AWD #082: Coffee and Cyborgs
Coffee and Cyborgs
Summary: Three crew members discuss the three skinjobs aboard
Date: 30/03/2013
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Toby Morgan Fischer 
Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Rec Room
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recreation location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
AWD #82

It's Friday afternoon, apparently. Not that that seemingly makes much difference onboard mind. For Toby it seems to mean that he's off duty though, so that's got to be something. Having spent a couple of hours trying to learn everything that he still needs to, and then an hour or so trying to vent at least some of his pent up frustrations in the fitness centre he's now sat, on his own, at a table in the Rec Room. There's an open bottle of drink in front of him and a triad deck but he doesn't seem to be paying much attention to either of them, preferring instead to contemplate infinity. Well, maybe not infinity, but something anyway.

Morgan doesn't come to the rec room often, but these are strange times. He steps through the door and his eyes roam around the space from habit in case there is anything unusual. He studies the man at the table for a moment, but concludes that someone staring into space isn't that extraordinary. So he heads for the bar at the far end of the room to get a sandwich and a cup of coffee. He sighs when he sees that the coffee pot is empty, and then proceeds to collect the ingredients for a fresh pot. While he draws water to pour into the reservoir, he turns and looks again at the stranger. The bottle and the deck are still in place, so he calls, "You look as if you have something on your mind. I'll have coffee ready in a few minutes if you'd like some."

Toby doesn't know Morgan from Adam, but a quick glance in the direction of the voice is enough to tell him that he's not being spoken to by the second friendly Toaster. He might not have met Knox, but he made damn sure to go take a look when word went round that his face was on the targets in the shooting range. He blinks, once at the imlied question then lifts a hand to tilt the beer bottle towards him to see how much is lift. Sod all it would seem for he then answer with a brief nod, "Sure. Thanks," before lifting the beer to his lips and draining the last of it.

Morgan nods his head and shoves the filter basket into place before starting the brewer. Then heads toward the table. "We'll have a few minutes' wait," he explains. He studies the man's features for a moment, and then nods. "I don't recall that we've met," he notes. "I'm Lieutenant Morgan."

"I'm new," Toby replies by way of explanation, "Toby Shackleton, Recruit." He gives an understanding nod to the comment about the coffee then takes a moment to have a brief glance around the room to see if much has changed since he arrived. Turning back to the man he then asks, by way of conversation, "what do you do onboard then Lieutenant?"

"Mr. Shackleton," Morgan greets. "I'm with our Military Police detachment." He glances back to the coffee-pot. "Welcome aboard the Orion. Where will you be serving?"

"On the Deck," comes Toby's easy reply, "survival systems on the birds, that sort of thing. Still mostly just learning it all though for now." Leaning forward to rest a forearm against the edge of the table he rubs one hand down his face a moment in an effort to aid concentration then follows the glance to the pot.

Morgan nods and then heads toward that bar again when the pot starts to gurgle and spurt. "That isn't what most people call the glamorous job, but glamor isn't everything. What good is a fancy ship without systems to keep its crew alive?" He finds two cups and pours coffee into them. "In my book, any job around here is necessary and important, from the CO down to the people who clean the head."

"Was a mechanic before," Toby starts, although he doesn't actually finish the statement with a clarification of before what. That much he figures can be understood well enough without actually being said. As for the jobs? That just gets a faint smile and he adds, "and the military police I take it?"

Morgan chuckles and looks over his shoulder from the cups. "We fit in there somewhere. Whether we're closer to the CO or the head depends on your perspective," he admits. He glances back to the counter and questions, "Cream or sugar? The cream is actually a powder."

Toby might have once taken milk in his coffee, but even his short time aboard has taught him not to take the powdered cream so he simply shakes his head at the question. Of course then realises the the Lt is actually looking at the counter and not him so he calls over, "nah, no thanks." Leaning back into his chair again he watches the man for a moment or two before asking, "mind if I ask you a question?"

Morgan clasps his hands around the two disposable cups and carries them to the table, setting one down in front of the recruit. "Good choice," he confirms about the coffee. Then he smiles and warns, "If you’re sensitive to caffeine, be careful if Colonel Petra ever calls you to a meeting." he shakes his head. 'He brews his own coffee, and it's strong. I think that you could use it to power a Viper." He settles in the seat across from Toby, and nods. The jovial expression begins to fade. "What's on your mind?"

Toby would like to think that it's unlikely that his paths will ever cross in such a manner with a full on colonel, but he nods at the warning anyway, never hurts to be prepared. "Thanks," he replies, both for the drink and the warning, "I was wondering if you'd had any luck tracking the shooter?"

"We're still trailing him," Morgan admits. "I can't tell you more than that. We're also willing to listen if anyone has helpful information." He lifts his cup and sips some of the dark coffee.

Toby takes that as a way of saying 'no' and just nods silently for a moment as he takes a sip of the coffee. There's a faint wince, it's different to what he's used to, but then so are many things. "I got nothing that anyone else in the room didn't have" he admits, "just wish that if Toasters were going to frag each other then they'd leave us out of it."

Morgan sighs and notes, "If /we/ weren't a factor, I don't think that they would have a conflict," he remarks. "None of us would be here, fighting for the survival of our species." He sets the cup down and ncos to the man. "I want to end this hunt as quickly as possible and with as little loss as possible. The sickbay has been overcrowded for quite a while, and people are nearing the limits of their ability to cope."

Morgan sighs and notes, "If /we/ weren't a factor, I don't think that they would have a conflict," he remarks. "None of us would be here, fighting for the survival of our species." He sets the cup down and ncos to the man. "I want to end this hunt as quickly as possible and with as little loss as possible. The sickbay has been overcrowded for quite a while, and people are nearing the limits of their ability to cope."

That's not exactly how Toby had meant the remark, but it's close enough that he figures it's not worth correcting and so contents himself with listening to the rest of what Morgan has to say, nodding at the conclusion. "Sounds about right," he starts before taking a sip of his coffee again, "what’s the procedure by the way, if we do spot him? Worst I'm likely to have to hand is a spanner."

"All of the people searching for him are armed, and in teams of two or more," Morgan answers. "Our objective is to take him alive if possible, but we'll take no chances. As for that spanner …" He shrugs. "Before the dust has settled, we might need some engineers to have a look at him."

"Could try using the other two as bait," Toby suggests, setting his cup down to let it cool a bit before he starts to drink it properly. There's a mixed expression across his face at the thought of getting his hands on one of them before he tilts his head slightly remembering the blood from the Mess, "Docs first surely?"

Morgan shakes his head. "I don't know whether command would agree to using anyone as bait," he admits. He sips more of his coffee. Then he adds, "If you're suggesting that the doctors should examine him, that I can confirm." He nods confidently on that point.

"And the other two," Toby offers with a slight shrug, "work out what makes 'em tick cs they sure as hell bleed like us." He'd ended up covered in Toaster blood that evening so he knows that much. "If we can't shove 'em out an airlock and we can't use 'em as bait then surely we can use 'em to work out a way of telling us from them."

Morgan takes a slow breath and then lifts his cup to sip some of the hot coffee. When he lowers it again, he nods. "Colonel Petra, Dr. Nadir, and I have discussed the difficulties of distinguishing between humans and the … new Cyborgs," he answers. "I'm sure that Command has talked about running some tests." Again, he drinks, finally draining the cup before he looks toward a nearby trashcan. He returns his attention to the recruit and adds, "If you'll excuse me, I should be going." He pushes the chair back and stands from the table. "I'm glad that I met you, Mr. Shackleton. Good day."

"Running some tests," Toby repeats, wondering to himself if that means what he wants it to mean or what he's afraid it means. Keeping going however much it takes to get an answers, or a few non-invasive procedures before giving up. As the man stands he gives him a nod to acknowledge his departure and a parting "and you Lieutenant. THanks again for the coffee."

Stepping in from the corridor outside, Fischer heads straight in the direction of the coffee. Taking a few moments to offer a nod to the departing lieutenant now. "Sir." Offered with a nod and the hint of a smile.

Morgan tosses the cup into the trashcan and dips bios head to the recruit. "You're quite welcome. It's free, fortunately." Then he starts toward the door only to slow when he sees Fischer heading into the room. "Corporal, I'm glad to see you recovering well. Have a good evening." Then he steps through the hatch and into the corridor.

Toby watches for a moment as Morgan departs then turns his attention back to his immediate surroundings once more. The table in front of him holds an empty bottle of cruddy beer, a triad deck and a disposable cup three quarters full of the same coffee that Fischer is now helping himself to.

Getting himself some of that coffee, Fischer turns to look around for a few moments. Gaze falling on Toby for a few moments, offering the man a nod as he heads over to one of the tables not too far away. "I don't think I've seen you around much?" he offers to the man, a bit quietly.

Toby turns his head towards Fischer as the man speaks to him, sipping his own drink a little before he replies, "I get that a lot." Having just gone through the 'I'm new' speech once in the past fifteen minutes or so it would seem that he isn't really in the mood to do it again.

Fischer takes a sip of his coffee. "One of the new guys, then." A brief moment, before he offers a grin, "Welcome to the madhouse…" Another sip of the coffee, and he adds, "A pleasure to meet you, new guy. I'm Fischer. Ed Fischer. Corporal."

"Toby Shackleton," Toby replies, get it out of the way first and all. Tilting his head towards the coffee he comments, "shit isn't it. How long do you reckon it's been freeze-dried in stores before it gets to us? Suppose there ain't so many places growing it now though eh."

"Well, there's probably a few places it still grows, but it's untended and filled with radiation?" Fischer replies, before he adds, "And I've had much better coffee, that's for sure." Another brief pause, before he adds, "When did you come aboard?"

"Ain't growing on Tauron any more," Toby replies gloomily, "three other colonies too was it? You can still get some on Picon though if memory serves." He finishes his cup then scrunches it up in his hand and sets it down by the beer bottle. "Aboard? With the last lot from Picon."

Now the mention of his home colony gets Fischer's attention. "You were on Picon?" he asks, a bit quickly. "Even though I've been shot up the last few times I've set foot back home, I still want to get back there as soon as possible." A brief pause, before he adds, "There's someone still there I need to find…" That last part spoken a bit quietly now.

Between the destruction of Tauron and coming aboard here," Toby confirms with a simple nod. "Fairly sure Colonel Spree would take any good men she could get if you wanted a transfer. Good luck finding 'em there though, place is swarming with Toasters." He eyes the coffee pot once more, trying to decide if he can face another cup before eventually deciding that perhaps another beer would be a better idea and so heading for the bottles instead.

"Which is why it's more important that we find her, so she can be brought back here to safety," Fischer replies after a few moments of pause. Taking another long sip of his coffee. "After all, it's much safer on Piraeus for a little kid…" He grimaces a little bit, before he sighs. "The Gods would indeed be very cruel if they won't let us find her, especially since I've not met her yet."

"As I say," Toby replies as he opens his beer and starts to walk back to the chair he seems to have claimed as his own, "good luck in finding 'em. The Lords have little to do with any of this I fear." Sitting down he takes another sip of the beer and grimaces as he had with the coffee. Just as bad, but differently so.

Toby eyes Fischer for a moment then just shrugs, taking another drink from his bottle, "if you say so. I'll still wish you luck though, what harm can it add?" He has nothing else to really say on the matter though and so he changes the subject, "you been looking for the shooter at all?"

"Thanks," Fischer offers after a few moments of pause, with a brief grin. "And yes, the shooter is being looked for. I haven't taken much part in it myself, as I've only briefly returned to full duty after the last visit to Picon."

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