memory card off ship." It's almost an assumption he doesn't. Almost. She shifts her gaze again from the Sergeant moving over from the window to Zachary who sits beside her in the second row, both of them with mugs of coffee. "I haven't had a chance to," she answers him with a slight shake of her head. "But I would think that we likely will be. Hera, Pallus, Picon… surely others."

Siska sips coffee off from his favorite mug, as he slowly makes his way in. Left hand wrapped around in that lovely elastic bandage those nuts at sickbay refer to as 'wound dressing'.

Coop looks to Rozzen and shrugs. "I've got several. I've got one I use if I know I'm heading out on missions. Just old habit. The rest are personal. Pictures of friends, colleagues, people I've met along the way, interesting places I've been. I mean, its all stored up here, too," he says, tapping his temple, "but I prefer the tangibility of photos, sir. Memories are fun, but photos are more than just a moment in time. I prefer them, Captain." He flickers his smile and looks back to the camera, skimming through more photos as Siska enters. He glances over and nods to the officer.

"We're going to be busy for a long time to come." Zachary says with a shake of his head. "I suppose I will never have to worry about job security." There's a thin smile at that as he takes another draw from his coffee and lets out a long and slow breath. "So any word from Petra after his little jaunt to Picon. I tend to get testy when a Raptor I had tagged for another mission gets bumped to go on a visit."

"They don't change," Moira comments knowingly to Knox regarding photos, her smile tucking briefly deeper. Her expression is back to polite as she follows Knox's glance to the incoming Marine. Her dark gaze catches longest upon his wrapped hand in it's scan over Siska. "Silver linings," she comments dryly to Zachary in advance of her attention floating back to the Major. "I haven't gotten the full download." But his comment seems to remind her of something. "I may be impinging on your crew myself. There's some data from Helios Delta I might like to steal some ECO's time to look over, and I may come looking to get three Raptors from you regarding it."

The S4 catches that nod and returns it in kind. "Sarge." He gets a better look at the people nearest to him now. "Major. Captain." He sips once more as he walks closer to the group but does not intrude.

"They sure don't," the Sergeant acknowledges with his own smile. And as mentions of future ops start coming up, he gives a knowing look to Zachary. "I think this is where I step away, sir. Be careful out there. I hear there's a war on." The Marine smirks and takes a step back before moving off towards the door, another nod given to Siska.

"Let me know when you need them, Sergeant, I'll see what I can scrounge up." Zachary offers as he listens to the others and sighs. "Day never ends, I swear. Maybe I should have let Eden kidnap me for the day." he chuckles and gives a lift of his chin towards Knox. "Later, Sergeant."

There's a slight rumple that appears on Moira's brow at the look exchanged between Knox and Zach, or perhaps for how the Marine takes his leave. "You too, Sergeant," she still offers with smooth warmth. She takes a long breath as her smile skews rueful accord towards the Major. "Thank you," she murmurs to his offer. But, from watching one Marine leave her eyes settle upon the one who has arrived. "Captain," she says in return of Siska's greeting. "I don't know the full story," is a reference back to Zach's earlier question, "but I think there's a chance you may be headed back to the colonies. Well, if you're cleared," is added with a nod towards his bandage.

"..yes, well, maybe I should track down the TACCO and talk to him about it." Zachary says as he rises from his seat, empty cup in hand. "And tend to this new stuff while I am at it. If you will pardon me?" he asks both the S4 and Captain.

Siska takes a seat nearby as he watches Knox leave. "Glad to see you are feelng better." He offers to Zach.

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