AWD #075: Chow and Ink
Chow and Ink
Summary: Diomedes talks matters of tattoo'ing with Ygraine, while Phin rubbernecks and eats.
Date: 22/03/2013 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #75

"Black." she says with certainty. "I think it would just distract me if it was color."

Ygraine is seated with Dio at a table, the pair talking animatedly.

"Alright." The majority of Dio's attention seems to be on his drawing for now, soon though- with a professional flare- he turns it so Milkshake can take a look. "How's that?" The wolf in question is a fluid design- a single line that wraps in on itself geometric, behind it a moon, and burning stars- all a single piece of the whole. "How I see it, is here.." he leans across, and touches Ygraine's shoulder. "Is where the nose is at." He then nods towards the drawing.

Phin strides into the mess hall, in his off-duties. He gets himself more of a snack than a meal: cup of coffee and a sandwich from the chow line. He then looks around for a place to sit. Spots Ygraine. Wave. Heads in that direction.

"Phinny!" Ygraine sits up straighter and beams at him. "C'mere and look at Dio's design for my tat with me. What do you think?" She herself takes a good scrutiny of it.

Back to eating, Diomedes goes about mopping up gravy with his buttered bread- then placing a few pieces of meat on the fork before those disappear between gnashing teeth. Hungry Deckhand is Hungry. "Its what you think that matters, Shakes. You're the one who's going to have it forever."

"Hey, Yggs." Phin grins broad as he slides into a seat next to her. He's probably recently off-duty. Or at least recently from the showers. His hair is still wet, and he smells faintly soapy. He digs into his sandwich directly, though he does manage a, "Hey, Specialist" to Diomedes before his mouth is full. He leans forward, to get a look at the man's drawing. "He's right. The idea is that it's something important to you. Or that you feel reflects, somehow. But this is solid art. I like the moon and stars. That's got kind of an Artemis vibe."

Ygraine considers. "It's moe a picture than a tribal style like Phin's…but I like it. How long would it take to do? Could ya maybe make it like…the ink is the negative space? Would that be too painful?"

"Pain is all in your head." Dio replies, "But, shouldn't hurt too bad. Depends on how much nerve damage is in those scars, or the rest of your arm." he says plainly as he finishes up his meal. "Then again, some people like how it feels getting tattooed. Its not bad at all."

"Civvie down on Piraeus did this for me a few weeks after I posted here," Phin says, flexing his right shoulder a little at Diomedes. It sort've makes his ink dolphin jump. He has some script inked lower on his forearm, though it's plainly older. "Suits what I was going for, but that's just me. Don't know if I liked the way it felt, really, but I figured it was something I was in control of. And I liked the results. So, worth it." Curiously he asks Diomedes, "How many tatts do you have?" He couldn't begin to try and count.

Ygraine snorts. "Of course pain's in your head. It's where all your nerves go." But she grins, curious as to that answer herself.

"Hands, full sleeves, back- parts of the chest, and I'm working on the legs." Dio answers to Phin, before he gives Ygraine a quiet little smile. "I guess, all together, I have.. Forty? Maybe fifty. They've begun to run together."

Phin lets out a low whistle. "Damn. You must have had a lot of stuff you wanted to reflect." He finishes the first half of his sandwich, and starts chomping the second.

Ygraine's eyes widen. "I don't think I could do that. How many of them are Tauron ritual tattoos, and how many are just because ya felt like ya needed 'em?"

"They're all a little of both, truth be told." Diomedes said. "I grew up in the bad side of Minos." he says, as if that explained it all. "Used to run with a gang," he holds up his hands. "The Black Glove Society. Helped found it, actually. But, it was more about protecting our little corner of the slums when I was a part. Sure, stole a couple of cars from the rich half- but.. Just to keep people fed or in clothes through the lean times." Diomedes just shrugs, "Left when they got into drugs. Dealing death was never my forte."

Phin tilts his head to one side, to examine Diomedes' hands more closely when he holds them up. The story definitely holds his interest, though none of it seems terribly surprising. He nods along at parts of it, shrugging. "You do what you got to do, man, y'know? Places like that all over. Can't imagine one's much different than another. And…yeah. Good point to get out. Nasty lifestyle. How old were you when you enlisted?"

Ygraine has never lived that kind of life. She's so very rurally raised, and she shakes her head, quite unable to manage what kind of world that would be. She's curious too, about how old Dio was, and he's got her attention. Absently, she puts one of her egg salad sandwiches in front of Phin.

"Twenty. FIgured I'd just do it for twenty, and get out with a fat pension. Seven years later, here I am." And Dio is still a specialist. Of course, were one to pull his file they'd see more than one instance of his youth coming to bear on others. Usually in the form of a fight, or simply shady dealings. His is not a hero's spotless record. Rather, a struggle against a rather screwy youth, and the wish just to have 'three hots and a cot'. "The extra hazard pay pretty much makes it worth it. I'm happy where I'm at, got a little group of guys I show the ropes and the rest of the time I'm told just what needs to be done." And he does it quite well. No end of talent in this man, along with an utter lack of ambition. "What about yourselves?"

Ygraine grins suddenly. "Me and Phinny, we went to Academy on Leonis together, but different Flight Schools." she explains. "But while we were at Academy, my family kinda adopted him, our farm is out in th'country. Cuz…that's where farms are." Her tone is wry at her own obviousness.

Phin has devoured his own sandwich by now. So he grins when Ygraine loans him hers. He will take more food. He plucks it up and takes a bite. "You are a peach, Yggs. Never let anyone tell you different." He nods at the man's answer. "Pretty standard. Got accepted into the Academy when I was eighteen, never looked back. Just got done with flight school a few months ago. This is my first posting." Already got bounced up from ensign to LTJG, though. Wartime attrition or something. He seems about to leave it at that, though after a pause he adds, "No idea what Minos was like, but I came up on the wrong-ass side of Scorpia so…can see why bouncing would have its appeal. I was kind of a punk." It's admitted wry. "Might've gotten into some of that if I'd stuck around longer. Boosting cars was easy. Kind of fun, too. I got shipped to an Ares school when I was fourteen, though." The general phrasing implies it wasn't voluntarily. "Probably a lucky break, all things considered. Got me where I am today or…something." He cracks a grin when Ygraine mentions her family. "There were definitely farms there. I'd never seen country like that before. Your family was nice to let me hang out, though. Real good folk."

Dio simply nods as he gets the stories, smiling a touch towards both the officers. He's just a knuckledragger without a commission. "I didn't see many plants growing up." And never any flowers. "Seen a few here, I think someone keeps a little cactus near me. Got a thing for jasmine flowers, too, since I caught a wiff of them on tour, once. Shore-leave before shit hit the fan."

Ygraine laughs "What about when ya got off Tauron? Surely then." she notes, and then ahh's about the jasmine. Grinning, "Someday I'm gonna spread the vid I've got of Phinny tryin' t'milk one of our cows around."

"You still have the video?" Phin blinks at Ygraine. Wary. "You building up blackmail material on me? You are a terrifying woman." Said with great affection, of course. He chomps more egg salad. He grins when Diomedes mentions the cactus. "I guess that'd be one plant you could keep on board. That'd do better than most. Bet more people would've brought stuff like that aboard if they'd known…" Shrug. About the whole world ending thing. "It's spring on Piraeus now. I think. Don't quite understand the season cycle. But they seem to have lots of different plants. Probably plenty of wild flowers."

"I haven't spent a lot of time down there, honestly." Dio says, "Not a lot of work for deckhands like me. Most of my work is here, keeping those birds in the sky." he looks to the left and right, before leaning close. "Its against regs, but you let me know if you want me to bypass some of the less important systems. You'd be surprised how much more power you can pull out of a bird when you play with the cords a little." he gives a bit of a grin. Cheeky.

Ygraine makes a seemingly obscene gesture, a double fisted pumping action, before laughing and noting, "Even deckhands get shore leave. And the Old Man seems to think it's important for everyone to get some planetside time."

"Seriously? How much?" Phin is intrigued. "I mean…might be interesting to try it for a regular patrol. Or something. Long as it's not going to mess up the birds but…you'd know that better than me." He finishes the rest of his borrowed sandwich. Chasing it with what remains of his coffee. "Speaking of CAP. I just got off like a half hour ago. So I should hit my rack for awhile now that I'm nourished. Good talking to you, dude. I might look you up if I ever want some more ink. Happy to barter for it." He returns Ygraine's obscene hand-gesture with a grin. Nudging her playfully with an elbow before he stands. "Later, Yggs."

"Yeah. There's too much wilderness down there, not enough civilization." Dio retorts, and at the offer of payment he just smiles. "I take payment in books." he offers, perhaps oddly. "Has to be one not in my collection. Oh, and guitar strings." he offers towards Phin. "As for the amount of power- it depends on what I'm trying to juice. If you're pulling from- or pushing to the engines is the question."

"See ya, Phinny." she says brightly. "He's generally gonna want t'push." Yggy says, "Viper pilot, y'know? Me, I'll always be asking t'divert t'boost sensors."

"Yggs has tons of that over-written girl porn no self-respecting dude would own," Phin informs the deckhand. And then he leaves. Quickly.

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