AWD #006: Event - Code Blue
Code Blue
Summary: Casualties don't just come on the battlefield.
Date: 11/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Meridianst Augie Khrysos Nora Samtara 
Sickbay — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area.
AWD #06

The sickbay has been seen all sorts of faces, but probably the most telling of the current days are those that came in the mail Raptor and off the ground on Caprica. A few of the more badly wounded civilians are still lingering in their beds and others who have not survived have been prepared and carted off. Its just another day of filing, routine checkwork and moving from bed to bed. A male nurse is taking vitals a man's bedside, checking over some of the more critical work needed to be done on the man's chart. An IV continues to pump fluids into him, a mask helping to keep him breathing. So far he's taken a downward turn in the recent days.

His wife, a few beds down however is recovering and their child is waiting for them being watched over by some of the survivors. Gregory, the aforementioned man is sleeping, as if it can be called sleep. He's more comatose than anything else.

The sudden blare of an alarm from his machines signals a failure with his heart and the nurse nearly drops his chart, rushing to check the machine and yell CODE BLUE loudly enough to be heard.

Maxine, his wife a few beds down hears the commotion and starts to get up.

"Stupid frakkin blasted people can't well enough leave alone." Augustus is grumbling as he comes into the sickbay. "Just cause I was dosed twice from that frakkin dig site don't mean a gods damned thing and hell, Ceres will probably be happy if I end up sterile anyway so she ain't gotta worry about fittin in her flight suit." Grumpy, but that's usual for the large engineer. "I need someone to sign this damned sheet of paper saying that I ain't got no more rads than usual and my nuts still work."

However, he pauses as the code blue is announced and training kicks in as the large engineer steps to the side to let doctors and crash carts and what nots by.

Nora has probably left Sickbay since the attacks, and the casualties that followed, but when precisely is unclear. She does her rounds, with an increasingly look of exhaustion. And strain, her mind perhaps on what may have become of the other colonies. She can manage such exhaustion well enough to hop at the call of 'CODE BLUE!' though, and she rushes in that direction. "My gods…" It's muttered under her breath, more a prayer than a curse, but not much more. "What've we got?" she asks the nurse as she jogs hastily over. Past Augie, though she does not tread on him.

Samtara is pouring hot coffee into the dregs of the cold coffee she'd been nursing for the last few hours when the CODE is called. She jerks slightly, startled enough to slosh hot (mixed with cold) coffee on her hand, swearing in a low voice as she sets the cup down abruptly. She scrubs her hands quick, sleeves already rolled past her elbows to bare her forearms, and pulls on a pair of gloves as she hurries toward the bed where the machines are blaring all manner of alerts. The arrival of the tall man in off-duty sweats is noted but as he doesn't appear to be bleeding or in danger at the immediate moment she continues toward the bed. She reaches the bed a few seconds after the Captain and stars scanning the read-outs, the displays, one ear to the reply of the nurse and the other to the sounds of distress from the machinery.

The Nurse, grateful for the appearance of Nora. "Heart failure, sir. Probably a mixture of internal bleeding and stress on the lungs. We thought we had him all patched up but have been monitoring. Think we missed something. He needs surgery pronto…or we are going to lose him if not already." He says quickly and is already pulling plugs on machines and getting him unhooked from the stationary IV so that they can wheel him back and into the waiting rooms. "We need to focus on restarting the heart sir.." He says and soon the medbay is a flurry of busy workers and Maxine is slipping bewteen the quick movements. No one seems to notice her.

She stumbles a moment into a cart not far away, grabbing at the instruments and the like to stay up as her IV pops free. "Wait..Gregory?" She says in a tired voice and starts to lurch forward.

Not neccessarily true. Rubbernecking at the scene, Augie watches dispassionately for a moment before he sees Maxine. The large man makes a move and places a hand on her shoulder. "Maybe ya should stay here and let the doctors work." he offers, eyes towards the two woman rushing to save Gregory's life. "They're good docs and do their work better without someone in the way."

"Defib him, Doctor Nadir," Nora says, moving out of the way so the younger doctor can try to shock the patient back to life. There must be defibrillator kit handy close by. "Try to get him stable. I'll start prepping a surgical space. Does he have any…?" She's probably going to ask about family, but the sound of the patient's name makes her turn her head. Why, yes, he does. Expression heavy, she approaches the woman. Offering Augie a grateful look. "My apologies if we haven't met. I'm Doctor Nora Phareem, and I'm one of the Navy surgeons aboard. You came aboard with Gregory, yes?"

<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Failure.

Dr. Nadir steps into place as soon as Doctor Phareem moves out of the way, reaching for the kit and checking all the connectors and power level while the nurses prep the patient. She does a visual sweep of the patient, checks him especially for jewelry (metal plates, screws, implants of any kind) anything that might arc power when she shocks the heart. "Clear?" is called out, waiting for the call back and the visual check of every attending nurse - hands in the air and a half step back from the patient - before she sets the paddles in place and - with the machine on the first setting - charges the paddles and gives the heart the first attempt at jump starting the heart again.

"Let go of me!" Says Maxine as Augie touches her, trying to break free of his hand. She twists away and nearly stumbles into the next patients curtained off room, her hand grabbing at the cloth partition. There is a straining of rings and then a pop-pop as a couple come free and she spills to the floor, the cart of needles and medical supplies crashing as well as her other hand grabs at it. Her eyes wild, she can hear those near her husbands bed as she scrambles to get up. "That's my husband! Let me through! DON'T TOUCH HIM! YOU ARE KILLING HIM!!!" She screams and she reaches up for Nora, trying to claw her way up as something gleams in her other hand.

Gregory does not respond, his eyes rolled back into his head as the defib is put into place. Nadir's first one does not go through and neither does the second. Flatlining. His heart reads out nothing, a big green line that says life is gone. The Nurse preps again. "Clear, sir. Clear" He tells Nadir as the others are lowering the bed to get him ready to head to surgery.

<FS3> Augie rolls Alertness: Success.

Some beach. Somewhere. He'd rather be there. But he's here, and Augie jerks as Maxine rips away. For a moment, he looks like he's going to let the doctor handle it, but as he sees that flash of something in her hand, and he starts to move. Maybe it's a ring, maybe it's a knife. But the way the woman is acting demands a decisive move and he closes in to physically lift her off the ground and move her back. "My apologies, miss, but let the doctors do their frakkin jobs and try to save yer husband's life!" he yells back, glancing towards Nora to send her backwards and out of possible danger.

"Ma'am, your husband's heart is failing, we need to get him into surgery ASAP," Nora says, tone sympathetic but firm, She leaves poor Gregory to Samtara's care for the moment, striding over toward Maxine. Her first instinct is to try and help her up. Or perhaps get a head start on restraining her. Her manner is brisk and tired, wanting to get this dealt with so she can move onto the job of treating the patient. So she's not paying much attention to rings, or knives, or whatever might be lurking. "I'm afraid we're going to have to escort you out of here if you can't contain yourself, for his sake."

Dr. Nadir turns the charge up to the next level, continuing ot work on the patient while the nurse prepares to move the man into surgery. She gives a steady stream of quiet - clear voiced instructions to the nursing staff, her tone of voice concise if a bit clipped as she continues her efforts to re-start the man's heart. The sound of screaming, clothing tearing aside and rings popping, the crashing sound of a cart are all background noise to her until (or unless) they interfere with her work. "Clear," is called out again, her expression - every ounce of her focus - fixed on this one goal, this one patient. Heal the one in front of you, or risk losing them all.

<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Good Success.

Caught bewteen Augie and Nora, she grasps onto the Doctor's shoulder and growls, desperation. "DEAD! They are dead because of you!" She says, frantic, wild. Her husband is dying and they are not letting her see him. She twists nimbly out of the DCO's grasp and for his troubles he gets a nice slice of his arm open with a scalpel that is pressed firmly in her hand. Turning into Nora, she brings the blade in low right to her vitals and intestines. She stabs once and shoves her back, tangling with the poor Doctor as the scalpel slides in again, tearing through cloth and flesh alike.

Gregory's heart starts at that second, but the beats are faint and its obvious the man is in need of surgery. "Internal bleeding, sir. We need to get him into surgery." Once he is started up, the side rails come up and the bed is wheeled out, figures pushing people back to let it through. "Doctor, you taking lead?" The nurse calls back to Nadir.

Blood begins to pool on the ground around Nora.

Augie's arm jumps into the air as a spray of red comes from where the scapel cuts along the underside of his arm and he lets out a cry of pain. As he starts to pull back, he notices that Nora is straight in the line of.. and he's well too late. He watches that plunge of scapel into the doctor's figure and his cry of pain quickly turns into a roar of anger as that massive arm of his flies around to slam into the side of Maxine's head and yank her away from Nora which will probably do more damage as he moves to catch the falling doctor. And then he yells. "MEDIC!"

Which is an assanine thing to do in a medical center, isn't it? He'll worry about that later. Right now, doctor to catch in his arms.

<FS3> Augie rolls Melee: Great Success.

By now the many nurses, medics and orderlies on duty have probably been alarmed by the little fight, though it escalated far more quickly than any of them probably could've anticipated. Certainly more than Nora did. She gasps as the scalpel sinks into her stomach, blood spilling out of her like water from a tap. That nicked something vital. But her gasps, her screams, are a noiseless, choked sound. She collapses, caught by Augie, looking up at him. She tries to say something, but she can't seem to manage to get it out. Her face is contorted in pain.

"We'll need to go back in and find the bleeder and stop it," Dr. Nadir is saying to the nurse as the side rails come up and the bed is in motion, carefully coiling the defib panels back into place and shutting down the power so that nothing untoward happens. "Get him prepared," she is saying, calling out instructions to have his bloody type standing by, plasma ready to augment their supply of his type, the necessary medicines in the right doses to keep the body from going into more shock than it already is. The shouted MEDIC makes her head lift, attention swerving away from the patient to the sight of Captain Phareem caught in the arms of the grey clad man (name not supplied) and the spread of blood - dark against the clothing the Captain is wearing - and the look of pain on Nora's face. "Get him prepped and page Doctor Palaiologos immediately," she says as she pushes away from the side of the bed and crosses the room in a pair of short swift strides. "Captain, hey, Captain, look at me," she is saying as she reaches one hand toward the doctor while scanning the front of Nora's body, the spreading blood in a wash of thick dark red that is soaking the front of the captain's clothing.

"If we…on Picon…my daughter…please…please make sure they look for her…please…" Nora begs Augie and Samtara. "I…" But that's all she can manage. And then her body sags, and her eyes flutter closed.

Chaos. Utter chaos. Especially when the DCO clocks Maxine upside the head and sends her to the floor in a heap - umoving. Is she even breathing? The scalpel that was in her hand clatters to the floor drenched in Nora's blood and the poor Captain is now collapsed in Augie's arms, trying to say something when Doctor Nadir gets close enough to help. The unmoving woman on the ground starts to move, she begins to pull herself to the side, but she's maoning faintly, trembling. A smear of blood follows her as she goes while Gregory is wheeled off for surgery. The page system goes off, calling for surgery prep.

Khrysos comes in, steps a little haphazard in their placement. He looks like hell, his clothing looking like it's a day old or so, rumpled far beyond his usual academic's eccentric charm allows. He's holding his head, looking pale with rings under his eyes. "Excuse me, I… oh." He falls quiet, noticing that sickbay is awash a torrent of blood and activity.

Augie reaches down and takes a fistful of the front of the doctor's clothing, ripping open Nora's blouse (if this was a cheesy romance novel, it'd totally be sexy), and immediately sees the gravity of the wound and the damage he accidentally caused as he smacked Maxine away from her. He'll never be able to tell if it was his action that caused the wound to become fatal, but he holds onto the doctor as she bleeds on him, his hand rising to cover her wound, his own arm soaked in blood from the gash down the underside of it. "No, no you don't doctor.. yer gonna tell her yerself. Stay with us." he demands of her. "Ya listen to me doc, yer not going anywhere. Come on, stay here.." he looks around desperatedly, and spying Maxine starting to move, he turns Nora over to the rushing nurses and doctors and starts towards Maxine.

"You dumb CUNT." the words leave his mouth ruthlessly. "THAT WOMAN WAS TRYING TO SAVE YER HUSBAND AND YA TRYIN TO KILL HER?" The way he moves, bloodied. Covered in the doctor's blood. Still grasping a strip of her blouse in his hand. Ares himself could not have sired a better machine ready to kill and rend. And if he gets to Maxine, that is exactly what may happen.

Eyes going wide, Khrysos' hand pushes through his tangled hair as he watches the woman on the floor bloodily drag herself towards him. "Uh, suddenly, I'm feeling much better," he states, backpedaling but bumping into a wheeled tray and causing a clatter.

"We'll look for her, I promise," Samtara replies, the words tumbling out even though she knows better, starting to reach for Nora again but brushed off - more or less - by the abrupt and sudden actions of the man holding the captain and issuing orders that just cannot be followed. Samtara's face is pale, a splash of blood smeared across her face, more of it on her own scrubs as she reaches for Nora once the doctor is pushed toward her once more. Samtara makes a small sound as she catches the captain and gently lowers the woman to the floor, one hand reaching to check a pulse she knows she will not find, but instinct demands she do so anyway.

The bitter taste in the air of perforated intestines and the thick smell of blood is the sort of thing that chokes the breath, lies heavy on the senses, makes those weak of stomach to gag or worse. One hand reaching for the front of Nora's uniform jacket, peeling the edge of it up, the material already soaked through with dark blood that continues to pump out at a steady and alarming rate that is already slowing. There being only so much blood in the body and once enough of it is expressed the remaining pressure isn't sufficient to keep it spurting free. "Captain," she says again, her voice low, hazel eyes searching Nora's face until she closes her eyes briefly then lifts one bloody hand to gently close Nora's eyelids.

She rests one bloodied hand to the front of Nora's uniform and looks up, seeing the roaring bloodied man she rises to her feet, and - with a twinge of regret - steps over Nora's body and lays one bloody hand on the man who's roaring is sure to draw the attention of everyone on this deck. "Cease," the word sharp - harsh even - carrying in the sudden silence - shoving herself in his path, in his personal space in fact - and giving the nurses a chance to get to the downed woman and maybe, just maybe, get her out of the way of the raging bull in the china shop.

Nora goes still, nothing at this moment is getting her attention, Augie or Nadir. Maxine however leaves a bloody streak as she moves, gasping as she hears Augie but does not quite register that its her he's yelling at. Khrysos however is given a look, her eyes lifting as she reaches out a hand. "Please…help me." She is trembling, rolling to her side as the DCO starts to loom over her. She is pressing a hand to her chest, blood is leaking out bewteen her fingers. Seems the scalpel knocked home as well.

Fear is stark in that gaze she gives up to Augie, coughing as she tries to heave a breath. The woman's frantic movements from earlier are slowing. ANd it is a good thing, because they are there. Nurses brush past Khrysos, pushing the downed cart out of the way and the sound of curtains moving with metal rings against pipes. One gets his arms beneath her and the other moves for his legs. Maxine begins to gasp that they keep Augie away from her, fear drenched pleas filling the ward.

The beast known as Augustus Garrido looms large, but little bity Samtara shoves herself between him and his intended target of destruction. He gives a grunt towards her, and with that, he turns away from the wounded Maxine, the dead Nora. The dead Gregory. And the medics trying to get to the others. And he walks out, step by step, face set in a flat stare as he heads for the door.

Khrysos says nothing, watching the nurses and doctors carry the woman away. There's nowhere he can go, so his feet are rooted, with people rushing around him. As Augie comes by, he asks, voice small and cracking, "Lieutenant Garrido… what just happened here?"

Samtara spends 1 luck points on Because Nora's death should not be in vain, if we can't save her then we will save Gregory..

<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Good Success.
<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Great Success.
<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Good Success.

Do you really want to ask the man covered in blood what just happened, Khrysos? Augie looks at the doctor, and grunts. "Someone." A glance towards Maxine. "Killed Doctor Phareem." It's so blunt. So matter of fact. And with that, he walks himself out to gods only knows where.

Squaring her shoulders, her jaw tilting at a calm if implacable angle, Dr. Nadir stares down the Lieutenant until he steps around her - and the wife of the patient being prepped in surgery - only exhaling once the lieutenant takes himself out of the med bay. She angles a look over at the next new arrival before waving a pair of the nurses forward to lift Maxine onto the nearest bed. Samtara strips out of the outer layer of her scrubs, tossing the blood soaked shirt into a waiting hamper and moves out of the way long enough to scrub the blood off of her hands and her face. She tugs a new shirt on over the undershirt she'd worn beneath the scrubs and walks back, taking the prudent measure of frisking the woman and removing everything that even resembles a weapon from the woman's person. "I'm needed in surgery, get her stable, get her sedated and keep her secured," she says in a low voice before heading for the waiting OR.

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