CMF Klemens


CMF Klemens is a Colonial Marine base outside Celeste, Scorpia. It is best known for it's survival training course. It is also known for the explosion of the Destroyer Impervious during a deployment exercise in 1996, in which 50 trainees lost their lives.


Name Begin Date End Date Role
Toma Gibson 1993 1994 Marine MP
Augustus Garrido 1996 1996 Firefighter
Toma Gibson 1997 1997 Leadership training, HALO certification
Bear McBride 1998 1998 Enlistment & Basic Training
Afton St. James 1999 1999 Survival Training
John Amos Ommanney 2001 2001 8 week cross-disciplin training camp.
Lleufer Ynyr 2003 2004 Jungle survival, jump wings, shipyards MP assignments.
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