AWD #255: Chewing Out
Chewing Out
Summary: Brina and Fischer get a chewing out by Lleufer for the frakked up military exercise conduct. Little do they know it's nothing as bad as a real Marine Corps chewing out could be.
Date: 09/18/2013 (OOC Date)
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Master At Arms Office, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
A small nine foot by nine foot office. Most of the floor space is taken up by a desk and filing cabinets.
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Ten minutes later, Sergeant Ynyr walks into the Master-At-Arms office and holds the door open for Brina and Edward. Lleufer doesn't say anything yet but the Master-At-Arms clearly isn't in here at the moment and the small office is open with permission to use it. There's a desk, a couple of chairs on both sides of it, and filing cabinets. Not much else.

Lance Corporal O'Connell is on time as she arrives ten minutes exactly from when they left the rec center. She took the time to change into a fresh uniform and put her hair into a fresh bun, every strand pinned in place. If Lleufer's going to be strictly 'business minded' then so the frak will she. The young woman comes to after stepping inside, her eyes forward. "Sergeant, Lance Corporal O'Connell reporting as ordered."

Stepping in as well, still dressed in off duty clothing, Fischer shakes his head a little bit to himself. Looking between the others, he keeps quiet still, listening to what's being said at the moment.

Lleufer closes the door. He eyes Fischer's off duty clothes but that can't be helped. They all have varying shift rotations. "All right. You both know there was a frak up with the exercise yesterday. I was all ready to yell in your faces and get all drill Sergeant on your asses. I'm going to lay it out. O'Connell, first you disregarded my hand signals to stay put and cover us while we investigated the first pair of silos. /Then/ you walked off and left your team by yourself to go investigate something without asking for clearance to do so." Lleu looks between them, "Fischer here had enough sense not to let you go by yourself but, you /both/ outright disobeyed my verbal order to fall back. Unless Captain Ommanney strongly argues otherwise, -that- is going on both of your records as a reprimand. Be DAMNED thankful that no charges are being pressed. Disobedience to follow orders /can/ get your asses court martialed if the situation had been real and serious, do you understand?" And well, dead.

Brina would like to explain her actions but doubts the Sarge would want to hear it. So she merely nods. "Yes, Sargent. I understand and I am sorry. Will never happen again." Now it's up to Fischer to give voice to his own understanding, if that's what he desires to do.

Fischer takes a few deep breaths as he listens, but otherwise keeps silent. Simply nodding a bit at what's being said, he doesn't give any verbal reply now.

Lleufer eyes them for their acknowledgement and Fischer's nod will do. "As to what I have already said, it /is/ procedure to /fully/ secure the area before you pass through it when doing a sweep. That means you NEVER, EVER pass by doorways, rooms, hallways, or anywhere an enemy might be hidden in ambush without first checking them out. We may /only/ proceed after doing so, unless specifically ordered to do otherwise. Both of you should know that from basic training. Don't frak that up again. One of the mock wounded on the floor gestured to indicate someone was in the second silo on our left. Our grenade thrower. I saw that signal and apparently neither of you did. So we had to check the first silos before we passed them and before we could check the second rather than assume the information was accurate. I found a trigger wire set with explosives in the first silo, attached to the hatch."

Ynyr watches both of them before he adds, "There was a popping sound at the far end of the hall so I already knew that there was likely a second intruder down there. BUT, we don't get distracted, we follow sweep procedures and we USE COVER. BOTH of you advanced without using cover and when the shit broke loose, /neither/ of you took cover, you even stopped mid hallway to fire your weapons instead of moving your asses! Do both of you need to go back to boot camp?"

"No, Sarge. I don't think there's any need for that." Darting a glance to Lleufer, she watches him, her gaze lingering for a second before she looks full forward again.

Opening his mouth, Fischer closes it again without saying anything. Looking straight ahead, he shakes his head. "No, Sergeant." It comes out through clenched teeth, but it's spoken.

Ynyr thins his mouth, "In retrospect, I shouldn't have come forward myself but stayed back. Then I could have nailed the grenade thrower in the back. So I frakked up a there myself." Yeah, he's not pleased, "That's what exercises are for, to sort this shit out." Lleufer studies them both, "Corporal Fischer, do you have any questions before I dismiss you?"

Brina closes her eyes and swallows hard. So Fischer is going to be dismissed and she gets to stay behind. Not a good sign, that. But she has to accept what's going to happen to her.

"No." Fischer replies, still through clenched teeth. Looking around a bit thoughtfully. "I don't think there's any answers you can give me, Sergeant." Looking to Brina as well, he offers her a bit of a quiet nod now.

"Then I suggest you brief regulations and combat procedures, Corporal. Seek out your own Commanding Officer if you have comments or questions. I'm not in your direct Chain of Command unless we are on missions or exercises together and I'm ranking. You are dismissed." Lleufer stands with his own hands on his hips, not enjoying this little chewing out at all. But, his temper has cooled since last evening and that's just as well.

Fischer just shrugs, not saying anything else at the moment. Starting to move for the hatch, he takes a moment to smack his fist against it, before heading out. "What's the point?" he mutters, to himself.

Brina turns around, shocked to hear the recognizable sound of flesh against metal. That is about the last she can handle and she finds herself in the tears she's been fighting, those not allowed to do anything more than mist over her eyes.

Lleufer lifts his baritone, "The point is not getting your team or yourself killed through stupidity, Corporal." But as Fischer is already dismissed, he's allowed to go.

Ynyr waits for the other man to depart, then he turns his attention to Brina. "Now, as to you… you /are/ aware that MP's even /more/ than other Marines are held to our credo to conduct ourselves as befits our entrusted station. Even without that, proper military behavior and discipline should be followed at -all- appropriate times. Poor military conduct is grounds for stripping of rank or commission and placement in the brig." Lleu quotes protocol regs. "Pitching a fit, cussing out your fellow Marines or the Captain for the running of the exercise is supremely immature behavior, Lance Corporal. It is conduct unbefitting of any Marine. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Sure, sure," is all Fischer replies to Lleufer's words, before he moves out, shaking his head a little to himself.

Fischer leaves, heading toward the Security Hub [SH].

Fischer's insubordination is /not/ missed. Lleu thins his mouth and picks up a pen from the desk to make a further note of it for Fischer's reprimand.

Now it's just the two of them Brina dares to reach up, breaking her straight-as-a-rail stance to reach up and scrub the back of her hand under her eyes, angry at herself for letting it all get to her so badly. "There's nothing to say that you haven't already, Sargent Ynyr. What I would like to do is apologize. Sincerely." Unlike Fischer, there's no attitude, no insubordination. She says what she does honestly and with all the respect she feels for Lleufer. A sniffle and then she's back under control but instead of reassuming the posture she did when she arrived she leans against the bulkhead.

"You will continue to stand at attention until told at ease or dismissed, Lance Corporal." Lleufer doesn't even look up from the note he appends about Fischer until he's finished it. Then he lays the pen down. "Apology accepted, on my part. However, you will write a formal apology to Captain Ommanney /and/ to the 1st Battalion Marines who were so generous to spare of their time for /our/ training exercise." Lleu's own face is coolly unreadable except that is is clear that he is not pleased.

Brina returns to attention but she can't seem to get her shoulders as squared as before and her gaze just can not be lifted straight ahead, it instead dropping slightly below the acceptable level. And, while Lleufer's face is an unreadable mask, her own is an open book.

Brina says, "Yes, Sargeant. I'll get it on their desk first thing in the morning.""

Lleufer thins his mouth again and clasps his hands loosely behind his back, "You may get busted in rank back down to Private First Class or even Private for this, O'Connell. I won't put in for it but it isn't my decision to make. I hope you are aware of that." He gives her a nod, "See to it. You are dismissed."

Brina stays her ground at first, her chin finally lifting. "Sergeant. I am sure you might have some… theories as to why this happened. If you do, I respectfully request we discuss this at some point, hopefully in the near future, please. I would like to have the air totally cleared." She turns to leave but stops short of opening the hatch, her hand on the latch but not yet manipulating it.

The MP Sergeant watches her go, "You are welcome to speak with me privately at a later time, off duty or otherwise." There is no easing of the sternness of his face as this is serious shit to him. Especially if that had be live and not a training exercise. Lleufer picks up his folder and closes it, about to depart as well.

Brina nods. "Thanks, Sarge." There's no request for a time or location, anything like that being saved for later. The hatch squeaks as it's pulled open and then Brina's out of there. Time to write those letters and then sleep.

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