AWD #062: Closure
Summary: Augie and Bennett have a talk as she returns to duty.
Date: 9/March/2013 (OOC Date)
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Augie Bennett 
Firing Range - Deck 3
With ten different bays, the firing range can accommodate quite a few shooters with about two dozen spectators or trainees behind them. At 25 yards, the targets can be brought forward or pushed back up to the stops before the inclined plating designed to deflect rounds up. The lighting can be dimmed down to nothing for use with night vision or flashlights, also. A large sign overhead denotes the requirement of both eye and ear protection, as well as the prohibition of all ammunition except rubber or frangible. However, there are no firearms stored here. All firearms and ammunition must be checked out from the Marine Armory in the Security Hub.
AWD #62: 09 March 2005

The ship's firing range is all but deserted on this particular evening; there's a bored-looking enlisted sitting in the armoury next door, occasionally checking the security feed from this room, but the only crew member actually making use of the facilities is what appears to be an off-duty navy officer. Dark hair pulled back into a still-damp ponytail at the nape of her neck, she has her back to the hatch as she cleans out a snag in her Five-seveN.

Augustus steps up to the enlisted, letting him check in his rifle, before he's directed to a nearby firing lane. Inserting the magazine and charging the weapon, he aims downrange and squeezes off a three round burst. Two bullets hit and one misses. "Aphrodite's tits." he growls to himself.

Bennett is undoubtedly aware of the fact that she's got company, but doesn't give any indication until that too-familiar epithet leaves his lips. Mouth twisting into a lopsided smile, she finishes re-assembling her pistol and loads in a magazine of rubber rounds. "I don't think they would improve your aim, Lieutenant," she opines mildly.

There's another three round burst, before Augustus stops as he hears the voice. "Oi. Naw, Butch, doubt they'd help any in this case. Got caught between a group of Cylons and a bulkhead a wow back. Wasn't pretty. So I'd like to know how to use one of these better. Heard ya been down and out. What's the situation? Ya better?"

Bennett's amusement fades slightly when Augie's prior predicament is mentioned; she does not query him further on it, however. Chin up, shoulders back, she squares off her stance and fixes her gaze downrange with a quiet scrutiny. "I.. picked up a bug, that's all. I was pulled from flight duty for a little while, but I'm doing much better now, thank you." Her tone is polite, if slightly distant. Aiming her weapon, she squeezes off three shots in quick succession; the result is somewhat better than Augie's, but not by a whole lot.

"Well, ya ain't missed much, I'm sure." Augie says, another set of shots fired as he continues to fire. "We found some ships, found some people, lost some folks, ya know how it goes." he shrugs his shoulders.

Bennett frowns slightly at the pattern her bullets have made in the paper target. Rolling her shoulders out, she takes aim once more and fires; she does not seem a stranger to her weapon of choice, though by the looks of her, she's gotten a little rusty in her time 'off'. "I am due to be cleared by medical in a day or two, so I'm sure I will find out from the CAG firsthand, what I've missed."

"Alright." Augie shrugs. "He's probably be better at it anyway, Butch." the DCO admits as he squeezes off a couple of more bursts and then drops the magazine to change it out. His aim's gotten better, at least. "So besides being sick, what else ya been up to?"

"Listen," Bennett interjects softly, before Augie's quite finished speaking. She safeties her weapon and sets it down on the counter next to a few empty clips she's already gone through. "What happened, between us, on the Examplia. I am sorry for it." The goggles are pulled off so she can regard him unhindered with those brilliant blues. "I am sorry for the way I treated you, and of the many mistakes I have made in my life, it is one I genuinely wish I could take back. But I can't. And holding it over me now is not fair, Augie." And she waits, quiet. Tense.

The rifle clicks, as Augie turns on the safety. "I ain't holdin it over ya, Butch. Wouldn't be fair to ya if I did that." he starts. "But more improtantly, if I held ya as the example.. I'd not be fair to Ceres. And if that was the case, we wouldn't have found the way so that we're gettin married next week." he lets out a breath. "I forgave ya, I did that a long time ago. I suppose yer never gonna bother to tell me why, and it doesn't matter, in a way. Shit happens." he finally says. "Ya learn to move on."

Bennett shakes her head slightly. "No. You haven't forgiven me. And you don't need to, Augie." She smiles briefly, wryly. "Forgive and forget is overrated, anyway. But I won't be your scapegoat any longer, either." The words are spoken temerously, but there is, as always, a subtle sort of steel in her voice. "Getting married?" she repeats. "I'm happy for you. Have you found her a ring?"

"As always, ya assume yer the foremost thing on my mind. And no, I ain't gonna forget what ya did. Shit like that hurts deep." Augie's shrug is audible as he considers the question. "Thanks. And no, not yet. I fashioned up her engagement ring, figured I'd do the same for her wedding ring as well."

"I certainly do not," Bennett counters, a little of her earlier distance re-established once more in the relinquishing of eye contact. After a brief pause, she ejects the clip and begins dismantling her gun, evidently in preparation to leave.

"Mmhmm." Augie says, untriggering the safety to start to fire anew again. "It's good yer back. Raptors been taking a hell of a beating lately." he says simply as he continues his target practice.

"So I've heard," murmurs the pilot, sliding her Five-seveN back into its holster and hitting the button to return her target. It's torn down, studied for a few seconds, then folded up along pre-made creases; that, plus the bullet holes peppering it, suggest she's re-used this one a few times already. "Good night, Augie," is all she offers by way of farewell, and after a glance at his target, heads for the hatch.

"See you around, Bennett." Augustus offers back to her as he continues to fire on his target, a frown finding his features as he steadies his aim. "Happy hunting out there."

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