PWD #13: Checkpoint Conspiracies
Checkpoint Conspiracies
Summary: Knox brings up the topic of the mysterious warning letters rumored to be floating around the fleet at Checkpoint Charlie's. Later, Noble and company conspire to break regulations for the betterment of themselves. Horror. Relationships. Sex. Beer Pong.
Date: 22/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Checkpoint Charlie's - Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
Dec 22, 2004

Wearing a recently washed pair of old faded blue jeans, black thermal-knit shirt, and a CMC issued black, hooded sweatshirt, Simon Noble steps into Checkpoint Charlie's with a mission in mind. Stuck aboard the Orion for the all of last night while the Saturnalia festivities were happening planetside, Simon is here tonight to get it on…figuratively speaking.

In a relaxed mood, he strolls through the entrance with a cigarette dangling from his lip and his hands in his pockets. A nearby table whistles and waves over to him, and he smiles and shoots them an upward nod as he passes their table on his way to the bar and the gaming tables. "Tender?" He slaps a drink voucher on the bar. "I have some legal tender to render."

Knox arrives from the Living Complex.

Wearing a recently washed pair of old faded blue jeans, black thermal-knit shirt, and a CMC issued black, hooded sweatshirt, Simon Noble steps into Checkpoint Charlie's with a mission in mind. Stuck aboard the Orion for the all of last night while the Saturnalia festivities were happening planetside, Simon is here tonight to get it on…figuratively speaking.

In a relaxed mood, he strolls through the entrance with a cigarette dangling from his lip and his hands in his pockets. A nearby table whistles and waves over to him, and he smiles and shoots them an upward nod as he passes their table on his way to the bar and the gaming tables. "Tender?" He slaps a drink voucher on the bar. "I have some legal tender to render."

Knox is at a pool table, already shooting a game of nineball on his own. Nothing exciting, but the man's face a little drawn. There's two empty pint glasses on the runner behind him, a half-eaten plate of wings, and another beer that looks fresh. He eyes Noble coming in over his cue and then goes about shooting. The balls crack around the table and slow to stops in their own places while he stalks the table and looks to his next shot.

One of the pilots ambles in, alone but dressed in civvies, at least able to look the part thanks to her loose pants and tee. No one will ever accuse Redeye of being fashionable but at least she's comfortable. A quickly-paced jaunt brings her to the bar where a handful of vouchers are pulled out from a pocket and offered to whomever is the bar tender on duty. "Open ah… well, guess it isn't a tab but just keep pouring until I run out of those, alright?" Noble's spotted and given a nod to while Knox isn't seen yet.

"Well the frak, WIRELO…" Noble barks over to Knox, pausing only to exhale a stream of smoke towards the ceiling. "…you taking time out from running thirty klicks with a full ruck for that?" He delivers the what's up nod and then taps his cigarette over the nearby ashtray.

"Swear to gods that man is a workaholic and then I see him in the strangest of pl—Cassie!" Noble changes subject midway through muttering something under his breath. Bellied up to the bar, he gives her a wave with his cigarette hand. "Looks like you're off-duty which means you and I are finally allowed to eat cardboard tasting lunch together. How've you been faring?"

Knox doesn't know any of these people because, as Noble stated, the man is a workaholic. He looks up from his game to nod to Noble. "Helps me think." Wait for it. "About work." Yep. Knox looks very serious for a moment before finally ticking a bit of a smirk. He turns away to move back for the plate of wings.

The LT blinks slowly at first only to then laugh at Noble's joke, Cassie shaking her head after that once she's got her first beer in hand. "Am not planning on doing a lot of eating," she jokes back before she hefts her glass and the first of what she hopes to be many drinks of beer is had. While she drinks she looks towards Knox who gets watched intently for awhile. "Who is he," she asks, her head angling towards the pool table. "Buddy of yours?"

As his beer is put down in front of him on a paper coaster, Noble mumbles a word of thanks to the bartender. All the while, he makes a very rude hand gesture towards Knox that looks as if he's repeatedly cocking a shotgun. After about the fifth up-and-down hand movement, his partially closed fist opens, fingers splayed in some sort of explosive gesture. Noble smirks, one dog giving another a fresh ration of shit. "Guess that's why you made Sarge before I did, right?"

"Yeah. Well…" Noble suddenly lowers his voice, leaning in towards Cassie to speak co-conspirator style. "…kinda. He's a nice guy but he's married to the job and he's kind of a constant threat of getting me yanked into duties. He's that guy that volunteers for frakking everything and the last thing I want is to be the nearest swinging dick when he gets to pick three more volunteers." He offers to tap glasses with her. "After this round, how bout you and I race some carbombs?" Of course, he's referring to when you drop a shot into a half-pint of beer and chug. Oh the pagaentry of it all.

Knox watches the motion from Noble while he eats a chicken wing, just staring at the other Marine. He's probably thinking of things he can volunteer Noble to do. Or for. Somewhere, there is probably a latrine that needs unclogging and cleaning out. He washes down the beer and that subtle smirk reappears. "Nah, just means when I hear shit that goes beyond what normal ballbustin rumors do, I don't fart around." He doesn't speak up. Like, ever. Just loud enough for Noble to be heard. Another sip of the beer and he wipes his hands off, surveying the table. "I have a few beers, a quiet game of pool, and I make a plan."

"In other words, he plots ways to make your life hell, each idea he comes up with worse than the last." Smirk. Cassie takes her drink and moves to where the other Marine is, sitting somewhere close that won't impede any attempts at shooting Knox might make. "So what's your name? Or maybe I should come up with one for you, huh?" A quick glance is given to Noble as well as a grin.

"I don't think he's at the plotting stages yet, though." Noble returns to Cassie, watching her move to the side while she addresses Knox. He brings the pint of beer to his lips for a long sip and then sets it back down on the paper napkin. "Rumors…" He starts, shaking his head and slipping his cigarette back between his lips. "…heard plenty of those lately. Air wingers making babies in the Head and some crybaby newbie marine, probably fresh out of boot, can't hack the eighteen month hump. Face it, man, there isn't shit out here and we're all getting paid double for our time and energy." He motions to the pool table, as if to say difficult job indeed.

The Sergeant glances up to Cassie. "Sergeant Cooper Knox. Myself and another Marine were attached onto the battlegroup as an afterthought." He finishes his shot and looks up at Noble, brow lofted. "Oh you know its a Marine? I figured a Marine would be quick to blame it on someone from the Navy." He keeps looking at Noble for a moment before turning and taking his beer up.

Cassie takes another drink of beer as she not only listens but takes in how Noble and Knox interact with each other. The more she does so the wider her smile gets and the harder it is to keep the welling laughter at bay. While they discuss rumors she drinks, grateful for the distraction from her amusement. "Hmmm. Nice to meet you, Knox," she manages to get out once she's sure she won't giggle, chortle or do anything else like the sort. "Can call me Redeye. Or Cassie. I'm really not one to dote on formality." Just ask Noble. He can attest to that.

"Marine. Navy. Whatever. Grandfather Colonial recruits paranoid ass-hat into CMC and Navy alike. The version I heard was something about some dumb asshole one of our boys passing some theory upstream to brass because of that Reese incident." Noble rolls his eyes, hands out in a mock display of shaking. "So we found a ghost ship. WoOoOoOoOo. Whatever man." Simon nudges Cassie in the ribs and then motions for Cooper to join them. "There ain't shit out here but lonely scientists, and if there's anything worth planning on I'm sure we'd have been primed by now. Yet here we are on leave." He looks back to them. "Shots? Redeye? Coop?" He holds up a tentative hand with three fingers to the bartender, who starts to pour.

Coop just sips at his beer, listening to Noble with a blank expression. There's a nod to the Air Winger. "Redeye it is." He slowly steps over and offers his hand to shake before looking at Noble. "Boy, you ever stopped to consider that maybe this person layin down the letters /is/ the warning or 'prime'?" he dares. Another sip and he sets it aside. Knox looks like he's already had a couple. "Man…" He shakes his head and looks away.

A hissed inhale of air's sucked in when the elbow meets her side, it netting Noble a glare and a shot to his own ribs. Only difference is that the pilot uses a fist instead. It shouldn't hurt, however as Cassie is careful not to put any weight behind the blow, that assuming it even hits target to begin with. "Yeah, I'll take a shot if you're buying," she grunts, rubbing the point of impact while not commenting on the ship stuff. So not getting into it. Knox's hand is shaken before she casts a glance around. "Noble, I'd be careful of what you're saying," she adds, her own little two cents' worth. "Don't know who is listening."

"Boy?" Noble blinks, giving the bartender some wide-eyes as the shots are delivered. "W—Agh!" Noble laughs as he's tapped in the ribs back, failing to dodge out of the way. He looks over to Cassie with a flirty little look, glances her over, makes a little tsk sound, and then nudges for her to step on over to her shot. "If you weren't a hot chick, Red." Mock threats, of course.

"Look guys, I see it like this." He lowers his voice a little bringing the volume down to something less capable of being eavesdropped on. "Let's say this wasn't just some rumor and we've got someone out here with us that knows something about some threat to the Colonies. Let's take it a step further and say…" He takes up the shot. "…that there's some kind of credible threat to the Colonies? Who's gonna do that? We don't have a war going on. The Gemenon Zarek-style bomber types are mostly locked up and that stuff got shot down. They're just going to pass this note on and somewhere security's gonna get ramped up at the starports. Meanwhile? We do what? Patrol a planet in the middle of nowhere."

Knox nods to the pilot. "Ayep," he whispers. Very quiet guy. "Junk like this comes down a pipe, its serious. That letter was supposedly going to our Operations Assistant, Kreskas. He actually moves on things. The rest?" Coop doesn't finish. He just reaches for his beer and looks at Noble. He sips at the gold liquid, watching the Corporal. "Right. Who would possibly attack a ship near Cylon space, a race that humanity signed a treaty with and they promptly vanished? Or pirates? ..Attack a flak frigate. Really?" The beer is set down again. "What's your theory on the Reese?" Cassie seems to be included in this question.

"I really don't know what to make of it," Cassie utters before her shot's taken and downed, the potent liquor causing her to draw in a shudderin breath precisely at the same time she makes a show out of literally shaking herself as if that'll rid herself of the burn. "Ugh… anyhow, I think it's something we should be wary of but otherwise not freak out over too greatly. I for one am not needing to run around all paranoid like. And neither should the rest of you guys. When the time comes for concern…" A shoulder lifts and she utters, "They'll let us know." And no more is said. She's content with leaving it like that.

Noble points to Cassie, nodding in agreement as if she's got the right of it. "Cylons, you mean the Cylons that haven't bothered to show up for gods know how long at Armistice Station to air any grievances and renegotiate the armistice? Those stupid robots are long gone, man, and they're not going to care if we cut ourselves to pieces. If they have issues, we'll hear from them. Though…" Noble downs his shot, baring his teeth to the ceiling as he fights away the burn. When he looks back to them, he exhales, blowing the fumes down towards the floor. "…it is worth looking into. At the very least we should find out who Mister Information is and rattle his cage as to why he thinks he's got the whole of it."

Knox listens to Cassie, regarding her in silence as if evaluating the worth of this individual beside him. "Making decisions while emotional is one of the great frak-ups humanity makes over and over again. I appreciate the viewpoint of having restraint versus action when the point is made that way. But I'm sorry." He shakes his head and looks to Noble. "That's not good enough. That we show restraint until someone shows up to the fight? If a person is punched in the back of the head at a bar by their worst enemy, shouldn't the individual also be held accountable for putting his back to his enemy? Doesn't make the enemy right. But the individual sure as hell isn't without their own addition to circumstance." He takes the beer up again. "The Cylons wanted to exterminate. If that's our threat, do you honest to God think they would actually care enough to show up and file a grievence. Forty years, man. They're done talkin." He chugs the rest of the beer and sets it on the counter and steps like he's about to move back and take off.

"I didn't say that. Do we need to prepare? Sure. But we shou… frak it." Sighing, Cassie puts the empty shotglass down and starts to nurse her beer which is growing dangerously close to becoming empty. She doesn't care, though as she's not in the mood to drink anymore, suddenly. "Got to keep a cool head is what I meant, Knox." Glancing to the side, her eyes narrow and lips purse as if she's considering something, perhaps leaving or whatever. Not that she does. "Heading out already," she asks instead, sounding vaguely tired.

Movement further down the bar catches Simon's attention, and he turns to see an attractive, black-haired woman in her mid-twenties stepping up to the bar wearing a pyramid jersey. She looks over to the three of them, and Noble gives her a playful nod of his head. They trade smiles before Noble tilts his head back towards Cassie and Knox. "Yeah, come on, Coop, Redeye's telling you straight. There's no need to start getting paranoid. We can't exactly fall to pieces on whoever this person's word is. If Kreskas, command, whoever sees it fit to be credible we'll bulk up."

The red-headed marine stubs out his cigarette and turns his gaze back to the two of them. "But I do know this, if the Cylons do come back and Mister Grumpy-Pants over here is talking about how we need to bulk up and prepare for some kind of kick in the back of the head, they're gonna mistake us for being unfriendly." He pauses. "Coop? Advice? You need to switch off, man. You are off of the clock right now. Chill out or file an appointment with the psych."

"Yeah, I've had enough to drink and this place ain't helpin my train of thought." Knox glances to Cassie with the words as he steps back and looks at Noble. His blank expression holds, watching everything Noble does as if committing it to memory. "I'll switch off after I forget that Major Petra told me that there was some shit coming down that we'd need serious Marines for very soon." He glances to Cassie. "Myself and Sergeant Hook handle your air to ground advisory. We're both JTACs." A pause. "So, Red, heard anything about bumping up your training tempo?" He doesn't wait for an answer, the tight-wound Marine moving off for the door. The parka is grabbed off the coatrack and he shoves his way outside.

"Well if they're looking for sar-yusss, sar-yusss, sar-yusss Marines I know where to send them. Frakker." Noble replies to Knox quickly, flashing a middle finger in his direction.

One last drink has Cassie's beer gone, the empty set aside as she smirks. Something with how the Marines here are interacting really reminds her of how pilots can be with all the banter and poking at each other and everything else. Kind of helps put her at ease. "We're upping it," she answers. "Not sure what the Major has in mind but once we find out I'm sure you all will to." Waving, she lets the sergeant go. "So, Noble. Should I let you go so you can pick up that chick you're smiling at?"

"Are you kidding me? Go hang out with them and miss some time with you?" Noble replies with a shake of his head, motioning for her to join him. He glances back towards the raven haired girl to find that she's started talking with two of her coworkers, also women. Eyebrows aloft, he turns his side to them and plants his back to the bar, attention shifting to Cassie. "Hey, about Cooper? Man, I try to keep things light around that guy, but he's wound so tight. I don't know what his deal is." He tilts his head just a little, appraising her facial expression. "He didn't get under your skin, did he? You kinda seemed to shut off when he mentioned the war."

Knox leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

"You do realize that I'm an officer, right?" She's fairly sure he does but with how he's seemingly trying to flirt with her Cassie can not be too certain. "As for your friend…" That being Knox, "he didn't upset me. I just don't like to think about it. That's all in the past." That's what she's hoping, anyhow. "Plus that's stuff best left for those who do feel like it should be worried about to do so. I'll just sit here and do my job."

"Right, that's my attitude, too. All rights and responsibilities aside I'm just a guy that's currently assigned to keep track of a rifle in lockup and stand around and guard some people while they take a look at this planet." He takes up his glass and sips from it, watching her from over the rim. As he swallows, he flashes a little smirk, teasing her. "Are you referring to that rule that says that there can't be fraternization between officers and enlisted? What the hell are they gonna say about you accepting a drink from Corporal." He tsks, shaking his head. He's not flirting with her, but he keeps the mood playful. "You little rascal, you."

Nodding, she takes to her feet and gives as much of a smile she can. "Well, look. I hate to be abrupt but I got to get some shut eye. We'll talk more some other time, though, so don't forget where we left off, alright. And thanks for the drink." The room is exited without so much as remembering her vouchers. Oh well. She really isn't much of a drinker so it's no big loss.

Glancing over to the vouchers left behind by Cassie, Noble scratches his head and turns to look to the bartender. "Hell of a sign, that. Did you see that? She ran out so fast she left her drink vouchers." Noble turns his back to the rest of the room, dipping his head so that he can light his cigarette. The flame flickers off of the glasses around him as he guides his cigarette into it, bringing it to life. "I better not be turning into that creepy old bastard."

When Noble turns he might notice something that nobody else is paying attention to. There is a face nearly pressed to the glass window on the front of the bar. Outside, in the cold, is a young woman bundled up tightly in a heavy pink jacket, white scarf, and white stocking cap. She looks on inside like a hungry homeless person, watching everyone have fun, talk, drink, and eat. Didn't she something to Noble about having never been able to get down to the planet?

"Frakkin' hell…put on some coffee would you?" Noble asks the bartender and then rises from his barstool. Stepping across the center of the room, he pushes through the door and out into the snow. Bundling his hooded sweatshirt in front of his body, he turns past the front door towards the window.

"Kelsey Kelsey Kelsey…" Noble grits, trailing cigarette smoke. When he gets to her, he turns and places a hand to the center of her back and starts guiding her towards the door to the bar. "…girl if you don't get your ass inside you're going to turn into an ice cube. Come on."

Kelsey looks up when the door opens and looks like she might run like a scared kid. But hey, its Noble! "Hey!" she greets, breath misting in the wind. The young woman shiversagainst the cold but grins as she twists at the hips to stay warm. "This place is pretty cold!" Brilliant deduction, Watson. But then she's being ushered inside. "Hey! Wait, no! I can't go in there! I'm not old enough." She tries to keep from going in but its a struggle that isn't exactly hard to win out over. She's freezing and everything else on the planet is freaking closed.

Lennox arrives from the Living Complex.

Noble gets the door open, and as she starts to struggle at the door, he brings his knee up and butts her in the ass with it to shoved her the last foot through the door. "SSSSSHHHH it's either you're in here or out there in the cold and I've already ordered some coffee for you. Just act like you're supposed to be here and you can drink. It's cool. I gots vouchers." Noble whispers to her, reaching to the front of his hooded sweatshirt to adjust it. "Follow my lead."

Guiding her over to the bar, Noble plucks the cigarette from his lip and taps the ashes into the tray on the runner. He starts a conversation as if it was already in progress. "Yeah, so the next time they drain the pool like that we're gonna have to hit the gym instead. No biggie. Hey, warm yourself up here." He motions to a stool, taking one for himself.

Kelsey makes a squacking sound as she's knee'd in the ass to pop her inside. "Watch it, buster," she mutters, rubbing a gloved hand to the rear. But she does eventually follow his lead and look around. So -this- is what a bar looks like from the inside. She follows him over to the bar and looks around. "Uhm, yeah, first thing is first." She walks right away from him and heads for the restrooms.

Lola rolls in wearing civvies and a pair of aviators. The look is somewhat thrown off by the slight wrinkle of her skirt, like it hasn't been ironed recently. Anyone who happened by the Saturnalia event last night might recognize it as the same ensemble she wore to that. Maybe she's just lazy with the laundry, because there's surely been some kind of duty shift between then and now. There's a slight roundness to her shoulders, a faint slump to her shoulders, and a slight cringe when a group nearby laughs loudly as she walks by. All the hallmarks of a persistent hangover. She shuffles to the bar, sidling around the more boisterous of groupings.

Kelsey runs off. Noble turns towards the bartender, who looks right back at the marine and can barely contain his laughter. Noble blinks. "Yeah, laugh it up." He harrumphs to the man behind the bar with a bitter shake of his head.

A new figure at the bar, just to Noble's immediate right, catches the marine's attention. Recognizing her from a bar-hop a few weeks prior, he salutes her with his cigarette. "So I've got this coffee here and…" He takes up the shot that Knox left behind. Holding it where she can see it, he turns and dumps it into the coffee and then slides the mug over to her. "…oops I dropped a shot into it. What's up with that, Lola?"

Abandoned shot, what. Lola's fuzzy-headed attention is drawn to Noble as he turns from the bar with coffee and booze. When the two combing in a glorious fusion of everything that's right with the world, country, and blessed by the Gods, she alters course to intercept. Her arms come up, fingers waggling in a gimme-gimme undulation. "Sweet nectar." She draws up next to the marine, cupping her hands to receive the mug.

Returning from the bathroom is probably the only person on the planet wearing that much pink. At least the jeans are blue because that petticoat sure isn't. She's already stripped off her stocking cap and stuffed it into her jacket, the scarf left to dangle as well. Kelsey emerges from the restaurant doing her best to look like she fits in — even though she sticks out. The young woman goes back to Noble at the bar and stops there. "So, what am I doin here, again?"

The steaming mug of coffee makes its way in a one-handed grip to the negative space in between Lola's hand. Making the transfer, Simon reaches to the ashtray for his cigarette and signals to the bartender for another. Really, it's just a finger, and it could mean coffee, a beer, a shot, or gods know what else. It's a slot machine that's either going to be very good or bad for her.

"Drinking? That's what people do in bars. The bartender said your coffee had to be brew—"

"No I didn't"

"—Okay I gave the coffee to Lola. Right. Lola? Hey this is Kelsey she's one of the new kids on the block upstairs. Kelsey? Meet Lola, she's good people."

Lola mutters, over the rim of her mug, "Wha-uh?" She sips once, twice. Her hands have curled around the mug like it's full of liquid chocolate and everything precious. "Hi, Kelsey." Sip. She takes itty bitty samplings of the hot brew, the better to suck down incremental bits of alcohol as fast as possible. Maybe she should have led with a shot, then a spiked coffee. "Sorry'm not usually a coffee poacher." She has yet to remove the mirror shades, and a few strands of pale blonde hair tangle over the lenses. She holds the coffee out in both hands, offering it back. "I can wait for the next one."

"I'm not al-" There's a bartender nearby and she doesn't finish. Kelsey glances to the tender and back. "Right." Back to the bartender: "Could I just get a mug of hot water, please? I brought my own stuff- no, not booze." Because adults usually call it by the generic name nobody uses anymore, right? She looksbackto Lola and gives her a smile. "Hiya. I'm on Deck. I do avionics and the heavy booms on Raptors mostly." She waves off the coffee. "No, I'm okay. Have at." She carefully climbs up onto the barstool and tries to not look like she's checking the place out while she is obviously checking the place out.

Turning on his stool to face the bar once more, Noble's eyes scan from Kelsey, to Lola, and then back to his drink in front of him. The beer has invaded half of the remaining glass, which is an unacceptable thing to the man. He lifts the glass to his lips and drinks some more. This is turning out to be an entirely strange night.

"Tea?" Noble blinks, eyes towards the steaming mug of water that is set down before Kelsey. Giving it a suspicious look, he accepts another incoming double-shot, which he lets breathe for a few moments. He'll get to it eventually. "Frak, Sera would kill my ass if I let you get drunk. Alright, I get it." He pauses, taking a pull from his cigarette and turning to Lola.

"So how'd your night go last night?" His eyes dip down to her skirt, taking an educated guess. "How long did the Saturnalia thing go? I got stuck upstairs with the rest of the losers while it was going on. I was kind of hoping the party was still going on."

"Aww," Lola's posture brightens a little bit. "Well, thanks the booms and avis." She gives a little nod that belongs on a curtsey that doesn't happen, but sloshes the coffee a little bit anyway. She grimaces faintly, and grabs a seat, easing onto a bar stool. Headaches are not the time for heels. She can barely balance on them under normal circumstances. "Okay, thanks." It's only after a couple more sips that Lola's bolstered enough to slide her shades up into her hair, effectively pulling the loose strands out of her eyes, too. "Pretty late. Last thing I remember was Phin singing something about winning first prize, and falling out of my seat on the shuttle." That's what booze does, Kelsey. It's not a pretty picture, is it?

"Sera would probably, yes. Luckily I'm not too interested." Its going to have to be a subtle effort, if at all. She reaches into her coat and pulls a small packet out of her pocket and tears it open. She dumps a the packet into the water. Its not even tea. She's drinking hot cocoa in a bar. "Its my celebration drink. I get one a day, but this one is number two because I had a -realllllly- awesome evening tonight. I had the rest off so I decided to top it off by coming down here to see an alien world. Pretty cool, huh?" she says, smiling brightening steadily as she thaws. A quick blow across the surface of the drink and she grins at Lola. "Oh you fly, too? Coooool. I keep meeting air crew. This is so much neater than that boring, dreary anchorage!" she laughs, finally lifting the mug to sip.

"I'll have to sign on early next year for it. I thought it was going to be frakkin' lame, but then I started to hear the guys talkin about how there were gonna be a lot of booze and this thing about a Fool King. I tried to sign up and the dance card was full." Noble replies to Lola first. He takes the shotglass into his hand and shoots it. The liquor goes down smooth, and when he sets the glass back down he gives it a nudge towards the back of the bartop. It's empty. Bartender can take. "That and I didn't have a date. I'm gonna have to start getting out of the bunks more often."

He looks to his other side, to Kelsey, and leans back so that he can provide Lola and Kelsey with a lane to see each other. "Really awesome evening? How awesome you talking about?"

"Yeah, it's nice. Little cold." Lola slurrps her poached coffee, sitting back to use the bar as a backrest. She pulls her long hair over her shoulder, to keep it from dragging into or over anything left by a previous occupant of the seat. "Mmm, cocoa." Could be she's thinking unholy thoughts about asking if Kels has an extra. What's booze spiked coffee with chocolate? Doubly awesome booze spiked coffee, that's what. What the heck, what little self control she has was leveraged in the walking here. "Got any extra packets?"

She glances over to Noble. "I went by myself and reaped the bennies of being an Ensign. Got served by Captains and everything," Lola says. "But I lost my sack of presents at the bottom of the fourth glass, along with my only dang pillowcase. Probably floatin' around down here somewhere. Impromptu dance parties always lead to trouble."

Considering the mission packet he was recently handed, Augie decided to grab a drink. The door to the bar opens, and the firefighter slips in, the scent of the cigar he's puffing on carrying a sweet stink into the air as he goes towards the counter. "Whiskey. Straight." Setting the cubits on the table, the Lieutenant waits for the drink.

Bundled up against her weather, Ygraine makes her way into the bar, after offering a wave to some thick-necked young marine she must have been cozying up with prior to her arrival. He heads off presumably for duty, and she makes her way in, looking terribly pleased with herself.

Kelsey slowly takes off her pink petticoat and settles it on the back of the stool with her scarf. Less stylish underneath, she's got her own wellll-worn black hoodie with those jeans. She nods once to Lola and reaches back into the coat and gets another packet. "Only use half in coffee. Gets the taste without the grit. So, enough for another, also." She slides the packet down to Lennox and beams a big ole smile at Noble. If Kelsey is smiling that big andshe's dealin out her double-crack cocoa mix, something good. She might as well be buying shots for the bar. "Loooooooo-tenant!" Kelsey calls happily to Augie and waggles fingers at him before looking back to Noble. "On a scale of one to ten, ten being most awesomest ever, this evening…" She squintyfas's at the Marine. "I think this evening rated twelve- POSSIBLY a thirteen." And there's Milkshake, so Kels is gesturing her over too.

People start flooding in, forcing Noble to turn in his barseat to use the bar as a backrest as well. With his beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, his green eyes scan the room and make with the people watching. Augie, a face that he recognizes, gets a salute with his glass, and oh you frakking dog is muttered under his breath as he recognizes the marine that just separated from Ygraine.

Clearing his throat and then replacing his newfound oxygen with smoke, Noble settles in to enjoy his cigarette. "Thirteen? What do you think, Lola? Thirteen? Gods I can't even get an idea of what would constitute as a thirteen. Well…" Yes, Simon, you can ponder what a thirteen would be. Don't say it. He stubs out the cigarette and looks over to Kelsey. "So, anything you care to share with the peanut gallery, or is this dear diary kind of stuff?"

Lola manages to keep the glee on the inside as she tiptoes her fingers across the bar toward the packet. She tap-taps the edge, and sloooowly drags it over to her place. "Don't matter what it means to you or me, because no matter what it is, I'd say a thirteen deserves a toast." She picks up the packet and rips the top. Shake, shake, shake. She dumps in about half — maybe a bit more, then folds it over and stows the remainder of the packet down the front of her wrap top. At Kelsey's call to others, she looks up.

"A toast to thirteen." Lola's mug comes up a little, then a little more as she spots Ygraine and, yeah, Augie too. She doesn't even slosh it this time. She grins a bit at Noble's last question to Kelsey, and shakes her head just a little bit. "Man, boys always want the deets. Marines are worse than little old ladies."

"Well, there was a little old lady recruiting place at the mall but I liked the guns on the posters of the marine one better, Lola." Simon retorts, exhaling a cloud of smoke.

Ygraine beams as she makes her way to Kelsey (and possibly Lola, depending on where Convict is sitting), announcing, "I have to introduce you to that fine Corpsman sometime, Kelsey." she declares cheerfully. Without making the gesture's meaning clear to everyone, she holds up two fingers and waggles them while mouthing the word Twice to the deck hand before requesting a beer from the bar. Cubits are pulled out of pocket and laid down on the bar.

Kelsey's greeting to Augie causes the large man to arch his brow. You know the look, Lennox. That half-puzzled, that half-who's liver am I gonnna enjoy with some fava beans later. Puffing on his cigar as the shot glass arrives, Augie moves the cigar just to shoot straight and tap his glass for a second one. A nod is given to the crowd of youngins, but he doesn't move to join him. The difference in generations.

Kelsey racks Noble a solid fist to his shoulder. Nothing hard or with a lot of stank on it. "NOT diary stuff. I don't.. you know.. and tell. I just have children of proof of those experiences." Wait- what?! She doesn't give time for that to sink on and she moves right along. "SO! Toast to thirteen!" Kelsey lifts her cocoa and clinks it around. "Wooo!" She sips it and then points at the two Raptor crew. "This won't be so awesome for you guys. Mayyyyybe even ho-hum. But I'm from a little town on Picon and I'm-" ahem "-young and don't have a lot of good opportunities left. So this? Pheeeeee-nemonal." Kelsey beams happily, that unkillable smile beating down the dark of night outside. "Duke took me up in the seems today and got me my first orientation ride in a Predator backseat! We got shot at by Raiders and I sorta kinda mighta didn't work a DRADIS.. maybe.. BUT IT BEEPED at me! Then a Raptor came in and blew everything up! ..then I played with the systems." Happysigh. "It was romance. If only men were as useful."

Noble's face falls just a little bit as Ygraine beams and mouths that dreadful word. Twice. He emits one of those under-his-breath laughs, shaking his head as he leans back on his barstool to stub out his cigarette. The slug to his arms suddenly forces his eyes wide. His face contorts and he reaches to rub a spot on his arm. "Augh, why do you people always hit right on that one nerve, what the f—" He doesn't finish, instead he laughs and starts to roll his arm in its socket, holding it in place. Quiet for a moment, he listens to Kelsey's story and looks over to Augie, wide eyed. HELP. He gives the look. He's surrounded by women talking about other men. This sucks.

"Well, between your thirteen and her two…" He motions to Ygraine with his glass of beer. "Seems you guys are averaging an eleven, and where I come from that ain't so bad." Now queue the sarcasm. "Lola? Can I borrow those shades? It's a little glowy in here."

Ygraine's happy report to Kelsey gone unnoticed, she instead focuses on the update. "Hey, flying's great, and it was your first time? That's fantastic!" Yggy beams at her. "Told you you'd get up there. You ever want help learning systems, you just give me a hollar." Emphatic nod.

Lola raises her mug and calls, "YEEHAW!" At Ygraine's two times gesture, then winces and hunkers back down again. Hangovers are bad for yelling. She grimaces further, lowers her mug, and takes a swipe at Noble's cigarette with her other hand.

A smirk curves her lips and Lola leans in to Kelsey's last with an amused, "Just gotta find the right tool for the right job."

Yeah, Noble. No help on the Augie front. He's been there. And he hates it for you, but noone saved him either. "You know." he says simply downs another shot of whiskey, and just smirks. "Most guts would kill to be in your position. Sucker." he smirks, and glances at Lennox and the other girls. Fishing in his pocket, he pulls out three Diplomaticas. "Celebrate your first air victory, Kelsey-bird." And he slides them over to the girls.

Poor Noble. He's just fraked. Because now, after the two drinks, Augie rises. "I should get back shipside, so I can get some rest. Got some stuff to take care of tomorrow. You kids take care.. and gals.. don't ride him too hard and put him away wet." A smirk at that as he leaves a few extra cubits for a tip.

"Oh you bastard." Noble mutters under his breath, Augie on his mind. Lola gets the cigarette. He reaches for a new one and a lighter.

"Hey, old man." Lola calls Auggie. "Thanks for the candy."

"Thaaaank ya!" Kelsey shoots back at everyone before taking another sip. She then points to Ygraine and nods. "Accepted! I'll pay you in.. something.. somehow. I know basic stuff cuz of my experience on Deck but, yeah." She does a little dance. Lola gets her mug 'tink'd and a thumbs-up is given to Augie. "I'll catch up with you later tomorrow, sir?" Apparently she needs to ask him about something? "Thanks for the gifts." Noble? Noble can deal because she is gesturing for Milkshake to come closer. "I want a bunk location. Right now. You're given up the goods, hon, cuz you can't hog all the fun."

Augie pauses on his way out, and arches a brow. Apparently there is a question in her voice. "Something wrong, lass?" he asks Kelsey, listening for what's going on.

Puff Puff. Noble lifts his head, neck muscles straining to keep over Lola and Kelsey as the three girls start to trade gossip and congratulations. Oh look. Rafters. Inspecting the architecture, the tall marine eventually leans back and signals for one more shot to be delivered to his location. Maintaining that quiet degree of confidence he carries around like a badge, he scans between the three of them, again shaking his head. He places his glass of beer between himself and Lola, peering at her through the soupy liquid with one narrowed eye. "You know what, Lo? You'd look pretty badass swimming around in beer. Just sayin'"

"Course I will. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't share?" Ygraine is magnanimous that way. "He's stationed dirtside though, so only when we get ground time." She seems to think this is ideal. To Noble, she notes, "That'd just be rude. Him working so hard for me, and me just opting to lay there. I'd never." Well, thanks for that update, Ygraine. She looks back to Lola. "What you been doing, girly-girl?"

"No shit?" Noble blinks, looking over to Ygraine. "You guys trade? That's a thing?"

Lola drains her coffee just as soon as it cools down enough. She puts down the mug with a thunk and eyes Noble, rather, Noble through his beer. "… Did you tell me I look good through your beer goggles?" To Ygraine she says, "Nobody. Good to see ya smiling, Grainy."

"That'll sort itself out." Ygraine assures Lola with confidence, and then blinks at Noble. She considers how far to string him along, and with a sip of her beer notes, "Well, it's not like men are trading cards, you know."

"Nooothin, el-tee. I'll see ya tomorrow. Promise." Kelsey is the kind of young woman that when she promises to come find you, it my be best to just find a revetment and bunker in-place. She then looks to Ygraine and nods along. "Well this is my first time down so I'm still trying to figure my way around, but if you have a healthy recommendation? I'll have to check it out!" She sips at the mug and stares at Noble. "Oh don't be so sheltered. My would-have-been graduating class had sixty-one people in it. You want someone who hasn't been with someone else? Chances are you either A, do not /want/ them, or B, are going to have to deal with a virgin. Andif you think women are bad? Nobes, be glad you don't have to deal with men. Because the soap opera that goes with the v-card for you all is terrible. Goin out and getting rocks isn't a crime, though. And a recc from a friend is safety."

"No, I totally didn't say that, Lola." Simon lowers the beer and takes a sip from it. Placing it aside, he goes back to leaning the small of his back against the bartop. "You look great without them." There's a soft tap as his newest shot is set down on the bar behind him. With a huff, he leans over until his shoulder taps against hers. "I'm just saying stupid shit."

"Alright, alright, so this all makes a lot of sense." Simon rights himself and scratches the side of his face with his thumbnail, careful to keep his cigarette's smoke from wafting into his eyes. "All that bullshit that goes along with meeting guys and figuring out which ones are the douchebags? I get that. Information network and all. I'm just a little surprised because I thought girls had this whole cold war behind-the-scenes catty drama thing. You guys are totally backing each other up, that's cool." He pauses for a drag from his cigarette, scanning their faces. "So it's cool if I give that corpsman some shit so long as I don't give him the idea he's getting rave reviews?"

"Alright…" Augie starts to say, then he blinks, as he looks between Kelsey, and Ygraine and Lola, and Noble. "Wait, yer.. a virgin? You're shittin me. One of you three need to take care of that shit, or for frak's sake.." Digging out his wallet, he pulls out 50 cubits. "There's got to be some damn brothel somewhere in this town. Unass that virginity, son."

Ygraine seems to think that would be pretty funny - Noble being a virgin - but from the look on her face, she doesn't believe that. She does giggle though, and manage, "Well, you saw him, and it's easy to put two and two together and come up with four."

"Hell yeah I'm a virgin. Don't knock it." Noble huffs a cloud of smoke towards Augie, grinning like a madman, middle finger towards the man free of charge.

"Also," Lola chimes in, "Girl vouches for a guy who turns out to be a vicious dud, there's a built in network of ladies to help you break into his place and set his bed on fire." She waits to say this until Noble's leaned in good and close. And then she asks, "Bum me a sm — …" Who, what? She glances at Augie, then looks up at Noble. She puts a hand on his shoulder. "It's ok to protect your delicate flower."

Kelsey looks entirely too entertained with Simon's figuring of this out. "Not every woman hates other women, Nobes," she laughs gently, still smiling. "Besides," she motions to Lennox. "She's dead on." But with the fifty cubit toss, Kelsey gives an appreciative nod to Augie. "Well-done, sir." She leans against Milkshake, then. "So, fifty cubits. Should we find some skank to disease him fifity nights running?"

Usually, by the time that Noble got that finger up, Augie'd ripped it off and sodomized him with it. A flat look at the Corporal is given. Apparently the 50 cubits is left on the table to cover the tab if Noble doesn't use it. "Just remember, everytime you shake it more than twice, you're jerking off. But since you wouldn't know what you'd do with anyone of these gals. So.. yeah, drill a hole in your soap and keep dreaming that your right hand is the perfect gal." Sage advice. And with that, he heads out the door.

Ygraine looks between the everyone present. "C'mon…y'all don't seriously believe him, do you?"

Noble slides the fifty cubits from the bar and tosses it back to the bartender. In a practiced gesture, he rolls his finger in the air, signifying a round for everyone present. Cigarette hooded beneath his palm, he grins broadly and mumbles under his breath. "Soap? That's pretty elaborate, man. Sounds confessional." He gives Lennox's hand on his shoulder a squeeze and leaves the cigarette behind in the ashtray.

Noble tilts his head, flashing an amused look towards Ygraine. "What, are you saying I don't scream out virgin?"

Lola's expression blanks out. She watches Augie go, eyes on his back. She glances over to Ygraine, and then flicks a look to Kelsey. And then she looks at Noble. "The soap thing." She reaches for the smoke in the tray, bringing it to her own lips. Puff, puff. "Do guys really do that?"

"Right soap for the job. Gotta keep the flower clean." Noble replies, turning to distribute the shots. Yes…one is placed in front of Kelsey.

Kelsey barely hears anything else except Lola. She rests her chin in the cup of her palm and watches Noble. "That's fascinating. You call your John Boy a flower." She blinks down at the shot, though. WTF? "What am I supposed to do with this?"

Ygraine's response is to blow air out of her lips, making them vibrate like a motorboat. But she does take the shot and salute him with it. "I suspect you're about as virginal as that shop on Caprica with the statue of Aphrodite out the front wearing leopard print undies." She then adds helpfully to Kelsey, "You drink it."

Lola chucks Noble's shoulder. "Now I know why you take such long ass showers." She grins more widely at the mention of that shop on Caprica. "I thought we agreed never to speak of that shop sober." The evening's both fun and educational. She seems to be feeling a bit better, too. "Say a prayer, throw it back." This to Kelsey.

"No no no she made the flower reference." Noble places a hand on Lennox's back. "But seriously? I'm not a virgin and no, I've never done the soap thing. You'd be surprised, though. I don't really have a rep around the ship. I haven't really dated a lot, well I didn't the first eighteen. I think most of the girls I dated off-loaded between last leg and this leg." He beams, pointing a finger towards Ygraine. "I'm not that bad, though. I'm all smoke and mirrors."

"Oh that shop? Holy shit." Simon reaches for his shot and nudges Kelsey softly with his elbow, motioning for her to follow suit. "I had an old girlfriend on Leonis that kept dragging me into one of those. Best time I ever had til we got banned from it."

"All Marines are virgins desperate to shed the title. They just wake up every day forgetting that in their hangovers, it left many moons prior." Kelsey, sage old women of teenagers. Kelsey lifts the shot to her nose and she sniffs it. "Ew." Its set aside. She looks around to the rest of the bar and makes a face before reaching for her coat. "Think its probably my bedtime. I have work in the morning. "Milkshake? ECO systems? Whenever you have time, it'd be fantastic. I can get us a powered Raptor easy." The peacoat is pulled on and the white scarf gets a wrap around her neck.

"You got it, Jailbait." Ygraine says with a merry salute, and then eyeing Simon, says, "You're all smoke n' somethin'." There's a smirk, and she downs the shot, knocking it back with only a little wince.

Lola wiggles her fingers at Ygraine's observation. A little jazz hands to go with the smoke'n somethin' that Noble's blowing. She reaches behind her, searching across the bar for any unattended alcohol within arm distance. Any found is dragged back to her and drained. "Don't work too hard!" She glances up at Noble, expression clearly betraying her amusement. "So what you're really saying is there's nobody to ask around about you?"

Simon gives Ygraine a little wave of his eyebrows before he throws the shot back. He knows that he looks like he's full of shit. All part of the show, ma'am. This most recent shot, his fifth, actually makes his jaw feel funny as his throat tries to settle, which is a sign to the man that it's his last shot for the evening. Brushing his forehead with his arm, he sets the glass back down and waves goodbye to Kelsey. To Lola, he reaches out for his cigarette, trying to steal it back from her.

"Oh come on, and ruin all of the mystery?" Simon rests back with his retrieved cigarette, taking a drag. "I dated a girl in engineering that might still be with the crew. I haven't been down there in a while, but since about a month before leave I've been keeping things light."

"What's her name?" Ygraine asks. Oh, she thinks she's sligh. Or something.

"Oh come on. Answering that would make me look desperate." Noble replies, cool as a cucumber.

Cigarette dangling out her mouth, Lola grunts out her protest as Noble goes to take it back, but she doesn't jerk away or anything. As the cig's plucked away, she's left with the ability to say, "You're a marine on an eighteen month cruise."

"I think I already had this conversation." Ygranie announces, absently tugging on one of her braids.

Noble's eyes shift between the two women. The two officers. His lips curl into a confident smile as he takes another drag from the cigarette. Flecking the ashes away, he offers it back to Lola so that he can free his hand to brush it through his hair. "Anna Kvestky. Snipe." He admits. "An off and on thing for three or four months. We drifted apart before Virgon leave. We're still social."

"You take a country girl to one sub shop and look what becomes of her…" Lola reaches over to take the cigarette back, and it's just handy that Noble's already in the process of giving it to her. "So, Flower," she says to the marine, "Your last rotation here was really quiet, right? Nothing creepy lurking out in the wilderness?" She glances around the bar briefly. "No big spiders or anything." Lola's only been down to the surface a couple of times. And both of those, she was too drinky to worry about the actual fact that it's an alien world.

"Aww, sounds sweet." Ygraine says smiling brightly. "I think it's swell that you two could stay friends. Guys get so silly about that sort of thing sometimes. Needy, you know?" She suddenly chuckles. "Flower. I like that."

"Shit, that country girl and I were together like…four years. Hard to tell who was leading who sometimes." Noble replies, giving away a little bit of his history. "But no, I'm not the needy type. People come and go and sometimes something is good for when it's needed. So long as everyone's being honest and fair, no one gets hurt. At least that's the practice, right?" His eyes shift again, blinking. "Flower? Oh gods, please no. Don't do that. There's fates worse than death." He chuckles, scratching his chest.

"This place…has some big dog-bear things that have yet to really figure out what we are, but the perimeter stops them. Just keep an eye out for them. They're mean as hell." Again, he scratches the side of his eyebrow with his thumbnail. "I knew a buddy that got chased by one, taking a date out into the trees. So be careful with that shit."

Lola pauses with the smoke held to her lips between the scissor of her fingers. Big dog bear things? She slants a look at Noble. Her lips close over the smoke just the same, and its cherry glows with the deep inhalation. She doesn't say anything for a long moment, breathing out after a long kind of pause. "Are you…" She starts, little puffs of smoke punctuating the words. "I guess it's a good thing I don't dig on making out against tree bark." She pulls her mirror shades out of her hair, though strands cling and it takes a big sweep of her arm to dislodge it. She reaches up to rub her face. Big dog bear things?

"If I'm going to be frakked someplace uncomfortable, I'd rather it be hay, thanks." says Ygraine, imparting too much information, before staring at North. "Dog bear?" she echoes. "Anyone brought one down yet?"

"No, I'm not shitting you." Noble finishes Lennox's question for her, at least the question he thinks she was starting to ask. "I don't know if they've brought one down or not yet, but I'd assume so. You know the human race. New animal? Kill it. Eat it. If it werent' edible I'm sure we'd have heard some warning about eating the wildlife. Chances are those CIDSR pinheads are still running labs on the things."

Gingerly, Noble reaches out to Lennox's lips for the cigarette, and while managing to not touch one of her lips as he takes the cigarette, he comes damned close. He then steals a drag from his twice-stolen cancer stick. "Look, I know some of the guys on the line. There's shit privacy in the living hab here and even less in the bunks back on Orion. When it's warm outside? Out in the trees can be an awful lot of privacy if you network it right, and so long as you don't mind possibly being able to have the outline of the act seen on the thermals. The thermals don't record though." His eyebrows lift…then lower as he takes his next drag. "It's not a bad time."

"Predators are usually pretty gamey. I don't recommend eating 'em unless you're tight on food sources." Ygraine notes. "But it's good to know what scares 'em off and what'll take them down."

"You see one of them, tell them Noble'll kick their ass." He grins a toothy grin. "And then, you know, run."

Lola's frown is a good indicator that she still thinks he's having them on about this dog-bear business. The smoke pops out of her mouth with a little sound. She'd just started sucking in another lungful of delicious, skin aging, lung browning smoke. The sex stuff, though? Yeah, there's a lot of detail going into that story. "Man, you really thought about this stuff a lot?" She turns slightly on her stool. She tips back a little and gives Noble the ones over. "How come you know so much about thermals and what peeps look like through 'em while they're making sweet lurve?" She leans in. "You throw down a few rotations on sentry?" She lifts a hand and points at the marine. "Are you a peeper?"

Ygraine buys the dogbear thing. It's a strange new planet, after all! But this peeper question, it's a good one, and she stares at Noble intently to see how he answers.

Simon's head tilts just a little, eyes narrowing as he challenges Lennox's fifth degree treatment. He blinks down to her pointed finger, then to Ygraine, then to Lennox again. "Oh come on, really?" He laughs, lifting his head up and out of eye contact for his next drag from the smoke. He's polite enough to blow the smoke away from the two of them. "I've pulled a shift on the wall, there's thermals with no hard drives. I had a date and I wanted some privacy and there's an acceptable perimeter. I had a tent." He offers the cigarette back to Lennox with a wink, pushing her finger away from him. "Besides, I'm a virgin, remember? Taking a girl out to the woods to hang out in a tent and read Hera scripture's some serious frakking business, and you don't want that shit getting on camera."

He pauses, folding his arms across his muscular chest. He taps his foot against the rung on the barstool. That confident, neutral expression broadens into a shit-eating grin. "Oh, don't you ladies even dare act like you're innocent and play pot-and-kettle with me. I see what you're doing here. I'm not stupid."

Ygraine just shrugs and notes philosophically, "That's what closets are for."

"That's a dang shame. Coulda made some serious bank on bonk tapes," Lola says, thumbing toward her own chest. "Mama needs a pair of $600 cubit, red sole Tamas." She snags the cigarette back, and though the gesture is wide and petulant, the actual move is careful. Nobody likes a rogue cigarette in their crotch.

Lola nods sagely, sucking the life from the smoke. "Closets, this one." She jerks a thumb to Ygraine now. "Never could go roaming the academy hallways at night, especially after big quals and exams, without finding this one stumbling outta some enclosed space or another."

"Ho…lee….shit." Noble says, reaching back to his pint of beer. Taking it up into one hand, he judges the remaining liquid in the glass and brings it to his lips. To each of them he offers the glass with a nudge of his head towards the bar and an obvious question on his face. Want a pint?. "So I'm sitting here with a bonafide space pimp and queen of the mile high club? I should write back to mom with a picture of us three with our best growl-faces on."

Simon looks back to the bar. "Hey, can I get some beer-pong balls? I'm up to something." The bartender nods and goes to get a set.

"So look, I'm kind of drunk. It's late. You guys are pretty frakking cool and I give a shit about regs. I've made enough money off this post and I'm ready to go home." Another sip from the beer. "One ball each. One glass on the end of the bar over there. Either of you guys make the shot, you two get a Simon does you a favor for free card. Well, not a card, that would be frakkin retarded. You both make the shot, you each get two." He pauses. "But I make the shot, I get one from you each. Only rule is that whatever the card's used for can't be humiliating and can't immediately jeopardize our careers."

For some reason, Yggy finds this hysterical. "I'm just a girl with a healthy drive! When guys do it, they don't get labels." she declares with a sniff, but at the idea of favors, "Sure, why not? You game, Lo?"

"Girl's got a right to things. Don't get me started on that double standard. Never met a whore in my life." Simon sidelongs to Ygraine, nodding his approval. Now it's Lola's turn. He's already in the process of setting up the pint glass about ten feet away from them.

Lola grins at the space pimp line. She nods to Yggy and straightens, pulling her shoulders back and bringing her chin up like oh yeah, it's on. "Heck yeah, Grainy." She pushes up imaginary sleeves and holds out her hand for a ping pong ball. "I was born for this."

A look is cast to Noble, and a bright grin takes residence. "I hope you like performing." Someone might want to start praying that both ladies don't dunk some balls.

"I'm not too proud." Noble replies easily enough to Lola, taking up one of the ping-pong balls for himself. Like he's handing out tokens at a video arcade, he stops in front of Ygraine and places one into her palm. He then sidesteps to Lola and does the same. "This planet is boring, and if a little performance keeps me from spending the next eighteen months playing video games in the Rec, well…I'm gonna need ways to entertain myself so that shit doesn't get too old." He steps to the side and downs the last of his pint.

"Ladies first?"

<FS3> Ygraine rolls Reaction: Failure.

Ygraine plucks up the ball when it's given to her, and tosses it almost negligently. It's a terrible shot, and she makes a scrunchy face at her poor effort.

<FS3> Lennox rolls Beer Pong+Reaction: Success.

Lola takes the ping pong ball reverently. She holds it up, and inspects it as if assessing a rare jewel. That done, she cups it between her palms and rolls it around, blows on it for luck, and then steeples it into her fingers. "Come on, wrist. Don't fail me now!" She reaches up, jiggles her wrist, goes veeeeeeery still. She squints. Squints more. Lola reaches up and chucks the ball in a smooth arc. It dinks the back edge of the glass and plunks into it.

Lola throws her arms into the air GOL style.

<FS3> Noble rolls Pub Games: Good Success.

Letting the two of them go first, Noble cocks a curious eyebrow to the two of them as Lola scores and Ygraine doesn't. Slyly tilting his head in a guess that's that manner, he plucks the two ping pong balls out of the glass and then moves to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them. He lines up the shot, waits for the bar to stop spinning around him, takes in a slow breath, and holds it.

The ball lands safely inside of the half-filled pint of beer with a little splash. A little whistle escapes his lips. He steps over to the glass, retrieves his glass, and then downs its contents.

"One to Space Pimp, and I've got on each of you." Before Lola can, he steals the cigarette from the ashtray. "Now, of course, this has gotta all be on the down-low."

Ygraine makes another one of those horsie noises with her lips, but she doesn't deny it. "If you want. But if it doesn't humiliate us or compromise our careers, why does it need to be a secret?"

Lola points at Noble when he makes his shot to and exclaims, "Suck it!" She grunts. "Grainy, we gotta work on that arm, girl. What if the stakes had been higher?" She pats a hand down on the bar. "Shoulda spent more time playing beer pong and less time grinding on the dance floor."

Mini moment of grraargh over, she glances over to Noble. "Okay, so we hold onto them until we come up with a favor." She adjusts her sunglasses, and re-tucks them back down the vee in her wrap shirt. "… How'd you even make that? You can barely stand up straight." Her eyes narrow a tiny bit. "Did I just get sharked?"

"Because I'm enlisted." Simon tilts a brow to Ygraine. "And I said immediately compromise. I wouldn't ask you to punch Jameson. Next time we're all down here, ask for another toss. I'm a good sport. You won't regret it. If you cash in chips that your boss wouldn't frown on, then you're not living."

To Lola, Simon gives her a little shrug and reatches for his hooded sweatshirt. Pulling it on over his arms, he zips it up. "It's not the glass that was moving, but the pub that was spinning. I just needed to wait for the right time." Then, as if in answer to whether or not she just got sharked, he pulls an empty cup from the bar and flips it over the edge so that it lands with the open side down. To add to his victory, he bounces a cubit into the empty pint glass.

Leaning in, without asking, he plants a mwuah kiss to each of their cheeks and turns to head for the door. "You mah girls, I'll be seeing the two of you around. Lola? I'll be waiting."

Lola points after him, straight arm out from her body. "Sleep with one eye open, Simon!"

Ygraine makes another scrunchy face. She has so many freckles. "We owe him." she mutters. "I do not like us there."

There's a rush of cold into the bar when Simon opens the door. He looks back to them, and for just a moment he's a picture of Hades himself with the cold winds at his back. Raising his cigarette, he salutes them with it and slips out into the dark, headed for the Living Quarters.

"It's only one little favor," Lola replies, tipping back against the bar in another of her boneless slouches. She glances over to Ygraine. "He can only ask us each for one thing." She hooks an elbow over the edge of the bar. "And we can bet him again. Make up the difference." She smiles. "He's enlisted. What's the worst that could happen?"

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