PWD #04: Chicken Scratch
Chicken Scratch
Summary: An Intel officer checks in with a PJ
Date: 1/1/2013
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Afton Wake 
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area.
PWD #4

The filing cabinent is being rummaged through at the moment, her messy braid giving a once over as Afton catches her breath. The PJ sighs, looking tired with bags under her eyes. Leaning into the side of the next filing cabinet over, adding a few more files to her stack that is already started in her arms. She murmurs a line off of names, pulling something from her pocket as she trails a nail against the list.

She then lowers, closing the top drawer in favor of the second from the bottom. Yanking it open, it squeals and makes her wince. Headache.

"Somethin' wrong?" A voice, male. That's what Afton would hear before she had a chance to turn around. When she does, clad in the usual blues fitting of any officer, would be a lieutenant not commonly seen in the medical department, or around the hospital wing in general. And indeed, Thomas Wake, doesn't stand out too much. Perhaps it explains on how he was able to sneak up on the PJ in question.

A grin given before he is squatting down, and reaching over to press at the side of the filing cabinet drawer. "Usually means th' wheel is a little off it's track if she's squeaking." His lazy aerilon drawl crooned out. "You jimmy it east-west, and it'll click in again."

Squatting still, Afton looks back and up, "Oh sir…" That is when she starts to rise, pressing the files to her chest. "Forgive me, I am running on little to no sleep." She admits with a faint smile. "Bad night." Her free hand rubs at the back of her neck until he is down, looking at the drawer right next to her. Placing the files ontop of the cabinent, she lowers down next to him and observes a moment. Reaching out her hand, she presses against it as well. "Well good thing you came by or the next seventeen months would be spent with that thing squealing in complaint every time it was opened." She grasps it then, attempts to do what he says and then there is that *click* Hesitating, she finally pushing it in and it slides with little resistance and just the low hum of metal on metal.

Wake grins, before he is shaking his head. "No worries, PO." he adds before he is moving to stand, before his hand is coming out for the files, and pulls them off. There's a glance to the cover, but he doesn't open them or read them, rather a notation of the names before he is passing them back. "I believe." Wake begins, "That serendipity made it so, that I'd run into you right now. Pure luck-so I'll count both our stars on that." A chuckle there before he is motioning over to a quieter area in the sick bay. Less populated. "You got a moment, PO St. James?"

"Serendipity…I don't normally hear that." Afton gives him a wry if pleasant look before she nods. A sidelong glance is offered to him as he looks over the files. Taking them back, she gazes down at the names and then back up to him. "Sure thing…there is a small side room for supplies if that would be alright, sir?" She asks, making a motion for him to follow. Leading the way, the supply door is propped open slightly. She slips in and elbows the light on, setting aside the stack of files before turning with sigh, "What is it that I can help you with, Lieutenant?"

"I don't normally say it." Wake replies with his grin still in place before he is nodding. Letting the PO lead the way, the intelligence officer is alright to follow on in behind and shut the door, though, not fully. No need to give anyone an 'air' of improper things. With a grin he looks back towards the young lady, before he is clearing his throat. "Well, you can help me on a few queries of my own, PO." And with that he pulls out a small pad of paper, and a pen. The pen is clicked and held, before he is looking back to Afton. "Lieutenant Thomas Wake, intelligence."

He will let that settle in for a moment. "I need to ask you some questions about the Reese, you were one of the crew sent over to investigate on board, correct?" And there, the pad is shifted into his hand, as a conciliatory gesture is made. "This is just protocol. Got a memo from fleet, for their investigation. You're not in any trouble."

Intel. That does need a moment to sink in. Afton draws a long breath, looking a bit off balance and she rubs the side of her neck with her hand again, other arm crossing before her. Eyes fall to that pad of paper and pen before looking up at him. "Yeah..sure …whatever you need." Its said with a knitting of her brows and a soft exhale. "I was, yes. I was amongst a team of.." She pauses to think, "Four that went in with a raptor crew of two waiting where we landed. So six all together, sir." She glances up to meet his eyes then after unkowningly her eyes slid to that paper.

He turns the paper around to flash towards her. Horrible chicken scratch-barely legible, likely save for the writer. "I have that right here, PO." Thom says in his own soft voice. "Just checking everything again.." he adds before he is looking back to her. His eyes in quiet study of the woman, her body language-and ears tuned into the tone of voice. "Tell me what you saw, when you were on board?"

"Looks like the doctor's hand writing, how in Hades do you read that?" She tries, in her exhausted state to make a jest. Afton lets out a breath and shifts on her feet as he swtiches back to asking questions. "Well…do you wish every detail or just the most glaring observations?" She asks faintly, "I really am tired, at the moment, so if I need some time to think, please bear with me." She lifts her chin, eyes going distant as she considers. "There was a Raptor shot up in the hangar, but we didn't stay to inspect it. There was sort of a cool dusting everywhere, like someone used an aersol snow. The crew's close was everywhere as well and no signs of life, but definitely chaos before whatever happened. I took my mask off to inspect something and we found that the longer we had them off, we got dizzy, likeing something to do with the coating on everything."

"Well, What it is, is shit writing. And my shit eyes can read it fine." Wake says with his own grin sparkled back up. "I'd like your observations and opinions. I've read the AAR's. This is just testimonial stuff, so I can send in my own shit." He adds, before he is looking back to her, one brow raising up. "How come, you're burned out-PO?" Apparently the Lieutenant is running on all cylinders-bonus? He nods, as he looks back down to the paper and the pen is scratching a long. "Go on."

A light grin is returned for his efforts and Afton leans back into a few of the shelves, just to get some support. Bending her knees to help keep blood flow going, she nods her head. "Oh just couldn't sleep, sir." She offers faintly and then motions her hand through the air. "Oh, also, all the munitions were spooled up on the bridge…the Reese looked ready to fire. Like she was armed up to hit something and never got to." She explains. "Well whatever it was that got to them, it was something in the air." Pause. "Sir…there was a body. A body in the obs deck. I wanted to go back and get a look at it but if all the other bodies were gone? Why on the obs deck." She is trying to focus so she bull rushes into it.

Wake nods. "I hear you there.." he adds before he is scratching a bit more, though-his eyes only momentarily dart down. Rather Wake manages to keep a look on the woman before he is nodding. "Spooled to fire. How were communications, or did anyone take a gander at em?" Asked softly, before he is looking back to her. A raise of his brow back there. "Did anyone get a chance to look at it, really look at it? The body, I mean-PO." with the Bullrush he raises one finger. "You can go slow. Just focus in on what thoughts wanna come out, and spit em to me."

"Communications..ummm I actually do not remember. I had gotten dizzy at that point and soon after we moved out. I think the best person to ask would be the Major or Wheeler.." She explains faintly and then lets her hand drop, a foolish smile curling her lips. "Yeah, sorry. I am kind of doing that now." Spitting it out. Afton hesitates, considering the last question, "No, they only ever saw it from the outside of the ship. The Major made a call to leave after we started experiencing dizziness. I wish we could have gotten a better look around, I am certain we would have more explanations." She frowns some. "That body..I have this eerie feeling it was the only one on board and in the obs deck, sir? It had to mean something."

A nod, even as a hum threatens out, before it is snuffed with a snort. "Yeah, I am getting that feeling.." about prodding the major, likely. And there he is looking back and he shakes his head. "I know ,that I can be a lot to take in. I almost was voted a homecoming king in high school." he adds, a chuckle to follow, before he is nodding. "Just a feeling, though." he adds before looking back to her. "Why don't you tell me, what you think it meant?" Wake asks.

The segueway into homecoming king throws her off and Afton just blinks owlishly for a moment and then finally laughs faintly. A sigh leaves the PJ and she straightens up, lapsing to silence and thought. It takes her a moment, brows furrowing. This is the most focused she has been, eyes a little more bright. "That close to the armistice line? Everyone gone…one body. I don't know exactly what it means, a warning maybe? We did catch a blip on DRADIS on the other side of the line..something was there, not far away. Perhaps watching? It could be them." She shrugs, "Its just my opinion, sir."

"It is your opinion, I am interested in." he adds, before he is shifting his weight, with the ease of a man, likely suited for standing during a pyramid game. A grunt accompanies the move, before he is raising a brow. "As in the Cylons?" he adds before he is writing down something. "Tell me, PO. How do you feel about the state of this ship and it's personnel? Such as the Air Wing, or Marines?" a brief pause "In light of your opinion that is." Thom adds, before he's subtly pushing the door shut-with a soft click. A turn around- as if startled, before he is reaching for the knob.

Afton is patient, mulling over her thoughts for a moment or two before those questions give her a start. The door closing gets a look, distracted as she tries to formulate a response. "I am sorry?" She finally asks, confusion writ on her brow. "The Orion is…adequate for her job at present. But if the Reese is any premonition, she is far from ready for active duty sir against a foe that is beyond bad weather and dig sites." She offers. "We are sorely out of practice, not enough drills, not enough logged operations and training sessions." She tilts her head. "Most of the people here have not seen real action, which is a good thing, but it also breed laziness."

Wake nods. "It's fair." he adds back before he is looking back towards her. "Just a question. We've had some grumblings." And that is as far as he is willing to disclose at the moment. "Speaking back on the Reese," Wake offers with a brief pause. "Did you talk to anyone on the crew about what all you saw?" He asks briefly. "Like friends, or shipmates? Or have you kept what you've seen strictly to yourself?"

"You have?" Afton seems surprised by that, at least a little. She wets her lips and runs her hand through her hair. "I…no I do not think so. I mean well…anyone on the deck heard. Like the medical staff. Just the basics about the coating really, not much else that I can remember was said. Of course the corpsman was claiming loudly that people had melted….I don't remember saying anything to anyone that I recall." She admits and still does takes a moment to consider that, shaking her head finally. "No…just the medical staff that were there, the Admiral…I do not remember who were all on deck when we landed."

"Usual rumor bullshit." he adds. "Nothing I'd take as serious." Wake dismisses, though-whether or not that is the truth would be hard to detect. Still, there is a brief nod, before he is looking back towards Afton, and there is a nod. "Do you remember any specific personnel from deck?" he adds before he is looking back up. "Due to the dizziness, and other symptoms taken while you were Reese side, correct?"

"It was rather rushed, sir, getting us into quarantine and all.." Afton eyes him for a moment. She takes a moment, "Captain Phareem was there and Lieutenant Palaiologos. Those two I do remember. I think that the current DCAG was also present at the deck when things were being said." She offers up and then shakes her head. "I can't remember anyone else specifically, sorry sir." The PJ sounds sincere about that apology, running her fingers up to smooth her fraying hair back from her face. "Is something wrong?"

Wake looks back to her, and he shakes his head. "No. Nothing is wrong. " He adds back with a faint grunt as he moves to stow away the pad of paper. "Given what rumors I've heard com in' round the mess. I am trying to make sure that someone hasn't talked out of hat in this matter. Shit's already tense over the Reese-I'd rather not see it spill out and become a point of conspiracy and bad morale." And so he pauses for a moment, the pen twirled in his fingers. "Have you noticed any of your fellow shipmates acting paranoid over this shit? Any comments? "

"No, sir…" Afton is quick to answer. "Not really. I think after that initial first week most of it has died down. Other interests have bene caught up and with Saturnalia and all. Things have been quiet on anything do with the Reese. At least I haven't heard anything. I can't speak for everyone." Afton does often stick to smaller groups and the same people. "Is there anything else I can help you with, sir."

"If you hear of anything, just let me know." Wake says. "Oh- couple more things. If you got a spare second." he says, before looking back to her, now taking his time in opening the door. "You seen any letters bein' left for officers? We got some jokester sending' out fake love letters." he adds. "More a passing curiosity-I have a bet running with some tact guys…Basically we're putting odds on whom it is." And there he raises another finger. "Number two. I know it goes without saying-we didn't have this chat here. If someone asks, you were finishing up a report. Which is the gods honest truth."

Pausing as he is midstep for the door, Afton looks surprised again and her lips part in some sort of unbelieveable humor. "Really?" She snorts faintly and brushes her hand to her neck. "Love letters. No, sir. I haven't seen anything to do with any letters. I haven't seen letters in a while save what comes on the mail Raptor. I likely wouldn't know the difference." She shrugs her shoulders. "And of course I will let you know if I see or hear anything." Pause as she nods and grabs up her files again, pulling them to her chest and pats them. "Reports. I have far too many to be doing anything else but finishing them."

Wake grins back. "Thank you, PO St. James." a soft chuckle there as he allows her to slide out the door, before he will follow and close behind them. "See, wasn't so bad. And to think everyone gets spooked when I come a knocking' around." A nod there. "Try and get some sleep, PO. It'll do the world a good for you."

"My pleasure, sir." Afton replies a moment, pausing and glancing back to him before turning slightly, files held to her chest. "I wasn't spooked, just caught off-guard. You would have to do more than that." She smiles for him and then nods, "That is the plan, sir. More sleep, but after my shift." She admits and nods to him, turning to head back to the filing cabinents.

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