AWD #242: Chilli and Cornbread
Chilli and Cornbread
Summary: Mahasti offers her patients and alternative to the normal sickbay food.
Date: 05/Sep/2013
Related Logs: Follows chronologically after Waking Up
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Sickbay
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
AWD #242

"Ah…" Fischer replies, turning slightly from the wall now. "Chilli?" A brief pause, before he adds, "A little food might be okay, I guess." Looking a bit unsure of what more to say, as he turns around fully now.

Mahasti removes her hands, taking a moment to let him get settled "Want your bed tilted up?" she asks, "Yeah its venison instead of beef - easier to get and I made some corn bread. It should be pretty tasty, I'm not a terrible cook, so I hope you like it, its a little mild though so if you want some heat in it, let me know?" she asks, settling to just sit beside Fischer, ready to tilt his bed up.

"Tilted up sounds good," Fischer replies after a few moments of pause, offering a quiet smile. "Thank you." A brief pause as he looks around again now.

Perhaps it's the smell, or perhaps the increased activity the wakes Amos, or it could even be thathe's simply slept neough for now. There's a faint sound of grumbling as the burnt skin on his neck objects to the movements involved in wakening, but then there's nothing as he blinks tiredly in the light.

Mahasti 's fingers help the bed up. Amos' bed is eyed. The burnt skin has likely been given an aloe treatment and kept clean. She smies at Fisch, tilting a swing around tray over where he's seated so he can work on his humble dinner "Hello Captain." she offers to Amos, her voice loud enough to be heard but not enough to wake him up if he just rolled over for a moment. She watches Fisch "The bed controls, for your reference are right here, want your feet propped up too, champ?" she asks, smiling, more worried about his comfort than being teased about doting.

In the medical bed next to Amos, someone is having unpleasant dreams. Lleu turns his head, sweating, breathing a little ragged. His eyes flicker with movement beneath his lids, his right hand making a fist. He mumbles something quietly to himself incoherently, then tenses but doesn't awaken.

Fischer grimaces momentarily, "I should have remembered where the controls were…" he mutters, mostly to himself, before he shakes his head a little. "No need to have the feet propped up too," he replies, with a sigh. A pause as he looks to Lleufer now, shaking his head a little. "Think someone should wake him?" There's a grin offered in Amos' direction as well, "Good morning, sir…"

Or maybe it was Lleu and his nightmares, who knows. Amos is awake though, wide awake now, likely a defense mechanism from the last 8 months on Caprica. "Lieutenant," he replies with a vage nod, then tilts his head questioningly toward Leufer, as if to ask, if the Doc believes it best to let him sleep through it or wake him. Fischer then gets a brief nod, "Corporal," before he asks good naturedly, "you still here?"

Mahasti 's ears catch that grumbling "Pardon me a moment?" she asks, moving away from Fischer to go back to Lleu, taking a surgical towel to gently daub along his forehead with one hand, her free hand rests on his right arm, rubbing gently over the scars. "shh Lleu, it is allright." the tone of her voice, while gentle, is sweeter than normal, concerned and worried, she leans over the bed, watching Lleu carefully. "You had an accident, its an accident not an intentional." she scolds towards Fischer despite the fact she's way harder on herself when she messes up. "Lleufer wether you wake up or not, I need you to calm down or you'll pop your stitches." A few words come out of her mouth, a very warm series of words but in Leonese.

The prone Marine tenses more when Mahasti touches him and Ynyr suddenly starts awake. He jerks and moves his right arm suddenly like he's going to slam the doctor back away from himself violently - only, the jolt of recognition snaps in his mind in time to stop himself from hurting /her/. Even his left arm came up, hand reaching to grab at her, heedless of any pain. Pale eyes stare at her, then glance over the room to check. Sickbay. He's only in sickbay. A quick blink, a few fast breathes smoothing out, "I'm on the Orion." Relief, heart beating fast, "Not Pallas."

"Looks that way, sir," Fischer replies to Amos, expression a bit neutral for the moment. "How are you doing?" Another brief pause, as he blinks at Mahasti's words. "Accident?" Watching Lleufer as he wakes up, he winces a little bit now. "Yes, on the Orion with the rest of the crazies," he remarks.

Amos doesn't speak Leonese, but recognises the lilt for what it is and leaves the Doctor to it. She's medical, Lleu is injured, he'll trust her judgement. Watching impassivel as the sergeant jerks awake he raises a faint eyebrow at the mention of Pallas and makes a mental note of the need to catch up on just what the taskforce has been up to of late, once he can get himself discharged to his bunk that is. "Steady Sergeant," he states calmly, but with a hint of authority that comes with years of command, "you're on the Orion." He watches the MP, and the Doc for a moment longer, then turns away to look at Fischer again. "I'm beginning to suspect that I'll live Corporal, yourself?"

Brina's own sleep is light so the commotion rouses her, causing her eyes to flutter open and her head to raise slightly when she finally comes to enough to scrape through that foggy post-sleep feeling to see what's happening. Lleu's mental state escapes her notice as does most of the other's presence, that being something that'll take a moment to grasp.

Mahasti 's eyes blink at the grab, she doesn't even look phased by it. "Lleufer. Are you alright?" she asks, instead "No. Not Pallas. I'm still in one piece." she leans over Lleufer, without worry, pressing to embrace Lleufer gently, giving a very soft hum to him - an old Aerilon war march. She soothingly just stays close "Look its in the past." she whispers, pulling her tank top just enough to show part of the edge of the healed scar across her tank. "Breathe." the tone hinting she's ordering Lleufer to breathe instead of suggesting it.

Fischer lets out a bit of a sigh, before he goes back to his food now, eating in quiet as he ponders the Captain's question. "The same, I guess," he replies, finally. Looking around at the others for a few moments now, he offers them a quiet nod in greeting, then focuses back on his food.

Amos politely declines to watch the goings on in the bed next to him, leaving the medic to do whateve rit is she feels the marine requires. He can't exactly move away to avoid incursions onto private spaces, but he can studiously ignore it by focusing on the others present. "Anyone had eyes on Jast or Mallas," he asks Fischer, and the vaguely awake Brina, "haven't seen either of 'em since the Raptor."

The back of her knuckle is ground into an eye and rubbed fitfully, Brie feeling like she has sand in them. "Hmmm. Nope, haven't seen them." A quick glance around and she shakes her head, at least assured that they're not anyone in the beds immediately next to her.

Mahasti lets Lleufer go when he settles, using the controlls to sit him up a little bit, since she knows he likes to watch the sick bay when he's in. She watches Brina and Fischer before smiling to Amos "He's okay, I can't blame him for having nightmares. Would any of you like some home cooked chilli and cornbread?" she asks, voice warm and welcoming. She tugs down her tank tops, moving to get Lleufer a mug of chilli - wether he says he wants it or not. The Cornbread is grabbed, set down on his bedside table with the chilli as soon as she's got it down. After another moment she's got a mug of coffee for him.

Lleufer is not a touchy, feely, huggy kind of fella so Mahasti makes him feel alittle uncomfortable. "I'm all right. Don't fuss, Doc." Sitting up a bit suits him, wide awake now. He rubs his good right hand over his face, grit from his eyes. "There's chili and cornbread?" Yes, there is! "Damn, my mother used to make… she /does/ make cornbread and chili." Refusal to let himself think of his folk as dead. Ynyr will accept it, "Something to drink? I'm parched."

Fischer looks a bit lost in thought for a few moments, before he blinks, "Jast and Mallas? Didn't see them. But then again, I haven't seen much since we…" A brief pause, and a sigh, "Nevermind."

Now that Lleufer seems to be fully with them once more, Amos turns back and asks him the same question he just asked of the others, "How about you Sergeant, seen Jast or Mallas? I dare say that with the mere stratch the Private managed to muster that he might be away to the birthings already." Brina's reponse gets an acknowledging nod but Fischer's causes him to pause a moment, watching the corporal for a silent moment to see if he's missed something.

Mahasti smiles a bit "Yes, remember, I asked you what you like to eat last time you got stuck in here." she offers, smiling at the last part. She taps the coffee down before turning around to get a few bottles of water. She sets a water on Amos' table, one on Lleu's table, one on Fisch's table "Eat please." she pauses "If you need more heat, let me know Lleu, I left it mild because I didn't want to risk getting uh decorated. "Mallas peeked in last night for first aid but opted to go to his own rack and sleep it off." she offers, voice warm "I have no idea who the other two are." she seems to know every poor bastard who comes in. She sets a water on Brina's table "Can I get you some chilli? I think your tummy is fine for it." she offers.

Brina clears her throat while pondering, trying to assess how hungry she versus how well her stomach will handle heavier food like chilli and all the fixings. "That sounds good, thanks," she eventually ventures, coming to the conclusion that if the doctor says it should be alright then she should give it a try. The water gets a grunt of appreciation before she takes it for a drink.

A check on Brina to see how she's doing, good. Lleu is a little protective of the poor Lance Corporal whom he dragged into the fanges of hell with him the night before. He looks to Amos, "No, Captain." Ynyr smiles at Mahasti, "Venison chili?" He starts into it to see if it's good, and it is! "Thanks." Water is exactly what he wants though he can't open the bottle without using his left arm. "I like spicy but … yeah, not sure how my stomach will take it. Better to go slow today." Tomorrow Lleu can go back to drinking tobasco. For now he'll eat mostly the cornbread and only the small cup of chili.

Fischer nods a little, mostly to himself, as he finishes his food, taking a few sips of the water now. As for Amos watching him, he either doesn't make a comment or anything, or doesn't notice it now.

Amos hadn't been feeling particularly thirsty, but he's not going to pass up the opportunity to sip a bit of water and keep himself hydrated. To mahasti he offers a simple "thank you Lieuntent," as she fills him in on Mallas' condition and leaves only Erik as a mystery. Spotting Lleu's difficulties he passes the man his own, now open bottle, fully intent on simply swopping the pair around and then openning the second.

Mahasti gets Brina a bowl. "Of course." she sets the corn bread and spoon down, atop a napkin "Its mild spiciness, I started it last night for our favorite dog petter." she points at Lleu with her thumb. She moves to sit back down beside Lleu, her hands in her lap, "Aside from sore, is everyone feeling comfortable? Do you need anything?" she asks, watching the assembled folk contentedly.

"Thanks," Lleu says to Amos, accepting the water. Doesn't care at all if the Captain already tasted it. Marines are immune to germs, right? He takes a drink and keeps eating one handed, his other arm aching some from his grab at Mahasti. "Doing all right. Speaking of dogs, there's a few down on Piraeus and there was a call a while ago for MP's if anyone thought they could train'm. I should find out if anybody ever followed that up."

Getting herself set up, Brina misses the Sergeant's look when he glances her way but that's probably because she's busy eyeing the food the doctor just brought her. "Thanks. I should be okay now, Doc. Appreciate it." Mahasti's given a smile before she goes quiet, getting herself tucked into her supper, as the saying goes. While she's not looking around she is listening while eating.

"I don't think I would do well at training dogs," Fischer remarks after a few moments. "I'll let someone else handle that. Making houses, that I can handle…" A brief pause as he glances around the room again, letting out a quiet breath now.

"Not sure how much use a dog's going to be against a canner," Amos replies thoughtly, then takes a sip of water, "might be worth it for SAR and such though I suppose." Resting back into his pillow, he's careful not to put pressure on the burnt skin of his neck and can't quite stiffle a yawn tht's been trying to sneak up on him for a while. "Sergeant," he states tiredly, "you're in charge for now. Wake me if there's news on Jast," and with that he closes his eyes again and is soon away.

Mahasti mms a bit "Gunnery Sergeant Stone is a wonderful instructor." she suggests, softly with a shrug "He's very patient but very strict. If any of you figure out what he likes, let me know, I'll cook something up for him." she offers, her fingers patting Lleufer's shoulder "Speaking of him though, if I ditch out on my physical training three in a row he'll make me do those damn unsupported two minute squats again." she makes a face. Apparently she's been training hard and moderately keeping up with new recruits on /some/ of the training excercises. "Lleufer, tomorrow oh five hundred, I'm running hydrotherapy, if you aren't too tender, I want you there to get some energy out of your system and to help prevent losing what we've built up after your last stint. Highly supervised four patients class, its the one I personally participate in." she stands up "All of you get to feeling better, I'll be back on the clock in a couple hours but may be too busy to sit with you.

"Thanks for the chilli, Doc. It's really good." Brie lifts her spoon in a salute to the sleepy Amos and the departing Mahasti, her smile wan but happy. The food is doing a lot to set her right and she is regaining a bit of the color in her cheeks. "Hey Sarge, this is great, isn't it?" The MP can't remember the last time she ate this well.

Lleufer glances to Amos and nods, "Yeah, no use against Centurions but … we don't know if dogs could be trained to detect skinjobs. Bomb and gas sniffers, and search and rescue's are all needed." He'll let the Captain rest and Lleu can finish his light meal. He looks to Mahasti, "If you think I'd be up for it. Arm I can get by not using but my gut…" Not so sure he'll be up for it right away. "Good not to be stuck in bed though." Another drink of water and finished with the chili and cornbread, Lleu settles himself back to rest. "O'Connell, you any good with dogs? I could teach you so you could help me."

Having finished his food, Fischer lowers his bed back into a laying position again, and wordlessly turns to look back at that spot on the wall he was watching earlier. It may take a little while, time spent just watching the wall now, before he drifts off to sleep as well.

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