PWD #26: City Mouse, Country Mouse
City Mouse, Country Mouse
Summary: Daniel interrupts Phin's simulator time. The three plan to punish themselves with training.
Date: 09/12/2012 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: References Talkshow and Redux's sim-troubles found in Clear and Present Danger
Phin Aios Ceres 
Flight Simulators - Battlestar Orion
The Air Wing has access to flight simulators to train pilots off the ground in combat maneuvers and situations that are hard to replicate with regular dogfight practicing and this is their home. A rectangular room, the hatch opens up beside the bank of computers that control the simulations and what is seen by the individuals when training sessions are in progress. The sims are actual cockpits cut out of old frames and installed here to function exactly as the real thing, right down to oxygen plugs for suits. In front of each cockpit, complete with armored glass, are LCD screens that cover most of the front view to the front and above. There are two Vipers, two Predators, and one full-cabin Raptor available.
Dec 09, 2004

Phin is putting in some sim time. In one of the Predator frames, currently. He looks to be nearing the end of it from the images on the LCD screen, if one is familiar with the programs available. He bears down on some computerized stretch of terrain that's meant to approximate Aerilon, toward a bombing target for his virtual back-seater to bomb whenever he's in position. Apart from the one he's using, the machines appear to be open. There's no one else making use of the place at present.

"Dolly, this is Talkshow…" The familiar, accented voice crackles over the wireless, somewhat made fuzzy by the headset microphones. "…you're going to see some false positives on your DRADIS in just a moment. Pay no mind, I'm running a diagnostic, mate. It's not going to affect the score on your run."

Outside of the sim-bay, Daniel "Talkshow" Aios is leaning against the next sim over, tapping quietly on one of the monitors to download a copy of a previous simulator run. Headseat tugged over his ears, he's opened a communication channel for the two to chat while he works.

Phin might, just might, cringe some at the use of what's apparently become his callsign. But he's resigned himself to it, and it's not apparent in his voice as he replies to Aios. Even if it does take him a second to respond. He's probably surprised anyone's talking to him. "Talkshow, Dolly. Gotcha, sir. I'll keep an eye out for what's not there." He adjusts course a click as he zooms lower toward the images of a flat basin in the middle of nowhere on the farming planet. Likely a sim of an actual bombing range somewhere back on the colonies.

"Dolly, Talkshow, excellent. I know Redux and I have been dominating these sims the last few weeks. We haven't made any modifications, but I'm curious, how is the Predator handling? I've heard some of the others say the controls are a mite sluggish." Talkshow replies, and then as expected, three 'unrecognized' blips pop up on Dolly's DRADIS. They're all registering at over one kilometer away, nothing that he need concern himself with. They blink out, reappear, and then form solid again.

"Talkshow, Dolly. This is my first time in the Pred sims here, sir, so I couldn't tell you the differences. It turns like a whale compared to the Vipers, but it is a whale compared to a Viper." Phin does his best to tune out the blips on the DRADIS, though his virtual ECO warns him about them several times in a monotone of automated alarm. "In position." A courtesy bit of information to the computer, who probably didn't require conversation from him. He also hits a button to denote he's ready for bombing to commence. And with that, the Pred looses it's payload to a target over the virtual basin. It hits, stuff faux-blows up real good.

Standing outside of one of the Viper sims with a headset on, Daniel looks down to the monitor and nods approvingly as Dolly's payload of bombs from the Predator sim ignites. Effectively watching the man's performance on a side window, he turns and continues to download data from Talkshow and Ceres' last near defeat from a few days past. Always working the man is.

"Well done, lad, well done." He comments, voice cracking over the wireless. "Perhaps, if you'd prefer, Redux and I could arrange for a support mission with you so that we could test out defense during bombing run scenarios."

"Bringing it in for a landing, sir," Phin's voice chirrups with just a touch of satisfaction over the mic. He lands the thing, then pops it open. He stands up to stretch, punching a few buttons so his scores will download and save properly. He was working in one of the Predator simulators, and looks to be just finishing up. "That'd be cool, sir. I'd like to get more practice on them all around. My scores were lower on this frame than Vipers back in flight training, though I still qualified and everything. It's really different. What are you working on, anyway?"

As if on cue, Ceres enters the sim room and steps over to join Talkshow, noting the data first before Doll's display. She lets out a long breath and rubs at her neck. Right. "I would be glad to." she says and reaches out to take up a second headset and put it on, adjusting it to her til it fits snug, lowering the mic into position and clicking it on. "Hey Doll. Want to give it a go around? Seems like you are doing rather well."

She shifts then, glancing once more to the data download and then giving Daniel a look when Phin asks what he's working on.

With Phin emerging from his simulator, Talkshow gives the younger pilot a curious set of eyes. Ceres has offered another go. Is he up for it? He gives the man the unsaid question posture while he offers Ceres the print-out on the mission that she, not he, died on. "Dolly, Redux and I have are in mind to think on our failures, that being out here in the peace is going to atrophy us. We're talking challenges in that sort-of making the next level up to be the new baseline difficulty."

"We, well I, am pulling data from one of those missions, comparing Viper verses simulator Viper turn axises." Talkshow's accent makes this all sound so…clinical. He lowers his voice, murmuring to Ceres and tapping the screen. "See that, there? That first hit scored down the port thrusters. The hit I took recorded differently. Different angle."

"It was one of the lower-difficulty patterns, sir," Phin replies to Ceres with a shrug and half-smile. "I'm just trying to get a feel for the things. And yeah. I could definitely go again. I'd like to see how you guys handle escort on something like this." He seems to assume the senior officers have this kind of thing down pat. "You guys used to serving in hotter areas? It does seem quiet out here. Away from…pretty much everything. Not that that's all bad."

Taking the print out, Ceres offers a smile to Doll and looks over it, pausing to listen to what Daniel has to say. He headset is drawn off and lowered to rest around her neck. "Interesting.." Brows furrow and she takes a moment longer to study the data before looking up once more to Phin. "Not really, no. Hot areas haven't really been seen since the last war. We should all be grateful for that but one should always be prepared. Just a matter of logging the hours, sims can help." She admits and then glances up to Talkshow. "But we should likely schedule another time for that, how much sim time do you have left?"

"I'm…actually invading young Dolly's time, actually." Aios says, cringing at both the reduncancy of his words and the fact that he's creeping in on off-hours. "He's been gracious enough to permit me. Thank you, by the way." He adds, looking over to Phin with a nod of his head. "Redux and I have been assigned to each other since a month or so into our first deployment out here, and have been since. I've seen some terse situations while escorting political friendlies, but nothing more exciting than veering off and ordering them to change their vector. Peacetime, bless it all, but it's a lot of threats and patrols, isn't it?"

Phin waves a hand at Aios' bit about invading his time. "No worries, sir. I just it blocked out for that one run. I might've gone a little long. I think I'm technically out of it now." He nods, as they both mention a lack of 'hot' area service. "I was talking with one of the ECOs, Lieutenant Keller, about that kind of thing earlier. Most of what they trained my class for back on Picon was dealing with pirates, insurgent groups, that kind of thing. Even a frame like the Preds would be overkill on a lot of those scenarios, so I did more Viper time. I'm not complaining. Does kind of make you wonder what the Navy'll look like in five years, but maybe our whole mission'll change. Maybe more stuff like we're doing out here. Exploration. Making whole new worlds."

had it blocked out…

"Lets hope at least that we can keep a modicum of peace, though a lot of the colonies are finding things to fight about. No outside threat, we devolve. Not sure I understand it myself. I can't say I woud like to see war time." Ceres admits, setting down the data for the moment. "Ahh, well then another time. Why don't we try to hit the sims on wednesday for a run around. We are trying to get through a scenario intact and have yet to." She admits and looks to Daniel.

"In either case, its good to see you are taken an intiative. That will sit well with the CAG."

"Aye, aye Dolly, the more you're coming in here slaving away at the sims while your mates are off getting pissed and shoving each other about in the Rec, the better it'll do you in the long run." Aios looks up from his readouts. The way he doesn't flinch or feel awkward when his shoulder brushes Ceres is of note, and the elder pilot continues to watch Dolly from his space in the room. Not seeing what he's looking for, he pulls the headset off of his ears to rest around his neck. He looks to Ceres for a quiet, subliminal conversation. "So how are you getting along thus far? Have you been paired up with anyone yet?" He taps a few times on the screen. "Redux and I are veterans to this operation here, and I'm sure she'd agree that we're open to being mentors of a sort. Would you agree, Redux?"

Phin's grin quirks. He almost chuckles at Aios' advice, though he doesn't seem entirely sure if it was meant as a joke or not. "I don't want to totally skip the Rec shoving, sir, but I'll keep that in mind. Paired? Not officially. I think the CAG's still sorting out all the new crew who came aboard at the anchorage. And dealing with everybody who off-loaded, though you guys'd know more about that than me. Major Wisdom has Redux showing the ropes a little." He gives the Captain a grateful little tip of his head. "And one of my old flight instructors is actually assigned here. Captain Duke. Seems like a good group of people, so I'm not too worried." Ceres is given another firm nod when she mentions hitting the sims again. "Wednesday. Cool. Works for me, Redux."

The brush goes unnoticed by Ceres as she remains close to Aios' side. "Veterans yes, eighteen months worth beneath the wings but I wouldn't say I have gotten used to what we are doing. Its so simple, kind of gets mind numbing. But when you get your shore leave? THat is what makes it worth while." Redux smiles, giving Daniel a knowing look before nodding to Phin. "Aye, mentors are good. And yes, CAG has me looking after Doll here. As for Richard Duke..he is a /great/ man. Listen to everything he says, he won't do you wrong." She says, obviously familiar with him as well. She steps back, taking the data print out with her. "I am going to go ahead and schedule our time in for next week and then hit the mess if either of you two would like to join?" That said, she takes a step back and turns, heading for the small little side office to write in a spot for them, leaving the two alone once again.

"Pen me in, yes, Ceres Let's just tangle Dolly in. This should be educational, at the least." Daniel replies, reaching out with the headset in one hand to hang it over one of the hooks. He turns to watch Ceres walk off, and then looks over to Phin with a murmur, speaking under his voice. "Don't get me wrong, mate, get your time in with the lads, just don't make the MPs scoop you off of the floor with a spatula. Battlestars are a petri dish and mistakes creep up to CIC." He nudges the man and nods towards Ceres, as if to suggest the man follow him. "You'll do fine."

"Redux? I'll have to meet up the two of you in a bit. I've got to run by the CAGs office to submit that request for that leave we talked about. I've also got to drop by the JAGs office. I'll be about thirty." He starts to veer towards the door. "Dolly? It was good seeing you."

"Any idea how long the snow lasts?" Phin asks the pair of them. "The chaplain mentioned skiing, though I don't know if she meant she'd done it here or just that she liked it. I was wondering if you actually could. Well, probably boarding in my case, but same principle. Mess sounds good. I've technically been off-duty for like a half-hour, I think." He follows Ceres out of the sims. Maybe to ask more questions about leave and snow. He almost looks like he wants to ask about what Aios might have to drop by the JAG office, but he stops himself. "Don't get infected on the battlestar. Got it, sir. I'll do my best. Later."

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